Juice Newton - Angel Of The Morning (Official Video)

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Official video of Juice Newton performing Angel Of The Morning from the album Angel Of The Morning.
Buy It Here: smarturl.it/yjp0ie
Official Website: juicenewton.com/
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Mar 11, 2009




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Comments 21 228
Yato San
Yato San 13 hours ago
Desiree ray
Desiree ray Day ago
Y’all all coming from IT or Deadpool, while I came from Trolls Holiday...
gwapu ang-guy
... 2020.
Leandro Servin
Q preciosura de mujer por favor.....
jean menamora
sirs only occupies her talent to get ahead she is great con orgullo hispano ella es grande ole
A N Day ago
anyone here from friends?
Максим Day ago
Shaggy - best
Tim WSU Day ago
Beautiful cheating song.... no-vid.com/video/video-24rYz9QAvdQ.html
Mario Alberto Rendon Marino
Leslie Pieterse
Leslie Pieterse 2 days ago
This lifetime is great with good music, good friends and family. And most of all good health, may we continue with great music .
lou schulze
lou schulze 2 days ago
What a voice not heard this for yrs.
Ари Avgust
Ари Avgust 2 days ago
На Аллу Пугачёву походит 😀.
Ragnarok Zero549
Ragnarok Zero549 2 days ago
Who's here because of Deadpool
Se oye mejor que con enrique guzman
ícҽís թհօҽղíx
Her hair is glorious. 🎗
ícҽís թհօҽղíx
I used to ⛸ roller skate to this song. I was a pre teen. I'm 49 now. Geez time flies.
Vinicius Heines
Vinicius Heines 2 days ago
Eu me casaria com essa aí , viu !
abu sayem
abu sayem 3 days ago
Who is listening this for deadpool ?
محمد الكنون
Really brilent song
mike scholten
mike scholten 3 days ago
I fell in love with this song and the singer before any of the movies that it was in.
J. Mark Lane
J. Mark Lane 3 days ago
She has the best hair of any woman who ever lived.
SOLOMON A 3 days ago
Damn they dont make music like this anymore. Who is here with me listening to this nostalgic masterpiece in January 20/20 ? Please hit the like button and happy new year to everyone.
SOLOMON A 2 days ago
@The Reaper_TRO also in POWER series 4 episode 2 or 3 I guess.
The Reaper_TRO
The Reaper_TRO 2 days ago
SOLOMON A I guess you could say that but I remember hearing it in the deadpool test footage
Doğukan Payza
Doğukan Payza 3 days ago
çok güzel ......
Alexandre Martins de Figueiredo
Essa música aparece no filme It
Scott W
Scott W 3 days ago
Yeah the song has always been good but Deadpool made it a come back to regularly song 😀
Ellen McCullough
Ellen McCullough 3 days ago
Still brings me to tears...such a beautiful song..thank you, Juice..
Gulzar Salmani
Gulzar Salmani 4 days ago
Evin i
Team Ski
Team Ski 4 days ago
She is certainly beautiful and so talented.
langdolin 4 days ago
I am old. I remember this song on the FM radio when we drove from state to state in the days before streaming and downloaded movies.
Antoinette Carr
Antoinette Carr 4 days ago
Deadpool bought me here 🤷🏾‍♀️
Larry Hoyt
Larry Hoyt 4 days ago
Do some women really feel this way towards men? I haven't found one.
Great Briton
Great Briton 3 days ago
You don't understand... she's giving up what's hers out of love of someone who doesn't want to give it. You should not be looking for this.
Leroy D. Griffin
Leroy D. Griffin 4 days ago
My mom loved this song .. love u mom
Pablo Feijoo
Pablo Feijoo 4 days ago
Gracias Deadpool!!!!
Rolando Diaz
Rolando Diaz 4 days ago
This is about a one night stand right?
