Newton vs Leibniz (feat. Hannah Fry) - Objectivity #190

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Hannah Fry returns to The Royal Society to investigate one of the juiciest debates in the history of science! More links below ↓↓↓
Featuring mathematician and broadcaster Hannah Fry speaking with Brady.
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Vitenskap og teknologi

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Dec 4, 2018




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Comments 464
Masoud Day ago
I believe Newton's notation is used in mechanical engineering dynamics
Better Worse
Better Worse 4 days ago
Were you all aware Einstein HAD NOTHING AT ALL to do with relativity? Was an uneducated, low IQ dunce who plagiarized it?
past594 5 days ago
Eyelash85 7 days ago
Not a fair dispute when the presenters are also British. Leibniz was the greatest genius the western world ever had.
Lysergic Casserole
The real debate isn't between newton and leibniz. It's between leibniz and spinoza.
Mehdi F
Mehdi F 10 days ago
I choose Hannah Fry.
Sturgeon 11 days ago
I'll take Nerdgasms for $500, Alex.
oiSnowy 11 days ago
On account of Newton being a sore, cheating loser, he was obviously second. :P
Francisco d’Anconia
Leibniz. If not first, definitely better.
Vindula Illankoon
Vindula Illankoon 14 days ago
She is so funny
Marc Frank
Marc Frank 19 days ago
i thought this was about cookies
Trey Quattro
Trey Quattro Month ago
damn! Another Brady channel I have to subscribe to... (I will never finish watching these videos!)
Yecine Megdiche
Yecine Megdiche Month ago
This was in a way funny and entertaining, but also informative. I enjoyed this!
Izidorus B.
Izidorus B. Month ago
God, how much I love Hannah Fry !
Philip R. Baldwin
Hannah is really fun. She makes a great teacher.
Roodborst Kalf
Roodborst Kalf Month ago
"A certain Leibniz". This is not a serious video
Matt James
Matt James Month ago
Ah, I thought this was a discussion about biscuits.
Haipeng Li
Haipeng Li Month ago
Gee!No Gloves?!
Chris N.
Chris N. Month ago
Leibniz: I invented calculus Newton: BUT 👏DO 👏YOU 👏HAVE 👏THE 👏RE👏CEIPTS
longflopy dog
longflopy dog Month ago
I would
Saul Fischauer
Saul Fischauer Month ago
So Newton is the first 'proper' Indian Giver?
Douglas Strother
I can't believe that they are handling the manuscripts with bare hands.
Jonestastic Month ago
Maybe it's jsut me but I found the way the head librian was speaking really soothing and calming. I could definitely listen to that guy a while
Donald Piniach
Donald Piniach Month ago
It's not an invention. It's a discovery. Maths would be similar in every advanced intellectual species. Convergent ideas?
chris howard
chris howard Month ago
glad this wasn't a discussion about types of biscuit.... which i why i clicked on it! now i'm hungry. but slightly more intelligent, and ready for bed.
mark hughes
mark hughes Month ago
No mention of ‘fluxions’!
mark hughes
mark hughes Month ago
Israfael D.
Israfael D. Month ago
Looking at Newton's calculus brought back the math anxiety in me! Amazing genius to conceive all that complicated numbers and equations.
Sohel Zibara
Sohel Zibara Month ago
Newton was a fraud and a bulley
Jack Flash
Jack Flash Month ago
6:44 Dennis Ritchie would like to have a word with you.
Nick Pollard
Nick Pollard Month ago
"Does Newton ever say, you know... shut up, Leibniz?" 5:00 She really was there for the gossip!
Chad Jenkins
Chad Jenkins Month ago
My favorite Hannah Fry quote " I thought it was an integral, but it was just a curly F."
Just Someone
Just Someone Month ago
Newton was stole the theory of gravity from Robert Hook and tried to destroy Hook’s other achievements after his death. Newton was an alchemist which questions his sanity.
Natalia Cristine
My fav feud in history.
IAmAgainst Month ago
Why isn't all that material digitalized and made publicly available on the web..?
Have you googled it? Because a lot of it is already digitalized or you can find copies of the original. Google "Commercium Epistolicum" and you'll find a free copy of the original on google books etc. It's all public domain by now.
tenj00 Month ago
I guess its alright if Newton gets the credit. After all Germans took over the British Throne and to this day rule over you. And the Royal Society is led also by Germans, so no ill feelings. :P
Gavin Hudson
Gavin Hudson Month ago
Ja! Gut Danke!
Lachlan Moss
Lachlan Moss Month ago
