Leaving the YouTube Bubble

Drew Gooden
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Nov 29, 2019




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Comments 22 943
Jason rodriguez
Jason rodriguez 6 minutes ago
Lily is the type of girl to bash white males while masturbating to them on pornhub
TheRManProds 11 minutes ago
Bojiggle 41 minute ago
Hold up was that Care by Dance Gavin Dance?
nabila mulla
nabila mulla 56 minutes ago
Just a white boy trying to defame lily. Stay pressed while she stays winning.
Kirbyfire73 Hour ago
She's a racist feminist trying to be a comedian, It was bound to be bad from the get go.
9:54 That's a great line. I think it can apply to NO-vidrs as well as people who perform or make creative work for others in general
Nikola Opacic
Nikola Opacic Hour ago
Dance Gavin Dance in the transition slide, very nice
"Ok Bloomer." Kill me
Beeg Yoshi
Beeg Yoshi Hour ago
In b4 this gets taken down due to the new NO-vid policies
Painted Lotus
Painted Lotus 2 hours ago
I've watched this video four times, and it's still just as cathartic.
V - Dawg
V - Dawg 2 hours ago
Conan occasionally does make jokes about his celebrity status. But he does it in a way that he makes fun himself so the audience laughs and likes it
Madeline Engel
Madeline Engel 2 hours ago
This is the most patient and insightful criticism video you've put up. It's refreshing to hear you speaking out of concern as if for a friend while maintaining professionalism. Props.
Mikoy Fernandez
Mikoy Fernandez 3 hours ago
Ironically, Lilly really needs to take notes from old timers like Conan, seriously!
ThePersonNetwork 3 hours ago
can't wait until youtube takes this down for bullying -_-
Arathi Menon
Arathi Menon 3 hours ago
As a brown giel, she does nit represent me! I used to love her once tho. She has changed a lot
Arathi Menon
Arathi Menon 3 hours ago
Teehee 3 hours ago
My new favorite genre of NO-vid is cyber bullying. Thanks Jake Paul!
Anathema Nu
Anathema Nu 3 hours ago
lilly singh completely UNFUNNY. Total cringe.
John Billings
John Billings 4 hours ago
Even in school I was always everywhere. Never an "insider"... They hated my stinking guts.
•Minty• 4 hours ago
I think the crowd had a script of laughing...
mike allen
mike allen 4 hours ago
if you dont laugh at her jokes you are racist and homophobic. if you think she is a joke you are racist and homophobic.
Josh Krawczyk
Josh Krawczyk 4 hours ago
It’s because I’m white isn’t it
Janelle Armand
Janelle Armand 4 hours ago
Lily's complete lack of self-awareness is astounding. She's not comedic.
Heroes Workshop
Heroes Workshop 4 hours ago
NO-vid funny, isn't funny.
Roy Munson
Roy Munson 4 hours ago
2:05 "Now I know that as a STRAIGHT, WHITE MAN myself, it's NOT really MY PLACE to be saying these things...and if I was the only one critiquing her in THIS WAY...then the problem would lie more with ME than it did with Lily..." No?...who's place IS IT to call out some race-baiting bitch who's hating on WHITE MEN??? You basically act like having white skin & a dick makes you "unfit" to comment on shit like this...and that your opinion is only validated or acceptable when women & minorities are saying it too. Do you actually buy all that bullshit?! Its insane.
J.T. Martin Riley
J.T. Martin Riley 6 hours ago
Vic Berger needs to get on this
Roji Maharjan
Roji Maharjan 6 hours ago
So true. I CANT EVEN look at her for second. 0 stars for her
Scottland Belk II
Scottland Belk II 6 hours ago
I want to see her fail, because she’s not a white man.
Kinglink Reviews
Kinglink Reviews 6 hours ago
Positive Comments? Negative comments? Wait comments on youtube works? I just figured it's been broken for the last couple months. Maybe that's just my vids.
Pame M
Pame M 6 hours ago
I don’t know why NO-vid showed me this in my feeds... i watched like 1 video of lilly about 4 years ago and I found her boring and didn’t watch her anymore. Now I get it, the content was for kids and I was 23 when I saw that video. This video was interesting, and I think she needs to calm down a little bit, not because she is on television or whatever it is; it means she will be successfully for ever, television is baaad and mean, be carefully Lily
Unknown Chaos
Unknown Chaos 7 hours ago
Drew reminds me of John Mulaney
Muteteli Harvey
Muteteli Harvey 7 hours ago
Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma 7 hours ago
Her youtube videos are so cringy. None of them are funny. Wtf are teenagers and kids watching today?
Nody Meow
Nody Meow 7 hours ago
I agree with you... She boring, she repeat the jokes & i get bored
L Bo
L Bo 7 hours ago
I absolutely love the MeTube sign 🤣 and lilly.. yes shes annoying af.
Ayah A
Ayah A 8 hours ago
The tomato joke was literally one of those minion meme jokes that came on my Pinterest feed 4 years ago. It wasn’t even a little bit different, she blatantly copies it word by word, and the worst part is IT ISN’T FUNNY AND A TOMATOES ARE TECHNICALLY A FRUIT
opalander 8 hours ago
A dead kitten is funnier than her.
Niall Mcgurk
Niall Mcgurk 8 hours ago
“This video is going to be taken down in 24 hours due to NO-vid’s new terms and service”
Neutral Neutrality
Neutral Neutrality 8 hours ago
Careful man, under the new ToS some of your content might be considered bullying or harassment
Rowen Christianson
Rowen Christianson 9 hours ago
Oprah has had a talk show for a long time and she’s not white...
Sin City Quinn
Sin City Quinn 9 hours ago
I don’t feel sorry for you or any sensitive white man. As much as you assholes stereotype other races, you deserve all of it. How’s it feel? You can dish it but you can’t take it.
RaifSeverence 3 hours ago
You must be new to comedy cause white people have been stereotyped in comedy for a good 40 some years now. (Richard Pryor was active in the 70s right?)
Sin City Quinn
Sin City Quinn 6 hours ago
Abdelmalek Bouchellal Stay civilized? What are you talking about? You know what? Stop talking to me. I wasn’t talking to you in the first place. I said what i said them clarified it. I don’t give a fuck about your opinion or how you interpreted it, either. I couldn’t care less. Didn’t read your last comment and I’m not reading any after. Fuck off.
Abdelmalek Bouchellal
@Sin City Quinn first of all try to stay civilized your only making yourself childich by saying that. And drew's point was she was just repeating 1 joke 20 times. Also do you know what somone talk crap about a race repeatedly ? A racist. And she isnt talking stereotype, she straight up just demeaning the white man race as a whole ther is a difference bewtween saying to a black man that he have a big dick or just straight up calling him the n word ( on a side not im not even white im an african) racism isnt gona cure racism
Sin City Quinn
Sin City Quinn 7 hours ago
Abdelmalek Bouchellal A hit dog will holler. Lily wasn’t talking about HIM as an individual but he decided to make this video. If he is upset about what she said about white men it’s because he does what she was saying. Therefore, my comment. Try to catch up.
Sin City Quinn
Sin City Quinn 7 hours ago
Abdelmalek Bouchellal I was talking about white men. Moron. I don’t give a damn if he did in the video or not. White men never gave a damn if their stereotypes were accurate to the actual individual. Tough shit if they don’t like it.
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