Game Theory: The Murky History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods

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The world of Minecraft is vast and pretty well explored... except for one place. You see, we've covered a LOT of Minecraft on this channel, and in doing research for all of that I've noticed that one place remains mostly undiscovered - or at least un-theorized! The underwater biome of Minecraft is FULL of weird creatures and tons of interesting lore, if you know where to look. Spoiler alert, I do! Today we are diving into old Gods, ancient ruins, and more! Get your scuba gear ready, Theorists!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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Dec 2, 2019




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Comments 16 431
God slayer gaming
God slayer gaming 5 hours ago
He should tried to make the video 23 minutes
Kayo BoI
Kayo BoI 5 hours ago
Only 5 -/- of the ocean has been explored
The Noobest Girl
The Noobest Girl 6 hours ago
Excuse me but that thumbnail is super clickbaity! I clicked on it expecting a thrilling heart wrenching story about the history of the drowned and all I got was some fish and Islam history... 😐
MomentousCrazynoob 6 hours ago
I'm a Muslim, and about the "23rd night" thing is not 100% true. Long story short, it is either 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, or 29th. The latter three being literally the highest chances. Here's the "long story": God told Muhammad which day it was, and on the last 10 days of Ramadan, he saw two people fighting, and got a bit angry that they're fighting in such a religious time, and forgot the date. When asked, he answered "it was either the 25th, 27th, or 29th". He remembered later on, but didn't reveal it so people would work just as hard in all 3 days (and we believe that he does nothing without the guidance of God).
Johnson Lee
Johnson Lee 6 hours ago
23 is also the number of David Beckham
Johnson Lee
Johnson Lee 6 hours ago
Who else thought that pink area of the elder guardian is its nose
Nadir Jk
Nadir Jk 6 hours ago
To clarify, we don’t worship the kaba we direct our prayers to it’s location only
Aboo Aloobade
Aboo Aloobade 6 hours ago
I am Islamic
King Sewaddle
King Sewaddle 6 hours ago
Didn't expect Islamic religious
King Sewaddle
King Sewaddle 6 hours ago
Didn't expect Islamic religious
Captain Plague
Captain Plague 7 hours ago
I like how you explained the Islamic stuff
Rian's Playhouse of fun
Me:Im muslim Everyone that plays Minecraft: YO UR IMPORTANT!! XDDDD if this is funny please like.. 🙂
Najwa Syeda
Najwa Syeda 7 hours ago
my roll no. is also 23 😂 😍
Grand TH
Grand TH 7 hours ago
8:52 Maybe.......... If there once a great civilization that live in a dying world. Decide to keep some essential creature for the ocean for the world restoration and dedicated themselves and technology to protect this very last few seas organism. And......perhaps they store gold for hope in their currency.
Aadil Shah
Aadil Shah 7 hours ago
You have one crazy vivid imagination.
Puppet lover
Puppet lover 8 hours ago
... I really thought the guy that voiced the “X Hours Later” in Spongebob opened up this video
Brianna Thurman
Brianna Thurman 8 hours ago
So nobody cares about the husk
KingDingDong 8 hours ago
"if u drop a cow, it gives u like, cow flesh"
MIDI Shutter
MIDI Shutter 8 hours ago
The sponges in the sponge room might also serve to absorb the water from the rising sea levels.
Puppet lover
Puppet lover 8 hours ago
ziggurat-like structure. The 23 is an interesting connection though
FUZZY PAWS 8 hours ago
So guardians are muslims
FUZZY PAWS 8 hours ago
But the kaaba wasnt the firt mesjid
blue creep
blue creep 8 hours ago
Game theory make a Cytus 1 and 2 theory you are gonna like this
JETatTOP 8 hours ago
well good islam info but just for all people to know muslims don't wait for the god to approach earth but still that was a great video
Thanos the Mad Titan
1). Why are abandoned mineshafts infested with cave spiders? 2). The underwater ruins (sunken ships etc). Please do a video on these two topics.
Hellspawn 21
Hellspawn 21 9 hours ago
im a muslim and im watching this right after my islamiat test, whaddya know
CoolDude Gamer
CoolDude Gamer 9 hours ago
Kinda late but my birthday was in December 3
Amy Francis
Amy Francis 9 hours ago
You forgot pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
Did you know that if you drown a Husk it becomes a Zombie? And if you drown a Zombie it becomes a Drowned
Travis I
Travis I 9 hours ago
Was that 3D pyramid skinned with Obama’s face? What did I miss?
As a Muslim. This is exciting 😄
liam corbett
liam corbett 9 hours ago
ThatMadEngineer _
ThatMadEngineer _ 10 hours ago
I always name my tridents "Giant Fork".
derpderpderp derp
derpderpderp derp 10 hours ago
14:30 matt the gods names are Jeb and notch (Green is Jeb blue is notch)
Alisha Rickman
Alisha Rickman 10 hours ago
I'm not so sure about the whole Kabah thing because every mosque is technically a house of God in Islam. The Kabah is definitely the most important one but it's not in a ziggurat-like structure. The 23 is an interesting connection though
Lynx 10 hours ago
Haha I’m 10
So basically we are trespassing on holy sites
omer demirer
omer demirer 10 hours ago
Iman power
ZST and Family
ZST and Family 11 hours ago
Me: What is Notch to do with Muslims? Notch: Sells Minecraft to Christians.
AutumnSprinkle 11 hours ago
I think that the gold is the battery that powers the gardians Think of drones, If they go to far they lose control, Than think of gardians, They will only go a certain distance until turning back and return to guard the monument.
Slash Groudon
Slash Groudon 11 hours ago
I say enchanted pufferfish
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