Rolando Diaz
Rolando Diaz 4 days ago
@avilleguyYeah, that does make more sense.
avilleguy 4 days ago
Probably. Or some kind of illicit affair.
SuicideKid1979 4 days ago
Reminds me a bit of Abba.
Emma longton
Emma longton 4 days ago
I know this allrealdy
Ani Noviyanti
Ani Noviyanti 4 days ago
I first heard it in deadfool. i like this song.
Beach Bum
Beach Bum 5 days ago
This song is absolutely amazing
Holden Cauldfield
joseph1985 5 days ago
I love this song from long before Deadpool...
Gokupol4r 999
Gokupol4r 999 5 days ago
Nikkita Alexander
Shaggy you trick me men
Crow pizza
Crow pizza 5 days ago
Suddenly this song turned into a song you could play during an action random scene
Debbie Blade
Debbie Blade 5 days ago
Mija no matter how much pain y sorrow he costed to her ,,,but there’s time to forget y forgive y let go y let our heavenly take control y his son y lord Christ our savoir he will put a new heart in u y change ur ways y show u love more than anybody can gives us god is real y not fade nor fake he promised to be with us y forever in sorry y deeply pain we can’t take I know that for a fact,,,look what he has given me y blessed me all he said to me hold on y have believe in me y praise me all the times to god be Das honor y glory mija Anna I’ll be here for u I miss ur mom to mija she was my dearest best friend but now she’s with our Heavenly Father in peace’s y u y ur dad need to make peace’s y forgive y love one another like god y his son Jesus Christ loves us more than anyone k I promise ur mom my friend sandra I’ll try to help ur beloveones ur kids if I can y if they let me angia my friend forever amen so u don’t worry about nada mija ur my nience I love u care for u a lot y I’m not gonna throw u to day streets cause I know where I god bring me out of y I’m not gonna let that to u u suffer a lot but ull be k at longest ull let me help u mija love always ur tia China may god y his son lord Jesus bless us y help us all amen😘💕😂✌️👍😛aye who loves u🙈god y his son lord Jesus Christ y of course me🥰🤣
So much emotion in her voice, but you couldn't tell by just looking at her face
Andres Ligua
Andres Ligua 5 days ago
mr. deadpool
Debra Mccquinn
Debra Mccquinn 6 days ago
Alfredo Cabrera Trejo
Rob H
Rob H 6 days ago
1980's: quality music and art. 2020's: "How many people still watching 1980's X in XXXX?" God, people and things sure suck compared to then.
Bingham Guevara
Bingham Guevara 6 days ago
Orange Isaac
Kevin Charles
Kevin Charles 6 days ago
DAMN she is SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jazmine Schipper
Jazmine Schipper 6 days ago
This song will always remind me of Deadpool. I was pissed off when I bought the vinyl though. The cover art is awesome but there's only 4 real songs. The rest of the tracks are score.
Dark Fury
Dark Fury 7 days ago
I am here because of true detective, before that I didn't know this song even existed!
Bella Yow
Bella Yow 7 days ago
This singer is so beautiful! Ethereal!
D Faymf
D Faymf 7 days ago
I just found out Juice is a Jew.
Lakshmi Priya
Lakshmi Priya 7 days ago
I got it from a barf scene in It. This song made me laugh so hard.
Lakshmi Priya
Lakshmi Priya 7 days ago
Came searching for it, got here. Love this!
anton antono
anton antono 8 days ago
I fell in love
Nizam Khan
Nizam Khan 8 days ago
Beautiful just beautiful!
Michael Lawson
Michael Lawson 8 days ago
That gets my juices flowing!
C Up
C Up 8 days ago
Merrilee Rush sang the original version as far as I know.
Johnny 6 days ago
Merrilee Rush had the first hit with this song. Evie Sands made the first recording with the writer Chip Taylor, but it had a limited release and no promotion. The song was first offered to Connie Francis but she turned it down because she thought the lyric was too risque.
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