The Dark Heretic. Isaac Newton BBC 2003 Documentary

Kh Emon
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This wonderful BBC documentary outlines the evidence that suggest that Newton's revolutionary ideas about light came from his secret work as an alchemist.

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Jul 31, 2016




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Comments 251
Jehovah Sanctus Unus
The best motivator. He was way ahead of his time. A celibate genius. Priest of nature. Indeed you are the greatest, Sir Isaac Newton.
Thanatos System
Thanatos System 7 days ago
Tanveer 12 days ago
Sir Newton's religious concepts almost coincides with the Islamic belief.
Lamma Bross
Lamma Bross 21 day ago
Why on earth we don't celebrate Sir Isaac Newton's birthday? We forget to remember a very special human being. #RIP Sir.
Prabhakar Amate
Prabhakar Amate Month ago
My hero🌠🌠🌠
Lee Andress
Lee Andress 3 months ago
so he liked to dry snitch.....big deal
Rose Petunia
Rose Petunia 3 months ago
Isaac: **Sits under tree.** Tree: **Apple Then falls on Isaac's head.** Isaac: "Ow--- HUHHH!!" **Runs inside** "MOM! MOM! A APPLE FELL ON MY HEAD!" Isaac's mom: "Are you okay?" Isaac: "YEAH! BUT IT FELL! IT FELL ON MY HEAD! IT DIDN'T FLY INTO THE AIR! IT DIDN'T GO TO THE SKY! BUT IT FELL ON MY HEAD!" Isaac's mom: "Are you sure you're okay?" Isaac: "MOM! IT'S GRAVITY!" **Runs back outside** Isaac's mom: "Tomorrow Imma take you to the doctor. "
Meirion Owen
Meirion Owen 3 months ago
Madder than a sack of Scottish weasels!
Goose 4 months ago
Newton was a buzzkill.
ProfRaccoon 4 months ago
Newton's third law of motion is required in order to complete Maxwell's electrodynamics (Maxwell's original theory is incomplete and unfinished to this day): 1) Lorentz' force law (expressed in terms of charge/current densities), which does not satisfy Newton's third motion principle, must be replaced by Whittaker's electrodynamics force law and extra 'scalar' fields must be introduced. Electrodynamic scalar fields can easily be expressed in Maxwell's potentials (the divergence of the vector potential, and the 'time differential' of the scalar potential). 2) Two different types of Tesla's longitudinal waves can be defined formally in the context of a complete and consistent (with Newton's mechanics) Maxwellian electrodynamics theory. One type of longitudinal wave is superluminal and based on the electric potential. The electric 'near field' (the Coulomb field) is superluminal, as proved by experiments. The other type is (sub)luminal and can be used to describe the efficient electric power flow in Tesla's 'single wire' electric energy transport system. Tesla's superluminal longitudinal wave disproves Einstein's 'constant light velocity, and velocity barrier' postulate, and it further explains the nature of De Broglie's pilot waves. This wave can be induced by quantum tunnelling (a superluminal motion) of particles (such as electrons), and it can also be received by quantum tunnelling of particles. Quantum tunnelling is a non-equilibrium quantum process that violates Born's rule of wave mechanics. Einstein and Born exchanged many letters, and in one of them Einstein used the words 'good Jewish Science', but this "good" Jewish science was and still is a deception. The induction of Tesla's superluminal longitudinal wave can further 'stimulate' so called LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) fusion, since the fundamental quantum process of LENR is quantum tunnelling. LENR is formerly known as ALCHEMY, and this brings us back to Isaac Newton. Many biological processes are based on the quantum tunnelling effect, such that the exchange of superluminal signals/information that are transmitted/received by this quantum phenomenon, seems to be a natural ability of humans/mammals.This information should be enough to enlighten mankind. Are we children of light, or of darkness, you decide.
Kevinl Domingolp
Kevinl Domingolp 8 days ago
ProfRaccoon born???? Bohr
samir baali cherif
samir baali cherif 5 months ago
with this documentary you try to destroy the image of newton
Kh Emon
Kh Emon 5 months ago
your the only person who's saying opposite ,Kindly watch first , then try understand and then do your judging
Reign 6 months ago
This documentary claims newton was homosexual
Jobzz Raj
Jobzz Raj 7 months ago
He was a chemist...At those time they called alchemy..
BaronVonTacocat 7 months ago
That ended with a downer....
pepperjack8 7 months ago
I love Newton, but drinking can be good for you
Legion 7 months ago
Typical tabloid sensationalism, insinuating homosexuality and a vulgar belief in physical alchemy. Even before Newton's time the idea that one could physically turn lead into gold was scoffed at by true alchemists. True alchemy is within, and Newton was aware of that. And these "colourful riddles" suggested by Horizon are actually the degrees of union between God and man. This fits perfectly into the idea of a god-driven universe. As one alchemist put it: "God was before the production of things, from without naked and alone, until it pleased his divine goodness to go forth in production of things, and as it were in a manner to clothe himself.” Oswald Scroll 1669
I know it all. I know it all.
