Genius Channel: Issac Newton Part 1: The Biography

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Apr 18, 2017




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Peter & Pete
Peter & Pete Day ago
Sir Isaac Newton lived a lonely, unhappy life; never married nor had children. He'd be regarded as a failure by many people including me!! So much for science making people's lives better!!
Laurance Doyle
Laurance Doyle 4 days ago
I am surprised at Nova for leaving out Kepler whose second law -- discovered by him and not by "scientists" as reported here -- states that planets orbit the Sun in ellipses. How can this be left out in a biography of Newton's work? If one shoulders of a giant that Newton stood upon was Galileo, then certainly the other was Kepler!
C 8 days ago
His name is spelled wrong
Nurse Wratchet
Nurse Wratchet 7 days ago
Corporate Funding ........
Elixir 9 days ago
"I do not love to be teezed by foreigners about mathematical things." -Isaac Newton
Nurse Wratchet
Nurse Wratchet 6 days ago
And Then He Stole The Calculus From The Arabs !!! heh heh heh heh heh
Preston Ingebrigtsen
What’s the difference between Issac Newton and the baby I just killed. Issac Newton died a virgin.
Dennis Jacob
Dennis Jacob 13 days ago
I'm just a boy don't praise me yet
Pockets MacCartney
Pockets MacCartney 15 days ago
I dont get the thumbnail. Newton never wore a mustachio.
Ben Zzz
Ben Zzz 12 days ago
its rene descartes
Mike Burch
Mike Burch 15 days ago
So I suppose that Mrs. Newton was continously bitching at him for not spending enough time with her. :-)
Merch Para
Merch Para 17 days ago
1/4/2020 An Algo brought me here 377 years after his birth, imagine being a royal whose birth and death are based on chance being buried along side Isaac Newton. ☮
H. DeLoy Johnson
H. DeLoy Johnson 17 days ago
By all means don’t mention Zenos Paradoxes or Kepler’s Wine Barrel.... this video is merely British hero worship.
Nurse Wratchet
Nurse Wratchet 6 days ago
Philip Turner
Philip Turner 17 days ago
He became the latent narcissist that he was, and was happy...hahaha
Philip Turner
Philip Turner 17 days ago
So...he was both clever and mad...what's new ?????
Philip Turner
Philip Turner 17 days ago
Modelling global climate change...The greatest and most erronious idiocy and fallacy in history. There is NO climate emergency or problem, yet this stupid modelling presents a looming disaster based on total fallacy of understanding, and none of it is true, as actual data has shown.
healingv1sion 19 days ago
Was Newton an incel?
Rohit Kabeer
Rohit Kabeer 7 days ago
I think he was celibate by his own will.
Philip Turner
Philip Turner 17 days ago
haha..he probably had wild anal sex with his room mate ...I would have.
Red Alert
Red Alert 19 days ago
"Newton's Dark Secrets". What an absurd title. Before hurling abuse at a dead genius, at least try to make sure that what passes for science within today's establishment is not blinkered and sinister in various ways.
Austin Wood
Austin Wood 20 days ago
Going into the first day of 2020 I can believe that 2060 could be the end of it all. The way the world is nowadays definitely makes it possible.
Philip Turner
Philip Turner 17 days ago
Information Paradox
But I dontblike to believe this...as The Universe is INPREDICTIBLE!👍
Morally Ambiguous
Morally Ambiguous 19 days ago
Austin Wood well thanks for the opinion mr. optimistic :D
glenn anderson
glenn anderson 20 days ago
After watching this one question screams at me over and over. How do you keep a candle lit on a kite?
Venkata 19 days ago
Flying lantern
mosart 20 days ago
Who is the genius that spelled Isaac "Issac" in the title?
Burre Ifort
Burre Ifort 21 day ago
32:32 that's what Islam preaches, Jesus is not God.
Soul Patrol
Soul Patrol 17 days ago
@Philip Turner Churches are man made, but all things were created by God. You must think you're smarter than Max Planck, I assure you science has proven God truthofexistence.weebly.com Atheists will be punished most severely forever.
