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r/Choosingbeggars The lady in this post believes that she deserves a new phone, so she just posts online asking random people on the internet to buy her a brand new phone. Because, you know, we all just have $1,000 sitting around for the sole purpose of buying a complete stranger a phone. Honestly, what is wrong with these people?
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"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Nov 10, 2019




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Comments 839
rSlash 2 months ago
Elvis M.
Elvis M. 2 days ago
Fuck ur pussy ass iphone
Spoopy Raccon
Spoopy Raccon 3 days ago
Which account tho lol
Maverick Pierce
Maverick Pierce 20 days ago
Iโ€™ll actually give my channel and my negative 6 million subscriber.
Marley Campbell
Marley Campbell Month ago
Samola 345
Samola 345 Month ago
Eh go ahead
Jason Benton
Jason Benton 13 hours ago
lol $15 large pizza? In my region they are$20-25
Jauna Finley
Jauna Finley Day ago
TBH... I've said several of those things to my bosses. Let's see how many I can legitimately name: *The customer just called... Everything is perfect. *I cancelled my vacation... I'd rather be at work. *I'm coming in early. *I'm working the weekend to get ahead *You're right, I was wrong. *Go home, we've got this. *You're a great boss.
Nightwolf 69
Nightwolf 69 Day ago
Elton John letโ€™s get it boiiiiiiiiiiiis
gmperotti Day ago
Oh I have a PS4 but I prefer Xbox,the newest one with at least 5 games. I want it free and delivered this month to My house. Thank you.
Bad idea to watch (listen to) this vid while driving!! That last story had me laughing so hard I almost went into the ditch...
player o1ne
player o1ne 2 days ago
The beads needs anal beeds
player o1ne
player o1ne 2 days ago
Kylie Martin
Kylie Martin 2 days ago
i literally pissed myself when you used โ€œbundle of sticksโ€ as the insult replacement
Terrain 2 days ago
Hope that jar of beads in the first text convo isnโ€™t like that jar of rainbow dash
DaRKWizaRd9111 Gaming
The employee board is freaking ridiculous. โ€œI would love to take a pay cut.โ€ Then how about you take one?
Mxchix 4 days ago
8:26 I charged my best friend of 10 years 10 dollars for a full body portrait.. I don't see the problem
kitten musketeers
My large pizza cost $20 and everybody said its not that baf of a price.
Wonge's Rats
Wonge's Rats 5 days ago
Okay wtf does bundle of sticks mean???
killer__ ted
killer__ ted 6 days ago
Iโ€™d hit that like button, but since you wonโ€™t give me your Chanel for free, Iโ€™m am going to ruin your career by posting bad review. You wonโ€™t make any more money ya fricken turd!!
Cayson Markham
Cayson Markham 6 days ago
Lol. I drive a 2008 Honda Civic ๐Ÿ˜‚. I ainโ€™t his wife tho. ๐Ÿ’ฏ
Cassidy Scaglione
โ€œI probably actually only owe them $0.50, since I was giving out rockets and candy corn.โ€
Foxy Grey
Foxy Grey 8 days ago
12:55 literally the best thing Iโ€™ve ever heard
Vito Cirilla
Vito Cirilla 8 days ago
"Ok I can't go there just for a microwave unless you pay me $25 for gas." At this point I would get an envelope and put $25 in Monopoly money in it.Then seal it and tell him not to open it until he gets home.After that,block his number.
M M 10 days ago
I cant watch these good without a computer. Anyone want to give me a computer and deliver and it has to be top of the line/brand new and free and if you dont give it to me you are ruining my kids birthday xmas and I am divorced and everyone I know has aids please think of the children. Hahaha god these videos are amazing people are something haha
LadyCrafts 10 days ago
I was an assistant manager at Subway near where I live. You know that little cube box in front of the till? That's not a need a penny, it's a tip jar. Subway doesn't let us label it that way though because they don't want people to feel that they have to tip. I had had a really great day (working alone as we live in a very small farming community and the scheduling manager forgot there was an event) and had gotten around $35 in tips as the local high school was hosting a state championship game. You know how these small towns are with things like this. An out of towner came in and was a few dollars short for his order and proceeded to take money out of my tip jar. When I tried to explain to him that it was a tip jar and that the money in there was not for customer use, he informed me that fast food doesn't allow tips, therefor this is obviously a need a penny to which he is allowed to take whatever he needs from it. He then took everything out of the jar and left without completing his purchase or taking his food. Luckily there was only about $10 in the jar as I had removed what was in it after an earlier rush for this very reason.
