Top 10 Hollywood VFX You Can Do Yourself With Adobe After Effects ~ Kriscoart

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10 Simple to Complex VFX you can make in After Effects!
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Sony a7s goo.gl/VSPhm9
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Comments 80
Cristian Krizman
Cristian Krizman 2 months ago
1:19 - Falling from the sky 2:22 - Relighting in post 3:58 - Fake Double Exposure 5:23 - Keying 6:26 - Muzzle Flash 8:49 - Atmospheric FX 10:28 - Kaleidoscopic FX 11:05 - Drawn animation 11:51 - Car demolition 13:33 - Set extension Good set of ideas Kris!
Photoshop Triggered
no-vid.com/video/video-bok4Pi25wr4.html guys I have created a photoshop editing tutorial It will be awesome if you check it out have a great and safe day! Thank you!
Skarry Month ago
You had me at 2:35 lmao
Ez D
Ez D Month ago
I’ll go get Susie and Ralsei
The Rax Tech
The Rax Tech 2 months ago
Kriscoart 2 months ago
Thats awesome thanks for doing that. Pinned it for others to see :)
Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster 11 hours ago
would you like to work on my movie doing the CGI after-effects on my horror movie
Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster 11 hours ago
that was funny and you got my thumbs up
BlackBeard Papa
Abdullah Ehraz
Abdullah Ehraz 2 days ago
Roaming Crazy
Roaming Crazy 3 days ago
Hella talented bro🔥🤘🔥
Aldream 6 days ago
12:37 man you're a genius! AHAHA
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 6 days ago
Hi, I have a question I am trying to fil a shot film and use a virtual set to shoot and film in green, also add lights and move the camera to match my background in my virtual set... help and ideas, please!
Wesley Productions
Great content! Thanks, Kris!
ONG's 10 days ago
11:32 With all these skills it's like you're a superhero, so thanks for proving you're human too lolol
Ü Blue
Ü Blue 10 days ago
Wow, you are a genius.
Edwin Tobias
Edwin Tobias 10 days ago
Hollywood VFX.... ehhhhhhhh
Dara Seng
Dara Seng 10 days ago
I really love and wanted to try it out...
Mehdi Arjmandi
Mehdi Arjmandi 11 days ago
Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta 12 days ago
i am a student at Arena Animations and if i get successful these tutorial guys are getting credits...
Jehonel Porte
Jehonel Porte 13 days ago
very bad, your work does not have a good finish
MM ACADEMY 13 days ago
Great work
Tunetank — No Copyright Music Library
Awesomeness 🤘
Muhammad Arif
Muhammad Arif 15 days ago
Great video. You just earned a subscriber.
Thomas Dobbins
Thomas Dobbins 16 days ago
What would you recommend as far as computer. I'm fairly new to editing. Some stuff my computer seems to be laggy. It's definitely not a professional one..
Daniel Vela
Daniel Vela 16 days ago
How’s it going man?
Silvio Cesar Costa
Silvio Cesar Costa 16 days ago
radio voice!
David Churchill
David Churchill 17 days ago
So informative! Thank you
Mar La
Mar La 18 days ago
this video is awesome!
Anime Kuyang
Anime Kuyang 18 days ago
8:55 remember me of mesiah, dude they are inspired by you
English Studies
English Studies 18 days ago
SZ Sifat
SZ Sifat 18 days ago
Can you please make each effects tutorial in detail, please?
Soni Pratik
Soni Pratik 19 days ago
Hi Kris, How can remove watermark from any video?
Eder Aires
Eder Aires 19 days ago
Do you have some tutorial of lightning in pos like you did in 2:35 ?
CrafistStory 19 days ago
erinlewisfudge 20 days ago
You fucking got me with that subscribing to your email joked, ghadeem 🤪
Light Ning
Light Ning 21 day ago
Great video. You just earned a subscriber. What PC specs do you recommend?
PHAL BOROS 21 day ago
To me it looks too much graphicy. Hitfilm has similar look. Cannot be compare to fusion or nuke because color space of AE or Hitfilm somewhat incapable.
Omar Yasser
Omar Yasser 22 days ago
Great ❤️ Music please 00-45-00
Dazar Arts
Dazar Arts 22 days ago
incredible video dude
Douglas Barbosa
Douglas Barbosa 22 days ago
I can’t find the car demolition tutorial...please.
im trying to do glow lines in dance videos. would love to see a tutorial on that!
Danyal Fryer
Danyal Fryer 23 days ago
Is all of your content shot on the Sony? If so, well done - you get the cleanest looking images out of those cameras... seriously! What would you recommend between the a7S II and the a7 III? And what lenses would you recommend - was going to get the FE 35 1.8 and the 55 1.8 - but see a lot of content creators with zooms such as the Tamron 28-75/Sony 24-70 and the Tamron 17-28?
justice mwandiwanza
How am i just now knowing this guy..
Meta Muhamud noah
Meta Muhamud noah 24 days ago
oh shit dude you scared me i am enjoying two loves birds immediately some one fell from up landed on top of car yooh you want to run men that scared bad thing is i opened my volume to 70%
belly007 24 days ago
I'm about to shoot a mini story 2-4mins long. Journeying up a road to a destination and showcasing it in a day from wake up to sleep. Do you have any tips on ways to edit something like this as I know transitions and music will be important.
Mr Jack
Mr Jack 25 days ago
can u tell me what system of your computer ?
