Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye. Epic Rap Battles of History

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Sir Isaac Newton meets Bill Nye in this episode of Epic Rap Battles of History. Who won? You decide!
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▼ CAST ▼
Isaac Newton: Weird Al Yankovic
Neil deGrasse Tyson: Chali 2na
Bill Nye: Nice Peter
▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist
Created by:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist
Directed by:
Nice Peter
Written by:
Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD & Zach Sherwin
Staff Writers:
Dante Cimadamore & Mike Betette
Song Produced by:
Nice Peter & Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso
Song Mixed by:
Nice Peter and Jose ""Choco"" Reynoso www.1200warriors.com
Beat Produced by:
Hollywood Legend
Edited by:
Andrew Sherman, Daniel Turcan, Ryan Moulton, and Nice Peter
VFX and Compositing:
Andrew Sherman and Ryan Moulton
Newton's Orbital Cannon by:
Nice Peter and Ryan Moulton
Director of Photography:
Jon Na and Layne Pavoggi
Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez
Hair and Make Up:
Tara Lang
Assistant Make Up:
Brittany White
Arthur Hong
Yev Belilovsky
Music Supervisor & Playback:
Dante Cimadamore
Production Coordinator:
Atul Singh
Assistant Editors:
Ryan Moulton & Marc Chester
Office PA:
Shaun Lewin
Produced by:
Michelle Maloney for Maker Studios