Philip Turner
Philip Turner 17 days ago
Well who cares ???? Religion is the invention of weak minds and a total load of rubbish and a delusional coping mechanism.
Soul Patrol
Soul Patrol 20 days ago
Jesus was Muhammad messiahjesusbible.com AND Isaac Newton, Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, Cyrus, Moses, David, Daniel, Enoch, Isaiah, Joshua, Jonah, Abraham, Noah, Enoch....
atam mardes
atam mardes 22 days ago
Sir Issac Newton lived way before Charles Darwin did, so he didn't know anything about evolution - no wonder he was religious.
atam mardes
atam mardes 16 days ago
@Lidia Soares Aside from your low IQ and intellect, do you have any other evidence that you are an inbred/incest of Adam&Eve?
Lidia Soares
Lidia Soares 16 days ago
@atam mardes why would any one in their right mind acknowledge a Vulture like you and your Darwinian theory anyway?
Hey I was only giving orders
[ m=E/(c*c) where E=∞=God ] Mass=Energy divided by the speed of light squared, where Energy=Infinity=God The Big Bang: "The Supreme Being is the omnipresent energy who always was and always will be. In His purity and benevolence, the almighty One had existed alone for eons in contentment. Being creative, God wanted to share the joy of existence and have another soul around so there could be interaction and conversation. Being omnipresent He felt no sense of borders for He was already in existence everywhere. He is all-powerful so He could not create an equal entity; the first soul created would have to be a lesser being, one able to travel, arrive at set points to experience suffering and adventure. God said `Let there be light ` then there was light and God saw that the light was good. He called the light Yeshua (Jesus Christ): the messiah would do His work and carry the Word. God never takes physical form but the light could be both a wave and particle to walk the material plane for Him. Angelic souls were brought into existence, but they lacked depth of character from never experiencing suffering. A third of the angels split away with Lucifer the proud Archangel who rebelled against God, the angels loyal to God were given set tasks and functions. Angels are non material beings; at times higher ranking Archangels Michael and Gabriel can be sent to appear before the human race temporarily in material form. The messiah's experiences would consist of the struggle among the human race between good and evil. Add to Heaven the music of passion...Classical masterpieces of Mozart and the Blues of Leadbelly, for all events, all moments, all intentions of independent souls would be recorded and sorted for Afterlife joy. In the beginning of the plan for a physical universe in which physical beings could share the joy of existence God put together the countless codes, formulas, programs, and streams of energy that would bring about an environment suitable for physical life forms. The Universe, the material plane, came into existence by God`s will and was set into motion by a powerful blast of sound that sent vibrations out at many frequencies. These signals would settle as matter interacting with life forms through the universal Buddha Christ consciousness - the mediator. No one has been to Heaven or Hell yet; these are still under construction and will be ready when they are needed - all souls reincarnate over and over until Judgment Day. God states that He made life from the raw material of love. The Creator would continue to create because matter wears out and decays; the vibration would fade eventually as He designed the Universe so that better futures would evolve. Existence tumbled into the void. The loop was at the end of the cosmos; the last event; the withering separation of light into weak & strong nuclear energies. Gravity, the powerful sister, stood helplessly by - the vacuum stole its grasp on the disappearing particles. Her yielding attractive brother, the electromagnetic host of awareness gently listened to the strings and contemplated the music of the dying universe to its last vibrating strand. Gravity became a notion - a call for assistance, and then was joined by the timid host to turn the oscillating loop around. They were the Yin and the Yang, substantial and insubstantial seeking an inhabited pinpoint to direct, one of six types of quark that could cause light to shine as a plume of electrons to feed the build-up of energy created by the movement between the two realms of being and non-being where dimensions meet. The absolute imperative, the Creator made some changes, allowing chaos and attraction to touch. By His will and His Word, the explosion of existence roared; vibrations sprang forward on a data-filled river of time. This Universe, this splendidly seeded field would grow once more, thrive, then decay as the once-enthusiastic energy would inevitably become tired like all living things - its consciousness would one day long for dissipation, not appreciating its creation nor expecting rebirth. The cycle of the living Universe with its crops of civilizations would repeat endlessly however because that which has been created will never be un-created, adjustments are made and the design will evolve, striving to get closer to impossible perfection. God can step in and re-boot the system at any point; He is omnipotent, omnipresent, self-aware, and exists outside of relativity, space, and time without visual form since He is everywhere at all times maintaining His creations throughout the vast Universe. Now you hillbillies have an education, stupid devil's disciples...you will see how this new war on Iran will turn out. Armageddon, the end of the human race.
