VFX Games - The Art of Compositing

Roy Peker
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A short project that I have created that explains what is VFX and especially Digital Compositing.
This project was made to showcase my skills alongside my creativity, I was responsible for
all of the 2D aspect of it and supervising the team that was working on their own special
skills such as 3D, Matchmove, Grading, Sound design and much more…..!
Credits of who ever worked or donated his work are being showed in the end of the
video so please feel free to stay and watch until the end.
Special thanks & Links -
Starring - Aaron Vodovoz
CG was created and donated by Dmitriev Vasiliy:
SFX was donated by Bluezone Corporation:
Thanks for watching!
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Comments 80
Vanderlei Santos
Vanderlei Santos 11 hours ago
Roy is the Best.
Breno Amâncio
Steve Worrell
Mate what you doing outside you're mean to be isolating
Cowboyada Cowboyada
Roy Peker, that work is amazing!!! U got me! Great compositing skills! really outstanding
Loay Waheed
Loay Waheed Day ago
That's phenomenal
xXx Morel xXx
xXx Morel xXx 4 days ago
Vladfx brought me here
ISHIDA 5 days ago
How impressiv. I like it a lot.
KinoTrap 5 days ago
nice title
Mustafa Albayrak
Mustafa Albayrak 7 days ago
I noticed
BoGDaN PLayZiTiV 7 days ago
Ты чё колдун?
San Arts
San Arts 8 days ago
Owwwww shit ilove uuu guysss
Luys _steven
Luys _steven 9 days ago
고 공 단
고 공 단 9 days ago
OMG it is sick!!!!!
DJ AMTB Modern Buddhist Youth Remixes
I want to learn how to do ALL of this
laszor_studio 10 days ago
I found a guy that has just straight up ripped ur video... no-vid.com/video/video-6SL0vkFsMZc.html
MorTu 10 days ago
Max Siebenschläfer
Angelo Grieco
Angelo Grieco 13 days ago
jijo vincent
jijo vincent 14 days ago
good work bro
Cihan Karacayir
Cihan Karacayir 14 days ago
Ben bir camera tracking yapmaya kalkıyorum, pc allahını kaybediyor . Adamların yaptıklarına bak aq
Jimmy Meisalie
Jimmy Meisalie 15 days ago
What a wonderfull video. Great job
Abid Aziz
Abid Aziz 16 days ago
oh my goodness . goosebumps mate
Music Lasts Forever
This guy is freaking talented Subscribed, Turned on Notifications wow mind - BLOWN
MCWiley 17 days ago
dude that was incredible. Great work
Ecurb LeeTV
Ecurb LeeTV 19 days ago
victor singh
victor singh 23 days ago
im amazed
ga20904 27 days ago
I wish there were courses on how to do compositing
Tomisin Babalola
Tomisin Babalola 27 days ago
Now you see me had a vfx spinoff
anto_edits 27 days ago
I would be amazing to know what job could you do knowing how to edit
Cladius76 29 days ago
Awesome :))
Mussumba Felix
Mussumba Felix Month ago
you made me look like a novice
TwitchyTopHat Month ago
what a twist
Bareilly FRS
Bareilly FRS Month ago
how much time and what are the software used in this project?
David Albino
David Albino Month ago
amazing amazing so amazing
Sergente Informante
Nice one!
Unbeatable gaming
Just amazing skills This exactly what I am aiming for
Skip Brewer
Skip Brewer Month ago
I just wanna learn the floating credits haha
swaygfx Month ago
Man..... shit where do I sign up?
Solo vfx
Solo vfx Month ago
I need ta hug ya bruh Just subscribed
AND Month ago
Amazing job dude
Dragonislav Month ago
please post 21:9 content in a 21:9 aspect ratio. Thanks!
Tushar Patel3d
Tushar Patel3d Month ago
👌🥇 superb
sir i am from india i love u r vfx so can u help me that is to teach me vfx like u
O2 cine
O2 cine Month ago
Exllent cotent!!