So why would suggesting someone to be gay a negative???
D Kahn
D Kahn 7 months ago
Just proves that all great minds think outside the box... the limitations in society are there to keep us inside the box, and control our brains.... anybody that thinks outside the box, spends a night in the box.
Mr. seekar
Mr. seekar 6 months ago
Andrea Oliverio
Andrea Oliverio 8 months ago
I hope before than 2060 Juventus will win the champions leage. we loss 7 finals :-(
CHACA FERNANDEZ 5 months ago
jajaja good one.
Shubhankar Chatterjee
Newton was the biggest blessing to this planet by the universe.
Pradip Debnath
Pradip Debnath 10 months ago
Who is the actor as Newton
Light Yagami
Light Yagami 6 months ago
Scott Handy
9Ballr 10 months ago
I failed alchemy in high school.
Youthoob Gamer
Youthoob Gamer 5 months ago
There is no alchemy taught today!
Black eye
Black eye 10 months ago
Elisandra Garcia
what qualities he had beyond my imagination
Garrett Fitzgerald
Garrett Fitzgerald 4 months ago
He had no imagination.
Elisandra Garcia
I love the comment about how we become what we want to be not by basis of where we have been.
16:55 "fraudulent" ???
Jiandi P
Jiandi P 5 months ago
This is made for the general public
The Last Spartan
newton was clearly a very smart man. But he wasn't a Christian, as to deny such a clear doctrine as the Trinity which is clearly seen in the pages of the bible, show he is not a Christian as only Christians are given the spiritual gifts to understand the bible.
Oblio1942 Year ago
my professor put this on in class today, I was the only one in class who thought this cunt dying looked like he was busting a nut. Its really awkward when you laugh your ass off in class and everyone stares at you..
Cafer Ince
Cafer Ince Year ago
the dark heretic??? does it add up? claiming he is a heretic, He is pointing to a universal truth. Does not the Church claim Prophet of Truth, Muhammed (pbuh) as a Heretic?. He, the Prophet, is a good example for the believers.
Youthoob Gamer
Youthoob Gamer 5 months ago
Hey! Brother momin here! I suppose, Sir Newton was very close to monotheism, as evident from his own testimony of dismissing the Trinity. This could have possibly lead him to the "religion of Adam" as mentioned in this video. I mean, there's no mention of Adam's religion in the Holy Bible. It is only mentioned in our Kalaam. He might have been very close to discovering Islamic doctrine of unitarian monotheism. But like all guesses and hypotheses, this is one. And LORD knows best.
katbullar Year ago
Ohh geeezzz another apocalipse profecy... it is becoming tiring...
Youthoob Gamer
Youthoob Gamer 5 months ago
At least write properly
katbullar Year ago
I am a little bit tired of some people talking as if they knew how he was, his personality...
HIP HOP Year ago
He was amazing men
Marion V
Marion V Year ago
The one and only Newton, Sir Isaac Newton. 🌺 😘
Jahsiah Bowie
Jahsiah Bowie Year ago
Who watching in 2061?!?!?!
Thomas Bingel
Thomas Bingel Year ago
Very recommendable! Will 2060 be the year of Apokalypse as Newton predicted? Doubt it!
Like/Dislike and Comment; repeat
What is more likely to be: Newton's scriptures refers to eternal symbols of our reality meaning immortal truths... or literal predictions on how the reality worked and behave? idk... I'm still collecting information about Sir Newton, and maybe it is too soon to tell... but I would be disappointed to realize that he - who dominated so well the art of thinking physically and mechanically, was a silly believer, irreparably biased in such a serious question. on the other hand - I never liked someone to be so obviously superior in matter of mind than me. So, if he comes to disappoint me - better to my self image, isn't? ha
Chip Hill
Chip Hill 4 months ago
Like us all, Newton was a product of his time and full of human contradictions. The fact that he was able to decode the workings of nature dispite the limited ideas of his contemporaries is a testament to his brilliance.
zeckham100 Year ago
Sounds like a cleaver nutcase
Hayden Barnes
Hayden Barnes Year ago
He felt like he was chosen by God? How pretentious
Hayden Barnes
Hayden Barnes Year ago
I’m just going to stick to Art
Alex Farooq
Alex Farooq Year ago
I like Galileo better.
Hulagu Year ago
That british way of breaking the 4th wall talking to the camera is annoying as shit.