Juan Abeyta
Juan Abeyta 22 days ago
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Maria Orsic
Maria Orsic 22 days ago
Newton did not FAIL at Alchemy!!! He failed at forgiving the shallowness of the people around him. And yes, his "extraordinary change" was his reward for his alchemy.
Maria Orsic
Maria Orsic 22 days ago
Unbelievable, that there is DEBATE regarding Newton's passion for alchemy. It is precisely this passion that honed his "scientific eye" and that exercised his brilliant instinct for WHERE the scientific law existed. Tesla and Arrhenius were the same. The separation of science and spirit NEVER should have occurred. The split was politically driven, thanks to the Vatican, and reduced the scientist to little more than a bean counting technician. The greatest scientists, the paradigm changers, are usually alchemists whether they admit it or not!
Carl Harmeling
Carl Harmeling 22 days ago
One needn’t read ancient theological words texts to refute the doctrine of the Trinity. A simple reading of the biography of. Jesus contained in the Gospels is enough to realize that Jesus did not think of himself as God or want others to think this nor would he have permitted anyone to worship him as God. This is merely Church tradition dating from the time of the Romans who instituted it and required acceptance of it on pain of.... Remember the Romans also thought their Emperors became gods after death so for them to elevate Christ to this stature was only reasonable. The effect of this for the Romans was to exclude the Jews whom they hated from participating in the religion.
Jesus Shaves
Jesus Shaves 20 days ago
Jesus also lived the lives of Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Galileo, Cyrus, David, Enoch, Galileo, many others messiahjesusbible.com The Mark of the Beast is hidden in plain sight, it is the sign of the cross, calling on the Three Unclean Spirits coming like frogs from the mouth of the Vatican.
Michael 22 days ago
So dumb that religion stifled all scientific endeavors. The unintelligent brutes Killed so many smart people. The same happens today but instead of murdering them. The religious suppress funding towards science because they are the majority of governments. I hope this changes fast
Michael 21 day ago
@Huawei is a criminal organization. you just listed a bunch of names that would have been put to death if they differed from the ideology of their time. Next you'll tell me nazis were really good rocket engineers because they were nazis. No... they just happened to be good rocket scientists and just happened to be nazis. Do you think those scientists did better in America after the war?... i think they did. I think the names you mentioned would have been able to accomplish more if they weren't surrounded by religious morons
Huawei is a criminal organization.
I'm sorry but 'religion' does no such thing. Look up at the sky tonight, view the stars, get a star map … Aldebaran, Betelgeuse, Rigel, Vega, etc., Islamic scholars, Galileo pfffft, Copernicus, a Catholic priest, defined the Copernican model of the Solar system … essentially the model used today.
Daniel Adano
Daniel Adano 22 days ago
Well..was'nt Johannes Keppler who dyscover that the movements of the planets go by an ellipse and also he made calculations about the speed of those bodys? long before Newton......
blthetube1 22 days ago
To think he died less than 300 years ago and we think we are so advanced....... 45:39 Well then maybe you should have said something.... Mt Hook.
Kaylene Camilleri
Kaylene Camilleri 22 days ago
How about fixing the video it’s too choppy like it keeps loosing reception.
Judith Gockel
Judith Gockel 23 days ago
Why not an apple? Einstein said he deduced relativity while watching a streetcar.
