Isaac Newton: The Man and his Hidden Life

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Host - Simon Whistler
Author - Steve Theunissen
Producer - Jennifer Da Silva
Executive Producer - Shell Harris
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Source/Further reading:
British Legends: The Life and Legacy of Sir Isaac Newton - Charles River Editors
Introducing Newton by William Rankin
Meet Isaac Newton by Charles Margerison

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Dec 31, 2018




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Comments 636
BrandonFlorida 9 days ago
Good show, but the music doesn't seem to fit.
Mammuchan 1
Mammuchan 1 11 days ago
thats my favourite quote of all time, goosebumps
I don't have a life
I wonder what is was like before Issac newton invented gravity did you just float everywhere before he invented it
Khalid Maxamed
Khalid Maxamed Month ago
The advert about brilliant was the best I suggest you try it out
Collins Darkwa
Collins Darkwa Month ago
Very Interesting
Dana Kelley
Dana Kelley 2 months ago
Another exceptional video, how about doing one on Jeffrey Epstein? Ehh!
EU BART 2 months ago
1:42 says: "WHEN HE WAS 19, Isaac wrote a list of sins he wanted to repent. One of them was threatening to burn down the family home with his mother and STEPFATHER inside it." 2:11 says: "WHEN HE WAS 17, Isaac's STEPFATHER died." When I first heard 1:42 I felt like his stepfather was still alive and later after realizing Simon said Isaac's age was 19 it felt not very logical. Why would Isaac have this idea when his stepfather died 2 years earlier? Am I missing something? Did he do this to cope with a trauma from the past? Did his mother remarried again? Maybe Simon said the wrong number? I also want to thank Simon for making these videos. These people's lifes from the past is something we all can learn from.
Ronnie Mahinay, Jr.
Ronnie Mahinay, Jr. 2 months ago
Alan Potter
Alan Potter 3 months ago
Please stop clicking the camera near and far on your face. If what you are saying is interesting (which it is), you don't need camera theatrics to keep our attention.
Evil Dead
Evil Dead 3 months ago
The three laws of motion wtf this dude layed the first real foundation to understanding so much You told in early years in school Newtons name an indescriptive cartoon like discovery of gravity But never realy thought too hard about it Newton named the terms that give us the means to understand the mechanics involved in things as naturally spectacular as the northern lights To some things that would've got him burned at the stake for figuring out or writting about
Binish Babu
Binish Babu 3 months ago
YoLh wanna know codex in virtuvian mind
Gigih Uzaman
Gigih Uzaman 3 months ago
Islom Kayumov
Islom Kayumov 4 months ago
Robert Hook disliked this video
Kirk Hullinger
Kirk Hullinger 4 months ago
I thought he was born on Christmas day
David DeMar
David DeMar 4 months ago
I voted thumbs down on this video because of at least 2 glaring omissions. A. You didn't mention that what newton called "fluxions " is what we now call a "limit " in differential Calculus - he invented differential Calculus and integral Calculus-one of the greatest accomplishments in human history B. He invented Calculus so that he could solve the Astronomy/ Astrophysics questions that he asked himself. In my humble opinion he was the greatest scientist who had ever lived until Einstein came along. Galileo is no. 3 btw I do want to mention that I am a fan of your videos and am a subscriber
Biographics 3 months ago
Cool. So include those in your video about Newton David.
David DeMar
David DeMar 4 months ago
@Biographics yes of course they are "specific details" (is that not a redundant turn of phrase, btw ?) but they are also I would argue the sine qua non Of what made Newton, NEWTON.. Just ask any reasonably intelligent high school senior or college freshman.Furthermore. of course you have time limitations but certainly you could have made different content choices . Think about this - without Calculus we dont have rocket science and without rocket science we dont have NASA and all of the technological breakthroughs that were the sequelae of the space program in the U.S.
Biographics 4 months ago
Well, those are quite specific details and we only have so much time to cover things...
rainforest Queen
rainforest Queen 4 months ago
My grandmother's maiden name was Newton and she said that he was our great uncle 8 x removed...Didn't get the math skills unfortunately
After9Design 4 months ago
It would have been interesting to delve a little into Newton's private life. He had a partner, who lived with him for many years. Was he a virgin? Or gay?
overmostheads 3 months ago
gay or asexual
Tomislav Kuna
Tomislav Kuna 4 months ago
13:45min. The elements connected to emotions - a reference please? Where can I read more about this idea?
