Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever U Like ft. T.I.

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Music video by Nicole Scherzinger performing Whatever U Like. (C) 2007 A&M Records


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Jun 17, 2009




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Comments 5 265
Francesca M
Francesca M 14 hours ago
The only bad thing about this song is that it has an ending. 🙄⚒
Kudret Hairet
75% speed , thank me later biaaach
Marina Day ago
13 years later still know the lyrics but I can't remember what I ate few days ago -.-
Middy Mehdi
Middy Mehdi 2 days ago
Oky I'm here after the reunion
_getfree 2 days ago
I really thought this was gonna be a hit when it first came out. Surprised it wasnt more successful I still love it
Francesca Agyeman
She would’ve been 29 years old in that video if it was released in 2007. I just worked it out the maths. She’s born in 1978.
Gene S
Gene S 4 days ago
December 2019 and still rockin😎😍
Daniel Templeton
Daniel Templeton 4 days ago
Daniel Templeton
Daniel Templeton 4 days ago
Blessings Pro
Fisioterapeuta Jhonata Clarck
This is so hoooooot
Is this video intro showing how T.I. takes his Daughter to the gynaecologist?
lvlysticgirl 3 days ago
Harmony Hawkins
Harmony Hawkins 5 days ago
I absolutely love her
Patryz Detalla
Patryz Detalla 5 days ago
This song is so advance from the year it was released.
andy tv
andy tv 6 days ago
I still dont understand why people slept on it... this is a real banger
Robson Luz
Robson Luz 6 days ago
kamel Hamou
kamel Hamou 6 days ago
Reach me then ... Bye ...
Nicole Castiglia
Nicole Castiglia 7 days ago
This song is still SICKENING.
Sir Henry
Sir Henry 7 days ago
She has as much dislikes as the comments... Hmm
Elle' Law
Elle' Law 10 days ago
Dicle Su
Dicle Su 11 days ago
2019 ????
Jason Carlin
Jason Carlin 11 days ago
Trying a bit too hard to look black
V Cadaverini
V Cadaverini 11 days ago
What’s going on here? He releases a song under the same name then features here?
V Cadaverini
V Cadaverini 9 days ago
ash I heard a twitch streamer I like sing the guys version
ash 10 days ago
I thought Nicole did a version of the song ur thinking of hahah how weird only a day apart
Lekha Chunduri
Lekha Chunduri 12 days ago
the song is awesome! so dont hate on what im about to say. it's the video im looking at. it reminds me of how sexually exploited such a talented and amazing singer like nicole was, at a time. tbh, she didn't even have to go down this path of having to sexualize herself on camera. seeing her outstanding performances of broadway classics such as phantom of the opera, don't cry for me argentina, and others, she could have easily made it on broadway or other performing arts platforms. i just feel bad a little that's all. but, either way, she's had a great career, and i guess it all turned out alright haha. i'm not saying you should feel guilty about finding her really hot in this video and stuff XDD i mean, i get it, it's the point of the video, or else what's the point lol i just want those who are seeing this video to not lose sight of the fact that she's also got a lot more talent in her, beyond this song and the video
lucien granger
lucien granger 12 days ago
Sean Garrett ladies and Gentlemen... what a talent
Артем Бологов
Вы не представляете , как долго я искал этот трек, в детстве еще пытался записать его на диктофон
Vincent Tupou
Vincent Tupou 13 days ago
Damn wouldn't be surprised if TI hit that'
Jessie Orozco
Jessie Orozco 15 days ago
Song and video are LAME and not exciting anybody or anything
Ramir Enriquez
Ramir Enriquez 15 days ago
Didn't realize it was T.I. on the thumbnail
Anna Lafayette
Anna Lafayette 15 days ago
Hmm ... Nicole looks dark there. Oh, and this song is rubbish!
Shelly H
Shelly H 13 days ago
i have friends who have olive skin kind of tone /undertone and their skin tone varies depending on whether its summer or winter. one of my friends looks very different when shes tanned vs when shes not. just a possibility.
Anna Lafayette
Anna Lafayette 13 days ago
If she looks dark there that means she lightened herself, because she doesnt look that dark now.
Shelly H
Shelly H 13 days ago
whats wrong with looking dark?
really annoying guy right here
Terrible song.
Aaron Bynum
Aaron Bynum 18 days ago
I dont think people get the significant meaning behind the cinematography of this video; Nicole is Asian descent and unfortunately for many reasons theirs is this stigma I guess you say, of sex trafficking of Asian or foreign girls in that part of the world attached to it, in the beginning you see her running away from her kidnappers they take her and strip her down and make her perform for us the prospectors, and as you can see she is basically in what is a bathhouse where shes being cleaned through different methods which are also beauty treatments a mud bath to prepare her to please the prospectors, its very cultural but not in the best way but I Love how she attached this too her background even the song if you listen to it says alot, its a shame people didnt support this or correlate it because I got it from the start.
Niruban Satchithanandakumar
The algorithm did something good for once. Never heard this back in 09, but ten years later, refreshingly good!
Samira Adiva
Samira Adiva 20 days ago
el giee deee
el giee deee 20 days ago
Damn NO-vid you're acting weird again
Raphael 20 days ago
The way Nicole sings the first verses is something unmatchable. The FLAVOR. Well the whole songs actually.
Tetea Zadeng
Tetea Zadeng 20 days ago
Coming Back in November 2019 for Tip’s verse..
Jayj Janet
Jayj Janet 21 day ago
Andreea Dumitru
Andreea Dumitru 21 day ago
this song is too damn underrated
narmouna narmouna narmouna narmouna
she is not human 😵😵😵😍😍 that was 10 years ago no 1 can up that 👌👌👌👌🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
akash sharma
akash sharma 23 days ago
So underrated
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