Glenda Turner
Glenda Turner 23 days ago
Pamela Homeyer
Pamela Homeyer 23 days ago
I believe Newton did discover something that he could make money with and that's that is why he was put in charge of the mint and was suddenly rich. Why should he share that discovery. Besides the crown still thought that a manufacturing gold on a large scale would make gold less valuable
Herb Lison
Herb Lison 24 days ago
Perhaps it is time to retire the term "greatest" as it applies to scientists, artists, etc.
Dr Tim O'Shea
Dr Tim O'Shea 24 days ago
typical-- another new left revisionist take down piece on a pivotal contributor to human science---Instead of trying to fathom Newton's contributions, which they barely grasp at all , these pedants and hacks are going to tell us how he didn't quite measure up to their petty standards of orthodoxy. Genius Channel? please. More like Dilettante Channel... Don't waste your time!
Gritos Incoherentes
The actor Jonathan Price should portray Newton in a high budget ground braking musical miniseries.
Michael 23 days ago
Bill Millan
Bill Millan 24 days ago
My Mentor, Andrew J Galambos, considered Newton the most important man who ever lived. I put Aristotle ahead of him because Newton was standing on his shoulders. The "Principa Mathematica" caused the Industrial Revolution. It was as common as the Bible in every elite household starting at the end of the 17th Century. .It contained the Calculus, the laws of motion and a operational definition of gravity.
Eugenius Williams
Eugenius Williams 24 days ago
but as Newton was dealing with a text, the jewish old testament, he had a dodgy text to start with! It is nothing but a collection of stories put together by a tribal cabal of storytellers! Where is this King David, this King Solomon, this Moses? They are nowhere to be found in any histories as they are fictions of the jewish mind. And when it is realised that they were in fact Egyptian pharoahs who the Jews had later tried to claim as their own, and created a false history around them to prove it, what hope did Newton have of getting any sense out of it? But as the English world of his time was so obsessed with Christian scripture, it just goes to show that even the greatest of minds can be derailed and confused by misguided texts! The jews have always been storytellers ( and bankers). They started Hollywood world of storytelling, and we now know how inaccurate all their "historical" movies are! They tell things as they want them to be, not as they really are. so poor old Newton wasted so much time on these non historical fabrications, that maybe could have been put to better use? But still, these are the vicissitudes of life!
I E 24 days ago
Title is spelled incorrectly
Adam Mangler
Adam Mangler 25 days ago
... around 36:30 on - Kepler had already shown that orbiting bodies moved in elipses based on Tycho Brahe's observations. That was 1605! (Published 1609) Though Newton may have been unaware of the work - see for instance, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannes_Kepler#Work_for_Tycho_Brahe
Gritos Incoherentes
Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.
brah ket
brah ket 25 days ago
The boy who portrays him as a Cambridge student looks like Sean Lennon....I think John Wickham and he were butt buddies.....for Life...Fo' life!...
Glen Hesketh
Glen Hesketh 25 days ago
Does that mean that, if any of the planets or moons orbited any faster,they would be thrown out of orbit and if they went any slower,they would crash?That has to be of intelligent design.Just as I was typing this,they mention it.😂
Michael 23 days ago
If that was correct it still wouldn't constitute intelligent design. It would just mean that out of trillions and trillions of plantets and stars that a few are bound to be in perfect orbit in the "goldilocks zone" Mathematically if you throw trillions of dice for billions of years you're bound to get a remarkable result Fyi i believe we have souls and we reincarnate for infinity through out the universe and dimensions beyond. But i have no proof
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie 25 days ago
Newton cheated the Cambridge establishment.....He wasn't a protestant or a catholic for that matter...the followed the heresy of arianism (denies the Jesus had both natures human and divine) .....So technically he could not become part of the Cambridge teaching establishment....plus.....he was a flaming homosexual!!! YES!.....He was!!
Jesus Shaves
Jesus Shaves 20 days ago
Isaac Newton was Yeshua messiahjesusbible.com Other lifetimes were Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Joan of Arc, Galileo, Enoch, Cyrus, King David, Daniel, Jonah, Joshua, Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad. All Catholics will be sent to Hell, all trinity worshipers will be sent to Hell. There is ONE God and one mediator, no one else. Jesus cannot hear or answer prayers, but is the Judge of all human souls. John 5:22 "God judges no man, but has entrusted all judgment to the son, so that they might honor him as they honor the Father. Those who do not honor the son do not honor the Father who has sent him." John 1:18 "No one has seen God at any time, but the one and only son who is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared Him." The Mark of the Beast is hidden in plain sight, it is the sign of the cross, calling on the Three Unclean Spirits coming like frogs from the mouth of the Beast, the Vatican.