Nice awesom
Luis Alejandro Sifuentes Zacarías
My favorite video on you tube.. I use it to explain to my students what VFX are..
Manuel Belucci Acosta
2020 y sigue rodando este tremendo short!
Navneet Rout
Navneet Rout Month ago
You're works are really appreciated.
Paul Motion
Paul Motion Month ago
😂 He makes it look easy.. Which it is
Vaibhav Gupta2007
Great video sir
transfer files
transfer files Month ago
very nice video. just wanted to ask why isnt the woman and the dog scene in the begining of the clip?
Rohan S. Patne
Rohan S. Patne Month ago
Karmawillhaveus Month ago
If I could I would give you 10 likes. Excellent work
Fuck ....amazing love you from india
Cedric Lahoud
Cedric Lahoud Month ago
amazing video, but the handheld shaking gave it away
JebusTheMessiah Month ago
Wooow very nice!!!!
ashu nanda
ashu nanda 2 months ago
Please continue to make more like this
Krishna Singh
Krishna Singh 2 months ago
can u make the full video of this vfx video plz
silk 2 months ago
i appreciate this so much
Raju Sharma
Raju Sharma 2 months ago
Good job Roy Peker! It was a good composition.
Janoobi Jangjo
Janoobi Jangjo 2 months ago
considering my taste youtube suggested it
ginger3d 2 months ago
congratulations all of you guys! amazing job!
UPD Gaming
UPD Gaming 2 months ago
awesome video!!
any time any think
any time any think 2 months ago
How to make
Kamel Altohamy ,3D Designs
How To make coffee cup no-vid.com/video/video-OCPr-2QVxg8.html How to model keyboard: no-vid.com/video/video-JlV0Vef0FjY.html How to model calc: no-vid.com/video/video-ulqjtrJV_UY.html How to model table: no-vid.com/video/video-XSXtvXTVFH4.html How to model haircomb in 2.8 : no-vid.com/video/video-WTsj-qSeOYs.html How to model wooden chair (AR.) : no-vid.com/video/video-pouVLrNwrdc.html Learn everthing about Action Editor: no-vid.com/video/video-7-p3jrcn1d8.html Mastering Rigging: no-vid.com/video/video-odhqrd2Y86o.html Learn Rhino 5 in Arabic: no-vid.com/video/video-Ioh4tvZt9fg.html how to model Book Stand in blender : no-vid.com/video/video-Lo0ytYJ6Zx0.html Case Study of making personal desk in blender : no-vid.com/video/video-ys3UBXs3hiY.html ------------------------------ MY Website: kamelaltohamy.github.io/
MaNish Shriyan
MaNish Shriyan 2 months ago
Please upload mare content about vfx
Amin Lloyd
Amin Lloyd 2 months ago
I think my brain just exploded 😳 you just earned yourself a sub!
TRINGELLIMA 2 months ago
susa 2 months ago
it's amazing do more videos again bro!
Dozie Franklin
Dozie Franklin 2 months ago
i editZ
i editZ 2 months ago
Jimm Wagner
Jimm Wagner 2 months ago
That's cool
Iang Consuegra
Iang Consuegra 2 months ago
The art Of bansky!
Thijmer 2 months ago
Very cool! I am learning how to use the Blender compositor. Is there any free compositing software that you advice? I like Blender, because I also use it for animations, and I already know hoe to use it.
NIKHIL SOURAV 2 months ago
It was absolutely insane!
Dere Hab
Dere Hab 2 months ago
it,s so Amazing bro
Gaurav Nema
Gaurav Nema 2 months ago
Wow... This is amazing..🤩🤩
T0P Mania
T0P Mania 2 months ago
Great man
jso 3 months ago
so 99% is real....
noob & pro playezmc
noob & pro playezmc 3 months ago
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