How Much Does It Really Cost To Own A Bugatti!?

Manny Khoshbin
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Everyone knows the upfront cost of a Bugatti, but do you know how much it is to own one? Let me give you a little insight, it's not pretty LOL
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Manny Khoshbin is the president and CEO of The Khoshbin Company, based in Orange County, California. Manny immigrated to the U.S. with his family in the 1980s at the age of 14. He got his real estate license in 1992 and has spent the last three decades building his real estate empire.
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Dec 1, 2019




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Comments 3 905
Manny Khoshbin
Manny Khoshbin 2 months ago
Would you guys still own one if you had the money or would you buy something else?
Hunne0815 Day ago
Second pack of pistachios
Sam Cf
Sam Cf Day ago
If i had your money i would keep
Jr Martinez
Jr Martinez Day ago
8:02 and onward you said like the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my life 🤣🤣🤣 ..love your channel and videos thank you for this content
Sean 4 days ago
Definitely something else. The upkeep is because it “could” drive 250mph. How many do...right.
Nila Fard
Nila Fard 10 days ago
Manny Khoshbin shiik 👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻🧿
Sonny Hayo
Sonny Hayo 11 hours ago
Can u buy iphone 6s plus for me for free😭 😇
jagster59 20 hours ago
Complaining about your 'first world' problems??? 😑😑😑 A problem most people have is simply affording to keep a modestly priced vehicle let alone an ASStromically ridiculous car. Yes you want to "warm up your tires" while you're driving at warp-speed levels on public roads while wearing your Bugatti designed jacket, gloves and jock strap. An imbecilic video!!
Willie Fonte
Willie Fonte 23 hours ago
If you spend THAT MUCH yearly on your Bugatti, you are a F*CKING IDIOT! That shit ONLY applies to people who are RACING this car on a track constantly.
Luigi Ascione
Luigi Ascione 23 hours ago
useless car
Lionel,S Day ago
Stupid music no interest to know all that
Arash Sh
Arash Sh Day ago
Being a millionaire is hard
Shady Gaming
Shady Gaming Day ago
when your hypercar upkeep can buy a supercar you know you're doing something right
Tweet Protocol
You should also really change all the body panels every 2 yrs (cost around $560,000) to keep the car in tip top condition as per Bugatti recommendation. And they say rich people are intelligent? Lol!
Abe Neufeld
Abe Neufeld Day ago
I wish I could feel one day how it feels to drive a Bugatti
AYY LMAO 2 days ago
No wonder Bugatti doesn't mind losing money on each car they sell
legendary supersayian
How does one invest money to make more money I dont have no clue on how to get more money I just want a Camaro zl1 and I'll be happy
kayfalco82 3 days ago
Your text message-popup allways make me jump thinking its my phone!
Leif Kaiser
Leif Kaiser 3 days ago
Where did this guy get all his money?
peeslim 3 days ago
Sir please Buckle up , ur life is important 👍🏾
Simon Assouline
Simon Assouline 4 days ago
His like a child in toy store with the Bugatti’s speed and acceleration!
Nicholas Larsen
Nicholas Larsen 4 days ago
I'd rather change a poor family's life... stuff for the children, a used car, etc. Love is infectious.
FaZe_ Vortex121
FaZe_ Vortex121 4 days ago
10010011 Midg
10010011 Midg 5 days ago
If driving a Bugatti was truly on everyones bucketlist. And everyone would just drive for 1 mile. It would mean that all 700 Chirons/Veyrons on planet earth would have to drive roughly 10 million miles each.
Power K
Power K 7 days ago
I am afraid that when you are stepping on the gas paddle someone might decide to just change the lane without signaling .
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan 7 days ago
Why don't they have license plates? He's renting !