Aryona Samoto
Aryona Samoto 12 days ago
That board of sayings that employers want employees to say is basically what health care workers do but don't say. We do it all & management still gives us crap for asking to leave early once and a while. I stopped doing all this & other staff is now giving me crap because I'm not doing as much as them. Now that management is trying to pull the same stuff with them, the other staff is getting annoyed. Health care is becoming toxic because the workload keeps increasing but staffing stays the same & the higher ups don't care because we aren't people to them, we're just numbers.
Muranda 13 days ago
These people can't REALLY be real.
Ashley Hammond
Ashley Hammond 13 days ago
That flight situation is definitely the attendants' duty to calm worried customers, so if she wanted a window seat so badly, she could have 1. paid for it 2. been escorted off the flight for the disruption.
eric peterson
eric peterson 14 days ago
$15 for a large pepperoni pizza? Hell ya where can i get that?!
Roblox Studio
Roblox Studio 14 days ago
Anyone needs a iPhone 11?
Meg Lea
Meg Lea 14 days ago
โ€œI canceled my vacation, Iโ€™d rather be at work.โ€ I actually had to do that last year because I was afraid Iโ€™d lose my job.
gamergod8778 15 days ago
this is unrelated to this video but if you say OwO in any online game you have a high chance of people just leaving
joonas juntunen
joonas juntunen 15 days ago
the last one was my favourite, so deserved
Alina Violeta Georgescu
No give him a secret Delivery and let him pay the beebs and idk what i forgot lllllllooooooolllllllll
Josh_the_ jester
Josh_the_ jester 16 days ago
7:01 I only agree with one of these panels "of course I don't mind working late!" As long as I get paid accordingly for it
Josh_the_ jester
Josh_the_ jester 16 days ago
6:34 heh I'd throw in a mtn dew shut off the camera dump a barely noticeable amount out and piss in it, then put the cap back on and us a heat gun, witch is hot enough to melt plastic and carefully melt the cap to the ring, and not the bottle
Josh_the_ jester
Josh_the_ jester 16 days ago
4:26 now think of the Dodgers turning CB into a popsicle with a baseball bat shoved up one of her oriphists
Josh_the_ jester
Josh_the_ jester 16 days ago
2:52 I wouldn't mind giving this CB a $1,500 air conditioner, it said give it not install it, where service to install an AC unit ranges from 3k to 7k depending of its internal or external
Chub Nub
Chub Nub 16 days ago
The last one sounds like something I would do. :) Stupid whiners.
clk8395 16 days ago
That one asking for a free Google Pixel 3 XL in "not pink" really got to me. As I am watch NO-vid on that exact same phone, which I got for free as a BOGO deal when they first came out XD
Christina F
Christina F 17 days ago
That employer who made that sign---if I were his employees, I'd have convinced everyone to quit at the same time with no notice leaving him high and dry!
Crazy Candy Lover
Crazy Candy Lover 17 days ago
Give me 20$ for watching your video!!
maumee22 18 days ago
I actually got to go to one of the Elton John shows for this tour BECAUSE one of my friends had an extra ticket, all I had to do was drive her there. So yeah, I accepted.
