Stop finding my old SCHOOL PHOTOS!! LWIAY #00100

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Nov 25, 2019




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Comments 31 143
J P 6 hours ago
Girls: "aww! We get to have swedish meatballs" I see what you did there
gabriella costa
gabriella costa 7 hours ago
There's a song called boy named Sue that Johnny cash sings that is basically your point
Grubby Pug
Grubby Pug 9 hours ago
Terraria series=T Series
Satan 9 hours ago
What does LWIAY stand for again?
Hannah Gay
Hannah Gay 10 hours ago
my name may be hannah but my last name is gay and everyone makes the same damn joke :,(
Hannah Nicole
Hannah Nicole 11 hours ago
Fellow 19 years olds like this so we can see how many we got 👊
Zach master24
Zach master24 11 hours ago
Minecraft marketplace garbage dlc mod crap that's usually all better when it's done by actual modders on java version
Cosmo 12 hours ago
0:10 that was probably the fastest intro ive ever seem
Mimi Alison
Mimi Alison 13 hours ago
when you're actually 19 years old... this is the best farewell to my youth...Ive never been more proud to be such a useless age in a terrible country
Uliana 14 hours ago
He honestly looked like Jonas from Dark when he was younger, omg i'm shook 😂
beetheb 14 hours ago
Felix rapidly becoming a grumpy old man 😂
Crazyoml 15 hours ago
99999 lwiays?
Mae Blue
Mae Blue 17 hours ago
i am 19
Hough White
Hough White 17 hours ago
Pewds playing with his Galaxy Fold: "I don't realize this expensive phone is that expensive"
E_n_d 01709
E_n_d 01709 22 hours ago
l epic nintendo switch eppic
Liya Animations
Liya Animations 23 hours ago
When you said turn the fuck around I turned around wow perfect timing
Koby Fox
Koby Fox 23 hours ago
smh millie bobby brown is like 16 or 17 not 14 but fbi still have to go bye bye to jail
f i f a d h i l a h
͝° ͜ʖ͡°
19muzikluv Day ago
Eighth grader Felix looks like Ellen
Fox Boi Named Ace
Felix should do a drop randomizer in Minecraft! XD
srilaxmi donthineni
I legit turned around the first time when felix told us to
Joel Beckwith Gaming
18:19 that is short for Richard btw
Joseph Faulkner
I just realized I’m actually 19 years old...
Cheese n Bacon
I dare Kaito and the other boys to let Kaito’s little sister dress them up and then they can all have a tea party~! >:3
Daphne B.
Daphne B. Day ago
I was born in 2002 and sometimes I wake up and I'm like wtf I thought I was 12 like yesterday
Joel Vega
Joel Vega Day ago
Davie504 Will love this 0:46
Hi Boy
Hi Boy Day ago
*the views are at 69* *sign from the gods*
stuffzap #9148
so Asians are things now pewds wow :(
The LastStand_26
Felix has a jacksfilms forehead
Griffin Drake
I Think Pewds Chair got Stolen
Mary Murray
Mary Murray Day ago
How do i pronouns your first name
A Freedom Unknown
Wow, thanks Pewds! At least you said i'm great.
Luker head
Luker head Day ago
This video deserves one epic gamer reference out of 10
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 Day ago
Bringing back the Beastmaster 64!!!
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 Day ago
Calls Gronk "some guy"
Uganda Knuckles
I mean you should make a terraria series since you already kind of finished Minecraft series
Hannahs Snatch
I feel personally attacked for my name, I'm wounded
Leon Gordon
Leon Gordon Day ago
In my civics glass we were watching CNN 10 and there was a thing about elon musk and i kept saying how amazing elon is and i was being an elon weaboo and my teacher just said Leon you musk shut up
GFSM Day ago
Whts that shirt brand?
Werd Semaj
Werd Semaj Day ago
Fuck I’m 20 I’m too old to watch now
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