The American Civil War - OverSimplified (Part 2)

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Jan 31, 2020




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Comments 18 223
dropout 13 hours ago
that was the smoothest video-to-ad transfer i've ever seen. They really liked to trade Honey, huh?
banana boy
banana boy 13 hours ago
War of 1812
IDK OK 14 hours ago
I’m from the south and you pronounce Mobile, Alabama wrong
William Strauss
William Strauss 14 hours ago
Honey Out pizza’d the Hut
Chicken Man
Chicken Man 15 hours ago
Irish civil war maybe??
Kofi Amoako
Kofi Amoako 15 hours ago
Oversimplified, what's your real name? I would like to call you out by name when you lie. Like that picture of me you showed me at 11.22. That's totally inaccurate. I only ever wear red caps.
JazzyMazzy 16 hours ago
People that disliked are Confederates.
MaTrix _ Angel
MaTrix _ Angel 16 hours ago
Texas Revolution
Otaku Elai
Otaku Elai 16 hours ago
Bts in the calender??? 😂😂😂 You're lit
I also have to wait 90 days to change my name
Do the first crusades
Mantı Aşığı
Mantı Aşığı 18 hours ago
End is best
meme man
meme man 18 hours ago
i hope oversimplified does a episode about stalin
Finley1321 19 hours ago
Next video. Seven years war.
fnafgamer walkthroughs
The 7 years war oversimplified PLEASE
Elisha Daniel Andres
Oversimplified can you do the philippine-american war
This is like Brexit, but more bloody. I call for Brexit oversimplified!
Mystic Gamer
Mystic Gamer 21 hour ago
Che Li
Che Li 22 hours ago
2:50 Did that just say "Constipation"?
Polska _Surykatka
Polska _Surykatka 22 hours ago
I sometimes feel sad, but then I remember, that Oversimplefied is probably making another video
Titan Dantdm
Titan Dantdm 22 hours ago
butt ....
Titan Dantdm
Titan Dantdm 22 hours ago
u bois done goofed up
Ridho Yuneldi Pratama
what the name of the sound in the end?
NeSi AvDiu
NeSi AvDiu 23 hours ago
I Love your videos! You are the best!! You will make my life if you make the Yugoslav wars of independece.
David Pursell
You should do The War on Terror.
Never watched any of your films before tonight. I chuckled at some of your jokes and fantastic animations(namely jefferson Davis' never giving up dance). Fantastic work, cheers from Canada.
fat greasy boy 2537
Can you do the first please
An Guha
An Guha Day ago
How love how smooth his ads are put in 😁
Vaughn Alexander
John Wilkes Booth is the biggest hater in American history
Tuan Tuan
Tuan Tuan Day ago
Hey! I love your video so much Can you make a video about Viet Nam war, please I can wait, thanks
TheFunnyPotato Boy
Pickett should have let the charging to russia
Maria B
Maria B Day ago
Patiently waiting for a new upload 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
BabyShaxx -
BabyShaxx - Day ago
Do WW3 theory
Water Cow
Water Cow Day ago
War of 1812?
Alex Johnston
Oversimplified needs to post more frequently! Who agrees with me?
Nusrat Nigar
Nusrat Nigar Day ago
Plz make another video plzzzzz
FrolixPixel Day ago
*Ad talking about some very political things* Me: I just want to watch fun cartoons about history
Nolan Barford
Hey man, could you make an oversimplified video on ISIS
Audzo Day ago
Well now I know I have to wait 4 months for the next one 😤😭
John Eggins
John Eggins Day ago
At 12:05 you can see the first grand wizard of the KKK, yes it’s true
Sal Sabatino
Sal Sabatino Day ago
Wow! That was great! But seriously, Vietnam War Oversimplified.
United States Of America
I remember
'You forgot my strongest weapon" *do the flying kick*
Founded Day ago
*2000IQ has entered the chat*
SS! Chara
SS! Chara Day ago
Death:McClellan,It’s time to go. McClellan:No.
D'Hotness McAwesome
It's part 2... You guys definitely don't know what "over simplified" means.
Maximum Avila
Over simplified are you hireing?
판다 폭탄
10:52 bts calendar
Ryan lex
Ryan lex Day ago
This guys is a Marxist yo
Baka Girl
Baka Girl Day ago
Normal people at 10:49: Oh... new information Me at 10:49: BTS. REEEEEE
Sergio Gee
Sergio Gee Day ago
You can take you time but can you do the trojan war???
Stephen Caldarola
General Grant to Lincoln in the movie, Lincoln: "We've won the war, now you have to lead us out of it."
Z Films
Z Films Day ago
You know this war hasn't unofficially ended when this was #1 on NO-vid Trending!
Polo Maximus
Polo Maximus Day ago
love your work !!
James Day ago
I was waiting to hear about the battle of schrute farms, but I was severely disappointed.
Adrian Rebelic
You should do a video on the crusade wars
Shakkl S
Shakkl S Day ago
I would love to see a russian civil war.
Mary Ładyッ
Next videos