Why I Ordered a Tesla CyberTruck!

Marques Brownlee
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I can explain. This one's different.
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Vitenskap og teknologi

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Nov 24, 2019




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Comments 27 082
Silvano 7 hours ago
I wonder how much the monthly payment will be? For the basic one plus full self drive.
DeanMoony 7 hours ago
Weird flex... but OK
Tristyn Abraham
Tristyn Abraham 8 hours ago
Leonardosnotebook 8 hours ago
This is the vehicle for anyone who hasn't got the faintest idea about the third world slavery involved mining the resources for Teslas environmentally toxic fashion accessories.
Magnus Kværndrup
Magnus Kværndrup 8 hours ago
What about aerodynamics? It must be extremely costly in mileage since it has no curves 🤔
Gregory Hamilton
Gregory Hamilton 8 hours ago
Raise your hand 🖐 if you think 💭 Rivian did it better.🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐
Marven Tactaquin
Marven Tactaquin 10 hours ago
can i apply as your house cleaner?😊
Quettesh 11 hours ago
Why? To get more views ofc.
Esmayil Mt
Esmayil Mt 11 hours ago
This truck has no mirrors
ki koy
ki koy 11 hours ago
The reason why i dont care...basically, people won't know that you ordered a Tesla Truck unless you yourself declared it and makes a video "the reason i ordered a tesla truck"... Motherfaaaaaking @&*#&!!!no one actually cares!!! More like "because its cool, i have a lot of money, and i cant contain my excitement owning that truck"..
sharan kumar
sharan kumar 11 hours ago
We dont care just order it or dont its ur wish u made money so do what u want 😏😏
War Monkey
War Monkey 11 hours ago
When I first say it I thought Elon was just crazy with this one but now I actually really like.
Good Rapman
Good Rapman 12 hours ago
"cuz i can lol" Essentially this
HAL 9000
HAL 9000 12 hours ago
Wow, that was a great point!
leeroy Crankens
leeroy Crankens 12 hours ago
because you have nothing better to do with your money
Daniel and Francine Turner
At first I was thinking what the heck. That doesn't look like a truck. But the more I look at it. Man this thing looks durable. No more rust, hail damage or rock chips. Hello!!! I'd love it if you could just open up the doors and hose this thing down to clean it.
roouit patan
roouit patan 14 hours ago
i think this is the type of car when you get into a car accident, the other cars will be destroyed and not the cybertruck.
Fred Fred
Fred Fred 14 hours ago
Because your a dumb ass and spend cash on dumb shit
ssyba 14 hours ago
Honestly it doesnt look good, but in my opinion it looks better than other pickup trucks
Marksteven Marquez
Marksteven Marquez 14 hours ago
This truck from cyberpunk 2077?
roouit patan
roouit patan 14 hours ago
The same reason youve always got to have the latest phone or gadget...cant help yourself....and like wasting money..spend the money on doing something good,now theres
yungdinero 14 hours ago
You and Doug Demuro should have a debate...
AuxxiliaryATC 15 hours ago
Its like an older Honda Ridgeline with less Polygons
konjer15 15 hours ago
I love how about 90% of the comments are about Marques having so much money... tells you how many people don’t even watch the whole video
Zuku Shimo
Zuku Shimo 16 hours ago
Why? Because u have enough money
scrub4eternity channel
so why are you buying it?
Endiya Dacosta
Endiya Dacosta 19 hours ago
if u dont like it, can i have it?
Mark Dubya
Mark Dubya 20 hours ago
Enjoy your monstrosity.
OOthelloo 20 hours ago
Wait... the opening of the back side is so fast!
Thehard Geeker
Thehard Geeker 22 hours ago
this is the CYBERTRUCK, get over it people, it's the future.
Jackson Kreter
Jackson Kreter 22 hours ago
Why I am transforming into a roblox character
imscottanthony1 23 hours ago
I dont think it was really made for everyone, I think he made this for the military, police etc, for governments across the world to get some contracts.. But we can have them too. Our police force is about to boast up their tactical gear by using this truck.
Hoperandi Day ago
Car looks very dangerous
MrDalgard Day ago
100Dollar? u kidding me? where i live its 1000dollar for an order.
"0 - 60 in 4 and a half seconds, that's definitely faster than most trucks" You know what most trucks can do? Tow weight
Miguel Costa
Miguel Costa Day ago
yo, use d-esser and d-click on vox chain. :)
Bigshow Downunder
The same reason youve always got to have the latest phone or gadget...cant help yourself....and like wasting money..spend the money on doing something good,now theres a novelty..
Whiskey x
Whiskey x Day ago
I am going to post this message in as many places as possible because i really feel like 1/2 of the genius (perhaps accidental) is being missed - This great big low polygon vehicle is going to be custom wrapped to the nth degree, this alone will be huge business down the road, hell i even anticipate regulatory pressure over the type of custom wraps. Think of the advertising.. artwork.. photos. Watch this space.
Lucio Moreira
Ih mate come on seriously i thought this was all a joke man just noo man pure ugly thing thats just my opinion
KollectionZ Day ago
I heard that elon going to rework it
Art Vandelay, Jr.
...because you have f.u. money.
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