INSTANTLY Change a Card in to Another!! (Tutorial)

Chris Ramsay
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Today, Alex Pandrea is going to teach us his work on the fastest color change, the shapeshifter change.

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Mar 25, 2019




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Comments 552
Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay 11 months ago
I've got a few videos of our weekend coming up... also...you flash you lose 2!
Frever Moore
Frever Moore 10 months ago
Totally got in to buy the fort noc 999.9 deck. Actually bought 3. First one I opened is already wrong. Some reason has 2 Q of hearts. Not a big deal on a cheap deck.... but these? And company site has an email listed that isn't accepting emails.
GOOGLE MINUS Human Rights Product
@Sathvick Satish I was just thinking the exact same thing! (Btw, it originates from a Comedy Central show that ended like five years ago. I thought it had died out. But apparently I was wrong!)
harrison eagles-larke
harrison eagles-larke 10 months ago
Love your tutorial vids dude
Sathvick Satish
Sathvick Satish 10 months ago
Farhan Nafis Rayhan why do people use Yaaaaasssss? Like is it just me or does that word feel very annoying and cringey?
Tyler Nash
Tyler Nash 10 months ago
Flash Master
Flash Master 3 days ago
no-vid.com/video/video-KJgk5qhW_lI.html check this out
shin lim
shin lim Month ago
Virts: picking a card from the anaconda Chris:hold my beer
Lakshmi A
Lakshmi A Month ago
Chris ramsay i see your channel daily from india
Sean Andrei Tuazon
Sean Andrei Tuazon 3 months ago
0:21 Graduating Student
Aaron Pitt
Aaron Pitt 5 months ago
I got into magic about 15 years ago. My buddy showed me a few things which got me hooked. I started looking up videos to see what I could learn just by watching them. This was literally the first thing I saw (from Brad Christian). Blew my damn mind. I must have watched it for almost 2 hours straight before I had that aha moment. So this was the very first thing I learned, with no tutorial. Took me about 2 months to get it down. I didn't realize at the time how hard it was. Not the best trick for a beginner. LOL. It's great when mixed with 2-3 other sleights that are used before it.
TheChicken Official
TheChicken Official 5 months ago
that looks like the old team 10 house
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 7 months ago
"It's a pretty easy move" *I shoot my card in my cat water bowl* Atleast it changed card.
badwithfeelings 4 months ago
really? this easy ass move got you that confused? LOL
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar 8 months ago
Yo yo yo guys... What's going on. Alex Pandrea here....
Marc DeSouza
Marc DeSouza 8 months ago
Hey Chris Ramsay and Alex Pandrea, care to comment on your theft of my move The Shapeshifter Change? Would you like others to take the material you have created and put it out there for free depriving you of monetary gain or even credit?
Kai Be
Kai Be 9 months ago
lol @ alex
Jasper Pipes
Jasper Pipes 9 months ago
"Goes up every day just like real Gold" Obviously never traded in precious metals ..hahahaha
Lighthunter 32
Lighthunter 32 9 months ago
Cards Used in the intro?
David Spiggle
David Spiggle 9 months ago
This is the first sleight of hand trick I ever learned 😁
dannyr•gez 9 months ago
song at 0:56?
Stanley Jhoseph
Stanley Jhoseph 8 months ago
I want to Know that too
SS - 07PF - Cheyne MS (1494)
You flashed
falkura 10 months ago
amazing! after the long ass intro to make this over 10 minutes, you started talking and the nonstop cuts begin
Uri Soglowek
Uri Soglowek 10 months ago
cool video!!!
James Grow
James Grow 10 months ago
2:09 He said "Because of the 'M's" The correct answer is because alliteration is magical. It's what creates superheroes and super-villains.
Jimmy Graham
Jimmy Graham 10 months ago
Love it
Ryan Hoskins
Ryan Hoskins 10 months ago
Alex's voice is so soothing
El Kouch Amine
El Kouch Amine 10 months ago
Did you ask for Marc Desouza's permission before teaching it here ?
El Kouch Amine
El Kouch Amine 7 months ago
@Marc DeSouza they have a lot to learn about ethics, but I think Chris is a good guy , just send him a message and he'll get it down .
Marc DeSouza
Marc DeSouza 7 months ago
They certainly did not!
Kenzo Turqueza
Kenzo Turqueza 10 months ago
The intro is "revolutionary"
Joshua Gaines
Joshua Gaines 10 months ago
