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Dec 7, 2019




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Comments 129
The United Stand
Get YOUR Takeaway with JUSTEAT juste.at/UnitedStand
samburger Month ago
Did somebody say just eat
Neil Jackson
Neil Jackson Month ago
Had too many lately
Mcr Red
Mcr Red Month ago
the boy's made Manchester proud today
v d
v d Month ago
2:26:30 Fred corner
limericklad2000 Month ago
You should probably take some time to learn the handball rule it's not that complicated.
Adittya Shah
Adittya Shah Month ago
When is the time of racial abuse of fred.
v d
v d Month ago
Ryan Sullivan
Ryan Sullivan Month ago
21:35 mark gets relegated to the couch
Kacper Goral
Kacper Goral Month ago
When will we ever keep a clean sheet?
Kacper Goral
Kacper Goral Month ago
Manchester is RED!!!
Mohit Hellan
Mohit Hellan Month ago
What they gonna do about the racial abuse towards Fred
Sub to my channel if u think Man Utd are gonna do top 6 like also
Metalgear SolidSnake
VAR is a joke, nobody knows the rules and it destroys the flow of the game! i will never like it!
Metalgear SolidSnake
United playing very weird... loses to the bad teams and beat the best! well they are one of the best paid in the world, so you need to expect this result!!
Sibisi 1
Sibisi 1 Month ago
Great result by the boys now we just have to look ahead to games like Everton, Watford so we can get top 4
rajeev bhargav
rajeev bhargav Month ago
Manchester is ❤ and it'll be red. Come on👹
Mac Mac
Mac Mac Month ago
21:35 Goldbridge's wife merks him off 1:53:52 Goldbridge gets his pu pu platter out for the lads 1:55:15 Goldbridge eats spring roll 1:58:36 Goldbridge eats prawn toast 2:00:24 Goldbridge eats chicken ball 2:03:15 Goldbridge eats another chicken ball 2:07:40 Goldbridge eats third chicken ball 2:16:05 Goldbridge eats another spring roll 2:18:10 Goldbridge eats final spring roll
ASH Month ago
Everywhere is red except london
Mark Biancazzurri
well done, check out Juve's 1st loss. Well done again, deserved victory !
Danial Khan
Danial Khan Month ago
"De gea isn't in ederson league" up urs u plastic shitty fan, de gea had a way better game than Brazil's no.2 😏😚😚🤑🤑😝😝🤡🤡💩💩🖕🖕🤫🤫🤫
Leo Hartley
Leo Hartley Month ago
#3 on trending for gaming
gmc Month ago
I never seen anybody in my life to be so two-sided 1 minutes I love Olly and I want him to stay there the next it's if he loses these two games I want him out whatever happened to letting him put his stamp on this team and giving him a chance instead of getting rid of him when everything is not going right
Ryan Triskey
Ryan Triskey Month ago
treating on gaming good job YT
Amanda Carney
Amanda Carney Month ago
play this in max speed lol
Tony V
Tony V Month ago
1:21:20-Foul 1:22:54-Penalty awarded 1:24:15-Rashford(23' P) 1:29:58-Martial (29') 1:49:29-HT 2:26:30 - Projectiles being thrown 2:44:10 - Otamendi(85') 2:54:47 -Full Time!
MRafa hafiy
MRafa hafiy 17 days ago
Thank you
Tony V
Tony V Month ago
@v d cheers mate, ill add that in
v d
v d Month ago
2:26:30 Fred corner
Jon Bergersen
Jon Bergersen Month ago
Thank you!
Nandi Collector
Nandi Collector Month ago
Sir, you deserve a medal 👌
Liam Irvin
Liam Irvin Month ago
21:35 😂 He got angry 😬
K1NG_XXX Month ago
What happened?