Gacha life Rainbow deer
When I was 11 we where going on vacation and was scared of planes so when we went on planes my mom would get me a seat that you could Watch movies on. We where on the plan so I turned on the movie (Harry Potter) and got tapped on the shoulder by a woman with what looked like a 8 year old crying this was our Conversation Me: yes Women: my child is crying and really wants to watch a movie can you switch seats ( in a voice that sounded like she was talking to a baby ) Me: (me not liking to talk to strangers say: sorry I canโ€™t Kid: mommy I want you t...to w..ach a movie Woman: donโ€™t worry I will make her move ( now looking at me ) listens you Little shit move now When I politely refuse again ( now extremely scared) She starts forcibly pulling me out of my seat and I start crying My mom noticed what was happening and it became a blur because the women was now over me and I heard a smack and the boy crying even more basically the woman tried tackling my mom and my mom punched her in the nose She was kicked of the plane and my mom (a lawyer) sued her for assault
Dimitris Tsekeris
Dimitris Tsekeris 18 days ago
Random Google secretary: Mr. Page, someone is begging for a free Pixel 3 XL for his wive. Larry Page: OK!
xd RedZone
xd RedZone 19 days ago
She protects her EK She also attack But most Importantly she wants ur manager
Jared Matthew Kroo Reichenbach
I just cancelled my vacation plans too to go into work... On new year's day... I was supposed to be celebrating my 21st birthday...
wallertdwp 19 days ago
Sometimes in a videogames group, some random people ask if someone could buy them a PS4/Xbox
John Apple
John Apple 16 days ago
Can I have a x box with minecraft installed pls pls I. Only 10 and no money
Unsalted Doggo
Unsalted Doggo 19 days ago
"I don't want to disappoint my family!" Rslash: "Don't worry, your family is already probably disappointed"
Steven Johnston
Steven Johnston 18 days ago
That's a pretty good comment
Maverick Pierce
Maverick Pierce 20 days ago
4:20 is the joke here that the dodgers donโ€™t win in the postseason and therefore donโ€™t have games to play to give away tickets or is there seriously a giveaway on this website.
Nathanael Lamproe
Nathanael Lamproe 20 days ago
Did u know all of these are of seats?
Techformative 20 days ago
"why does she need beads in the middle of the night so urgently" oh, you don't wanna know ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)
player o1ne
player o1ne 2 days ago
Honor Macdonald
Honor Macdonald 8 days ago
Jesus Christ
no. 21 day ago
The guy who was giving away the beads should've had the guy come to his house, but have the bag/box/container open and drop them then say 'Whoops!' and close the door.
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger 22 days ago
Bridget Moore
Bridget Moore 22 days ago
Rslash, please make more entitled perents
monkeynumber nine
monkeynumber nine 22 days ago
The loudest bawling I've ever heard from any adult was from my ex husband shortly before we were divorced. He was crying his eyes out about his girlfriend who had dumped him because he slashed all 4 of her tires and threatened to kill her and her sister....6 months into the love affair ๐Ÿ™„...I pretty much felt bad for her.
kokokat06 23 days ago
5:07 In all fairness to the request post, the pixel 3 does actually come in a colour called "not pink" - it's basically a very slightly pinkish off-white
TenTonNuke 24 days ago
Everytime I watch these videos, I picture the Polish guy from the John Mulaney bit. "Please, I am sooo tired! Drive me three blocks."
King K Rool
King K Rool 25 days ago
Bundle of sticks๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I'm gonna use that one
Xyla Animates
Xyla Animates 25 days ago
when the title said "buy me an iphone 11 or-" I thought it said "buy me an iphone 11 or I will call the police" lol
Tide Pod Pad Thai
Tide Pod Pad Thai 16 days ago
That totally sounds like something they would say
Melissa Garhart
Melissa Garhart 25 days ago
No, sprinkle the beads on his lawn like seeds then just let him find them in the morning.
Thought Kernel
Thought Kernel 26 days ago
somehow just seems like they are all republican supporters .....trumpist
ST 26 days ago
r/Planestories when-
Jeff Y
Jeff Y 28 days ago
Some of these stories I can kind of parse from the video title alone, but this one...this one I gotta have the deets.
Duck Clone #17
Duck Clone #17 28 days ago
$55 for joy-cons! damn, I had to pay $70 cuz my mom wouldn't let me use Ebay or sites that are "Not legit"
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