MBG-TECH 25 days ago
10:12 how did you manage to track so well in such dark environment ? Thanks for the video.
MBG-TECH 13 days ago
@Kriscoart ok good to know.Yeah AE tracking is amazing,but I have tested with boujou and trust me boujou is way better because of the algoritm it uses.cheers
Kriscoart 13 days ago
MBG-TECH good question. The track was done before the footage was graded to be much moodier and darker. The original footage had more light and information which is always good for a solid track. Also the 3D camera tracker in After effects is pretty amazing
Life Guru Movies®
Life Guru Movies® 25 days ago
This is easy....How is this done wtf
Nunya Biznezz
Nunya Biznezz 25 days ago
talks to much and doesn't teach anything useful
mithun hazra
mithun hazra 25 days ago
Explain in detail video step by step
Bill Zebub
Bill Zebub 26 days ago
Thanks! This was fun.
w a z z
w a z z 26 days ago
Whenever I'm bored I still enjoy filming a 30 second video of me shooting myself. I love doing gun vfx
Josh Olufemii
Josh Olufemii 26 days ago
Kris this was amazing!
Adi Dar
Adi Dar 26 days ago
Bro u look like Mohsin Abbas Haider . nice video like always ;)
Dookey Lukey
Dookey Lukey 26 days ago
First video of yours that I have seen. Really well done, glad to have found this channel. Keep it up!
Kriscoart 13 days ago
Dookey Lukey thanks!
gulubidulu 26 days ago
Cool effects though, but i think it is a bit misleading to call these tricks "hollywood vfx" : no visual effects supervisor would even allow you tu use half of them on a feature film...
Edwin Tobias
Edwin Tobias 10 days ago
yeah this aint close to feature film worthy
Androne 26 days ago
Bro its a very good and inspiring video, thanks a lot!
Alexander Raven
Alexander Raven 26 days ago
MUST MEET EARTHS LEADER (with Casey Neistat's face on the card) lol
BLESSLEE 26 days ago
BROTHER how much do you charge for editing a music video?
Marc Antonio Rios
Marc Antonio Rios 26 days ago
Who said the muzzle flash has to be fake?
Ryan Films
Ryan Films 27 days ago
What’s the song at 4:10 ? I can’t find it at all. Or no one knows.
BOT Shane
BOT Shane 25 days ago
no-vid.com/video/video-NAZPCjuykNE.html here ya go brother
George Arista
George Arista 27 days ago
6:22 you cant key with just one keylight, that's the illusion that after-effects sell you(mistakenly), more advanced tools like nuke are way more flexible & effective for despill & getting all the details like hair, fur & blur-defocus scenarios. Even grain its a deal-breaking. the fact that you cant fully work on the alpha channel in after effects make it harder to get a perfect key with no crazy edge colors or blurry details
Raooo Yeee
Raooo Yeee 27 days ago
Wow I've never thought of faking 3d lighting with the tracker, amazing idea!!
top kek
top kek 27 days ago
use puppet tool use tracking tool use blending modes use masking, lameass shit rofl
ozayevable 27 days ago
i am very interested in that new keying method you talk about. that music video looks so high production, its insane.
eddie war
eddie war 27 days ago
I hate it when really talented people have way less subscribers.
Loosy Bolt
Loosy Bolt 27 days ago
Nice vfx. What is the name of the effect when you add eg builings/cars etc in your vid clip
Loosy Bolt
Loosy Bolt 9 days ago
@Maximilian Kohler sorry for my late response. You are right, it's called set extension. Thank you
Maximilian Kohler
Maximilian Kohler 26 days ago
Digital Set Extension?
Albert Aguirre
Albert Aguirre 27 days ago
@ 12:37 The Wilhelm Looolololol That was great
oOKing-TekyOo 21 day ago
Laughed my ass off when i heard it! LOOOOOOOL
Albert Aguirre
Albert Aguirre 27 days ago
Your work is killer
Albert Aguirre
Albert Aguirre 27 days ago
@ 2:36 I almost clicked off your video
Zen Parvez
Zen Parvez 28 days ago
Absolute great presentation and tutorial. It would be great if you could share the music links too if possible.
Conurbano 28 days ago
Dude, what the hell? You have terrible aim LMAO
Conurbano 28 days ago
Please the green screen key tutorial!!!
1300 x BET
1300 x BET 28 days ago
Bruh film us a video im struggling😭
SLD Production
SLD Production 28 days ago
Your content is pure gold mate 🙏🏽 Thank you, new sub 1000%
Kelvin Koh
Kelvin Koh 28 days ago
Only 1 comment, do you take apprentice
Humor Kungen
Humor Kungen 29 days ago
Cinecom copy
Shubham Pandey
Shubham Pandey 29 days ago
great video please make a full process tutorial
Lucas Zambrano
Lucas Zambrano 29 days ago
Влад Беспалько
please, song name 4:01
Monira Miya
Monira Miya Month ago
Love bro from Bangladesh
lucky yt
lucky yt Month ago
From where should I get this software??
JyoHx Month ago
I support this channel!
Serguey Month ago
Someone knows what's the music in the background ?
Serguey 19 hours ago
Ognjen Milinković Thank you for you reply. Unfortunately this is not the music I’m looking for. It’s about the music at the beginning.
Ognjen Milinković
Ognjen Milinković 22 days ago
@Ryan Films Forest for the trees by Blake Ewig :)
Ryan Films
Ryan Films 27 days ago
Serguey that’s what I’m trying to find out but it seems like know one wants to help
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