Wayne L
Wayne L Month ago
Rachid Khamlichi
21:21 you talk a lot of shite
Shaamz25 Month ago
Play 1:30:00 in 0.25 you will not regret it 😂😂😂
BCFC Month ago
Shaamir Tariq I regret it
zMarkv Month ago
Brilliant 😆
Young Lord
Young Lord Month ago
Acid Month ago
The Storm Legacy oh my god what the fudge is this.. Manchester City are 2-0 down and Manchester United are 2-0 up. Bloody hilarious.
Red Devils
Red Devils Month ago
fearofallsums Month ago
Solskjaer needs a couple of central midfielders and a “plan b” striker - and for you lot to shut up and actually start supporting the club - instead of running the manager and the players down , like some wannabe AFTV.
Mario is Da boss
Ok top red
Brian Jacob
Brian Jacob Month ago
Ole needs to figure out that the youth are the future. Give it up with Matic, Mata, Young. Quit playing 5 at the back so much. James and Rashford are WINGERS; Greenwood and Martial are STRIKERS. This is NOT some mix and match situation. Play them in their correct positions. Get a real CDM and a real 10 (Pogba if he's willing to stay) and this team will improve.
Norma Grixti
Norma Grixti Month ago
😈 brilliant game united❤👏👏👏❤ Manchester is RED
Comedy FoR REaL
Comedy FoR REaL Month ago
shazib k Manchester is red go get your eyes checked
lfc fan
lfc fan Month ago
Manchester is blue
Alexander CARESTIA
Keep Pressing 1:30:02 😂😂😂 you gotta love the guy 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴
Money Mitch
Money Mitch Month ago
Don’t like the whole player rating thing you do, the whole team played well and shouldn’t be an individual thing especially in a derby ✊🏾 common United, were all great except Woodward 😂
Kjetil ‘
Kjetil ‘ Month ago
Alfred Bigboots
Alfred Bigboots Month ago
Ole schooled pep and Jose big time lol
Magnus Matheson
Magnus Matheson Month ago
Let me be clear, the people who actually think/tought Ole should leave the club, should leave as fans. We do not need your manipulated, self centered, ignorant brains. All the Ex players, club people, are supporting Ole. He is rebuilding what Manchester United is, not what you support. Thank you.
khedup losang
khedup losang Month ago
If only we played half as good as this against Sheffield and Villa, fuckin hell
jackyboy777666 Month ago
AWB 11/10
dawn whyman
dawn whyman Month ago
Should keep Ole at the wheel for a couple more years.
Gavin Month ago
EDITED CORRECT TIMES SINCE MARK UPDATED VOD Penalty awarded 26:35 United 1-0 (rashford pen) - 27:55 United 2-0 (martial) - 33:35 Otemendi 2-1 - 1:47:53 1:58:30 full time
Sanket Patil
Sanket Patil Month ago
This is wrong
Deplorable Me
Deplorable Me Month ago
Good result today. Today I felt like I was watching Manchester United for the first time since we pumped Chelsea 4 - 0 opening day.
Avaflakiez Month ago
28:05 33:44
Neil Jackson
Neil Jackson Month ago
Maybe Ricky might give Fred a bit of credit after that game
Akwagiobe Simon
Akwagiobe Simon Month ago
Manchester United, are improving. Congratulations for there Victory
destiny killer
destiny killer Month ago
Manchester is red
MUFC Highlights
MUFC Highlights Month ago
Manchester is 🔴
Emmanuele Villalpando
@lfc fan LOL
Aaaa Bbbb
Aaaa Bbbb Month ago
shazib k Get outta here.
Kristian Prenkaj
@lfc fan TRIGGERED
lfc fan
lfc fan Month ago
Manchester is blue
Ali Zidan
Ali Zidan Month ago
1:24:15 Rashford 1:30:00 Martial You are welcome
Emmanuele Villalpando
@Nick Iqbal wait what?...
Nick Iqbal
Nick Iqbal Month ago
arctic 1878
arctic 1878 Month ago
wait what, these timestamps are way out in 2nd half
Seanreed Himongala
What about the racial abuse part?
