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Olivia Jade
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Dec 1, 2019




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ArcherRX1 6 hours ago
Cheater! Shame on you and your parents.
Jprez 1
Jprez 1 6 hours ago
She’s so hot
Nathaniel LePage
Nathaniel LePage 6 hours ago
This video being put on trending is basically NO-vid trying to dunk on her. They new putting this on trending would just cause this to be bombarded with comments and dislikes
chocolatethunda 5
chocolatethunda 5 6 hours ago
I dont really care about school I just want the experience *gets in for free* this won't go badly But you mostly likely have taken a spot away from other people and you cant apologize for that because someone worked harder than you and probably cares about school theres no excuse for this you knew it was wrong so instead of apologizing and saying why and making excuses you did it no matter what way you look at this
J L 6 hours ago
There’s absolutely no way she wasn’t aware of what her family was doing. Especially in the fact that she fabricated a picture of her rowing. Her and her family have cheated those that deserved to go to usc. How that doesn’t enrage someone is beyond me. Those that feel sympathy should reconsider what has been done here no matter how disconnected from their own lives it may be. She knew she could get away with it and she was wrong. She knows the truth no matter how many lies she can convince herself of.
Anup H.
Anup H. 6 hours ago
people are like did she know? didn't she know? like come on, she knew, 100 percent she knew it like there is just no way she didn't have a talk with her parents so she wouldn't accidentally expose herself etc so basically, fuck her.
Concept_nothing 818
People who defend her are genuinely brain dead
Jess Côté
Jess Côté 6 hours ago
Everyone giving criticism and shit stfu. You don’t how hard it is coming back and then seeing these comments You all act like you’ve never heard of forgiveness. Just forget about it already. I know it was a big deal but hasnt she been through enough. Just put your self in her shoes for two damn seconds
fawkylie 6 hours ago
Anthony Vazzana
Anthony Vazzana 7 hours ago
Please never post again
CarpCatchersCa Fishing
GO AWAY! With your CHEATING self. Don't cheat to get into college kids 😂 So how's that ROWING practice going??
Churra 7 hours ago
Sue Morris
Sue Morris 7 hours ago
Spread love not hate
Sue Morris
Sue Morris 7 hours ago
Some of these comments make me sick
Ceteris Paribus
Ceteris Paribus 7 hours ago
Untalented, unqualified white people of affluence are running and ruining the world. You are one of them.
Benjamin Chan
Benjamin Chan 7 hours ago
This video is the equivalent of the NYC subway conductor saying “we have traffic ahead of us we will be moving shortly”. Nothing was achieved and she just aggravated everyone. Dumb entitled brat...
Randall Kravetski
Randall Kravetski 7 hours ago
Blockwash 7 hours ago
Don’t worry about it,it’s cool shit happens. Welcome back.
Zagros Mitan
Zagros Mitan 7 hours ago
Go away, nobody wants you here. Go help prepare your parents for prison and prepare yourself for being poor.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
1hunnid leak
1hunnid leak 7 hours ago
Huge idot
Chloe X
Chloe X 7 hours ago
I go to a private school on a ballet scholarship, so I know somewhat how ‘sports’ scholarships work. I think Olivia must of known her grades weren’t good enough to get it and her parents were bending the rules to get her a place. But also I think it could be possible for her to not know about the money aspect, not that it makes the whole thing right.
Cj M
Cj M 7 hours ago
Terrible cuts. I hope you dont bounce back. Editing and making things pretty dont always pay off. I hope you grow from this humble and low profile.
大井航貴 7 hours ago
She's just sorry that she got caught lol
ThisIsTheEndPt2 7 hours ago
You lied and stole. No.
Zaxy Pena
Zaxy Pena 7 hours ago
I hope you didn’t turn your back in the parent that did that for you sad tho knowing u didn’t accomplish it. I can see the fear in your face this must be rough but this is life and you are very bless lol that you won’t go to jail because I see no difference between you and your parent... not trying to be mean but when you admit you apologize that don’t have nothing to do with court. Also don’t your mom think she did nothing wrong. Do the right thing learn from mistake make a change be humble u can loose something so fast and work hard for what you have be proud of yourself smh
neuphs 7 hours ago
Nobody wants you here.
treat12 7 hours ago
How bout you come back and can talk when you can talk, like after your Mom gets sentenced. You just basically came on here and talked about nothing in circles.
Isabella Borges
Isabella Borges 7 hours ago
No apology. No self-reflection. You just miss the attention. I wish that I could dislike this video multiple times. Please stay away. You are the definition of blind privilege.
toby quinn
toby quinn 7 hours ago
What happened????
Steve Murdock
Steve Murdock 7 hours ago
Junior College how about you get a job
Teggy Mulenda
Teggy Mulenda 7 hours ago
Divinia 7 hours ago
I know she messed up and everything but stop leaving comments saying you want an apology video when she can't even talk about it. Think of how much it took her to come on here in the first place after everything that happened. Just because she was born into a rich family with entitled parents doesn't mean she isn't sorry about what happened. Her parents forced her to go to college in the first place, she stated many times she hated school and didn't want to go.
Jorden Mireles
Jorden Mireles 7 hours ago
Your hot your mom is to love
Alina Lanolina
Alina Lanolina 7 hours ago
Sis you knew all the way what your papa and mama had done You took someone’s place at college and you are ok with it Bye
Anya Shah
Anya Shah 7 hours ago
Ai movie
Ai movie 7 hours ago
welcome back you suffered a lot i don't know why your parents need to do this when you never going to use that degree in your entire life
Seal View
Seal View 7 hours ago
row, row, row your boat gently of the Tube
Vickie Luck
Vickie Luck 8 hours ago
O-LIV-iA. I live a privileged life 🙄
Splitwindow Coupe
Splitwindow Coupe 8 hours ago
Look at me. I am sooooo special.
Meah Lopez
Meah Lopez 8 hours ago
Don’t come back to NO-vid. You’re fake and a phony. You didn’t even apologize about your whole scandal. You’re just a little rich girl who is going to get what you want regardless. Such a shame
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