what a great video!
Tom Meyers
Tom Meyers Month ago
This made me think of Obama Shemp...
spongebob squarepants
Newton did it first, Leibniz did it better.
Ttinytino1 Month ago
Newton didn't invented it first. Leibniz did. Then Newton got some fake dated letters around.
Gavin Hudson
Gavin Hudson Month ago
No, Newton has the email trail. Newton wins! Yay!
Oliver Jovanovic
1. Archimedes did it first. 2. Newton was thief, liar and a murderer.
0MoTheG Month ago
Shameless self-promotion and being the first to publish in english has made many win the popular credit.
Lina Palacios
Lina Palacios Month ago
Liebniz !!!!!!!liebe
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Month ago
Spill the math tea sis
Ashmeed Mohammed
"other than libniz" literally loled LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
Richard Richardson
Damn she's fine
the deeliciousplum
📓📔✒️ Oh? I love these glimpses of historical moments/writings which feature science and maths. Also, I feel a deep sense of wonder and of awe when we are shown the original handwritten pages.
Hamish McPenguin
Leibniz invented the Calculus and then went on to do a very nice line in chocky biscuits
prism Month ago
Hannah's accent is absolutely divine. ASMR material!
David Dean
David Dean Month ago
My EXACT thought. I could close my eyes and drift off... Lol
Stu Withoutaclue
Love the exuberance they bring.
Dirk Knight
Dirk Knight Month ago
They are having fun here and it shows. I wonder if Newton and Leibniz were looking at it equally relaxed? Probably not. But then, why make a big fuss? Both men have contributed so much... there is more than enough praise to go around!
DSM 5D Month ago
When I started looking for where math went wrong this year, and why computers had yet to fix it, this was a clue. The Gothic notation is an early example of quantum tunneling. All the way back to Caesar, those hairy forest people had a will about them. Gutenberg and Luther, Leibniz and Boltzmann , Scwartzschild and Planck. Even Heisenberg broke better. Habermas and Goedel are the last great German souls waiting for an answer.
modolief Month ago
Huh ... so they had typewriters back then in 1673?? Edit: Ah, no, I was seeing the printed book which was typeset ... I guess typesetting was more art than science back then.
The Ultimate Reductionist
Did Germany have a royal society of its own at the time?
Dirk Knight
Dirk Knight Month ago
Modern Germany didn't exist until 1871. Leibniz worked for different employers. At the time artists and scientists usually had to find employment with a local aristocrat. He eventually settled in Hanover, it seems. The German Physical Society, which is somewhat similar to the Royal Society (but more specialized) was founded in 1845, so that's much later. I have to admit that I don't know which German institution was first, but it was likely politically problematic to be a member of a "German" (rather than just a local duchy) institution until the 1840s or so, by which time a political movement to form one large German state had been created. The local rulers were quite paranoid about spies and potentially political congregations of any kind and would most likely have been suspicious about memberships beyond their reach. Somebody more astute in the history of German science will answer this better, I am sure.
The Ultimate Reductionist
Poor Leibniz. That's ok. Germany got its revenge in WW1 & WW2.
Jaikee DE
Jaikee DE Month ago
Britain played a minor role in those world wars. I know that's hard to swallow for little Englanders. Also Leibnitz invented the binary code.
The Ultimate Reductionist
What was the last year the Royal Society published in Latin and which was the first year (presumably the next) they published in English?
jax jax
jax jax Month ago
This was all pretty much already done in Ancient India. Greeks and Leibniz are given a bit too much credit.
Thomas Kember
Thomas Kember Month ago
In the seventeenth century mathematicians had to be fluent in Latin, at least being able to read and write it. I wonder how many are today ?
Meester_James Month ago
Leibniz is like the new, but lesser known Tesla. The underdog guy that we now all love because it turns out Edison/Newton was kind of annoying
BrandonFlorida Month ago
It's my understanding that Leibnitz's discovery was facilitated by quite a bit of prior communication with Newton.
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