Suman Bhandari
I am newton
Youthoob Gamer
Youthoob Gamer 5 months ago
Not even worth the price of his fecal matter.
Youthoob Gamer
You are idiot.
Sina Sezawar
Sina Sezawar Year ago
Hatake KaKaShi
Newton see veen veen twent pool
Paul Hallelujah
Cleezy Year ago
Welp I guess my kids are fucked! But at least I won’t have to deal with any of that crazy end of days shit that’s going to host the shits in 2060
Biplove Tiwari
MyOther Soul
MyOther Soul 2 years ago
Newton had brighlent insights that doesn't make him a hero or moral or otherwise. It's the idea that experimentation and observation, and not just thinking about it, are the way to test ideas that we celebrate and not that he was nice or or always right. Ideas are what are important, not always the people who create them.
Marmer 2 years ago
So why did you have to call him a heretic?
David Almz
David Almz Year ago
You got to look at the context, the Church knew it taught falsehoods and didn't want anyone challenging their falsehoods. Hence he was delegitimized and labeled a "heretic", but was actually abiding by actual Bible law and principle, rejecting the corrupt falsehoods adopted by the Church such as the Trinity and immortality of the soul.
JJ Frost
JJ Frost 2 years ago
+Marmer not a heretic against God but the church!
ddbrown22 2 years ago
Newton was a serious student of Scripture, not alchemy. Isaac Newton's doctrine of God and His Son is hugely important as most of Christianity has got it confused. See here, The Awakening - part 9 of the 12 part 'THEOS' Series: no-vid.com/video/video-w7XrR7K4t7M.html
Archon of Games
Archon of Games 2 years ago
Based on the current trajectory that society and the environment are headed toward, 2060 actually sounds very accurate.
Youthoob Gamer
I will guarantee that you could have bet $1 million during WWII that the apocalypse is near. It's speculation. Nobody knows.
Kh Emon
Kh Emon Year ago
The Last Spartan
The Last Spartan 2 years ago
pure secular propaganda a hatchet Job against a Christian man by demonic forces
Abhinav Sinha
Abhinav Sinha 2 years ago
No one is better then Newton!!
Youthoob Gamer
Youthoob Gamer 5 months ago
@Alex Farooq Exactly
V G 5 months ago
@pepperjack8 That would be the equivalent of existing in a work of shakespeare, gaining consciousness, and ironically equating the famous, creative author with Romeo. If you're impressed by newton, just imagine...
pepperjack8 7 months ago
Jesus and Newton are at the same level. For me at least
The Kanone
The Kanone Year ago
Alex Farooq Newton was smarter than Einstein.. arguably the smartest of all time
Rex Galilae
Rex Galilae 2 years ago
People who expected Newton to be a composed, rational being either don't understand humans or don't know how Physics works. I don't expect a cold, rational being to invent calculus to solve a problem on elliptical orbits just for fun. I don't see how the man who broke our perception of reality, took nothing for granted and moved humanity's plane of understanding on a new level of sentience would ever be anything but a mad genius
david keys
david keys 2 years ago
I suspect that Issac Newton would be horrified by the scientists of today. Today`s scientists have no room for God or religion in their laboratories, and their endless abominations on God`s creatures in their laboratories are too well known to need further description by me. Newton advised to his contemporary Robert Boyle to stay silent over any alchemical discoveries they made: perhaps if today`s scientists had observed these words, we would not be faced with the nuclear threat.
Yeah HE would
0000 0000
0000 0000 Year ago
congratulations you are a dumbfuck
Franklyn Yeager
And if anything Newton would be amazed that we have ways to help people like him cause if he were alive today we would say he was autistic or bipolar
Franklyn Yeager
I think you miss the point that science and religion don't mix 500 years ago if you had a mental health problem they said you were possessed by the devil and they would essentially torture you where as now we know that it's a chemical in balance that causes most mental illness
Bruce Blake
Bruce Blake 2 years ago
People who believe in god, and/or who pursue religion, are fundamentally flawed. All religion is nonsense. Religion poisons everything. Isaac Newton, luckily, had such an intellect that he could continue his reputed 18 hours per day of work, and could achieve his Principia. Most people cannot do so. [aerospace engineer]
Nobody cares about your opinion Bruce Blake. [electrical engineer]
David Almz
David Almz Year ago
You actually can comprehend most of Gods ways and learn about him if you actually read your Bible like Sir Isaac Newton and didn't believe Church tradition which grossly invalidated the Word of God. For instance, Jesus taught that only "one" religion would be approved by God and that religion would do two noticeable things. 1) Preach God's word door to door on the entire inhabited Earth just like the model Jesus Christ set during his life on Earth. 2) Love among themselves. This means this true religion wouldn't join the military or involve in politics. Why? Well because God hates divisions and wants his people to be united under one banner. Look for instance in the world today, and in history, Catholics in the United States during WW2 fought and killed German Catholics during WW2. Obviously this example and many others would reveal which religions God disapproves of. These two shouldn't be hard to pin-point to one religion today, i won't name it because who am i to distinguish it for you, this is something you'll need to do on your own. If you want to find out the truth, you can find it if you actually do your research and open and read your Bible.
