Why People Are Freaking Out About H3H3, Joe Rogan, Mike Bloomberg Memes, Jim Carrey, Astros, & More

Philip DeFranco
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Time Crane’s Conference:
Fans Defend Jim Carrey Interview:
Huawei Hit With new racketeering charges:
Bloomberg Campaign Uses Meme Accounts:
All Fires In New South Wales Contained:
Students Suspended for Controversial Snapchats Sue Over Free Speech:
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Katie Calo
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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 6 300
Melissa Wolf
Melissa Wolf 3 hours ago
I don’t pay much attention to celebrity endorsements because I do what many people really should do and what the election should be about, which is pay attention to what the candidate stands for what they wanted to do for the country not how charismatic they are or how liked they are by celebrities that’s part of the reason we ended up with who we have now and how’s that working out ( hint pretty bad)
Russell Sousanis
Russell Sousanis 4 hours ago
Why is Ethan in your thumbnail
Russell Sousanis
Russell Sousanis 4 hours ago
You talked about him for like 6 seconds
mmm Nuts
mmm Nuts 12 hours ago
Phil is quite the comedian
sarah jane
sarah jane 13 hours ago
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 15 hours ago
Wait Jake Paul unfollowed you? Or just Jake.
Connor Armstad
Connor Armstad 17 hours ago
Joe Rogan is simply a good interviewer, who is aware of and admits what he doesn't know. His opinions are his own (though most are well thought out and articulated effectively). I think if everyone listened to his podcast the world would be a better place.
Connor Armstad
Connor Armstad 17 hours ago
Jim was definitely referring to being interviewed by her.
Eli Gutman
Eli Gutman 18 hours ago
The Bernie sanders campaign website page almost collapsed because of all the people looking at it in the hours/day after Joe Rogan's own statement was stuck it in the proverbial digital microphone. I don't know this because I support Bernie, (i think i will vote for him if he wins the primary *shrugs* ) I know this because they pay my brother to keep up the website. This doesn't instantly translate into votes. But Bernie is clearly the presumptive nominee now... I don't think joe rogan single-handedly did this but i do think it changed a lot of moderate minds.
Adam z
Adam z Day ago
People have time to watch baseball these days?? Bliss Why do people always create a false interpretation by trying to add a deeper meaning to things? Jim is just being silly. love his unique personality because he doesn’t say the typical lame garbage most people say. She laughed and played along with his silly awkward moment he created for fun. If you are offended by this you, it says a lot about who you are. A sad person that is searching for negativity and pathetic enough to establish meaningless opinions to the internet. Shut up and move forward.
Hadi Karaki
Hadi Karaki Day ago
Money is the root of all evil. The soil has all the good nutrients.
Hadi Karaki
Hadi Karaki Day ago
I unfollowed you too 😏
Clementine Day ago
I watched the entire video and still unsure why people are "freaking out about h3h3" lol
That Guy
That Guy Day ago
and people are suprised that china is trying to steal info... :/ NOT A SUPRISE!!
adamishaw Day ago
Why is H3H3 in your video title Phil?
oh no jake
fn1187 rayless
Jim was clearly flirting and didn’t push it nor was creepy so what’s the big deal? Looks like he got a positive response as well Attempting to flirt isn’t okay anymore it’s 2020 He was shooting his shot like come on guys 😩? Imma just start handing out note cards saying “do you like me or not yes or no”
Nick Dyer
Nick Dyer Day ago
The more people try to make big deals out of celebrities not actually saying or doing something wrong the more people will ignore it when they do actually do or say something wrong.
Chief Executive Manager
Even if Jim Carey meant that in a “sexual way” why’s it so bad? Is he not allowed to hit on girls? It wasn’t a creepy sexual slur. It was harmless.
Equanox214 Day ago
Damn had me in the fist half not gonna lie
J Hitchcock
J Hitchcock Day ago
I'm sick of presidents being elected by bye memes and infomercials. With serious problems in and it's going to take more than SpongeBob and The bachelor to solve.
John Halsall
John Halsall Day ago
I didn't realise Huawei is pronounced the same as Borat saying Wowee. Can't take them seriously now and definitely wouldn't trust them with my data for this reason alone. :-P
Flygon Kick
Flygon Kick 2 days ago
Lol for half a second i thought you were actually seriously apologizing 😂😂😂
Harlowsimms99 2 days ago
For two seconds you had me going lmao!
Patrick Speight-Guzman
It’s not inappropriate what Jim Carey said, it’s just him being nice.
