VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 16

Corridor Crew
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Niko, Clint, and Wren sit down to discuss the films Twister, They Shall not Grow Old, Interstellar, and The Polar Express.
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Nov 30, 2019




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Comments 6 199
Persona Slates
Persona Slates 16 minutes ago
The audio in this video is all fucked.
Cruisentom 1234
Cruisentom 1234 26 minutes ago
Next episode: mi 1 train sequence First man landing moon scene Skyfall sniper fight & opening train sequence Pans labyrinth
shadowcraft 38 minutes ago
Please do shin Godzilla
Dutch Canadian
Dutch Canadian 50 minutes ago
The living room fight scene from Cats & Dogs (2001)
James Noto
James Noto Hour ago
Can you take a look at Equilibrium special effects
Michael Daly
Michael Daly Hour ago
Can you guys break down A-ha’s ‘take on me’ music video?
Young samurai Called Izzy
Could you make Hobbs and Shaw realistic
Conflict Hour ago
React to Venom!
mrthosho Hour ago
Tommy LmaroaL
Tommy LmaroaL 2 hours ago
Lets do forest gump
Allovertheparks 2 hours ago
React to Breaking Bad CGI
Reem D
Reem D 2 hours ago
You guys might like the Overwatch shorts, they’re so well done imo. It’d be cool to see your reaction to one of them, my favorite is “Alive”, linked it below :) no-vid.com/video/video-U130wnpi-C0.html
A French Canadian Disease
Could you watch and analyse CGI and fake famous NO-vid video
Kim Ihrström
Kim Ihrström 2 hours ago
Only me the sound is offsync for?:o
Dr Mantis Toboggan
Dr Mantis Toboggan 2 hours ago
You guys should check out the megazord scenes from the 1995 mighty morphin' power rangers movie
Enflict Paintball
Enflict Paintball 2 hours ago
I wonder if you guys could partner with IBM to do advanced vfx on Watson... Render any crazy thing in .7 seconds
3nails4you 3 hours ago
React to: radiator turning into a fireplace in The Santa Clause (around 24:00)
Liam Harrington
Liam Harrington 3 hours ago
OMG it would be SO DOPE if you reacted to Epstein not killing himself
Luke Spadzinski
Luke Spadzinski 3 hours ago
You should do Killer bean forever
Thomas  Ketterling
Thomas Ketterling 3 hours ago
They should react to shaolin soccer !!
railways green
railways green 3 hours ago
Ad Astra plz
Caleb Sapp
Caleb Sapp 3 hours ago
Please react to KUNG FURY no-vid.com/video/video-bS5P_LAqiVg.html
Venkat Sai Nath Reddy
no-vid.com/video/video-80CKTOjjZFQ.html, no-vid.com/video/video-IS1hCSsmH1E.html, no-vid.com/video/video-IS1hCSsmH1E.html, make a video about developments of VFX, CGI and history about that
VX Depthzz
VX Depthzz 4 hours ago
You guys NEED to react to the Disney film Dinosaur it’s on Disney +. The VFX is waaaay ahead of its time and it’s so nostalgic, you guys are epic have been watching y’all for years
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma 4 hours ago
Der_ Suschi
Der_ Suschi 4 hours ago
Corridor Crew, could you tell me how they do the scene with the big bathroom Mirror in John Wick2 ? In the scene you see multiple reflections of John in the mirror from both sides of the room, but no camera filming it. From the angle i suppose, you should see it. Thanks and keep going your great work. :-)
Ghosto KHV
Ghosto KHV 4 hours ago
LEXX Serial!
Dirty_D 4 hours ago
Examined the special effects of the movie 'Legend' (1985).
Chris 5 hours ago
Stopped watching at 12:20 Other than that, thanks for the tip about the "They shall not grow old" film!
Sugioshi 5 hours ago
Please review "HOTBARI - 36만 유튜버가 유튜브를 접는 방법" !!! They have the best muzzle flash VFX!
Blackstar 76
Blackstar 76 5 hours ago
Hey Corridor, have you apologized yet for your involvement with the ad for the Blackwater game? You do know that company perpetrated war crimes against innocent civilians right? Three Arrows video on the subject is horrifying, seriously how could you work with those guys??! no-vid.com/video/video-VC4sAaV1eBs.html
Alex Jackson
Alex Jackson 5 hours ago
You guys should react to Shaolin Soccer
Saud Only
Saud Only 6 hours ago
Hey guys.. im a big fan, can you check the VFX Of NF new music vido Paid my dues
cinewill p
cinewill p 6 hours ago
Lightwave used in Twister?
Shaun Loney
Shaun Loney 7 hours ago
I really want to see your reaction to the Irishman some people would not believe that visual effects were used in that movie but make up isn't that good was it deep fakes or did the original actors play the characters with anti ageing filters over the top? I don't think Bob Deniro can run like that anymore
Mr. JJ YT 7 hours ago
React to goldenline's fnaf series
alex robinson
alex robinson 8 hours ago
Luchezar Tsvetanov
Luchezar Tsvetanov 8 hours ago
You should react ot this no-vid.com/video/video-U1gH6XekL_c.html
shilovebug 8 hours ago
The Santa Clause 👌🏻
Teshan Sahiru
Teshan Sahiru 8 hours ago
Hey have watched all of your vfx artist react episodes , Can you pls react to this one also : no-vid.com/video/video-eKCkFOpT7y8.html , After seeing this trailer first thing came into my mind is you guys , This trailer is from Sri Lanka. We don't have a big film industry. But these guys have tried something different. Hope you consider my request, Thank you.
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