Ashish Paul
Ashish Paul Month ago
How has Fred started playing well 🤔
Ashish Paul
Ashish Paul Month ago
Supposedly, Roy Keane has spoken to the squad recently, seems to have had a positive effect 👍
Emmanuele Villalpando
Top players Mctomminay Fred Wan Bissaka
Will McKenzie
Will McKenzie Month ago
Mourinho said once you we have a good defence you’ll see the best of Fred
Matthew Tham
Matthew Tham Month ago
He playing well because he's finally getting more than 1 game in a row. He's had 10 straights starts so he is picking up form.
ritul sharma
ritul sharma Month ago
Ashish Paul can be clumsy little times but his energy and forward passing and vision is important for a partnership with someone less versatile like Scott.
Emperor Ceaser
Emperor Ceaser Month ago
Strange result. If we can learn how to beat lower side united will win the league next season.
Ei Month ago
Emperor Ceaser 😂😂
Rahul Rymbai
Rahul Rymbai Month ago
Ole needs January transfer
Okay T
Okay T Month ago
Elisabeth Vika Støver we don’t need a left back we have shaw and Williams. We need a cam and a striker
Elisabeth Vika Støver
Rahul Rymbai We need to bring in Haaland and a new left-back in january. In the summer we need to sell Pogba and bring in 2 or 3 midfielders. Quality < Quantity
gowtham k
gowtham k Month ago
you havnt given credit to players
Manchester is red!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👋😁👍👍👹
Gurdit Singh
Gurdit Singh Month ago
Can't wait for Saeed to sing Oles at the wheel
TJ Month ago
Oh yeah lmaoo
PriinceBrvce Month ago
Gurdit Singh The streets don’t forget 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fatona Oladimeji
Fancams will be fireeeeee
Hasan Hussain
Hasan Hussain Month ago
MUFC Highlights
MUFC Highlights Month ago
2:44:11 otemandi goal
shaz789123 Month ago
good game
mustafa ahmad
mustafa ahmad Month ago
Awesome performance guys.. love you all.. united united.. very happy tbh
PriinceBrvce Month ago
Ole has tactically outclassed two of the best managers in world football within only 4 days. Ole clearly has it in him to produce but you lot want Ole sacked just because of a little rough patch?? Deluded 🤦🏾‍♂️
J T Month ago
Totally agree!!
Ein Mugen Tenshin
24% win ratio?! Since he became manager he's had 28 wins, 11 draws and 14 losses. This gives him a 53% win ratio if you count the draws as losses, and 67% if you exclude draws. This season alone we're at a 37,5% win ratio with 6 wins, 6 draw and 4 losses, and 60% if you exclude the draws. Do you people fail at math just to piss the rest of us off?
PriinceBrvce Month ago
Mr xo Facts my bro
Mr xo
Mr xo Month ago
Ole needs time, a couple of transfer windows and we will be great. sacking him is stupid
shmurda69 Month ago
I'm buzzing baby. The irony that we battered Spurs and Man City and drew against Aston Villa.
Shay Campbell
Shay Campbell Month ago
We will probably lose to everon now
shmurda69 Month ago
@limericklad2000 well Irony means an outcome that was opposite of what was expected. We didn't expect to struggle vs Aston Villa but we drew and it was hard fought 2-2. I didnt expect to win vs Spurs and especially City, considering both teams came from commanding victories in their previous fixture. The fact that we not only beat them, but also tactically outplayed them shows you how ironic this past week has been.
limericklad2000 Month ago
The irony that you don't understand what irony means.
Fingers998 Month ago
without pogba we really seem to struggle against weaker sides. the team just doesn't have the creativity when he isn't playing.
Niha Pandey
Niha Pandey Month ago
And don't be surprised if we draw with Everton but brilliant performance from Ole and his lads
LtCorbis •
LtCorbis • Month ago
When’s the reaction mark
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