Elizabeth Curtis
Elizabeth Curtis 2 days ago
This is NOT Why everyone is freaking out about h3h3...
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 2 days ago
People getting offended for someone flirting. What a world we live in.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 2 days ago
You had me in the first half, I’m not gonna lie.
CakeChell 3 days ago
Sounds like a certain candidate watches SciShow. Jk.
Jonas Christensen
Sorry, but the only difference between Huawei, Apple and Google in regards to collecting and abusing data, is that Huawei is not American. uuuuuuh
J Bellfield
J Bellfield 3 days ago
US government complains about backdoors in software... lol.
Madi Meyer
Madi Meyer 3 days ago
no time stamps? noice
TheOrisya 3 days ago
Next year people will get offended by jack black pull out an ice coffee from under his chair in an interview.
FearLessLion Z
FearLessLion Z 3 days ago
Bruh. Jim Carrey was just making a fun comment to get her to smile, what the actual fuck internet. There isn’t anything wrong with a cheeky comment to make someone’s day, if she isn’t on the internet complaining about it. Why the hell are other people doing it in her stead? Because you don’t have that kind of confidence you try to put others down that do as well? Fuck that.
hammertoe00 3 days ago
Forgot that flirting is considered sexual assault or rape.
parker Kramer
parker Kramer 3 days ago
joe made andrew yang more known, at least that’s how i found out about him, and made his platform and ideas and plans much more digestible. he was on the H3 podcast as well but i think he came across better on the JRE
brandanissxc 3 days ago
Has philly had his teeth done they look really good! Maybe the white jumper not sure
Slowburn 3 days ago
Damn, you were one name drop short of the absolute perfect "clickbait" names. Switch Trump with Bloomberg and the name drop title could have been yours!! Always tomorrow!
Marsonis2ya 3 days ago
Even if Jim was hitting on her are we seriously to the point now that people cant even say they find someone attractive. It would be one thing if he continued to hit on her after she let him know she wasn't interested but that didn't happen.
ScottKinmartinTV 3 days ago
Hmmm, I remember when PhillyD blocked me...
Sam Phillips
Sam Phillips 3 days ago
EtherealDragon 3 days ago
Anyone else find it funny that the US Gov't collects data on everyone it possibly can, wants backdoors (presumably has it as well, Snowden), and yet crys foul with Huawei. Why? Waaaaa Waaaa, only WE can steal all the data..... Hypocritical much?
david aranda
david aranda 3 days ago
Phil you have the potential to be the people's Oprah your like our morning talk show host at any time
Erik allan
Erik allan 3 days ago
News flash, every communication company has back doors and use your information to make money by selling... it's not news its comments knowledge
Sybyr 3 days ago
jim carrey that guy
Savanna Banana
Savanna Banana 3 days ago
Go stros!
Bryan Breezy
Bryan Breezy 4 days ago
anna fiona
anna fiona 4 days ago
no matter how many meme accounts bloomberg buys he will never beat the actual GOLD that is bernie memes and he didn’t have to pay for them
Dish 4 days ago
I'm not gonna defend Huawei but if you tell me the Google doesn't have government back doors I will be laughing my ass off
Northern Perspective
Can we persecute Jim Carrey for something actually offensive? You know, like helping start the anti-vax movement. Something that's actually fucking harmful.
Jujido1 4 days ago
Actually Phil, A lot of people respect your opinion including myself and take political cues from you. Speaking of.... Who do you like this election cycle?
Cody Keister
Cody Keister 4 days ago
Imagine having nothing better going on with your life that you get offended at a Jim Carrey interview
Weebo Jones
Weebo Jones 4 days ago
I'm having a really hard time justifying why you included H3H3 on the billing for this video Phil, you mentioned Ethan once, very briefly as an example of something and quickly moved back to Rogan...?
Jessica V
Jessica V 4 days ago
Jim: EXACTLY!! He was talking about being interviewed by her.
Ayame 4 days ago
Jake who?
Mr. Bear Creates
Mr. Bear Creates 4 days ago
We had some good times with Jake, but as is life, sometimes we have to learn to move on. People change. Jake butt hurt. Fuck Astros. Amen.
Megaz00 4 days ago
RIP Philip DeFranco, you never should’ve crossed Jake
Andrew Huisman
Andrew Huisman 4 days ago
What happened to your teeth?
Marcus Rigonati
Marcus Rigonati 4 days ago
WTF, for me Jim made a clear compliment to her work
Ack Master
Ack Master 4 days ago
wow i didnt know he was still making videos
Pats12Dude 4 days ago
Rogan = GOAT
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