Solving The Japanese House Puzzle!!

Chris Ramsay
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SimpliSafe is an award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It's really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts. Check out SimpliSafe here: simplisafe.com/chrisramsay
Today I'm going to attempt to solve this 12-step Japanese puzzle box in the shape of a house. Also checking out a cool Dual Tetrahedron Puzzle!
Dual Tetrahedron: www.sloyd.fi/dual-tetrahedron-p-985.html?language=en
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Jul 26, 2019




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Comments 668
Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay 6 months ago
Hope everyone's enjoying their day! Check out SimpliSafe Here: simplisafe.com/chrisramsay
Amit Shemer
Amit Shemer 6 months ago
no-vid.com/video/video-UlNkQJzw4oA.html disarmed in seconds
Dj Dj
Dj Dj 6 months ago
Intresting. Except that security software can be replaced when you are home with a smoke detector, 12 gauge shot gun, and a c02 detector.
Master J
Master J 6 months ago
Try to solve a rubik s cube without help
Ananth Rey
Ananth Rey 6 months ago
WHERE IS "I see you're a man of culture as well" #10?!
Pop Playz11
Pop Playz11 6 months ago
Chris Ramsay you can hide stuff
theldrakis 9 days ago
.....hmm i think i missed a few steps. i only counted 3 steps.
gary halls
gary halls 10 days ago
That was to easy for you chris
Ian Woodfield
Ian Woodfield 11 days ago
no-vid.com/video/video-UlNkQJzw4oA.html not so simply safe, i also bought thousands of dollars worth of their product then i saw this, should we be worried or should we have a secondary system installed, i have... is it worth the risk?
Liam Beaumont
Liam Beaumont 27 days ago
Warning with SimpliSafe, it can be bypassed incredible easily. Lock Picking Lawyer did a video about it no-vid.com/video/video-UlNkQJzw4oA.html
Xiao Mei
Xiao Mei 29 days ago
I would like to see him solve an escape room.
Li Ko
Li Ko 29 days ago
i have a box of small figures of puzzles (cubes, sticks, spheres...) and some when you hold them they fall apart and you have to put it back together (ok i get that thats the point) BUT SOME the puzzle is to take the thing apart lol! it wont even budge a bit and i have no clue what to do with it so i just adore its shape and beauty
TornadoChick Month ago
1 minute 50 seconds worth of advertising. Pffft. TIRED OF ADS.
Mery Sarazú
Mery Sarazú Month ago
The puzzles of the website are available for other country?
Ty Latta
Ty Latta Month ago
I was randomly shown one of his videos and its been 2 days and 40 videos later.
M. Smith
M. Smith Month ago
Dude shatted on that first one, it was cute, don't trip.
It’s good to hide your candy
Jalyn Something
Jalyn Something Month ago
That first puzzle took FOREVER
Austin Barber-Hayes
I have become a huge fan of your channel ... I love every video on your channel please keep them going
Katie Lupinetti
Katie Lupinetti Month ago
First puzzle Chris: Ha! you thought I would forget the timer. Second puzzle Chris: *Forgets Timer*
Colonel Cornelius Cornwall
My time does not equate to your intelligence!
makido1234 Month ago
The card is a business card saying it is a traditional Yosegi Zaiku of Hakone, and that it was sold by Izumi-ya in Hakone, along with their phone number, address and website URL
1990paulie Month ago
Hide ya weed in that crib
Anthony Emma
Anthony Emma Month ago
Tetrahedron was much better!
noobsaibot25 2 months ago
U mentioned that u play MtG in a different video..what color(s) do u use in a single deck?
a. phytophile
a. phytophile 2 months ago
12 moves? I counted 6. maybe includes reassembly?
artistducktapemichelle F
I'm so very obsessed of your videos of all different kinds of amazing puzzles and puzzles that you never use can you ship it to me ?? So I can try them puzzles Chris
666544 views 666545th view Wait OH NOOOOOOO
Txni Txni
Txni Txni 3 months ago
you sound like sully from monsters inc😸
Min yoongi Chang Chang man Boong Boong
Just to help out the video starts at 1:59
Arleen Xelevania
Arleen Xelevania 3 months ago
I actually got a GOT7 M/V ad before this vid, and I look at the lyrics, they said something about a missing puzzle piece or somethin'. *Hmm how ironic*
Mathias Scorpio
Mathias Scorpio 3 months ago
Who else was holding their breath during the last puzzle? My Apple Watch reminded me to breathe.. 🤣
Dustin Bell
Dustin Bell 3 months ago
i can t get no.... satisfaction...
Paul Mundt
Paul Mundt 3 months ago
The card is simply a certificate of origin listing it as Yosegi-zaiku from Hakone (箱根寄木細工). On the other side of the card is presumably the name of the craftsman, but this was unfortunately only partially in frame, so there wasn't enough to go on.