Adam Mangler
Adam Mangler 25 days ago
Trinity College Cambridge is traditionally Church of England (COE). There is no evidence thus far that Newton either was, or was not homosexual - certainly not in his private papers where one might expect to find _something._ :0)
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie 25 days ago
These videos will do a lot of damage.....sounds more like the National Inquirer than a science channel.....looks like PBS is fallen pretty low....
Deckie Deckie
Deckie Deckie 25 days ago
Newton was the smartest man who ever lived.....yes...more than Einstein....
Amogh Vastrad
Amogh Vastrad 23 days ago
Hold my relativity
World in Union
World in Union 23 days ago
Your valiant attempt at phishing for likes and comments is noted, and you got me.
rbmindful 23 days ago
An estimated 100 billion humans have been born on this planet. By what process is it that you know who was the smartest ever?
Vit Sir
Vit Sir 25 days ago
Why is a documentary on one of the greatest scientists of all time have a mere 53k views
H. DeLoy Johnson
H. DeLoy Johnson 17 days ago
Vit Sir says more about the video then it does the population.
Austin Wood
Austin Wood 20 days ago
People don’t care about this important stuff anymore, which is sad. Why do you think our world is going to shit ?
glenn anderson
glenn anderson 20 days ago
@blthetube1 That seems a pretty reasonable time frame, doesn't it?
BrandonFlorida 21 day ago
American schools certainly don't give students a love of knowledge. They barely give people knowledge.
V Cab
V Cab 26 days ago
Newton's writings were almost entirely guided by the Holy Spirit. Carl Jung referred to this Inner Guide as the Universal Unconscious. Secular folks call this still quiet inner voice the Collective Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence, Inner Guide, Source, Matrix, Mental Coordinator, etc. I am not stuck on the name and consider it a spiritual connection. Spirituality is like having an ear for music or beat for dance. Mysticism by definition is the practice of strengthening the bond that unites us with the “God” of our Heart. Mysticism is a personal conscious union of oneself with the Absolute for purposes of illumination. Illumination is the broadening of one's consciousness and the awakening of one's Sixth Sense. This illumination provides one intuition and helps one reason - think clearly. It helps free one from troubling fears and anxieties. A strong mystical person tries to live in harmony with one's objective consciousness, intuition, and feelings. One tries to live a harmonious life and as a result, premonitions, synchronicity and a sixth sense havebecome part of one's daily life. There is Biblical support for this Sixth Sense. Being born and raised Catholic, I was never taught nor encouraged to have what some Protestants and Mormons call a “personal relationship with the Holy Spirit”. We Catholics are taught little about this inner voice other than to listen to our Conscious. Having a sense of connection to one's Inner Guide is comforting. One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is the Gift of Discernment which is the ability to recognize what is genuine from what is pretence; what is of God from what is not of God. Scriptural References are found Joshua 2:8-11, Judges 4:4-5, 1 Samuel 16:6-13, 1 Kings 10:1-13, Matthew 16:21-23, Acts 5:1-10, Acts 8:19-25, Philippians 1:9-10, 1 Thessalonians 5:20-22 and 1 John 4:1 & 6.
悲哀ErinOEnris 17 days ago
I liked this red pill.
Adam Mangler
Adam Mangler 25 days ago
Ludicrous rubbish! But thanks for the smiles :0)
Ivan Thompson
Ivan Thompson 25 days ago
V Cab Dummy.
plan pitz
plan pitz 26 days ago
The actor Jonathan Pryce should play Newton in a high budget ground breaking movie.
