VFX Artist Breaks Down the Best Visual Effects Oscars Nominees | WIRED

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Kevin Baillie, Creative Director & Sr. VFX Supervisor for Method Studios, talks through this year's Oscar nominees for Best Visual Effects -- 1917, Avengers: Endgame, The Irishman, The Lion King, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Baillie began his career two decades ago as an 18-year-old pre-viz artist on Star Wars: Episode I. Since then, he has worked on Harry Potter, Star Trek and Transfomers movies, among many others. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.
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VFX Artist Breaks Down the Best Visual Effects Oscars Nominees | WIRED




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Comments 80
Fernanda Tiare Rivera
How bout aquaman ? Those visual fx bro 🤤
China Virus
China Virus 4 days ago
I say End Game deserves it.
lara 5 days ago
I love learning about these things, this is so interesting!!
Curtis Yourfield
Curtis Yourfield 6 days ago
They go crazy..
Mark de Muze
Mark de Muze 6 days ago
The trouble with digital 'too perfect' movies is frame rate and motion blur. Real nature documentaries don't achieve these highly detailed images where every hair or scale is perfectly visible and focussed upon. The details move in and out of focus to quickly. To take account of the imperfections of real filming, will make the digitally perfect look believable and real again. But that's a challenge for future special effects creators.
James King
James King 7 days ago
Nah bro, James Cameron did the virtual camera stuff first.
aly yan
aly yan 9 days ago
This guy is great. Please have him on again
TheLurkingRage 11 days ago
14:38 that sounds like it'll be taken as a challenge and be proven wrong, if it hasn't already. Technology is always advancing, honestly I see it as a very feasible thing to happen in the future, but that's not to say actors would become totally redundant as I'm sure there'd still be some value to having real life actors perform, be it due to a time or budget constrain or anything else we can't foresee right now.
15awesomehighfive 12 days ago
The Irishman's rejuvenating VFX look worst/more uncanny with every passing day.
Joanie Fai
Joanie Fai 13 days ago
Tbh the CGI in the Irishmen doesn’t make much of a difference as to how “young” the actors look. It just makes them look like they were airbrushed, but I think that makes them look more artificial than young. The CGI just doesn’t seem necessary imo. Keep them looking the way they do, or hire younger actors.
barakah 16 days ago
allah akbar
Jeahn Laffitte
Jeahn Laffitte 18 days ago
Hey! You were interviewed by Mark Christiansen on the VFX for Motion podcast by School of Motion! :D I edited your voice. Great to see you here!
nicklovia 18 days ago
Idk why but does anyone else think this guy is actually quite hot
Jon Ultime
Jon Ultime 19 days ago
The more VFX develops, the most I believe we're in a simulation.
Marcus Lex
Marcus Lex 19 days ago
Why does Panos and the Hulk have little cute noses?
Victor Seastrom
Victor Seastrom 20 days ago
What CG artists nearly always get wrong is the reflective quality of skin and the random-ness of light. Computers really don't do random well (at least yet.)
quelorepario 21 day ago
I bet that in 5 years, there will be an AI training for someone's style, gait, cadence, facial movements, etc... just stick someone's acting style template to the 3D inventory of an actor, and boom you get an oscar winning performance every time. A director might be able to even type commands such as: "play this scene with Tom Holland with Deniro's acting style" In 10 years, there will be a AI director. In 20 years, Hollywood will be an AI.
DCJ Squared
DCJ Squared 23 days ago
Does anyone watch the vfx breakdowns but me?
Jhon Engracia
Jhon Engracia 23 days ago
The moment he said 18 on Star Wars man I'm just really jealous right now
NattyHygiene 24 days ago
This doesn't cause inspiration...CG mainly causes confusion in children and mentally vulnerable individuals...its manipulative and detrimental to valuable sciences
Wolenv 24 days ago
Yes but, I sincerely hope that they will find other actors. For myself I'm tired of watching Deniro, Tom cruise and even Dicaprio all the time in all movies. We certainly don't need to get them digitalized forever in movies............. I sense a disturbance in the force: one day they won't need any actors to play the roles:)
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 24 days ago
I enjoyed the video. It's very enlightening on the current state of technology. I agree that we most likely will never have a virtual Robert De Niro, but what about a virtual actor that has never ever existed as a physical actor and has only existed in a computer? Would Hollywood eventually find benefits in virtual actors they have total control of?
