Which software is used for VFX?

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No VFX would be created without a computer software. Do you want to know which software is used by professional VFX artists? You'll find the answers in this video.
Big thanks, to the following people, for supporting this video:
Gorilla rig: Jakub Krompolc - www.rig-it.net
Gorilla animation: Maciek ”Nemrod” Wojtkiewicz - www.characteranims.com
Matchmove examples provided by: Vahagn Amirkhanyan - vimeo.com/user7089909

Natron - open source compositing software: www.natron.fr




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Comments 80
Elementbob_FX Year ago
Adobe has been used in major motion pictures. The Force Awakens was nominated for an Oscar and after effects was used in the film. Not to as used as nuke, it's pretty well used in movies for visual effects!
MapleJokerRofl 4 days ago
Chosen Idea are you that butthurt that your favorite program isn’t the “best” or at the same level as other profesional software? They both have their own place . Nice ego tho
akyhne 13 days ago
@Chris Wells "I think people should take a hard look at fusion!" What's the big difference between Fusion and Nuke?
Shin Jara
Shin Jara 25 days ago
You forgot about Blender, Cinema4d, Nuke
Michel Salloum
Michel Salloum Month ago
No, it has not.
Andreas Karlsson
@NPM MALAYALAM VFX TUTORIALS Yes, you are correct. Despite us all running Linux, Photoshop is actually used at all major VFX houses. I imagine both the generalists and texture artists have access to it through a virtual machine or Wine. But it would not be their main tool by a long shot. I would have to double check to be sure, but I believe that Mari and Substance Painter are what's used for most texture work these days (again, this video seems to get all of that completely right). But the art department certainly use Photoshop a lot. Their work is mostly pipeline independent though, so it's less of an issue for them. They might even get away with using Windows or Mac (like the production team often does). But that is Photoshop. Regarding After Effects, it is not used for VFX compositing of major feature films. We use Nuke.
Pradeep Murugan
Pradeep Murugan 3 hours ago
you have missed CINEMA 4D
BlackBeard Papa
BlackBeard Papa 23 hours ago
Kauri Channel
I'm using the Autodesk maya
Stubble Studios
Hey vfx geek. I recently got maya student version. It has arnold render engine but i want to learn vray or renderman. Will you please tell me which one will produce realistic results for vfx?
Stubble Studios
@VFX Geek thanks for replying man. Your videos are really great and informative. I enjoy them very much.
VFX Geek
VFX Geek Day ago
Hi! Actually all of those renderers will give you a realistic results, it's a matter of creating good shaders. All of those have strong and week points, but I'm not a 3D artist, so can't really give you any details.
MapleJokerRofl 4 days ago
Yes after effects is used for very simple things like huds etc but not for mainly compositing everything else that’s more important
仲先生-Zhong Sir
Blender Dumbass
Blender Dumbass 7 days ago
Autodesk, Adobe and Microsoft are dying... BLENDER and LINUX ROCKS
George Martinez
George Martinez 7 days ago
Thanks for share this information, work and effort :D Watching this about software I arrived to this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SSE4 about CPU's. With the info about how a CPU is configured and with this video about software , it is clear: the AMD or Intel fanboyism is for ignorants.
akyhne 13 days ago
What's the difference between Fusion and Nuke? After all, Fusion is still used by many for feature films, so it can't be that bad.
Rohan 14 days ago
Because of these funky technology, the real fun of movies has gone. Now a days, a movie really doesn't go for a Beautiful story or Outstanding acting......
Joyita Sarkar
Joyita Sarkar 14 days ago
I worship cinema 4D
Very good explanation !
Eddy Raziuh
Eddy Raziuh 19 days ago
Song at 6:10 ?
Literally Everything
I came here just for blenderers comments.
khader alkurdi
khader alkurdi 26 days ago
In Blender We Trust!
Himu Sarkar
Himu Sarkar 29 days ago
Good information....
Violazemo 29 days ago
Xsi softimage user here. Any lost soul like me?
Murali Rajan
Murali Rajan Month ago
Super explain
LeeTronix Month ago
Crumbs and I remember Vivid being used back in the late 80s.
