VFX Artists React to BOLLYWOOD Bad & Great CGi 2

Corridor Crew
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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Bollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Comments 80
Sayak Pramanik
Sayak Pramanik 17 minutes ago
Oh come on!! Be mature, the Indian Bollywood makes more than 2000 movies per year, so don't judge watching only 4 movies. Many of you guys thinking that physics doesn't work here. I mean what !!! Literally what!!!!!. Those types of funny movies were trend 10 years ago but not now. Nowadays bollywood are very very creative and innovative.
SuperKing604 27 minutes ago
Wait is shahrukh khan only 5’7 i think hes. Like 5’9 or so?
Storm Breaker
Storm Breaker 40 minutes ago
U are criticising that indian movies lack physics ,frst go and react ur so called fast and furious movie series ,do u think they apply in thier movies literally they rape physics in thier movies lol
MESTARIOUS 49 minutes ago
Whats the name of that Helicopter crash movie??? Any one
Digvijay Singh
Digvijay Singh 58 minutes ago
I think in zero they have shoot the upper part with Lego base and then attached lower part by shrinking it's size .At the same time they also shrink upper part
See Tumbadd and KGF
Avinash Chaudhary
Real stunt 9:30 👌
EN-K 07
EN-K 07 2 hours ago
SADISTIC 。 2 hours ago
0:25 They need to clean there house so many dust sfx: WHOOOOOSHHH
leo max
leo max 2 hours ago
Hahaha.. I'm Indian . But you guys completely make me laugh 🤣🤣...
Virat K
Virat K 2 hours ago
These are Telegu movies, man.
yogi .S
yogi .S 3 hours ago
This is Still a mystery .. if you can... decode it. film name : Aboorva Sagodharargal... The hero actual size 5'8" but he is dwarf in whole film. the film released in 1989. There are many perceptions .. how they did it. but nothing fits logically. Try it
Zira Zirkima
Zira Zirkima 3 hours ago
This guys don't even know Shahruk Khan😭
pramod anand
pramod anand 3 hours ago
no-vid.com/video/video-7nwpH6v41zM.html Must watch a fun take on CG@3.25
Yash 3 hours ago
U could do more of bahubali 1 and 2
timo taa
timo taa 4 hours ago
Bahubali 1 and 2 part ... As they claimed they have spend more than $25 million on vfx.
Andres Orozco
Andres Orozco 4 hours ago
Oh my god those bullets... they originate from two parallel barrels in the y axis, Somehow move to be parallel in the x axis, then they once again cross to “meet” in the shot of the exploding cars😂
mehran Lidtiham
mehran Lidtiham 6 hours ago
The woman in red dress who is helping the tiny actor shrinks when she is holding him😂 her size before and after arrive to the main actor chang and the location stuff look beigger in another view,I think this was not shot once
Cj Arjun
Cj Arjun 6 hours ago
Please watch WAR
Cj Arjun
Cj Arjun 6 hours ago
Please watch to Rohit Shetty’s all movies
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway 6 hours ago
3:32 that was actually pretty cool
Chanakya GC
Chanakya GC 6 hours ago
The Bollywood style entry was dope😅😅
Souvik Dutta
Souvik Dutta 6 hours ago
So much effort for the sponsor...damn they must be happy
Krunchy McCrunch
Krunchy McCrunch 7 hours ago
Lmao the first thing I see is a bunch of white guys doing hilariously accurate representations of every Bollywood film I've seen
Ranbir Babu
Ranbir Babu 8 hours ago
Reason why I am not watching Indian movie
Hari Vija Amboli
Hari Vija Amboli 8 hours ago
Azad Ashraf
Azad Ashraf 9 hours ago
This is stupid actions
Vivek Thakur
Vivek Thakur 9 hours ago
2.0 and Saaho BLOW
Veronica B
Veronica B 9 hours ago
The 1:15 clip is from the Swedish movie Kopps. Showing Torkel Petersson.
infinite tech
infinite tech 9 hours ago
Guys south india movies are not a part of bollywood... It is a seperate film industry
mevo jacobi
mevo jacobi 10 hours ago
Yeah you guys have to do all Bollywood episodes with an intro just like this one I know it’s extra work but I think a lot of people with appreciate it ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
Retro Bøy
Retro Bøy 10 hours ago
You will die laughing after watching this video promise Link:- no-vid.com/video/video-gfoaogJN_pw.html Other link:- no-vid.com/video/video-JUi_gGZY2m0.html
Rohan David
Rohan David 10 hours ago
These bull shits are only seen in Tollywood Kollywood Sandalwood and Bollywood. But in our Mollywood is full reality movies with great stories and logical comedies that will make u laugh a lot. No these kind of bull shits in Mollywood
Deve Devin
Deve Devin 10 hours ago
Telugu actor NTR Dammu movie or you can check all boyapati sreenu director movies for fun stuff
Geo Maria George
Geo Maria George 10 hours ago
9:54 They're all superheroes. Damn that's what Bollywood has been doing.
ga bo
ga bo 10 hours ago
these movies are stupid on purpose? like Austin powers but without fun
HOW 10 hours ago
Sanlap Ash
Sanlap Ash 10 hours ago
Try watching Rohit Shetty (Bollywood film Director) movies, you'll love it
MrAnderson 11 hours ago
That intro tho 👌🏽
Rohitson Prajoo
Rohitson Prajoo 11 hours ago
cuz he srk
Akuma Osito Qiu
Akuma Osito Qiu 11 hours ago
The Host, Korean movie!