Published on


Jun 16, 2014




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Comments 133 503
VexdinLord 10 minutes ago
A brain your own size? Let's look at notable moments in their lives: Newton: invented calculus when he was trying to study the stars and planets because the current math couldn't explain his findings. Tyson: Said he still considers Pluto a planet. I think the shadow if his mind is still casting far on this battle.
lunayoshi 4 hours ago
Weird Al wins. There's no beating Weird Al at anything.
Leo Timtom
Leo Timtom 7 hours ago
He dropped like a newton of bricks.
Jacob Hawes
Jacob Hawes 8 hours ago
Newton won when they got weird Al to play him
Kristofer carl De ramos
Sir Isaac Newton
Overwhelming Surplus Of Diggity
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NoobBoyTH Official
NoobBoyTH Official 15 hours ago
To be honest. Its a fact that Isaac Newton is serious all the way to the end of this battle
Lisa Pointer
Lisa Pointer 16 hours ago
Is that weird al yankovic that is issoc
Matt E.
Matt E. 19 hours ago
Fun fact: In spite of his brilliant mind and incredible accomplishments (which, in the 20th century, would've merited multiple Nobel Prizes), Sir Isaac Newton had a number of flaws, including being a really bad teacher (very few students attended his lectures at Oxford), holding grudges for a long time, and acting like a jerk, particularly to those whom he didn't like, or who got on his bad side (such as Robert Hooke, Gotfrid Leibniz, and all the counterfeiters he sent to the gallows). So, I could see him mercilessly bullying a science educator like Bill Nye. Kudos to ERB for pitting Newton against Nye.
Joe Glay
Joe Glay 20 hours ago
He dosent work for PBS anymore cries 😿😿😿
Colton Webb
Colton Webb 23 hours ago
Sir Issac Newton weird al
Newton was a Creationist so was unlikely to disapprove of debating one. Also, Ken Ham (though not my favorite guy) was the equal of engineering guy bill Nye.
Ryan Dinto
Ryan Dinto Day ago
OJ Pier
OJ Pier Day ago
The bars and the flow are fucking garbage in every video they make yall should check out The Infinite Source instead, better than this garbage.
Cameron Wilson
Sir Issac looks Like Weird Al
Mayrin Reyes-Jackson
Definitely my favorite. c:
Llamad Mow
Llamad Mow 2 days ago
Let us remember everything Newton did wrong: - He said the rainbow has seven colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). It really has just six visible bands, he chose seven because it was a more mystical number. It should've gone red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. - Literally everything in his book 'Opticks.' Light is a corpuscle, he said, made of tiny particles. This was very wrong - but it was accepted by the scientific community for over three hundred years simply on the strength of Newton's other work, against solid evidence from Hooke, Huygens, and Young, each of whom came up with experiments showing that light was a wave as it diffracted. Now, light is also a particle (see wave-particle duality for this), but Newton didn't theorise that light was quantised (at least not as we understand it), his evidence that light was a particle involved it speeding up when it entered more dense materials (which is explicitly false, light slows down when it enters more dense mediums), and the presence of sharp shadows (later discovered to be a property of short wavelength light, unless I'm mistaken). I'm not denying Newton's genius: his Principia Mathematicia laid the foundations of modern Calculus (whether he or Leibniz invented it is another story, but both seem to have came up with the idea and proved it independently), and his work on gravity was genius until it was disproven for very very small things and very very big things (for example, the orbit of the planet Mercury). Newtonian mechanics are still in common use today, and as long as things aren't incredibly small, incredibly big, or going at relativistic speeds, they work great. But Newton made a very large amount of mistakes. This is why he's not really the first of the scientists, but the last of the alchemists, the last of the previous era. He didn't start a new era of science, but his discoveries ended the old one and were often the basis of all future science. Ah well, nerd rant. Apologies.
Best rhymes: Newton Most entertaining to watch: Bill Winner: Tyson
unluckybrando 2 days ago
Yay weird al‼️‼️
Gacha Shade Wolfdanger
Bill nye
Lucus Ruffin
Lucus Ruffin 2 days ago
Is Nobody gonna mention how nice bill nyes flow was
Rhyl Jones
Rhyl Jones 2 days ago
This is by far the best Epic Rap Battle you've done. Casting Weird Al and Chali 2na in this was pure genius.
Brian Whalen
Brian Whalen 2 days ago
Weird al!!!!!!!
Hassanotta 2 days ago
Am i the only one who did the actual integral to check
Alex Prieto
Alex Prieto 2 days ago
Its funny that neil battles against newton but in real life Newton is Neils favorite Physicist
Mitchell Metcalf
Mitchell Metcalf 3 days ago
Sir Isaac Newton, hands down. Not only because he's played by Weird Al, but because of the fact that he didn't discover gravity from the falling apple, but orbital gravitation. Long before there was even a thought of a space program. The man was a legend and deserves recognition. "The science guy" could never fill his shoes.
Mitchell Metcalf
Mitchell Metcalf 2 days ago
For the win.
Mitchell Metcalf
Mitchell Metcalf 2 days ago
@steve gale So, I decided to play your game, and for the most part your were incorrect. Yes, Kepler played a big role, however, he was German. Secondly, he posited the idea, but was unable to provide proof, were as Newton showed that, for a pair of bodies, the orbits' sizes are in inverse proportion to their masses, and that those bodies orbit their common center of mass. Where one body is much more massive than the other (as is the case of an artificial satellite orbiting a planet), it is a convenient approximation to take the center of mass as coinciding with the center of the more massive body. So again, Newton
Mitchell Metcalf
Mitchell Metcalf 2 days ago
@steve gale And you have yet to provide a feasible argument. Good day to yourself, and I hope your love of Islam serves you well. BTW, they are the most backwards and bigotest culture on the plant, so have fun with that.
steve gale
steve gale 2 days ago
@Mitchell Metcalf, was no debate, I made a statement. You do not pay me to teach. Good day.
Harley Dunbar
Harley Dunbar 3 days ago
Egeteyeyete weird al
Super Freaky Science!
Newton: Let me explain the Science Nye: Yeah, but Newton's a freak
Chris Nowosadko
Chris Nowosadko 3 days ago
Niel comes ridin' in... Oh yeah!
Aztec Patrick
Aztec Patrick 3 days ago
you knew the winner the moment you saw al's face
Gary Mitchell
Gary Mitchell 4 days ago
Sir Weird Isaac Yankovic needs to get with you ERB guys again.
Saif 4 days ago
Neil Degrass Tyson to Isaac newton: "why won't you pick on a brain your own size?" Neil's IQ: 123 Isaac's IQ: 190
Herruu Day ago
IQ's exclusive function is ease of understanding new information, localizing patterns, and understanding rules. It doesn't really pertain to smarts by definition.
Whatsinmypocket 4 days ago
Neil degras is so cringe
cody thehuntsmen
cody thehuntsmen 5 days ago
"We got a badass over here plus I got yo back nye" astrophysics black guy
ZiggietheGreat 5 days ago
I don't actually know who the astrophysicist is, but he won.
David Bray
David Bray 4 days ago
1 - Sir Issac Newton 2 - Bill Nye 3 - Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysics black guy)
its sinty
its sinty 5 days ago
Look, I love ERB, I love Weird Al, and I love this rap in particular, but can we all acknowledge that Newton is literally NDT's idol? He would never rap against him. 🤷‍♀️
Shrekism pope
Shrekism pope 5 days ago
Is that weird al?
Xap Ete
Xap Ete 5 days ago
“Astrophysics black guy”
Lordnerdious 5 days ago
The world is on FUCKING FIRE
MichaelBlane Walker
I think Issac Newton should have pointed that Bill Nye had a rip off, calling the said rip off a Simpsons reject
Breaker X
Breaker X 6 days ago
Little known fact: that was actually Al's real hair
Montez Demarrco
Montez Demarrco 6 days ago
:07 bill Nye came in like a fucking pedophile 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣✋
not gonna lie isaac got this one on lock
Danny Deng
Danny Deng 6 days ago
*alu yankovicu*
Joshua Thacker
Joshua Thacker 6 days ago
I just got an add for Neil DeGrasse Tyson's master class Coincidence? I THINK NOT
Haris Saqib
Haris Saqib 6 days ago
i remrmber watching this on my nokia e5 in grade 8
John Rich
John Rich 6 days ago
Best ERB
Sean Brown
Sean Brown 6 days ago
Who else noticed that i^64 = 1 so that doesn't do anything except make the equation look more complicated than it really is
Mayrin Reyes-Jackson
I got an ad about Neil deGrasse Tyson... I am confusion edit: I KEEP GETTING THESE ADS ONLY ON THIS VIDEO!! REEE
di. mythios
di. mythios 6 days ago
FIRST LAW!!!!!!!! And the battle was over.... The battle is automatically over when someone else tags in to help. That is the law of Epic Rap Battling...
Jay Tee
Jay Tee 6 days ago
Weird Al doesn't get on a track unless it's straight fire, so by default Newton wins. They tag teamed into a loss tbqh
Denis Rodriguez
Denis Rodriguez 6 days ago
Newton's second verse... 🔥 🔥
Cornichon 6 days ago
Al exists in the jojo universe, so, we can conclude that ERB exist too in jjba.
17Watman 6 days ago
Carl Sagan should’ve been in this.
verdatum 6 days ago
Yankovic is a goddamned national treasure.
whitehawk47 6 days ago
Neil and Bill should react to this
jason baker
jason baker 7 days ago
they both won u idiots
Kara Kuro
Kara Kuro 7 days ago
I love that I am still coming back to this six years later...
TractorBeam user
TractorBeam user 7 days ago
listen to hardware store and come back to the fast part Weird Al did
Paul Kornbluh
Paul Kornbluh 6 days ago
"Hardware Store" and "The Hamilton Polka!"
Logan Simon
Logan Simon 7 days ago
Probably the best one I've seen
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