Homemade Screw Tank #1 SCREWS

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This video is sponsored by Wargaming. World of Tanks is free to download here - tanks.ly/38LSAIG
I'm building a screw tank, This is going to be quiet a project so subscribe so not to miss out on the updates.
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Feb 13, 2020




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Comments 3 417
colinfurze 7 days ago
This is a BIG project for a little shed but thats not stopped me before, keep your notifications on so you don't miss the next videos.OFFICIAL Colin Furze SAFETY TIES NOW AVAILABLE www.colinfurzeshop.com I have filmed a lot more detail in this project as builds like the land speeder also should have had way more than one video. Let me know what tank you would build.
Wolf Empire209
I play world of tanks I have played it for years and I say it’s super fun
peter dhillon
When are you going to visit the hacksmith and see he's new work shop
BibiBosh 2 days ago
colinfurze make it colin
jambo beadle
jambo beadle 2 days ago
Looking forward to this project Colin.cant wait to see whats next.well done and keep up the mad work.love it :)
Павел Безденежных
christopher frawley
christopher frawley 11 hours ago
Did you lose your account or something?? Why are you reposting this like its new?
TheRealEngineer 11 hours ago
Bill Nye the science guy on steroids
Rachel Boyer
Rachel Boyer 14 hours ago
Make a missile
FloppyDriveMaestro 15 hours ago
World of tanks sponsors are waaaaay better than raid shadow legends. Because world of tanks is actually a fun game:
ThatMCGamer 15 hours ago
The music was quite calm, somethings wrong...
squirrelly squirrels
You don't see too many screw type vehicles because they are rather good at going anywhere but terrible at pulling.
Farmer Fpv
Farmer Fpv 16 hours ago
That's a badass start Colin, You have my dream shop! You truly are a Legend! Off to go watch part 2 mate, you never disappoint. ✌
MarioDayZ 16 hours ago
Furze: makes a screw tank Me: *MGS3* *FLASHBACKS*
Gun Mob
Gun Mob 16 hours ago
Any of colins videos could just as well be In a apocalypse movie were the protagonist builds something epic to help them survive
jix177 17 hours ago
Brilliant handiwork. Excellent fabrication skills here as always.
Infra Violet
Infra Violet 17 hours ago
i had an RC screw tank years ago when i was a kid, it makes me pretty happy to see colin make one you can ride
Fentoncbr 17 hours ago
Desiged. Just letting you know. Can't wait for another awesome project 😁
TrackFocused 17 hours ago
I've been watching Colin since 2014 and I'm asking myself "what CAN'T he build?"
rockincartoons 17 hours ago
I’m calling osha, where is your safety tie?
SubSeventh466 17 hours ago
War Thunder is better.
stephen88hox 19 hours ago
im still pissed at what you done with that rover coupe!
Random Cringe kid
Random Cringe kid 19 hours ago
I love ur vids my dad watches u as well :)
James Blenkinsopp
James Blenkinsopp 19 hours ago
I didn't realise what a screw tank meant, I thought it would be a tank as in water tank or something. I saw the second episodes thumbnail and realised what I was missing out on, this is incredible.
Aidan MaKinster
Aidan MaKinster 20 hours ago
That have a screw tank in the mobile game hill climb racing if I do recall
David Gibson
David Gibson 20 hours ago
Big shout out to your mate, he is always helping you and I never hear you say a big thanks to him (but I'm guessing you do personally)
Sean O'Donnell
Sean O'Donnell 20 hours ago
8:17 When my girl do be looking extra thick
Victor-Emmanuel 20 hours ago
You could have used a combine header and skip a few steps, but this was way more interesting 👍
Zetheon Gaming
Zetheon Gaming 20 hours ago
making a tank and not playing Sabaton. smh my head.
iKingPinthevagee 20 hours ago
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 21 hour ago
Methinks Colin might be on a few watch lists...