Did I just witnesse flourish sex?
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 10 months ago
Liked, just cuz of the intro.
borna vlašić
borna vlašić 10 months ago
On 0:53 I thought that will be gta san andreas theme song😂
Marc DeSouza
Marc DeSouza 10 months ago
Why are you teaching my move on this video? This is theft of my creation. Alex Pandrea has added nothing to my original way of teaching it on the ellusionist video/download. You don't even give me credit for originating it. Thanks so much for trying to rewrite history. I would appreciate you taking this down immediately.
Marc DeSouza
Marc DeSouza 8 months ago
My was established in print over 20 years ago. Both Chris and Alex know exactly who created it. They feel they can just rewrite history and not credit the originators. Hey, maybe it will be fun to expose the things they have come up with and try to sell and give it away for free, like they did here with my Shapeshifter Change.
Alan Chung
Alan Chung 10 months ago
Because God forbid the thought that he has the same idea as you.
Rundurluke gaming
Rundurluke gaming 10 months ago
Cant understand it since im left handed and i have the numbers on the cards on 4 corners not on opposite diaonaly
Rundurluke gaming
Rundurluke gaming 10 months ago
What if im left handed?
MF-JOON Magic Review Channel
Shapeshifter! my favorite technic! I use this quite a lot!
Farhan Nafis Rayhan
Farhan Nafis Rayhan 10 months ago
Wes Face 😂
Hua 10 months ago
生為一個台灣人 我說那副牌好像金什麼紙的
Gary Brown Forging On
Gary Brown Forging On 10 months ago
I am a little late for the 100k challenge. But I sub'd Pandrea's channel anyway because he seems to have a good channel.
Luca Mace
Luca Mace 10 months ago
Wes lmao
Dad_Ace 10 months ago
Just got past the B Roll intro and 3 friggin commercials...wow...3 commercials in 2 minutes.
Karen Harrington
Karen Harrington 10 months ago
My hands are too small
Johannes Hockerup
Johannes Hockerup 10 months ago
Me: [Sees André again] Brain: "What da hell were dat??"
Luke 10 months ago
I never really got why this trick is so popular, even the untrained eye can see the card just turns around
Frankie Cuellar
Frankie Cuellar 10 months ago
I love Canadian lol
The Drawing Gamer
The Drawing Gamer 10 months ago
How? Help
Night Blade
Night Blade 10 months ago
Do you know the magic trick where the card that choose goes on the middle of 2 kings?
Spaceman Spiff
Spaceman Spiff 10 months ago
Too vague. There are many different tricks where a card is isolated betweeb two different ones. I know many. Here is one you mught be taljing about
NativeRyan 10 months ago
0.25x speed really does a number on sleight of hand magic 🤪
Tim Gotto
Tim Gotto 10 months ago
Enough with taping your subscribers for money bro! This is beneath you. You make enough without this shit.
TheManChise 10 months ago
Those stairs look like they're in the wrong place..
Murraymon 10 months ago
real nice, one of the first changes I learned, you make it look so clean
jgallantyt 10 months ago
*into Unless the card is both entering a container and moving in the direction of another card.
D K 10 months ago
Could have just said the shapeshifter change
surfboard33 10 months ago
When he said anaconda I thought he was talking about the snake
Teslin C A
Teslin C A 10 months ago
Superb tutorial thanku so much😊😊
IPray ForU
IPray ForU 10 months ago
when you have supportive friends.. wish had one..
Azu Shi
Azu Shi 10 months ago
imo the bend is not a problem because the position of the numbers are already different. plus it makes that popping sound when you pop it back up.
Danamo Magic
Danamo Magic 10 months ago
Hey there. Please come check out my latest magic trick. Would really love some feedback
Colton Warner
Colton Warner 10 months ago
Chris a hypebeast now
Leif Hicks
Leif Hicks 10 months ago
Finally fulfilled that idea from the cyclone tutorial
Seamus Lee
Seamus Lee 10 months ago
Where's Max Diamond??
Brian Bernhardt
Brian Bernhardt 10 months ago
Nice video!! what's the song at Noc's intro? Thanks!
Ecce Jönsson
Ecce Jönsson 10 months ago
no-vid.com/video/video-zQ44rLvYngY.html seen this @chris?
insiderperson18279 10 months ago
What happened to not posting magic tutorials Chris? Freakin' faker 😬😬😬
APN Films
APN Films 10 months ago
Mojo filter is so 2008 man 😂
Sayk Salazar
Sayk Salazar 10 months ago
Yeah love that reaction from Wes hahahahaha so funny
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