Michael 23 days ago
@plan pitz newton needs this intensityno-vid.com/video/video-ABdDCqSg0fc.html
Michael 23 days ago
John Malkovich should play him. He can portray a more frustrated broken hearted but cold look. But he might have to work on his accent
Michael 23 days ago
@plan pitz because he just played the pope and before that a pirate... that's all i will be thinking when watching. I'll reply back with the guy who should play him when i find his name
plan pitz
plan pitz 23 days ago
@Michael Thank you for the correction and ...and why not ?The similarity is very obvious .
Michael 23 days ago
Pryce... and no
H E 26 days ago
Time to destroy a great visionary scientist, who dared to make predictions based on calculations, and at the same time, confess he is still learning. If that scientific behavior sounds familiar to you, it’s because of what we call today: “Artificial intelligence”.
H E 24 days ago
Missing the point, A.I is like havIng the number and focus of thinking people, increase exponentially, all the time. Meaning, it will become the most scientifically trusted, problem solver, once optimized enough. Newton is being attacked here for thinking in a matter which hundreds of years later, was utilized in creating A.I.
Adam Mangler
Adam Mangler 25 days ago
... There is no real intelligence in AI - except the minds of humans who construct the specialized databases, the dedicated algorithms and other elements of the programming. It is just a device that has to be told how to proceed and what to do :0)
pietro scelfo
pietro scelfo 26 days ago
Mr. Newton went on and on about gravity but completely disregarded the apple tree which was growing straight up against gravity. This is how Western science is conducted.
PBR Street Gang
PBR Street Gang 27 days ago
Apollo 8 proved Newton as the premier of all time!
Some Engineer Named Chris
Happy Birthday Sir Isaac Newton :)
JSkillz 27 days ago
26:36-26:47 Suddenly gets all History Channel... I was half expecting Giorgio Tsoukalos to pop up. 😂😂😂
beethovensg 27 days ago
2060= the end of the Age of Pisces. " Let's not start sucking each other's cocks yet" Harvey Keitel"
John Smith
John Smith 27 days ago
Strange they didn't mention his famous public fights with the only man who could rival him intellectually - Gottfried Leibniz. Leibniz independently discovered the calculus and he and Newton had a dust up over it.
Glen Hesketh
Glen Hesketh 25 days ago
It's too bad they couldn't get along.
I am Solo
I am Solo 27 days ago
narrated by F murray Abraham
Glen Hesketh
Glen Hesketh 25 days ago
Thank you.
Eddie5150 Reischl
Eddie5150 Reischl 27 days ago
I wonder what evidence there is linking his quirks, eccentricities, and poor relationships with colleagues, with his alchemical work, possibly working with lead, vaporizing mercury and inhaling the fumes, and other things. It's amazing he seemed to still have his faculties in old age. He also seemed to have an innate understanding of matter, even though he didn't have the power to actually synthesize new elements, which is amazing as they would not have had a periodic table to work with.
Jack Leonardo
Jack Leonardo 27 days ago
"Genius Channel?"- getthefuokouttahere! Discussing the most eminent minds and cannot even spell Newton's name properly! Tosser!
obrtre2 25 days ago
Skitt's Law
Jack Leonardo
Jack Leonardo 25 days ago
I intentionally did not spell it correctly, I assumed that everyone would discern what I meant. So, you own the channel, triggered? Disgraced? Hahahaha! Appreciate what? Taking a documentary which a group of people did and claiming it as one's own? You really believe this guy did this by himself? You're a baby if you believe that. Sod off.
Indigo-healer kelvinSolomon
And you can't even spell "fuck" correctly!! When one think too highly of themselves, they eventually end up disgraced.. Appreciate people's effort ok!!
loverules 28 days ago
Review the file before upload.
Seppo Koivula
Seppo Koivula 28 days ago
I don't think those secrets were that dark. Little bit of alchemy here and there. Strange guy he was, that's true... but brilliant to almost no one in comparison.
Nick Dannunzio
Nick Dannunzio 28 days ago
The background music fvks up this presentation...
Vegetable Television
wonderful bees
wonderful bees 28 days ago
the video gets broken up at about 38.00 then seems to recover at about 40.00
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