Marcel Burdon
Marcel Burdon 21 hour ago
he didn't weAR THE TIE
Jörn Guatu
Jörn Guatu 21 hour ago
Shafted and screwed in the same video 😂
Dan Runi
Dan Runi 21 hour ago
i love these videos because you can tell he edited them himself. a few subtle faux pas but all they do is add charm c:
Kurt Lee
Kurt Lee 21 hour ago
anyone else pick up on the see you next tuesday song?
Campbell Tate
Campbell Tate 22 hours ago
I really liked the pace of this video! The production quality seemed to be even little more awesome than usual on this one too, although that could be my imagination. I also love the little notes in this one and the next one, and I really enjoy watching you build crazy projects!
SKYLINE RB26 22 hours ago
Crazy tank!! lol
Baron Bourbon
Baron Bourbon 22 hours ago
The Shagohod
steven b
steven b 22 hours ago
I enjoy your videos, but cringe every time at the lack of safety glasses, yes they're annoying but keeping your eyes is better.
Bern M
Bern M 22 hours ago
Pause 2:45 Collin! Who is that guy always helping you? I've been meaning to ask. Hello from sunny San Diego CA.
utpal khakhalary
utpal khakhalary 23 hours ago
Yes please a Nuke 😁 😁
Jestem Bo tak
Jestem Bo tak 23 hours ago
this guy who helps u is your father or friend?
Вячеслав Матюшкин
Я думаю нужно было витки делать на второй в противоположную сторону. Если на обоих в одинаковую сторону то движение будет немного в бок. А если сделать витки в разные стороны то движение в перед будет стабильнее.
Igor Quiselev
Hey, you’re stealing our brilliant Russian idea. :) no-vid.com/video/video-hQdtoSjZhSM.html
Leon Dunphy
Leon Dunphy Day ago
8:59 *when she says don't cum*
Funny videos
Funny videos Day ago
this is the coolest idea
valdas valdas
promo code dont work
Bass Boosted Zona
Lari ke saya no-vid.com/show-UCcPcK-5Hbuxmtm1aMVZD3FA?view..
Levi Lyle
Levi Lyle Day ago
Desiged and edited by Colin Furze :D
David Hurlburt
Like the ones from fallout
David Hurlburt
Make a nuclear powered car
Nab 1pm
Nab 1pm Day ago
you make it look so easy
Sumphuka Day ago
Keep writing things on masking tape. Great way to get little bits across.
Billy Roberts
Hi colin I love your videos and you are the reason I love to create my own projects and I always try to watch the moment you've uploaded for inspiration as I have gone and am going through a tough time and you help to take my mind of it . Thankyou
shane allard
shane allard Day ago
If its not been mentioned already, you spelt "designed" wrong in the closing titles. Great vid by the way :)
dovydas saponka
wot free to win yeahh not with it's premium shells wt (war thunder) is way better free to win game (maybe except top tier for now) plus it's more realistic
peter dhillon
Who thinks Colin should visit the hacksmith and he's new warehouse
Dean It Yourself
hi colin Big fan of yours. infact because of you i started my own channel, great question infact i would build a beer brewing tank as i im doing now for one of my next videos, as im a plumber guest what ill be using lol
Katie Luv
Katie Luv Day ago
It's not a tank unless it has a BIG GUN! :)
AndyD Day ago
Love your vids, thumbs up all of them. Also tried World Of Tanks, and it is really frikin amazing. I just did it to help you get some revenue. But I'm glad I tried it. The code TankTasctic, works and once I got used to the FREE Premium Tank from the code, it's really really good. BEST advice= It's basically a Snipers game with really slow armored bodies! Don't run out in the open thinking because your a tank you'll live. Their a tank to. Also don't spend the Gold coins that the code also gifts you, until much later game. It's the currency that only is replenished with real money.
JuicyJaguar Day ago
Anyone else think Collin is the Gordon Ramsey of engineering?
John Conner
John Conner Day ago
Should triangulate the screws , looks like they would bend.
sinking steak 212
Seems more like avatar The Last Airbender tvh
Emily Eldridge
Emily Eldridge 2 days ago
At 20 million subscribers you should actually build a tank, just like a real one and use like real one too.
BlankLeaf 2 days ago
U know the word
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