Nicole Scherzinger - Phantom Of The Opera (Royal Variety Performance - December 14)

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Nicole performing with 4 of world's Phantom's @ the Royal Variety Performance 2011
Credit Andrew Lloyd Webber, Nicole Scherzinger, Polydor and every other that has rights on this videos


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Dec 27, 2011




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Comments 15 345
Bruno Barbosa
Bruno Barbosa 5 hours ago
Tem algum br nessa porra?
Sabine Werner
Sabine Werner 12 hours ago
Holy crap I got goosebumps 😳💕
suely mussumeci
suely mussumeci 14 hours ago
Caitlin Pierson
Gosh. Ramin without Sierra is kinda meh. Nicole did an amazing job 🙌
Hallu Cinogen
Holy shit dude Nicole was awesome on this!!!!!!
AM R Day ago
Shes sensational. So talented!
angela m
angela m 2 days ago
Wow just wow 😰😰
Miss_Unfortunate 2 days ago
Whenever people say Nichole can’t sing or has no talent, I show them this.
Dilek Yeter
Dilek Yeter 2 days ago
can't get enough 👏 someone help meee...
Mitkoff 2 days ago
Do the people who hate Nicole think that it is all about voice, or about sex, or for a higher note? Nicole Scherzinger is a woman of many gifts and the basic thing that they can't forgive her is her courage. Magic unveils before the brave!
phazon69 2 days ago
Pain Free
Pain Free 2 days ago
Who's here after Cheryl said Nicole couldn't sing
Leyla Matyakubova
Pain Free oh I believe you! I’ve been a Nicole fan for a long time! I was just curious about your opinion
Pain Free
Pain Free Day ago
@Leyla Matyakubova everyone I seen on comments will agree with me when I think Nicole has an amazing voice and can out-sing Cheryl any day, Cheryl was the least talented one in the group and can't sing live, her dancing is even worst, if you don't believe me search Cheryl Cole
Leyla Matyakubova
Pain Free 😨😳, would you agree with her ?
Pain Free
Pain Free Day ago
@Leyla Matyakubova yes, the interview was done in 2009 but it's brought back up, because Cheryl use to be a judge on the x-factor UK which Nicole now is, she also said Nicole won't make it as a solo artist and thinks the same with the rest of the pussycat dolls
Leyla Matyakubova
Pain Free damn she really did say that Nicole can’t sing ?
Amy Potter
Amy Potter 2 days ago
Was a very good version of the song. Not a personal favourite though that will always be Lesley Garrett and Michael Balls verson for myself as it gives me chills.
Caribbean Roots
Caribbean Roots 2 days ago
Her voice sent chills down my spine
Ha Kha
Ha Kha 2 days ago
Like to see Cheryl try having a go. She is not in the same league as Nicole.
Mara Madelyn TV
Mara Madelyn TV 3 days ago
Watching this on Dec 2nd, 2019... Who's with me? ♥️♥️♥️
Luna Kelly
Luna Kelly 3 days ago
The Phantom with the beard. Who is he? He's hot
Amy Lee
Amy Lee Day ago
Ramin Karimloo
Yeehaw 3 days ago
Why they gotta stand like that
Leyla Matyakubova
Kkathryn KNDL
Kkathryn KNDL 3 days ago
Absolutely love love love this 😃🥰💖
Titie Purwadi
Titie Purwadi 4 days ago
I like
JP Rapiz
JP Rapiz 4 days ago
Pussycat of the opera ❤️🙌
Mariah E
Mariah E 4 days ago
Daddy's name is Simon Bowman and he's a hella underrated phantom and definitely needs more love
Rosemarie Cabanero
Movement of quite person I fell this song.
magliano96dm 4 days ago
Nicole ❤
JovansLyf exe
JovansLyf exe 5 days ago
I want suck all of the phantoms dicks
Sonne 10
Sonne 10 5 days ago
Gänsehaut!!!!very nice
Klibasto 5 days ago
Weirdest intro to an interacial gangbang I've ever seen
Dark Symphony TV
Dark Symphony TV 5 days ago
Elisabeth J. Toft
I had NO idea she was this talented!!! That performance was amazing.
Dark Symphony TV
Dark Symphony TV 5 days ago
Shes a classically trained singer and dancer.
James stewart
James stewart 6 days ago
Yikes , shivers down my spine . What a voice .
Ben Tai
Ben Tai 6 days ago
Beautiful face , sweet voice !
Némesis Escarlet
Wey se la rifaron 🤤
Wica karo
Wica karo 7 days ago
Enchanting Nicole Scherzinger. She is as strong as four men!
이 언니 노래 잘 하는건 알았지만 이럴줄이야...
Gabriella AD
Gabriella AD 7 days ago
First but never be able to the Stop this song,Merci,thank you and very lovely Song Forever 🧡🧡❤
Anoosha R
Anoosha R 7 days ago
Those high notes 🤩
Pamela Zimny
Pamela Zimny 7 days ago
Holy SMOKES!!!
Dark Symphony TV
Dark Symphony TV 5 days ago
lol I always like going back to her old videos to see these kind of comments because people just dont know. I said it about her, I said it about Lady Gaga, just because they sing pop doesnt mean they cant sing.
Violet Booker
Violet Booker 8 days ago
What an angel
datasafe00 8 days ago
Such an underrated voice
Stav Arger
Stav Arger 9 days ago
Damn! The hottest and the most amazing performer. Nicole killed it big time!
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