the end of an era... *UNWRAPPING*

Tanner Fox
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The day has come.... official unwrapping my car... the legendary wrap... so sad....

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Dec 12, 2019




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Comments 1 777
deshy doo
deshy doo 18 hours ago
Going to see Tyler was my favorite
Justin Spires
Justin Spires 2 days ago
I know how it feels with the steel in the leg I have 30 pins an screws and rods from ankle to toes accidents suck thumbs up to the trooper
Aaron Ralph
Aaron Ralph 3 days ago
Is Avalon going to move in?
Drew Gaydosh
Drew Gaydosh 3 days ago
Wearing Markoโ€™s merch?!
Trayton Hunolt
Trayton Hunolt 7 days ago
Please donโ€™t unwrap the gtr
Koko the bird.
Koko the bird. 7 days ago
Mia Poe
Mia Poe 9 days ago
Recently I had a surgery to rotate my leg and I had to learn to walk all over again so I feel what heโ€™s going through ๐Ÿ˜…โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Ž
ernie caraballo
ernie caraballo 10 days ago
Unwrapping Tesla
Amanda Storm
Amanda Storm 10 days ago
Been binging your videos and commenting and liking all your vids please keep up the daily volgs it gives me something to watch errryday
Jp Smit
Jp Smit 10 days ago
Soooo.... when is avalon moving out๐Ÿค” jk i just reallly dont like her mood so yea hope she dont last with you cuz shes a goldigger
Loiue Bryan Garay
Loiue Bryan Garay 11 days ago
Its still cool men..
fortnite DJ
fortnite DJ 13 days ago
For taking off the rap
fortnite DJ
fortnite DJ 13 days ago
Your a Dumas tanr
Cooper Langshaw
Cooper Langshaw 13 days ago
Story time
Jason Clark
Jason Clark 13 days ago
Doing donuts in the porche
Daan leijrik
Daan leijrik 13 days ago
Nice click bait
Seth Moyer
Seth Moyer 14 days ago
Leave your wrap out in the sun to warm up and it'll come off way easier too
Just Send It
Just Send It 15 days ago
Madi Sadler
Madi Sadler 15 days ago
Tyler you got this
Camden Mallard
Camden Mallard 16 days ago
Tanner Iโ€™m going to say I love your videos but there are stupid people out there and they will call the police and give your license plate number cause you should it when you were working on the trunk
Kansas_ ZR1
Kansas_ ZR1 17 days ago
Loved unwarraping the tesla hated that orange
gypsy boy Brandon
gypsy boy Brandon 17 days ago
Jake 17 days ago
Tanner... tanner... what have you done last time I watched you were pulling millions of views every video. Sad to see the down fall.
XxV3LOC1TYxX 08 17 days ago
Imagine being able to say I drove the wrong car
Rose Caneda
Rose Caneda 18 days ago
Tbh sometimes i forget your just 20 since you are successful at your young age. If moving out will make you know yourself better then ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
The Berkivore
The Berkivore 19 days ago
Fav part BOOMER
The Berkivore
The Berkivore 19 days ago
You should sell gtr as is (guaczilla) then buy a brand new gtr and rap it if you do wanna change rap
Andre R Memories
Andre R Memories 19 days ago
Tanner you need to link again with the people that you knew even before you were famous
Chris Tomlin
Chris Tomlin 21 day ago
Unwrapping the Tesla
Jeff Plug
Jeff Plug 23 days ago
I have had two sergers on my knee this year and it has Bin 6 /8 months recovery the first time and this time it is a 4/6 month recovery so this year has been hard
Jeff Plug
Jeff Plug 23 days ago
My name is Devin
Parker Daniel
Parker Daniel 23 days ago
I have the exact same car in forza donโ€™t unwrap
Raid Supreme
Raid Supreme 24 days ago
I had surgery on my heart in 2018 an I was gonna have a make a wish of meeting u tannner
Trevor Matot
Trevor Matot 24 days ago
No Daddy don't do it
Jesse V
Jesse V 27 days ago
Yup I broke my leg and was in the hospital for 2 weeks
MACMEDIA 01 28 days ago
Favourite part... thinking guac was boutta be unwrapped
Smoked Pantha
Smoked Pantha 28 days ago
Quaczilla needs to be unwrapped tho it would look so clean without that wrap๐Ÿ˜
Jackie Durr
Jackie Durr 29 days ago
Story time
Juni Cortes
Juni Cortes 29 days ago
I love your Lil story so sad how people couldn't be so ungrateful for what you do to them
Craig Campbell
Craig Campbell Month ago
Why would you ever do donuts on your own driveway?
Danny Jobling
Danny Jobling Month ago
My fav was unwrapping the tesla
Lon Don
Lon Don Month ago
Use a heat gun you goober
Hunter Zellner
Hunter Zellner Month ago
Donโ€™t unwrap guac Zila
Jude Appleton
Jude Appleton Month ago
Still watching
Jude Appleton
Jude Appleton Month ago
Keep it white
Motheo Koloi
Motheo Koloi Month ago
When are you unwrapping the GTR
Jaxon Grauer
Jaxon Grauer Month ago
click bait headass
Dabsheh 95
Dabsheh 95 Month ago
You can only like this if you love tanner โฌ‡๏ธโฌ‡๏ธ๐Ÿ’™
henry tubera
henry tubera Month ago
Hey bro can you help me pay for my tuition fees i hope you can help me Godbless (Guys please help me) like this.
Jr. Moyao
Jr. Moyao Month ago
Marcel Sim
Marcel Sim Month ago
Does somebody knows which shoes he is wearing at 8:30 ?
ZEiD Animations
ZEiD Animations Month ago
Marques Thomas
Marques Thomas Month ago
My boy tanner the whole video was dope bro ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ Keep up the vlogging
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson Month ago
This Camera you where using sucked bad bad bad destroy it!
Sam Fitzgerald
Sam Fitzgerald Month ago
Always watch until the end
Jaredbeatz 248
Jaredbeatz 248 Month ago
What was the piano music at 1:42 anyone
Mason Deavitty
Mason Deavitty Month ago
Tylar it's good to see hes ok
Tristan Harrison
Danielle Sutton
Danielle Sutton Month ago
I like every single second of your videos
Jommy Jims
Jommy Jims Month ago
Click bate master!!
Dalton Maddox
Dalton Maddox Month ago
Y Would you unwrap the GT-R
Penny Fabian
Penny Fabian Month ago
The whole entire video keep up the good job ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽ€๐ŸŽ€
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