Steve Jobs Worn Shirt is in this iPhone

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This is the iPhone 11 Pro Superior Steve Jobs. Yes, it has an actual piece of Steve Jobs' shirt embedded in it.
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Vitenskap og teknologi

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Nov 22, 2019




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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 13 days ago
holy moly
Shyiine :3
Shyiine :3 2 days ago
Do a drop test
Gtx master Salut
Gtx master Salut 7 days ago
tyler grimes
tyler grimes 7 days ago
Heads up: I would blur out the IMEI. those are cheap to blacklist and someone with $20 could turn that thing into a brick.
Tyler Ku
Tyler Ku 8 days ago
How much would you sell it for? Is it just the Pro or Pro Max?
Rick Khan
Rick Khan 42 minutes ago
Video on Steve jobs=likes Parodies on apple=likes Apple products review= too amny dislikes
Rick Khan
Rick Khan 48 minutes ago
TBH Steve Jobs looks like my uncle
ADHIN 49 minutes ago
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
emiliano sartori
emiliano sartori 2 hours ago
Still looking like shit
wildwolf 4 hours ago
Many people have a chin strap. Will has a neck strap.
Oscar Osaara
Oscar Osaara 8 hours ago
2025 steve jobs trapped soul in your iphone thru virtual reality app.
Mr. Beanos
Mr. Beanos 8 hours ago
I need this😭
Omkar Kulkarni
Omkar Kulkarni 9 hours ago
If this phone break owner heart and brain will fail !
kumbandit 11 hours ago
When both kidneys, eye and an arm aren't enough to cover the cost, classic Apple
Darryl Juan
Darryl Juan 13 hours ago
I'm always curious... Do they give Lou the phone or do they just lend him?
Vision_Shotz 13 hours ago
At first I thought they were his ashes
Indian #nigga
Indian #nigga 13 hours ago
He never used to shower! That would stink.
kimura kano
kimura kano 15 hours ago
Who gives a flying rats ass. Sorry to ba a Debbie downer but this is yet another example of the movement of society towards ultra novelty. This “rare” phone will barely be updatable with two years and become a brick... with a swatch of Steve jobs ratty turtle neck. Sorry but you know it’s true.
Emmanuel Rodriguez
Emmanuel Rodriguez 17 hours ago
This is so ridiculous...anyone that wants this phone because of a small price of shirt...is truly a sad person and got nothing else in life...smh the bullshit that shows up now a days
tez vibez
tez vibez 19 hours ago
Waste of charity money.
Nope Nope
Nope Nope 21 hour ago
What a way to spend a shit load of money on something that’s already outdated
Idiled Studio
Idiled Studio 23 hours ago
Theif stealing people's ideas.
Raymine31 Bendje
Raymine31 Bendje 23 hours ago
just for that o_O. poor world materialist !
Raymine31 Bendje
Raymine31 Bendje 23 hours ago
just for that o_O. poor world materialist !
Raymine31 Bendje
Raymine31 Bendje 23 hours ago
just for that o_O. poor world materialist !
Raymine31 Bendje
Raymine31 Bendje 23 hours ago
just for that o_O. poor world materialist !
Raymine31 Bendje
Raymine31 Bendje 23 hours ago
just for that o_O. poor world materialist !
Abhed The Gamer And Roaster
No one: Literally: Apple: ok empty your wallet for the stupid piece of shirt of Steven Paul jobs 😐
Charles Edwards
Not gonna lie this is dope a.f
Anu Day ago
I think apple is not able to sell their phones by feature so they r doing these thing to sell their brand 😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Carlos Roman
Carlos Roman Day ago
Steve jobs, the god of these brainless iphone lovers!
Ruzaini Roosfa
2009: Steve Job's phone in your pants 2019: I'm out of idea.
Roberts Jēkabsons
Where is the drop test?
Splashpage Day ago
Its pretty for sure
Shalini K
Shalini K Day ago
Can you show Us your collection of hats 🎩
Ulo Hun
Ulo Hun Day ago
There are 99 pcs now. Wonder how many pcs they will eventually make from his shirts 😂
ProtostarBL Day ago
Pinch to zoom was invented by microsoft before apple. but damn this shit is cool
Jenson Jenson
Is this a joke?
LayZ Lifts
LayZ Lifts Day ago
It also comes with tracking and recording features only accessible to Russian lol. Knock it off, why the f are we advertising this? Fuck Russia.
Leo Tormes
Leo Tormes Day ago
Blvkman Jnr
Blvkman Jnr 2 days ago
Nobody : Literally Nobody : Me : watching a video, that costs more than my months salary 😩
Nibin George
Nibin George 2 days ago
i phone ......still a big dream for me 😔😞😖😣 and an i phone with steve jobs fabrics is something beyond sky limit😖.i cant imagine
MaxLtv 2 days ago
That’s a million $ phone
MaxLtv 2 days ago
Ain’t got to worry about my camera being too far out I got your case bro
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