Estgas Santana
Estgas Santana 8 days ago
Bigdog Bulldog
Bigdog Bulldog 9 days ago
What a waste of money,just buy a mini cooper and call it a day
dkbt1 9 days ago
I would donate vital organs just to wander around your car collection! Love the exhaust note of the Mansory! Beautiful doesn’t do these guys justice!
benny pagan
benny pagan 9 days ago
Manny deverias crear un Auto con las especificaciones que te gustan de cada carro que as tenido y fabricarlo seria muy divertido una creaccion unica
Tommy Vaquera
Tommy Vaquera 10 days ago
That brown one need to see Travis Scott and ray shoot pics with it
BiggTucker 10 days ago
God Bless You Too Manny God Bless Everyone Who Is Reading This Comment! Be Blessed
Abaft 10 days ago
Yea, looks like my drive to the have my car serviced. Pure pleasure, exept for the fact that i have a different sport car. I have Kia cee'd from 2010, with 126 HP. The sound of the engine is very loud too (especially with low engine oil level) and its a bit slower at accelerating.
JAMES BANKS 11 days ago
You are the man people hate and are jealous of but also respect your success. lovin your life must have worked hard for all of it!!!
PROFIT PUNKS 12 days ago
This is C4RL
This is C4RL 14 days ago
GTA 6 graphics are insane...so real looking.
Rektin◬zor 14 days ago
Why does he react like he never drove it before?
Tekin öztürk
Tekin öztürk 14 days ago
Nasıl bir para var abi sende...
2nd Amend
2nd Amend 14 days ago
All 3 cars probably have been driven less than 1,000 miles. Driving gloves? , total D bag look from the 1980’s. Looks like a new driver behind the wheel.
Lance Finch
Lance Finch 14 days ago
Wow, you can tell that car is scary fast.
stefano ath
stefano ath 15 days ago
Their bussiness in on the maintenance, a private jet cost even less than that.
Brian McCook
Brian McCook 15 days ago
He reminds me of Jean Claude Van Damme.
Apih Coo
Apih Coo 15 days ago
i from malaysia i like watch your video👍stay humble
Erzux 15 days ago
imagine having to move your bugatti to drive your other bugatti whilst talking about another bugatti you have
Serkan Aznevi
Serkan Aznevi 17 days ago
Dayi sen ne is yapıyorsun ya
Harryboi 64
Harryboi 64 18 days ago
BRUH. This is my garage in gta online loooool
Panda 730S
Panda 730S 18 days ago
He is selling his Mansory Bugatti
Icarus 18 days ago
Who is this guy and how the fuck did he get so rich?
KJ Price
KJ Price 18 days ago
I could probably do the oil change cheaper for you. Let me know and I'll check if Rockauto.com has the filter...
YOU CARTYX 18 days ago
Hi Manny, I'm French, II've just seen your video and I'm very glad to see it. Your are an amazing guy, I put you a big blue thumb, I subscribe to your channel. Every year, we go to Las Vegas in July to play poker and see the beautiful cars. Congratulations and have a nice day. Yves
Pieter Damsteegt
Pieter Damsteegt 18 days ago
Brown is my favorite color of vehicle. Never imagined it on a Bugatti
Guy Arhondov
Guy Arhondov 20 days ago
Manny can i try drive on one of your Buggatti's i really want that experience.
Vanguard 20 days ago
i drive my buggati daily. yearly cost of maintenance is 250k.
BUEAU 21 day ago
So how much does it cost to satisfy your ittie bitttie little man ego? So sad
Q 21 day ago
the wheels are more expensive than my porsche
Roken 21 day ago
ok we got it you're a rich guy. good for you but why brag about it? if I had this amount of money I would do anything I can to stay low profile to keep as much of my private life private and down to earth as possible.
L D 23 days ago
Where is this ? U.S.A In United Kingdom every 100 meter is speed camera 🎥
Ethan 23 days ago
On top of the arm and the leg that the Insurance will cost each month...
ANTHIMOS A 23 days ago
τρελανε μας!
Snow STAR ™
Snow STAR ™ 23 days ago
more than we can pay, -fast m furious
the cruising
the cruising 23 days ago
Bryan Guzman
Bryan Guzman 23 days ago
Can I drive yours please 😇 or one of yours in your collection, my son would be in heaven. We love super cars😎 we can only dream on CSR 2 lol 😆
AWI - ماليـــة عراقيــة
When you have a $3m Bugatti and you can not drive it more than 70 m/h on roads 💀
SENYALO Yalo 24 days ago
4:33 Slams door casually Me:heartfailure.
Stacey Fletcher
Stacey Fletcher 24 days ago
When the intro song said: ➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️⬅️➡️ I felt that
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