Laughing At Youtubers That Said Logan Paul Would Win

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Nov 27, 2019




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Comments 24 346
Toxic Fuze
Toxic Fuze 6 hours ago
Ksi look at the video Logan made
Wendy Am
Wendy Am 7 hours ago
Yed logan shouldve won u dumb person
Omarr. 753
Omarr. 753 7 hours ago
When’s ksi vs jake?
Cain H
Cain H 7 hours ago
Bro this dude is still up on that weak ass fight😂
Ahmed ALHELAL 7 hours ago
JJ 1 year ago: try not to laugh JJ today: try to laugh
Tom Williams
Tom Williams 8 hours ago
Logan Paul hasn't posted in weeks I WONDER WHY
Deeqo Weheliye ali
Deeqo Weheliye ali 8 hours ago
Logan is a pussy
Unknown User
Unknown User 9 hours ago
Ksi the fight is over can u stop talking bout it that was like one or too months ago
Axel Limardo-Ortiz
Axel Limardo-Ortiz 9 hours ago
You’re the gayest person I’ve ever seen and also how about you put a shirt on you little black prick
TOX1C YG 9 hours ago
Hamza 3.0
Hamza 3.0 9 hours ago
Ngl your hair style in the fight was fire🔥🔥🔥
Frederik Korsgaard
Frederik Korsgaard 10 hours ago
TheRed Shadow.
TheRed Shadow. 10 hours ago
11:48 JJ activated fanboy mode
Troy Wellman
Troy Wellman 10 hours ago
JJ is a fucking lucky bitch. Look at the reaction on his face after he found he won; if that’s not the face of I just hit the lottery than I don’t know what is. He knows he’s lucky he got the decision win. So stop taking like you won this fight like it was a walk in the park. You mentioned LPs promise to knock you out and didn’t follow through, what happened to your promise of KO you fucking hypocrite. Stop talking shit after to the guy who had nothing but respect for you after defeat.
Troy Wellman
Troy Wellman 10 hours ago
Ps your music is shit
eeronxdgt kendama
eeronxdgt kendama 11 hours ago
your laugh is so fucking funny btw i got kicked out of computer class in school cuz i watched your video racist computer and i burst into laughing
eeronxdgt kendama
eeronxdgt kendama 11 hours ago
u are genius bro
Ithal Mekha
Ithal Mekha 12 hours ago
Who was the guy at 17:52?
Panda 12 hours ago
11:48 when Babatunde's owner lets him go
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 10 hours ago
I’m jarron
ItzAspect FN
ItzAspect FN 13 hours ago
Can you please make a video i can't wait to run to the seating room just to watch you man😂
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 10 hours ago
Somewhere in the 14s where unwebaltner was doing just music was the whitest shit ever
Cross Face
Cross Face 13 hours ago
When are u posting the next video
Written Epilogue
Written Epilogue 13 hours ago
He must have gotten ill from Logan, I heard he sneezed three times. Pretty serious shit. Get well soon JJ.
Muid Mumtaz
Muid Mumtaz 14 hours ago
15:58 I died lmao
Jeshurun John
Jeshurun John 15 hours ago
Ksi : *dances like Ricardo Milos in **2:05*
Gibran Michael Gatia6
that was a friendly game?????
•Kookiez• 17 hours ago
i took some drugs... Not The Harry kind.
Megan Teamprime7
Megan Teamprime7 20 hours ago
Please react to helluva Boss
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez 20 hours ago
Wtf is my life
SoaR Oink
SoaR Oink 20 hours ago
Bro why do u still talk about Logan, it finished. Done
ghost less
ghost less 20 hours ago
Lol 16:00
DarkPikachu65 Pikachu
nice to see JJ back
tonie valdez
tonie valdez 21 hour ago
remember last year when dax said he will be the biggest in the year and would win a grammy and oscar and shit like that well i haven’t seen shit from him
JIMMY JAMZ 21 hour ago
ambler productions made ksi
Weekly Thrower
Weekly Thrower 22 hours ago
Somewhere in the 14s where unwebaltner was doing just music was the whitest shit ever
Xxx jarron
Xxx jarron 22 hours ago
I’m jarron
Aa Vz
Aa Vz 22 hours ago
KSI is a fucking dumb ass
Idiots Everywhere
Idiots Everywhere 22 hours ago
You fight like stupid though. 😂😂😂
Desert Dex
Desert Dex 23 hours ago
Anyone know the track used when he was becoming a Ricardo Milos
XThe_petti_pigX -PS4
I’m scared in faze rug’s FaceTiming random you tubers he FaceTimed Logan and he said he was coming to Ohio 🤢 he better not come to Cincinnati
Maddox Allen
Maddox Allen 23 hours ago
Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Bryton Ramirez
Bryton Ramirez 23 hours ago
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