The Shallows (2016) - VFX Breakdown - By ILP

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Comments 80
VFX GURU 2 years ago
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ตุ๊กตา ขนอม
Marlene Laing
Marlene Laing 5 months ago
You know what start LOVING
Wes Bronson
Wes Bronson 10 months ago
Dinosauers for toddlwes
Wes Bronson
Wes Bronson 10 months ago
Dinosauers for toddlers
juan rodriguez
VFX GURU junto
Matthew Cragg
Matthew Cragg 4 hours ago
I can't stand people who bitch about any CGI they see in movies. Even if it's extremely well done they sulk about having had to watch CGI. Talk about a first world "problem".
Pedro Daniel
Pedro Daniel 11 hours ago
Lindo CGI , mas este filme poderia ter sido melhor explorado , a coisas muito bobas nele .
Michael Jackson 2005
Its crazy how they make sharks in movies look so real, but they always look crap in video games. If they can do this in movies, why not video games.
chris reynolds
chris reynolds 4 days ago
Shark looks like god compared to MEG
Swapan Pal
Swapan Pal 5 days ago
Hector The Southern Pacific GS-4 Northern 4449
What progam you use for vfx for special efffects?
UltimanRBLX YT
UltimanRBLX YT Month ago
The movement was okay…
Patrick David Cruz
So Cute!
Ruby Staging
Ruby Staging Month ago
That was a good movie, even though we know it's fictitious
TboneNYC10 2 months ago
I hate cgi but must admit this was a good movie and equal use of it. She is amazing also ❤
Regina rollins
Regina rollins 2 months ago
I'll love to be a great white shark
patrina williams
patrina williams 2 months ago
Icygames so cool
Icygames so cool 3 months ago
that is sad😢😞😞😞😞😞😞
Nicha Somsanoch
Nicha Somsanoch 3 months ago
it is great white shark? it is MEGALODON?
Ana Macedo
Ana Macedo 4 months ago
Nguyen Nhat
Nguyen Nhat 5 months ago
I guess this shark weighs> 8 tons.
UrineTrouble05 5 months ago
Honestly I like the look of it, but the movement and characteristics are off, sharks don’t chomp blindly at water where something used to be
Chris Hustwayte
Chris Hustwayte 5 months ago
No shark film will ever beat jaws, never. 'The reef’ is better than 'The shallows’, I didn’t find 'The Shallows’ very engaging and the ending was fucking laughable how she killed the shark
Ylenia Balbiani
Ylenia Balbiani 6 months ago
B 0 0
Tiranossauro Rex
Tiranossauro Rex 7 months ago
Awesome monsters
Jolek-Adam Roblox Player ProGamer-Code
it's looks like Megalodon!
DMR Builder
DMR Builder 7 months ago
3.4K people want to feed themselves to a great white shark..
Great British Entertainment Ltd
Brilliant special effects!
NIGELGOJIRA 8 months ago
I like the movie
VGO VGER 8 months ago
Wow, makes me interested in Jaws 5
El Cucuy
El Cucuy 8 months ago
exactly what I was thinking lol or jaws remake with this kind of CGI
Fredbear14 SFM
Fredbear14 SFM 8 months ago
The visual effects is really stunning
Rob Hansen
Rob Hansen 8 months ago
Pink Floyd?
Claudia Hernandez
Claudia Hernandez 9 months ago
ZAKURA CHAN 9 months ago
So really ~ I like it
許雅芬 9 months ago
LEGO JOEY 9 months ago
Cool video
Saint Sinner
Saint Sinner 9 months ago
It's unbelivable how life true that shark is
SuperSonicCharlie 9 months ago
this reminds me if jaws 5 existed
pontyok nyomában
pontyok nyomában 10 months ago
Ez most megalodon vagy fehércápa
Edgain 10 months ago
RTX on.
bearcage 11 months ago
What music is used in this video? It’s really relaxing and would love to know the artist
Ron Gray
Ron Gray 2 months ago
The hours
hoibsh 11 months ago
Lemme tell ya. This music is up there with Classic Pink Floyd.
hoibsh 8 months ago
@Shaun Nash I was thinking David GIlmour's solo work.