Vasia Pupkin
Vasia Pupkin 24 days ago
Totally loved the idea to mimic camera movements like it would be filming Lion King for real.
Vince Dick Ma
Vince Dick Ma 25 days ago
What about CATS? 😸😸😸
Гаврил Вильямович
My take on "The Irishman" rejuvenation was the guys looked their ages, but had aged really well, maybe with some great cosmetic surgery.
james pong
james pong 26 days ago
All of them still look fake
Allan Peda
Allan Peda 27 days ago
So machine learning can do away with (paid) human actors?
Samuel Jason
Samuel Jason 27 days ago
ClayZ 27 days ago
Hulk’s voice is all wrong.
M 27 days ago
I really don't like the visual effects on the Irishmen. Something is very offsetting
Manos Ioannidis
Manos Ioannidis 28 days ago
This video is beyond amazing !! Thank you a zillion times for bringing this to us !!!
Ken Fullman
Ken Fullman 28 days ago
I think it's a shame that, these modern Vfx that cost an absolute fortune are taken for granted by this generation. If you were to put out a sci fi movie today, on a budget, it would be percieved as "rubbish".
Toady 29 days ago
Should have asked those questions before Jar Jar.
Joe King
Joe King Month ago
I hated all those movies.
vampritt Month ago
they use it alot of cam filter on chinese phone app.. you are almost way behind
Congo Month ago
unfortunately, non of these super high digitally mastered + story + acting did not win the Oscar this year, out of no where comes Parasite!! the winner of 2020 Oscar BEST Picture!
KPetrova Month ago
God you're awesome. Thank you for making great visual effects on hp.
Lucy Matthews
Lucy Matthews Month ago
I love this, because as a layperson, you can easily form opinions on which movie should win best picture, or which actors should win the acting awards. But often, with things like editing, costume design, sound editing or VFX, you have no idea what's amazing - often what stands out in a movie is when it's bad (and therefore it's not going to be nominated for an Oscar). I would love to see these for other technical categories.
TryDiy Month ago
The de-aging effects in the Irishman are great but De Niro still moved like an old man.
joe kiss
joe kiss Month ago
at 9:38 is that a UFO blinking on the left?
Sajal Jeet
Sajal Jeet Month ago
Sometimes I think, they missed the real life in creating a virtual life!! Its insane.
Shane Horwat
Shane Horwat Month ago
Great job on this video. Passion for the art just pours out of every aspect of this insightful examination of the top players of today. Since being taken to the theatre as a child to witness Terminator 2 for the first time, its only in the last few years I’ve seen similarities in technology assisting storyline to level I feel James Cameron nailed so well back in the early 90s.
Bintoro Andy
Bintoro Andy Month ago
Noah Powell
Noah Powell Month ago
he says that cg characters will never replace real characters but this is wrong, I mean ai will be able to do it.
Ladlex Month ago
G-Man Thumbnail.
EndGame was truly deserving.
Michał Poniedzielski
9:47 - this river scene so called "invisible" cut in 1917 is the shitties one of all those "invisible" cuts in this movie. And 1917 hits you with those "invisible" cuts right in the face in way and amount only self-proud hollywood could ever not be ashamed of.
Winduct Month ago
I can't understand how The Irishman was nominated in this category over Ad Astra and Ford v. Ferrari.
Fernando Yanmar
Fernando Yanmar Month ago
The problem with digitally de-aging an actor is that you still can't de-age his voice, so you end up with a deep-fake which makes De Niro look like he was at the time of Taxi Driver but sounding like all the years of drinking and smoking had already happened. It's a very weird feeling.x
Rocky Gregory
Rocky Gregory Month ago
This is one of the best of these professional breakdowns I've seen. He is extremely engaging and clearly passionate and knowledgeable about his trade/art!
