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The most frequent question industry newcomers have is How to learn VFX? Where to start learning VFX? In this video I share some tips about 3D and Animation softwares such as 3Ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and zBrush. I also talk about how to start learning. If you're watching this video you chose the best industry in the world. Subscribe and I will do my best to make your learning curve as smooth as possible. I'll be sharing my tips and tutorials about 3D modeling, Animation, Rigging, Texturing, Render Engines, Compositing, Keying, Tracking, Rotoscoping, Production hardware, Behind the Scenes, vlogs about production life in general and much more. I just need 48hr a day... ;) Thank you for watching! Stay tuned.
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Comments 80
Роман Романенко
Hey Andrey! Do u study individually or may be you have your own courses? P.s.: Thanks for all videos u made! You inspire! Peace)))
Andrey Lebrov
Andrey Lebrov 10 hours ago
Don't have any courses, but helping artists individually in my "Padawan" program. You can Join by clicking JOIN under my videos
Vivek Sankaliya
Love you 😘 brother
Leroy Uwaifo
Leroy Uwaifo Day ago
I like how you speak calmly
James Leann
James Leann 2 days ago
I find this really good and effective and most of his words went inside my mind
Saf Lim
Saf Lim 4 days ago
I never ever seen any person like you sir... this is the first video i seen from from your channel...
Roman Helcl
Roman Helcl 4 days ago
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 thx!!!!
GSC TORNADO 9 days ago
Andrey lebrov:How to learn VFX Me:by brain
Steve Hook
Steve Hook 10 days ago
pretty inspiring story man, thanks for sharing
Благо Благо
AndroTech 12 days ago
I am 14 and my passion is 3d. I use blender and i love it. Really unlimited possibilities. Wish me luck
NitrousUp 14 days ago
awesome channel !
Rashi Jain
Rashi Jain 14 days ago
Please make video on difference between VFX and CGI I am confused
Rashi Jain
Rashi Jain 14 days ago
In your one line you explain the difference as I saw many Tutorials on you tube but don't understand but actually I want to know just the every step of VFX and CGI like every terminology Rendering, rigging,3d modelling so make 2 videos one for VFX and second for CGI basic introduction of every step .
Andrey Lebrov
Andrey Lebrov 14 days ago
CG is fully computer generated. VFX involves real footage
Vishnu RK
Vishnu RK 20 days ago
Omg this maybe the very 1st video i didn't skip, even a second.. man u r great.. thnxx for this video.. Love and support from India..
Mohit Passi
Mohit Passi 23 days ago
your video is very useful thanks buddy
Dariusz Nojman
Dariusz Nojman 25 days ago
Check my Terminator t-800 tutorial no-vid.com/video/video-ksGNBbRC-hM.html
Krisshna Misshra
Krisshna Misshra 28 days ago
How to download cinema4D
Ariana B.
Ariana B. 28 days ago
What are other tools I need to get aside from having the mentioned programs?
Nicholas Kemp
Nicholas Kemp Month ago
Thank you for the amazing content! So I want to be a full-time freelancer doing product visualization and animation. I guess I'm still confused about what I should use for vfx? I use maya as my main software currently.
TheTozotube Month ago
American film programs are widely terrible to be honest. Most students dont give a shit. You really are better off learning yourself!
MVR musical's
MVR musical's Month ago
Sir I admiring you........but i just completed my graduation in science stream....iam interested in VFX so please guide me towards my bright future in your and our field... please help me.... guide me from beginning
Muhammad Owais
Muhammad Owais Month ago
Great Brother And Specialy I love your way of talk
Isaac A S
Isaac A S Month ago
Your words are really inspiring and motivating bro
gandhi gayasri
gandhi gayasri Month ago
Hello......... It able to learn on mobile phone.......
Reza Sistani
Reza Sistani Month ago
Dude, you inspired me, I always needed this video !
DrunkOnCatNip Month ago
Would I Need To Know Anything About VFX To Take It Up In College? Or Is It Different For Different Colleges?
Adnan Shah
Adnan Shah Month ago
How to do the super sayine effect
Sanjay Kachua Assam Vlog
Thanks bro ❤
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Month ago
I love this channel. Hi from Perú. Thank you
Lesbian Ruma Lajuk
Lesbian Ruma Lajuk 2 months ago
Love from UAE
Jack Watkinson
Jack Watkinson 2 months ago
Anybody else stop listening as soon as he said that he switched to Cinema4D??
Svyatoslav Kubis
Svyatoslav Kubis 2 months ago
Я так и думал, что ты с славянскими корнями) Я еще удивлялся твоему акценту)
Emilien Vong
Emilien Vong 2 months ago
inspiring thank you
RICARDO 2 months ago
Cool :)
NN Ilo
NN Ilo 2 months ago
Thanks bro!
Roshan Mahawar
Roshan Mahawar 2 months ago
Dhiraj Kumar Shrestha
Ok Bro.
Vi KING ***
Vi KING *** 2 months ago
I want tutorial 💓
RontheHybrid 2 months ago
Wanna start learning, Udemy will give you a great start and then you can branch off to other online educations. Udemy has full courses (Most of the one i bought on sale for $10) for tons of things that will give you some knowledge and then with research and youtube, you are well on your way.
the baby penguin
the baby penguin 2 months ago
you sound like agent 47
সৈয়দ শাহিনুল ইসলাম
I'm inspired. after searching a lot, finally found words from u which really inspired me greatly. If i can do something little or huge, this speech would be the milestone on my way. Thank u.