Joyce Akujobi
Joyce Akujobi 4 months ago
Hi Biographics. Can you put together something on Eli Cohen?
FalchionWielder78 4 months ago
Ordainship... really?
Commendatore 4 months ago
pls do Michelangelo and Beethoven
Seasonspeechable 4 months ago
"All of Europe was being ravaged by the Bubonic Plague" makes it sound like the Black death, which was 300 years before the Great Plague of London, which is what shut down Newton's school. Outbreaks of plague continued happening into and after Newton's lifetime, but the way the information as stated seems misleading.
Narayanan Mangalath
Narayanan Mangalath 4 months ago
I thought Newton's magnum opus is pronounced the prinkipia!
Abhay Lohani
Abhay Lohani 4 months ago
After our great indian scientists (from vedic era), whose history were forcefully removed by 'Mughals and BRITS' Isaac Newton was the most intelligent man PS: soon you will see westerners abusing me in reply section, because westerners are jealous/ hates (kind of) INDIAN/Asians as Brits tried really hard to make Indians look bad, so that they can hide their ruthless, merciless and unethical behaviour. **FUCKING LOOTERS**
Lizzie Cook
Lizzie Cook 5 months ago
Lincolnshire is not a country
Biographics 5 months ago
It will be once we’re finally done with the independance movement. FREE LINCOLNSHIRE.
Nicolas E
Nicolas E 5 months ago
René Descartes is written with one "e". Otherwise you make a woman out of him :).
irfand4 5 months ago
Excellent . Is there a movie on Issac Newton?
jay wellington
jay wellington 5 months ago
a few ..check youtube
Paslayas 5 months ago
So, Newton was on his way to become an arsonist and murderer? Didn't believe in the Trinity, maybe he was the first Mormon? I read that he never had sex, is it true? 🤔He was a contradiction, for someone who didn't want to be ordained a Minister, he stopped others to further their knowledgeable? He was a douch😒
mac2phin 5 months ago
Frantz Fanon. Albert Schweitzer. Jean-Paul Sartre. Albert Camus. Martin Buber. Martin Heidegger. Franz Kafka. Fyodor Dostoevsky. Orson Welles. Stanley Kubrick. Simone De Beauvoir. Susan Sontag. Marilyn Monroe. Madonna. Grace Kelly. Gene Kelly. Lon Chaney, Sr. Walt Disney. Marlon Brando. Joseph Conrad. Vladimir Nabakov. George Gershwin. Alexander Kerensky. The Marx Bros.
Stevie McSchneive
Stevie McSchneive 5 months ago
Who the hell gives thumbs down on these videos?
tady agha
tady agha 5 months ago
To all athiests infidels . Look at newton. He lived the rest of his life reading the bible and deciphering it. He had the reason to be an atheist but he didnt. This man is the greatest alive. Even though he disagreed with trinity he still maintained he Christianity. What is your excuse?? Scared of death? :p
douglas williams
douglas williams 5 months ago
I didn't know Robert Plant was so keen on science. For a scientist he was a quite serviceable singer. Do you suppose it was with his fellow droogs that average guys started calling them " longhaired" meaning smarter the run of the mill unleaded zeppelin
Peter Gregory Kelly
Peter Gregory Kelly 5 months ago
His genes went nowhere because he died a virgin (ASPY) but his memes live on.
Say Bet
Say Bet 5 months ago
Very well done!
Rod Sobe
Rod Sobe 5 months ago
could you do one on Darth Vader?
Kevin Evans
Kevin Evans 6 months ago
Newton also was a Freemason.
Nada Aboelrouse
Nada Aboelrouse 6 months ago
Would u do an episode on Silvador Dali
Miraç ÖZTÜRK 6 months ago
Believed in only God , one and only one! Real genius and sincere objective scientist!
Michael Hurley
Michael Hurley 6 months ago
Isaac Newton: I'm smart. Tesla: Hold my 🍺 beer.
Lee Challenor
Lee Challenor Month ago
Not even close. Newton is the Greatest. Not even Einstein comes close. From Engineering to Outside Space. You apply Newtons mathmatics. Different to anyone else.
FLEIJA Month ago
newton> all
jordan cox
jordan cox 4 months ago
Newton>>>>tesla and it isn't even close.
