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Nov 21, 2019




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Comments 5 410
Jeraldine Kibo-kibo
Jeraldine Kibo-kibo 10 hours ago
Can you put clay machine on slimatory the slimatory is fun
Karim Anderson
Karim Anderson 19 hours ago
Can ameerah make another video like these
Claudia Marquez
Claudia Marquez 21 hour ago
slime girl love ya'll
I hate u Paul
Kristine Baker
Why would he make them which ingredients like what😡🤯
Russelldi Foti
I don’t like how Jeddah always cheats
Charmelle Bonifacio
I hate paul
LizzyTheWolf Day ago
this is how many times i see comments saying "ThIs Is HoW mAnY tImEs SoMtHiNg HapEnds
Rosie May
Rosie May Day ago
I think that AMEERA was taking time on her slime to make it look good so that’s why she took long
Maliya Fraser
I love ameerah
it's aryanna Slider
Same you are
crystal faith salt
I like slime so much I like all your video
McKenzie Sanders
McKenzie Sanders 2 days ago
Jeddah is a cheater
Farrah Abrahams for xjfrhvdvbdtbcv
Hi amirah your mother is cheating just wanted to tell you and can you please come to pe Port Elizabeth come on January the 1st and go to the community centre near just come to animals Street and then you reply to my comment yes or no please thank you also bring your slime or can you mail me smile please best slime you have I could clear slime
Alicia Maria Urena
I really hate Jeddah when she cheats but not hating I love ameerah’s videos
Austin Jacob Manuba
my lv.33
Kaitlen Collier
Kaitlen Collier 2 days ago
When you switch it ruins the vid and i always watch you I’m clicking off
Celina Bhagratti
Celina Bhagratti 2 days ago
I am on level 506
Elizabeth Alvarado
This sucks ass
Marty Rafferty
Marty Rafferty 2 days ago
Why is Jeddah always cheate
Lisa Cooper
Lisa Cooper 3 days ago
H&G love forever
H&G love forever 3 days ago
Not to hate jeddah but she always cheating Andrés se happy for ammerah
fire stick
fire stick 3 days ago
This is fake
Calvin Lloren
Calvin Lloren 3 days ago
Calvin Lloren
Calvin Lloren 3 days ago
Freya Kirkcaldy
Freya Kirkcaldy 3 days ago
I love you Ameerah !!!!! Please can you give me a shout out
XxMarianna GachaxX
I'm at 12
Kahala Kane
Kahala Kane 3 days ago
I did upgrade on my Slimeatory shop and I’m on level 10 and when I was playing I got bored so I started to watch your videos and when I got back on the game glitching and you remember when I upgraded it Most Slimeatory shop
Miranda Heintz
Miranda Heintz 3 days ago
How many times Jennah uses clay and glitters and paint 👇🏻👇🏻
LightSwitch_. Fall
Why does Jeddah always cheat
jimin park
jimin park 4 days ago
Can you this is too Paul can you like say to Jeddah if she cheats she is disqualified
Bear's Slime
Bear's Slime 4 days ago
I love your vids, but it is kind of boring to watch Jeddah because she uses the exact same ingredients ever time Still love your vids❤️
Kristall Gomez
Kristall Gomez 4 days ago
Maddie B
Maddie B 4 days ago
Please do another one of the switch ingredients
Rebecca Kristen
Rebecca Kristen 4 days ago
im on 586
Layla Starkey
Layla Starkey 5 days ago
Maria Dennys
Maria Dennys 5 days ago
Why will you do that
Kendra Nielson
Kendra Nielson 5 days ago
Who is better at making slime makeovers?? Ameerah:comment Jeddah:like Paul:subscribe to Paul Charlie:chicken tenders
Kendra Nielson
Kendra Nielson 5 days ago
A slime queen Merry/happy Everything adorable Eggs are gross Resembles slimes AMAZINGLY! Always super cute and nice Happy
R R 5 days ago
I think next time have to be jeddah and paul
faith subala
faith subala 5 days ago
Jeddah is a child
LaydiiLuv1 5 days ago
Stupid Paul he is annoying af
Ree Tracy Myrie Muir
Please tell me one time that Jeddah won
Ellexis Zieska
Ellexis Zieska 5 days ago
I'm on level 50
Gianna tremble
Gianna tremble 6 days ago
i am on laevl 80 i play ever day
piano mantits
piano mantits 6 days ago
Fun fact: Ameerah is 16 this year and Jeddah is 37. I thought Ameerah was 20 and Jeddah was 50.
Ashley Duran suarez
I hate Jeddah she is a cheater and she always copies Ameerah that I hate and I a big hater (not saying in a mean way or maybe)
soji bargeron
soji bargeron 7 days ago
I’m on 50!
Faizar Mundi
Faizar Mundi 7 days ago
*Jeddah looking at ameerahs slime* Jeddah: Thats Totally what I was gonna do Me: Not really u would rather mix ur yellow and blue clay into the slime
Joel Villamor
Joel Villamor 7 days ago
I'm gang not subscribe to paul😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠
july181981 8 days ago
It is not even a number
july181981 8 days ago
This is how many times jay said magical clay in every video 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Chuka Chuka
Chuka Chuka 8 days ago
Can jeddah just shut up for 13 minutes😡😡GOSH
Amira Rain
Amira Rain 9 days ago
Hey jeta did you notice that you picked mishagan colors
sizzworth cat
sizzworth cat 9 days ago
this is how many times Jeddah cheated: | | | \/
Jincky Bonifacio
Jincky Bonifacio 10 days ago
I hate jeddah when she's cheating
Peyton Fehring
Peyton Fehring 10 days ago
Jason Bowling
Jason Bowling 11 days ago
I'm levle 69
Camila 5YouTube
Camila 5YouTube 11 days ago
12:11 Ameerah is about to crunch pauls tiny finger and its going to pop
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