Speech Less
Speech Less 2 months ago
Hey, what strand is editing? What course is it?
Samuel Osafo
Samuel Osafo 2 months ago
can i download the cinema 4d on a chromebook?
Siddhesh Umbarkar
Siddhesh Umbarkar 2 months ago
When you said C4d I hit like 😃
eteppo 2 months ago
Thank you for your huge contribution to the human knowledge database!!
Ленур Алиев
здорово, зафиксировал себе принципы с твоего видео: 1. Учиться на повторение проектов, которые мне нравятся 2. Решить что мне нравится больше всего сфокусироваться 3. Делать то что меня вдохновляет. 4. Создавать и не переставать создавать Спасибо большое!
Jelly Lelly
Jelly Lelly 3 months ago
Do you need to be good at drawing to be good at vfx?
LUCREATIVE 3 months ago
whoa, your 1st animation: crazy!
So Craxy
So Craxy 3 months ago
hit like if u saw Morpheus
Ainsley Maria
Ainsley Maria 3 months ago
First time watching you and I wish I found this channel earlier!
John VFX
John VFX 3 months ago
I started with Softimage, then tried Maya, then C4D, then a little 3DSmax, then back to Maya. It is easier than the other software for me. All the tools are in the right place, laid out the right way. And tons of free lessons all over the internet. Now a little Houdini in the mix. It's better to try them all and see which one works best for you. A lot of pro artists use several tools for different things. I'm looking at Blender again because of some new tools that look cool. It's not either/ or. Use whatever helps you get the job done.
Voolcan 3 months ago
Where are my fireflies?
WILO 3 months ago
U a fucking genius.. from Italy 🇮🇹
Nir & Brothers
Nir & Brothers 3 months ago
Kieszoj Kieszojowski
Is houdini recomended? by you guys?
Scott Yates
Scott Yates 3 months ago
Very well said I'm just trying to create a Bigfoot I can't seem to find anything any advice? Thanks
AndroTech 12 days ago
Draw your bigfoot on a paper first, from front and side angles..import those pics to your 3d software and attach it to their respective angle...that makes modelling a whole lot easier....ORR you could do sculpting. But i am not familiar with sculpting
SuspiciousStuff 3 months ago
Start creating / "REPLICATING" this is most important part. No one can just go boom and make something pro, it takes time, overcome the learning curve, copy the tutorials, you will be happy but dont just copy, try to understand what you just did, why was a step a node a graph etc was important, dont copy values crank them up and down and remember what they do. Atleast this is what i think, i am still learning, not yet there but i feel confident.
Gaurav Kr. Sanghai
Gaurav Kr. Sanghai 3 months ago
u r sweet slow nice and calm .. liked ur way ..u r a good teacher
kesav raj
kesav raj 3 months ago
This video is useful for me but I need a user friendly vfx Software
MelonFX 3 months ago
Мы ищем свет
SHAMSHAD ALI 3 months ago
Time west
Akshay Agarwal
Akshay Agarwal 3 months ago
What watch are you wearing? Looks really cool. Would appreciate if you tell the brand and model.
Alessio Cimma
Alessio Cimma 3 months ago
Hi! I'd like to create a special effect in which i'm holding AN object, but the 3d model is always in front of the original video and i can't make it go behind it, van you please help me? Cheers
Vishnu vrokzz
Vishnu vrokzz 3 months ago
If You see a dream Just create
yes, this clip really inspiration me!
brendon marwein
brendon marwein 3 months ago
Damn I love this so much🤩👌...and also your desk setup, wow Orange, white and black, never thought this would make a good combo✨❤
Vicuna 3 months ago
you are talking like that butterfly thing is bad. ITS SOO GOOD!
lemna tharoi
lemna tharoi 3 months ago
Are those software free
Oriel Shitlhangu
Oriel Shitlhangu 4 months ago
This is the exact video i've been looking for! Inspiration at it's best! Thank you for this and I have a great feeling it's going to be very productive to us(VFX beginners) out there!
CLASSIC ART FLIC 4 months ago
cool i like this video bro
Stefanie Wolk
Stefanie Wolk 4 months ago
Im in Love with u 😱
Thekidfox 4 months ago
Random recommendation glad i clicked on this.
fayyazb 4 months ago
Thank you very much. I have been doing lot of R&D on softwares and finally locked on self-learning C4D with the immense training / trainers [like you] online.
Marcelo PC
Marcelo PC 4 months ago
This is one of your videos that I get very inspired ... advice from an experienced person ... always thought this way ... Learning is necessary, never stopping ... surrendering, never!
Sameer Mankar
Sameer Mankar 4 months ago
Thank u man. You really explained it in an easy and better way. Respect from India ♥️ 🇮🇳
HUZAIFA RIZWAN 4 months ago
2:40 was the best part of the video haha
Social Experiment
Social Experiment 4 months ago
благодарю! лайк и подписка!
YANGJUN ZHOU 4 months ago
VFX-HDRI Ball(gray ball and a chromium ball) Dimensions:12cm/20cm/25cm/Custom diameter www.maoping.art/vfx-hdri/
vicky stark
vicky stark 4 months ago
Your first project is really awesome.
Lonzy 4 months ago
This is exactly how I learned how to edit. Just Create. Practice. Watch Tutorials. Big Brain.
Saahib Vlog
Saahib Vlog 4 months ago
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