Carmai7 Month ago
No Microsoft Paint?!!!!!!!
Huseyin Yilmaz
Huseyin Yilmaz Month ago
I love Maya,it has so good character animation tools, but its working very slow and always have a bug. Novadays i m looking for alternate software for more speed and less problem. Even 3ds max more healthy working. And i dont understand, how people can use Maya for vfx ? Even Maya hasn't usefull particle system...
Sd Gaming
Sd Gaming Month ago
What a joke! All shit, look at professor here: Modeling: Tinkercad Animation: Blender Shading: Microsoft Paint FX: Sony Vegas Rendering: Photoshop Matchmoving: 3d Camera tracker AE Rotoscopy:
First Chapter
First Chapter Month ago
no no no . Blender is better :). those softwere look better to your eyes because you buy them with 3 -6 month salary
VFX Geek
VFX Geek Month ago
This video is not about which software is better, but which software is used in VFX studios. Did you even listen?
Ron McDon
Ron McDon Month ago
pretty sure octane is standard now
Markus Bluebird
Markus Bluebird Month ago
Nice content even have many dislike good information
CG Choco
CG Choco Month ago
Hello this video is priceless.Is there a way to contact you? Thank you
VFX Geek
VFX Geek Month ago
Thank you. You can contact me through my Facebook page: facebook.com/vfxgeek.video
Sneaker Projects
Maxon has left the chat
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen Month ago
its not matter what they use its all bout artist that use them. its not suprice if next years new artist start working and they demand blender becouse they know it LOL then that artist use blender and do same thing that old guys on exbensive gears. if you can take 100billion off from movie cost LOL
Gazza Boo
Gazza Boo Month ago
It's so Funny seeing all the Blender and AE fangirls so butthurt. Just like the Linux fangirls. This is the year of Linux, just wait.. Been hearing that since the mid 90s. Guys, the truth is that nobody cares. Use what you enjoy, why do you care if what you like isn't used in movies? Do you really need some sort of big budget blockbuster as validation to prove it's good software? Industry standard is just that, standardized software used by most to make interoperability and workflow seamless from studio to studio and department to department. It's not a conspiracy, it's business efficiency. Blender offers nothing over the current standards, but does lack the power, extensibility and a huge corporate backup necessary for peace of mind. Blender is good, but no point getting your panties in a bunch over it.
VFX Geek
VFX Geek Month ago
Well, gues what... Most of the VFX industry is using Linux. And big players, like Framestore, are teaching it's artists how to use Blender.
nicu marinoiu
nicu marinoiu Month ago
cu atata tehnica digitala si scot numai filme inspaimantatoare....
Black Swan
Black Swan Month ago
cinema 4d ?
GEO NR Tv Month ago
very very nice good
Saifi Month ago
I want to learn this softwares
Abdi Piano
Abdi Piano Month ago
Why Blender is not in the list?
Mk Aalam
Mk Aalam Month ago
what about blender
ysf Month ago
Who else was waiting for after effects lol.
akyhne 21 day ago
I was more waiting for AE in this comment section. AE lovers are very sensitive.
Rahul Ranjan
Rahul Ranjan Month ago
Is blender anywhere near to maya ?
WeskerRezo Month ago
Rahul Ranjan No, not at all. Not even close to it. Its still far from it.
VFX Geek
VFX Geek Month ago
Yes, you can achieve the same results with Blender. However Blender is currently used only at few VFX studios. But I think that will change soon.
Yonas Tadesse
Yonas Tadesse Month ago
oh shit what about blender you left it b/c it is open source software
Saahib Vlog
Saahib Vlog Month ago
This video is a gem.
Stevonark Sem
Stevonark Sem Month ago
sponsored by autodesk if i learn free application the others learn easy because we make this in open source sometimes it takes more time. If we use that we can make excellent thing low time low poly :///
Zayyanu Muhammad
Your videos are short and precise. Please make more of those. Make one on how to integrate CGI into footage
kamlesh kurankar
Which software should I learn for medical 3D animations?
mohamed lakhdar belhouchet
I love this
Mohamed Benhassir
Am feeling sad for after effects 😭
Guillermo Month ago
Fazeen Sagheer
Fazeen Sagheer Month ago
What was the music used in the beginning if the video ?