Dinuka Wimalagunasekara
Bollywood sucks
Thirumavalavan Ambrose
9:29 மானம் போகுதே 😭😭😭😭 டேய் விஷாலு.😬😬😬
Vignesh Kannan Selvaraj
ஹா ஹா ஹா ..
Violinist Sachin Satija
Dude all tollywood movies are like this only you can find many action scenes and beyond physics stuff🤔🤣
vinay kumar
vinay kumar 12 hours ago
I requesting you please watch and review about 1989 Indian movie Apoorva Sagodharargal When NO VFX
Alpha bro’s Channel
Golmal 4 is really cool and funny
Roblox Gamers
Roblox Gamers 13 hours ago
3:20 me playing gta 5 *crashing my car into the chopper*
grey matters
grey matters 13 hours ago
Hii video ni kali sana , swahili by the way
Nacool Shinde
Nacool Shinde 13 hours ago
Plz do react on tanhaji the unsung warrior movies vfx
We have people who shoot bullets with mouth, and make a train move back with musical forces concentrated in tip of index finger
Mubtasim Mahdi Mohammad Alvi Bhuiyan
I like most the first 1 minute 😅😅😅
Saad Shaikh
Saad Shaikh 13 hours ago
Only one movie is from bollywood that shahrukhan one.. other all are not bollywood
Durgesh Rathore
Durgesh Rathore 14 hours ago
At the , end Bollywood is the worlds 2nd largest Movie Producing industry
Abhinav Chohan
Abhinav Chohan 14 hours ago
you guys have to check out "Main hoon na' with Shah Rukh. The rickshaw fight scene. it's so bad its good
Durgesh Rathore
Durgesh Rathore 14 hours ago
no-vid.com/video/video-PaPTNsn5m4E.html this may help , in understanding ZEROs VFX
Sales Skg
Sales Skg 14 hours ago
Kaapan Lucifer Malayalam Action tamil Race 3
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg 14 hours ago
Sadness they don't realize this is not bollywood. I would have preferred if they would have done some more research and found out that unlike US India is not represented by just bollywood alone.
nichadha 15 hours ago
This is how many people think Bollywood is fake
Vishu S27
Vishu S27 16 hours ago
React to Saaho
Santhosh Kumar
Santhosh Kumar 17 hours ago
Watch balakrishna movies
Mochala Tae
Mochala Tae 17 hours ago
Wow I have new respect for zero
Ghani khan World
Ghani khan World 17 hours ago
Hahahahhaah bollywood so funny 🤣
Beniamin Lup
Beniamin Lup 17 hours ago
That's was great guys! And best intro.. 1 intro wich introduce all Indian Bollywood films 😂😂😂
Shitboi YT
Shitboi YT 18 hours ago
Every movie was an southIndia,Zero was an bollywood movie
Illuminati:The Truth
Zero visual effects is like Thanos vfx... Because it was done by a real4'8" man from Unnao. Uttaar Pradesh...
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer 18 hours ago
What is the movie name at 5:13
DEMON _ NEIL 19 hours ago
I accept its bullshit but funny but thats Tollywood not Bollywood theirs like 20 different wood in india
Soorya narayanan
Soorya narayanan 19 hours ago
Do more bollywood reactions .. it's actually cooler.
Ady Smart
Ady Smart 20 hours ago
Zero was good in Vfx , it's done by SRK's own company.
Jay Jay Smith
Jay Jay Smith 20 hours ago
Fckn cool intro
GAMING WOLF 21 hour ago
When I was a kid I used watch the first movie I used to think wow the explosion the hand is very creepy but nowadays the VFX is awesome now I think what was that what am I seeing
GAMING WOLF 21 hour ago
When I was a kid I used watch the first movie I used to think wow the explosion the hand is very creepy but nowadays the VFX is awesome now I think what was that what am I seeing
Abhinandh Raghavan
Abhinandh Raghavan 21 hour ago
An tamil movie called eecha.. its a well vfx movie
Aryansh Mahato
Aryansh Mahato 22 hours ago
Guys eveything is perfect.. Please update your indian song playlist..😂😂 Really it's so funny to hear these song which we used to listen in 90's Listen artist like Divine, Naezy, Emiway, Raftaar, KR$SNA, Muhfaad, Arijit.. And many many more...
P.K. Patel [IIT-K]
P.K. Patel [IIT-K] 22 hours ago
Watchout Bahubali man the VFX is much cooler in that
sri pranav kuchibhotla
What the hell man. You're calling a tollywood film bollywood
akash deshmukh
akash deshmukh 23 hours ago
Baghi 3 movie vfx
Sontin Haolai
Sontin Haolai 23 hours ago
The 50 seconds... Ok bye Bollywood 🤣
Jo ThX_BRAIN Day ago
Please don't insult us by calling every indian movie under Bollywood. Bollywood is actually Priyadarshanwood nothing else😂😂
Uday Sharma
Uday Sharma Day ago
Mahabharat BR Chopra version was way ahead of it's time with war scenes, as well as the new one by SET I believe, Devo ke Dev Mahadev was also a trailblazing series when it comes to vfx Suryaputra Karna was okay Vighnaharta Ganesh, a hindu God who has a human body with the head of an elephant, Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman, Hanuman is a great devotee of Lord Ram and is an apeman, not a monkey or a gorilla but from race of half human half apes; mind you all these are cultural series' so they aren't movies but some episodes are just as big
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