Toasted Cheeseburger
Church & Religion Are The Biggest Threat To Our Society & World
Galaxy the good boi
Galaxy the good boi 7 months ago
If Issac Newton didn’t invent gravity we would be floating!
Jason Mcdonald
Jason Mcdonald 7 months ago
I enjoy your work sir, and especially your accent. I have an interest in accents, since I was a boy. My own is quite terrible being from the south, I have often been accused of lesser intelligence. Anyway, thank you sir and to your team as well for the content you produce. Good day to you.
BeaBaz 7 months ago
Interesting that you decided not to mention his private life? I found that aspect of his life fascinating! Keep up the good work x
Paslayas 5 months ago
What do you know about his private life? I read that he wasn't interested in sex. Like he died a virgin.
Michael Flood
Michael Flood 7 months ago
It's Christmas
Lorrie Miller
Lorrie Miller 7 months ago
Some call it Halley's Comet too even though they used to call it Hailey's Comet
amr asfour
amr asfour 7 months ago
One of the greatest scientists ever . I took a notice about his studies on trinity and i wonder if he to live today , he would have been an amazing muslim .
amr asfour
amr asfour 5 months ago
@Johnny okay johny Thnx for ur belief ; it resembles my opinion when i was 12 may be .
Johnny 5 months ago
Nonsense..He was an Arian christian. btw...Newton knew all religions (islam was not some mystery, just a failed religions that produced no scientific progress) just chose to be Arian Christian.
Coen A
Coen A 7 months ago
Great video, I'd love to also see one on Descarte and Blaise Pascal.
Jonathan Valenzuela
Jonathan Valenzuela 7 months ago
I think it is a testament to our time that ever since that history channel (?) documentary came out about his obsession with religion his popularity has been tainted and image painted into someone's who is delusional.
Shawn Fort
Shawn Fort 7 months ago
I would love to hear about the life and career of Dick Van Dyck
Sherri McCormic
Sherri McCormic 7 months ago
One of the G.O.A.T.s taken out by kidney stones... Isn't that a pisser. 😕
David Wallace
David Wallace 7 months ago
I find these calming and help with my anxiety attacks oddly
Stearrow _
Stearrow _ 2 months ago
I use them to fall asleep.
MaKayla Hager
MaKayla Hager 6 months ago
I find myself prefering these over listening to music throughout the day.
shahla1123 6 months ago
David Wallace that's why I started watching them❣️❣️❣️
meteor09 7 months ago
It would be cool if you put all the videos of scientists in a playlist just as you have for artists, politicians...
Aubergine Bellen
Aubergine Bellen 7 months ago
It's disheartening that someone so smart can still believe in something so stupid like gods.
Allen Manvers
Allen Manvers 8 hours ago
Or like worshiping celebs or sports ? Glamorizing overpaid idiots.
Jason Bouphasavanh
Jason Bouphasavanh 7 months ago
I agree to this day.. worshipping someone who apparently lives high up in the clouds wearing a white robe and has a long thick white beard and tjat aparent person is apparently mr jesuses dad... smh so ppl are worshipping god who was just a normal person who was a cult leader? Idk that seems logical to me thats all. Although im buddhist and i believe in it and do all things buddhism only because its deeply embedded into my country and tradition and culture. That's all. But ya science and proof and logic comes first.
Ant denzic
Ant denzic 7 months ago
Hate ads, Hate hate hate them - though, I enjoy your mini-biographs & don't mind the mid-roll ads. At least the money's spent on the next bio, well what ever it's spent on is ok........... Better than a new Lambo like that COCKHEAD Jake Paul!!!!!!!!! Love your work Simon 👍
Mike D L
Mike D L 7 months ago
You know the lion by his paw
Arseanl 2020
Arseanl 2020 7 months ago
There are so many brilliant people,it never ceases to fascinate me.
robert adriano
robert adriano 8 months ago
Count how many times he says “society” between 8:09-9:10
joaquim Rodriguez
joaquim Rodriguez 8 months ago
Yes, they are long, but very enjoyable.
Johnny 8 months ago
Newton was a Christian theologian who did science part time. He had more than million pages of work on theology and spent way more time on that than on science because he considered it to be more important and consequential that his science work.
Cryptonian 8 months ago
the man the myht the virgin sir isaac newton...huge fan
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