Shaun Nash
Shaun Nash 11 months ago
hoibsh you said exactly what I was thinking man, sounds like a remix of ‘Time’?
hoibsh Year ago
What do you get for pretending the danger's not real?
Sonic popsicle
That’s cgi is so good 10/10
carlitos portes
All_is_1 Year ago
Dreadful film, absolute dogshit. Male masturbatory drivel . At least the title was appropriate.
Ayhan Year ago
Post production must take a very long time. It's a great film, still Jaws remains a cult classic.
Fahim Jaowad Sam
Man I loooove VFX
Laufield Year ago
Why didn't they make new JAWS? But no remake
TheChubbyOne Year ago
I love everything about this video
kirb/kerbe boi
3:09 no-vid.com/video/video-_bSEfx6D8mA.html
장석희 Year ago
ccc cxxxxgfi
Nguyen Dung
Nguyen Dung Year ago
jamillo esmael
if the graphics of hungry shark world like that at 2:17 what do you guys think?
Star Films pictures
Star Films pictures 7 months ago
I would play it every day
oleg vlasevic
oleg vlasevic Year ago
I love it and the movie😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Omar Videos
Omar Videos Year ago
That’s the coolest shark ever (especially when it’s big and it looks real)
Ryan Skokowski
Can I get 5000 subscribes with one video
Эллада Пофиг
Всё так реалистично!!! Когда акула подплыла близко, я чуть со страху не околела!!!😱😨Классный фильм!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Peirce Anims
Peirce Anims Year ago
Vfx is better then cgi :)
rob's garage
rob's garage Year ago
music sounds pink floyd inspired,,,rr
Please show the face replacement vfx of the actress
Victoria Marie
I don't even remember all these shark scenes, all I remember was her sitting on the damn rock the whole time....
Master Chief Petty Officer
Victoria Marie Well they’re all in the movie so... 😂
Julian Benson
Julian Benson Year ago
Music in this video: “The Hours” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena...
Bilel Mouhli
Bilel Mouhli Year ago
The most realistic CGI shark of all CGI shark movies till now
shimmen takezo
What means CGI ?
Josh Hunt
Josh Hunt 5 months ago
Bilel Mouhli it had promise until the end. The CGI is awful then!
Gold star films
Gold star films 6 months ago
Marlene Laing haha... what?
Marlene Laing
Marlene Laing 6 months ago
Marlene Laing
Marlene Laing 6 months ago
Noooooooo body like these hauted shar
Agui007 Year ago
Apparently they are replacing many actors now with CG ones as it's cheaper.😏
bradyzgamer Fnaf boy
I like the song
Evita ØMG
Evita ØMG Year ago
Γιατί υπάρχουν
Joyce Year ago
Edgy Artist
Edgy Artist Year ago
2:35 - That shark is massive!!!
Nguyen Nhat
Nguyen Nhat 5 months ago
I guess this shark weighs >8 tons.
/ Konivore \
/ Konivore \ Year ago
One of the better shark movies to come out, would be cool to see some animatronic sharks used in modern day movies.
Itz Matt
Itz Matt Year ago
If ppl not gonna shoot the shot with the MAIN guy in it, just use iMovie or cgi jaws was so much better this is shit.
Itz Matt
Itz Matt Year ago
They they used a machine shark?
Petra Maslać
Petra Maslać Year ago
I have a very big scare of these movie! I don' t know why?
Nicholas Dickens
That was a great film with amazing effects.
Taylor B.
Taylor B. Year ago
I didnt so much like the movie but i would watch it again just beause of all the great effects
The cool boi Jayden
What is the shark ,s name
Mister Jaroslav
Mister Jaroslav 2 years ago
Gappie Al Kebabi
Sharaful Hameed
Sharaful Hameed 2 years ago
EpicMiner69 2 years ago
It's kinda sad because sharks are in threat of there population going down
Vitória Brandão e Renata
Pareça muito real
Why youtube why
Why youtube why 2 years ago
Music sucks
Jan Z
Jan Z 2 years ago
Heh Pink Floyd ;D Can some one tell me name of this artist?
mika -chan
mika -chan 2 years ago
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