Prasanjeet Keshri
Prasanjeet Keshri 2 years ago
@Bruce Blake who are you to say that Sir Issac Newton's beliefs were not concurrent to his work and only his luck of putting so many hours of work helped him to achive his principia. All religions are flawed, I agree, but but a person must have power to judge upto what extents he/she is ready to follow something. God exists but it's something we cannot totally comprehend just like how fundamental quantum physics and tremendous universe remain mysterious.
jimmy alderson
jimmy alderson 2 years ago
So fuck his laws of motion and equations and every single vital piece of information Newton gave the world, that inspired Einstein and still leads physics. And we do this all because Newton was religious (because no one was religious back then) and that he believed in alchemy (because no one believed in alchemy back then)
Legendary Light Yagami Immanuel
We use Newton’s equations and Einstein’s equations up to this day. Have you ever studied gravity on black holes? You don’t know a single thing do you?
Pure Energy
Pure Energy 2 years ago
Consumerism is based on the belief in solidity. You are not going to change it one little bit until you realize nothing is solid. There is no excuse now that energy colliders have been built. The smashing of protons to find more types of energy forms has led to finding more types of energy forms--nothing solid. Everything everywhere vibrates, spins, rotates, beams, coils, pulsates and oscillates as energy itself. The belief in solidity is the reason there are wars, prisons and racism and other tortures--like the belief in death. What is called solidity is the super fast spinning of quarks. In the book "The Quantum World" written by the physicist Ford I found these words: (in my words) 'magically bursting forth are quarks spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming what are called protons and neutrons.' Add to this the 1 point of light called the electron and there are 7 points of light spinning as 1 hydrogen atom. At the heart and the soul of people is spinning light 100%. How many atoms spinning as points of light does it take to spin one "human body"? 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. This means spinning, vibrating, pulsating light is the core of our existence . AND, since we are conscious. loving beings then so is our core. We are eternal energy/spirit/light beings now. We are NOT solid. Therefore we are our literal souls now-- thinking, feeling, pulsating our source constantly. Creation is constant. Evolution, time, space and death are illusions because we pulsate so fast and because the earth spins. Besides this "spinning billions of times a second" phrase, I have found that people pulsate 570 trillion times a second. I found this in the book "The Hidden Messages in Water" by Emoto. In Seth books I found that our light/imagery/multidimensional/electromagnetic forms are refreshed millions of times a second. In the book "Hands of Light" written by the NASA physicist Barbara Brennan I found out that we are eternal, electromagnetic, holographic, multidimensional energy/light beings constantly pulsating and spinning as our source. Reverse engineer what "humans" are and this leads you to what our source must be. We are indeed magical. Teach this to everybody and they will have a reason to stop buying so much, because then they will realize that all forms are illusional--holographic, temporary, light pulsating and spinning just like we are. This is indeed a temporary holographic world and our source vibrates and spins as everything and everybody. We are only here a second compared to our literal eternal existence. AND this second should not be full of fear--it should be full of fun and exploration and delight in the forms that conscious light spins. Show less REPLY
Privateacc -
Privateacc - 2 years ago
The media love disparaging famous figures. I think this documentary is more a judgement on our own era's norms, than on Newton. In his book, "The Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St John", he made it clear that he thought we could not interpret prophecy in advance - in contradiction to the last commentator's assertions in this video. He was very humble and circumspect in any interpretation offered. He did however believe we could understand prophecy after fulfillment; the aim of prophecy was to glorify God after the fact. He did this quite extensively in the above mentioned book, revealing numerous intersects between history and biblical prophecy.
Privateacc -
Privateacc - 2 years ago
What must be true?
Mike Przybylski
Mike Przybylski 2 years ago
Yeah but this was on the BBC and PBS, so it must be true.
Bob Daniels
Bob Daniels 2 years ago
He was brilliant but let's destroy him
Youthoob Gamer
Youthoob Gamer 5 months ago
BlankFacedUser 2 years ago
Sir Isaac Newton and his City of London Royal Society plagiarized the Calculus of Gottfried Leibniz and arrived at an inferior version.
Linda Elcee
Linda Elcee 2 years ago
Please check the historical record. Newton's work on "fluxions" was developed before Leibnitz' calculus and Leibnitz was aware of Newton's work. You shouldn't bring emotions into such discussions.
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