TOO FAR... Cards Against Humanity

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TOO FAR... Cards Against Humanity
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Dec 2, 2019




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Comments 664
Killerd 312
Killerd 312 5 days ago
Should make more of these
Jaclynn Knight
Jaclynn Knight 7 days ago
4:31 Drake has entered the chat
Ronin Kenshi15
Ronin Kenshi15 14 days ago
Why do y’all use pics if we can’t see them?? It’s really annoying
Ronin Kenshi15
Ronin Kenshi15 7 days ago
Bill Cosby no
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby 8 days ago
Are you a kid
Seprons 14 days ago
Is this a site or program you can download?
SÜR YEETÜS 14 days ago
I love how you can’t even see the picture in the beginning but the details just go on
Gaming Chunk
Gaming Chunk 14 days ago
Can somebody tell me this isnt the first video they have because where has this been
a talking cucumber
a talking cucumber 16 days ago
like if they should make an uncensored version and have a nice day (:
Jean Tejada
Jean Tejada 16 days ago
Lil Greekie
Lil Greekie 17 days ago
You think this was bad, There was a card that said what would you bring on a school field trip. And my card was an AR-15
Seth Kornelsen
Seth Kornelsen 18 days ago
When you’re taking a shit while watching Soups vids and have to check to see if there’s a fetus in the toilet.
awolman07 20 days ago
Can someone dm me the blurred image of elastigirl
Woody 20 days ago
Dash be getting some incest action there
Kelvin Streeter
Kelvin Streeter 21 day ago
The ending song go too hard 😂
Joshua Richters
Joshua Richters 21 day ago
This is sad man I recently came out of hospital in Australia for a stage 4 brain tumour with teratoma it was 4.5cm big in the centre of my brain I had two brain surgeries two chest surgery a heart surgery and a stomach surgery
ELA MAIN 21 day ago
Idk why but I decided to eat really greasy burritos while watching this and ACTUALLY THREW UP, I mean ty for the laughter but F**K Mn
piss brain
piss brain 21 day ago
I'm about to give my cat a golden shower I gotta pee so gotdamn bad but I don't want her to move
Jossuel Retana
Jossuel Retana 22 days ago
lambolii 13 days ago
Jossuel Retana what is it
linkofdoom24 22 days ago
My sister was born on the toilet, true story, no seriously it happened.
UnstoppableDecay 22 days ago
Of course I get a sweet home Alabama ad in this video
David Foster
David Foster 22 days ago
6:38. *Amputee faceplants on red.*
Muted Philosophy
Muted Philosophy 22 days ago
8:22 ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jac1243 23 days ago
Where the picture
Tyler Wettermark
Tyler Wettermark 24 days ago
16:08 types 58008 in calculator notices it says boobs
faded gam3r
faded gam3r 25 days ago
*we need more of this*
faded gam3r
faded gam3r 25 days ago
when i saw the card playing twister with amputees i instantly subbed
UndeadZombie 8889
You can tell how timid mini is compared to the rest of em
Seth Adams
Seth Adams Month ago
Gotta put a fat dip in before watching one of these!
xpert gamez
xpert gamez Month ago
I'm gonna drink air, anyone want some?
Dijin Tivela
Dijin Tivela Month ago
Mcnasty really sounded like Jiggly with that laugh.
pimp daddy jones
Any one have an idea the blurred image is? Sauce, I need it for research
123 456
123 456 Month ago
Should I be watching this at work?
Fictional Bunny
Fictional Bunny Month ago
Anyone got that link to the picture I need to see so I can relate. Update: I took the time to type it out and I gotta say I'm very aroused.
That Guy over there
8:58 "Come join ISIS, we didnt do 9/11 so its ok"
Bradley Clayton
Bradley Clayton Month ago
These are so good
Marc Messenger
Marc Messenger Month ago
Eugh Nah, can't listen to that english prick anymore.
Mystic EoS
Mystic EoS Month ago
Mini isn’t funny
you will never know my name
Didn't miniladd 407 a d grizzy did a try not to not laugh challenge and one part is stuff to say during sex
WayneM67 Month ago
What version of CAH is this???
NutellaTheWise Month ago
Who listened to Gucci Belt on Spotify... It was both amazing and weird asf
Hot girl Rebecca
4:04 Do y'all hear that stomach growl?
Ryu Senshi
Ryu Senshi Month ago
Hell yeah Bruther
WaNnA sMaSh?
WaNnA sMaSh? Month ago
Silly rabbit, reluctant anal is for kids.
loganthebear wow
9 min?
NutellaTheWise Month ago
At 0:37 it shows the link to the image.... If we put that exact link in would it work??? Edit: I tried it and I'm pretty sure it doesn't work. Might've put something wrong but I doubt it....
ThisDuckyIsLucky Cronical
I hate miniladd anyone else?
Mettaton Ex
Mettaton Ex Month ago
9:50 Aw, the Seal Club. Wait...
Oliver Drury
Oliver Drury Month ago
Can you put a Waring if mini lad is in the vid
Oliver Drury
Oliver Drury Month ago
What did mini Google , in the first round
Jazya jigs
Jazya jigs Month ago
I feel like mini tries to get in every NO-vid group because self advertising and fear of being left out😒
THAT Guy Month ago
>ripping a dog in half *music stops*
Mikel Bogner
Mikel Bogner Month ago
Minilad again fucking hell
RAT MAN Month ago
They put the links to all the porn in this video
Billeigh Jane
Billeigh Jane Month ago
Богдан Богданов
12:09 the second card made me laugh so hard I almost ran out of of air
Rainingtacos7 Month ago
Alright, what's the picture? I wanna see it.
R Month ago
7:55 As an offended, I am extremely muslim.
kristopher ardis
Hmmmmm whats that link lead to in the first 40 seconds of the video
Inferno The last elemental
Is there a non censored version
Trouthunter dude
I should feel offened because I dip but you made me laugh so I forgive you
eguardian500 Month ago
12:04 insert sweet home Alabama meme here
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