Mr.D L
Mr.D L 3 months ago
What level was this? zero? lol
Samantha Chang
Samantha Chang 3 months ago
The card that you took out first is a business card. It contains the company name and how you can contact them. Izumiya could be the sales person that was in charge of your order. (Or I think that is what it is....sorry if I’m wrong)
Mandolinic 3 months ago
I've got a wooden puzzle that works on a similar principle to the tetrahedron puzzle, but it has 6 identical pieces, not 4. After some experimentation I found I could assemble three pieces in my left hand, three in my right and then join the two halves together with a "screwing" motion.
CLUB LOL 3 months ago
Starts on 2:00 Thank me later
SkyLong deft
SkyLong deft 3 months ago
The house puzzle Its cute. Reminds me of some children's drawings.
TheLastScampi 3 months ago
Is it a SimpliSafe or a Fleshlight? Nobody knows.
khaoliang 3 months ago
Now coming to a sex shop near you: The SimpliSafe Fleshlight-Safe!
Meta Mamii
Meta Mamii 4 months ago
Finally saw you put the timer on time
ZombieDixon 18
ZombieDixon 18 4 months ago
Its meant to be used as a place to hide rain day money or savings
Matt Klinger
Matt Klinger 4 months ago
Nicolas de Fontenay
Nicolas de Fontenay 4 months ago
I think if you hold 2 of them stuck together in one hand and the 2 other in the other hand you can then bring both halfs together.
Lethia Page
Lethia Page 5 months ago
This might be a good little gift box...not difficult on its own but tricky enough to put a puzzle nerd in the spotlight at their birthday party. They can do a little trick for their party guests and poof...gift card or jewelry or something small inside. Fun for an engagement ring?!
Requim Dream
Requim Dream 4 months ago
I finally want a nice gift for my birthday or something like that again 😔 Nothing special since about 4 years 😢
Pinkstarclan 5 months ago
personally I think the house would be great as secret storage. it doesn't LOOK like a puzzle, but its ease means you can open it to get out what you need p fast
Ron Godsmack
Ron Godsmack 5 months ago
Yeah like a four piece wood puzzle and where can I purchase one of those at
Dead Dizzy
Dead Dizzy 5 months ago
Turn your house into puzzle,so you don't need that simpliSafe thing anymore😂..make bad person dizzy when dy wanna broken your house bro🤣🤣
Amber Genevieve
Amber Genevieve 5 months ago
You sound exactly like John goodman
Brooke Warner
Brooke Warner 5 months ago
The cute little housy-poo 😆🤣
offender 5 months ago
SimpliSafe is a damn scam and doesn't work properly. Easily bypassed. Do not use.
Eric Beaulieu
Eric Beaulieu 5 months ago
boom! i say it at the same time of him now everytime !!
MyBeats Xox
MyBeats Xox 6 months ago
Waiting to figure out when the ad ends was a bigger puzzle
Kingballer 2.0
Kingballer 2.0 6 months ago
What’s the background music at 2:35
Requim Dream
Requim Dream 4 months ago
Maybe "Scheidenpilz"
Colton Lesley
Colton Lesley 6 months ago
If anyone is looking for a copy of By Forces Unseen I have a copy I am getting rid of.
abbey ruark
abbey ruark 6 months ago
SimpliSafe is easy to set up *says a puzzle master*
Gabriel Barbosa Rezende
Damn this double tetahedron was so nice so cool and pretty!
Plato D Cat
Plato D Cat 6 months ago
Hey Chris, I work in the security field. FYI you should check out ‘thelockpickinglawer’s video on the simplisafe door/window contacts. It might give you a different opinion on this system. Some of the system is ok, but I wouldn’t trust it with others. Only trying to help my friend. Hope you understand!
Riley Hightower
Riley Hightower 6 months ago
“It kinda fell apart on me when I took it apart” 😂
Cards Duplicate
Cards Duplicate 6 months ago
We Japanese don’t have Such a house haha
AlecPies Gaming
AlecPies Gaming 6 months ago
“I do have this one which kind of fell apart when I took it apart” -Chris Ramsay 2019
the.beard.yyc 6 months ago
They are both nice puzzles but that second one was obviously way cooler and interesting.
San Andreas Fault
San Andreas Fault 6 months ago
Vid starts at 2:15 You’re welcome
robstar ski
robstar ski 6 months ago
I counted 6 steps
Aaron Larsson
Aaron Larsson 6 months ago
Argh! No! Why?!? Oh man. I liked the puzzles, second one definitely. But then freaked out when it got to the end and the outro music was different!!! Idk. I guess I just got sooo accustomed to it, it was so satisfying. Brought me to a zen place. Ugh! Oh well, I’ll just rewatch some of the older ones.
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