Christoo Hunders
The amazing rejuvenating cgi in the Irishman couldn't help the movie being interesting.
Kay Molkenthin
Kay Molkenthin Month ago
Irishman: It's always the eyes...
GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more!
my cousin worked on the vfx for the irishman.
Screen Printing Art Lab
Crazzzzy.......so amazing 💯
Umbrella Corporation
How do you go to working on Star Wars straight out of High School?? Without any college? At 18?
nat13314 Month ago
Awesome! Shows the importance of all those names at the end of movies. We appreciate you!
Reuben Kneipp
Reuben Kneipp Month ago
Alright hear me out, Use this tech to make Firefly season 2, solving the dilemma of the actors being a bit too old for the roles now
am batman
am batman Month ago
We need more videos with this guy He is so informative
Ridwan Anggita
Ridwan Anggita Month ago
And here we are.. the winner is parasite
James Drynan
James Drynan Month ago
Very informative, thank you! I'm continually astounded by the leaps and bounds your profession has made in such a short ( but highly intense ) time. I was watching Galaxy Quest and remarked to my grandson how complicated it was to create the character of Sarris, the antagonist in the film. How Winston had to do this and that and he said, " Why didn't they just digitize him?" I shrugged and said, " Because that was in the future. Then, they had to do it this way." Hard for him to understand there was a world without computers!
Sam Stone
Sam Stone Month ago
Was there a story in The Rise of Skywalker? 🤔
Sam Stone
Sam Stone Month ago
So no Oscars for Irishman.
Lemon Lover
Lemon Lover Month ago
Mind blown !
Jude Sneddon
Jude Sneddon Month ago
This man better not be responsible for jar jar
thhedk Month ago
Great stories and insight
Randy Monster
Randy Monster Month ago
1917 did not deserve that Visual Effects Oscar.
Serenity Month ago
1917 absolutely deserved that visual effects win. What a gorgeous film that was!
La Señora Tortuga
The de-aging in The Irismah is terrible! They look video game characters! I don't understand how they got nominated for an OSCAR!!
La Señora Tortuga
He's hot!
Spoeth Creations
I feel like this guy is trying to sell snow to eskimos. So many people are fed up with the overuse of visual effects and he's making it sound like we should all be grateful for it.
onee Month ago
I honestly don't like the VFX in "The Irishman" I would rather see something like "Avengers: Endgame" win. In the interviews I saw with Martin Scorsese it really came across to me like he wasn't really aware of the possibilities of this technology. That's why all these "younger" faces look so weird. I would've rather seen them use motion capture, and apply the faces of the actors on to younger stand-ins. When you're younger you're usually also thinner, which all the actors were in previous movies, but when you're older you are fatter. Which all the actors in this movie, even when they were thin were. Only Joe Pesci looks the same, because that's how he always looks. Both Robert De Niro and Al Pacino have gained a little weight compared to their younger years.
Y2Kvids Month ago
a DeNiro..that felt weird
Taha Ali
Taha Ali Month ago
Avenger endgame should have won oscar
andrewsubtitle Month ago
But did the pores stretch?
S S Month ago
Irishman's facial vfx was pretty bad, I can only think this guy said otherwise to not ruffle feathers. That said, the methods used are interesting which gives me more appreciation of them.
Diego Salazar
Diego Salazar Month ago
no-vid.com/video/video-0k7xusbtTUw.html For anyone asking for Corridor Crew...
nyak63RUS Month ago
Wait a second... this guy has worked on some of the worst, most laughable movies ever, and we care what he thinks....why?
Sam Sung
Sam Sung Month ago
CGI ruined movies ..sorry
foolishsqueefly Month ago
I think Jim Carrey could really throw off the calibration on one of those range of motion face scanners.
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