The Cooking Hut
The Cooking Hut Month ago
Please subcribe my channel Thank You in Advance
Szymon Sibi
Szymon Sibi 2 months ago
6:55 what is that ?
Antoine N. Aoun Engineering, Architecture &more
fascinating! it's fantastic how much VFX have up-ed the game
Michael Hawthorne
Michael Hawthorne 2 months ago
What happened to Lightwave used by ILM?
Ayoub Morjane
Ayoub Morjane 2 months ago
or u can say it all in one blender word
Cheyenne Eden Di Voltenheim
how about autodesk smoke ?
Sirus Das
Sirus Das 2 months ago
Amazing knowledge shared.
Alexander Weide
Alexander Weide 2 months ago
Sorry Guys are you where paid for spreading half Missinformation? i mean seriously..!? Maya is on the door steps to be only used for animation and layout. You totally don't showed up used tools in your List, a at 1:35 and also not Houdini which plays the most important Role in FX Simulations since 1996!!! It has won more oscars in recent years than all Autodesk tools combined.. sorry this video is partially missinfo and probably bought advertisement in my opinion - or made from a guy which has no knowledge at all. BTW 3dsmax is a sidejoke in modern film industry. Talk to Peoples working in Studios what they are using, talk to Industry leads!
Muhammad Nisam
Muhammad Nisam 2 months ago
Combositing Roto artist
Muhammad Nisam
Muhammad Nisam 2 months ago
I like this job 😍 But no job vacancy 😌
jack ran500
jack ran500 2 months ago
totally outdated content
Dheeraj Sahu
Dheeraj Sahu 2 months ago
Does VFX in BTech Computer Science?
MobileGamesForFree 2 months ago
What is with Blender ?
Billi Design
Billi Design 2 months ago
Hollywood Standard: Nuke and Autodesk NO-vid Standard: Adobe and Blender
WeskerRezo Month ago
Billi Design You just copied the comment.
Design Heaven pro
Design Heaven pro 2 months ago
Blender is awesome to do all
Sagar Ghosh
Sagar Ghosh 2 months ago
MARCONIA Filmaking
MARCONIA Filmaking 2 months ago
J E E A S P R I N T 2 months ago
Plot twist: This video is sponsored by Marvel
Noor Girdhar
Noor Girdhar 2 months ago
Joseph Daniel Chuang
How 'bout Cinema 4D?
Humanity is Everything
Sir silhouette is a software or Plugin?
VFX Geek
VFX Geek 2 months ago
Software: borisfx.com/products/silhouette/
Leooo Ooo
Leooo Ooo 2 months ago
Rip cinema 4d
mani ratna siva teja attili
Hello there, Could you suggest a laptop for beginner learning vfx ..
VFX Geek
VFX Geek 2 months ago
Buy a desktop PC.
EksSquared 2 months ago
"There's only one option: aUToDesK mAyA" ...
Samuel Westknee
Samuel Westknee 2 months ago
here is Microsoft Word user. Where's my peopple?
The Fynn
The Fynn 2 months ago
Its allways the Artist that matters, but also Blender is gaining more attention and is now also used by Ubisoft. for all the people in the coments recognizing blender as a Toy, no, it may be was, but isn't anymore
Life s Tech
Life s Tech 2 months ago
Blender is nowhere
I'm unknown
I'm unknown 3 months ago
I have this app in my pc 👻
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats 3 months ago
11 minutes to tell me what people use wtf
Kahoko Yuen
Kahoko Yuen 3 months ago
FL Studio LTT
FL Studio LTT 3 months ago
So You must Have 2 Computres Or 3 With Hight Quality To Install All This Softwares
AM Photography
AM Photography 3 months ago
I need a work for our Horror movie
mrebholz 3 months ago
Now please explain why pixel shifters get Oscars but stuntpeople don’t. Oscar likes it fake. Fake is the core of dream industry.
Litoral Trading
Litoral Trading 3 months ago
Love 3Ds Max. Use it since 2005 when i was 10 years old
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