RIPPED-OFF on Ebay AGAIN! - Intel "Black Ops" CPU

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This is one of the most FABLED CPUs in Intel's line-up... and I finally got my hands on 2 of them. Was it worth the hassle?
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Nov 30, 2019




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Comments 2 269
Jay holloway II
Jay holloway II 11 hours ago
I love how he is all tech savvy but doesn’t wear a anti static wrist strap when installing cpu 😡
StarGateSG7 17 hours ago
The high heat production in too small of a space of many modern CPUs is WHY our parent company went from CMOS substrates to full GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) substrates for our custom CPUs! The much wider traces (280 nanometres to 400 nanometres) of Gallium Arsenide DOES NEED higher frequencies at higher voltages/higher current BUT is much easier to cool because we can DIP the entire chip substrate into an ultra-clean (i.e. really, really pure!) non-conductive coolant fluid and NOT short-circuit and/or ablate or scour the substrate lines and various circuit layers. ALL future CPUs and GPUs from every manufacturer WILL SOON ENOUGH be going to large-form-factor GaAs substrates having direct contact with non-conductive, high purity circulating coolant to keep them cool. And one of the reasons WHY, is that we can push our GaAs CPUs to clock speeds from 60 GHz (575 TeraFLOPS) up to 2 THz (Two TeraHertz at 19.2 PetaFLOPS!) of 128-bits wide processing power! You CANNOT EVER MATCH that sort of performance level with CMOS-based chips! . Unfortunately, in order to get CLEAN/SHARP/SMOOTH TRACE LINES, you need an electron beam etcher (less than 10 nm) to ensure CLEAN edges and cleanly shaped valleys/cells because of the "brittleness" of GaAs. That takes time to do (21 days per chip currently!) BUT you can make up for it by using THOUSANDS of e-Beam etchers manufacturing the same chip design in parallel. And some of our newer model etchers can do 16 chips at a time since they use multiple beams in parallel using much faster 2D-XY vectoring to bring 21 days per chip etch down to less than 2 days per chip! We're still ironing out some "issues" with that 16-chip etcher though! . On the plus side, we're aiming for fully automated manufacturing and automated Quality Assurance up to 10,000 chips every two days. . P.S. It will be $8888 CANADIAN RETAIL PRICE for the 60 GHz (575 TeraFLOPs version) of our GaAs Super-Server chip! .
RaidrWolf 17 hours ago
How do you figure you were ripped off? You got what you ordered. You just were not able to get it to work perfectly. Only if they promised it would work with certain specs, such as more than just 82% or 84%, could you say you were ripped off.
Willem Beltman
Willem Beltman 18 hours ago
Tells story about super optimized cpus for single core performance. Doesn't do single core test.
Rodrigor Muniz
Rodrigor Muniz 19 hours ago
So, with nothing new or exciting to try on intels, we took the time machine and try something old for a change?, oke aside is good to test all this myths, I mean someone has to do it right?. But really for that amount of money remember you have brand new Ryzen 5, with 6 cores and 12 threads.
The All Purpose Popo
linus! you have a gtx titan just laying on your desk doing nothing! I could Really use that!!!!
Luminous Gaming
Luminous Gaming 22 hours ago
Linus's Last words : lttstore.com
Andrew B
Andrew B 22 hours ago
And I thought I was pale
Sod White
Sod White 23 hours ago
Stop giving eBay your money. What the fuck is so confusing about that?
Amir Dalipi
Amir Dalipi 23 hours ago
11:25 forgets to plug the monitor to the GPU and then goes is this one not even gonna post lol
Gianpaolo Pazzini
Gianpaolo Pazzini 23 hours ago
CPU idle at 60 to 70 degrees... that's a toast... :D
Chris Clark
Chris Clark Day ago
the watch at @4:29 .... eeyyyyy
Beastkingman Day ago
shoulda used the ac chiller on it
Mehdi Soliman
i didn't understood. is it a real "black ops" cpu or not ? how did he got scammed ?
Ork Diktator
Ork Diktator Day ago
You clearly can see how Linus is overheating due to voltage error
Jasson Quill
Jasson Quill Day ago
6:37 - www.lttstore.com/
Moon Demon Company
(10 outta 10 not recommended) would watch hilarious eBay buys again XD
Frank Lamote
Frank Lamote Day ago
the kids are mad because you guys did not take the time to answer i am a little bit disapointed linus
Kris Wingert
Kris Wingert Day ago
@ 4:36, Linus pro tip for the day... use a key in place of a case switch. Nice!!
Prjndigo Day ago
.... I'll trade you my Rampage IV Black for the good x79 you got there... you pay the shipping both ways tho. It has 35,000 gaming hours with a 4930k and 32gb on it.
detaart Day ago
Boot linux on it, it might load the correct microcode for this cpu and solve your utilization bug. It's a long shot, but might work.
Vyanktesh Kanungo
Check this out instagram.com/p/B5pKwYDpJbd/?igshid=1blfdkh8asl4b
Cherenjeev singh Tura
I found old linus. Just search garbage plate on NO-vid and you will see it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
T-MAN M Day ago
How did he get into bios
Merlin Klink
Merlin Klink Day ago
It would be cool to try and ln2 cool this thing, see how far you can push it.
Do you get free dlc with that processor? Or is it loot box based?
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Day ago
Linus: "board #3!" Me: ummm 4?
lextacy2008 Day ago
I want the Solitaire CPU
H37 !05
H37 !05 Day ago
Going from the thumbnail of this video, a moustache would kinda suit linus.
Mattias Magnusson
Imagine what @jayz2cents could do to those things :O
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Day ago
Linus: "board #3!" Me: ummm 4?
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson Day ago
suck up to intel get the bias
Luis G.
Luis G. Day ago
6:30 My i7 870 (1st gen I think) idles at about 60°C and throttles at about 75°. Option 1: Gaming with a jet engine like computer. Option 2: Not gaming at all.
CandyKit Day ago
"Created in 2013" *looks at ebay listing... says 2011*
Jesus Day ago
1mill views in 20 min damn son
death-by-ego Day ago
Clearly the ~80% usage was because Cinebench was bottlenecking the CPU. Time to upgrade to R20, Linus.
Supergrupgr Day ago
Block ops 4 cpu, where the modern warfare 4 cpu?
Nafryti Nosferatu
god forbid you use a motherboard designed for a HIGHER TDP
Chris Anderson
Wastes $500 on crap lol Needs $500 to pay rent 🧐
Anon Mason
Anon Mason Day ago
In other words, Intel only has it's past to talk about.
Emilien Richard
Ya got exactly what you paid for sucka! :P
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