FLYING TO OUR 97th COUNTRY (Bangkok to Bangladesh)

Kara and Nate
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We flew from Bangkok to our 97th country of Bangladesh! Dhaka is CRAZY and we love it so far!
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Travel vlog 682 | Country #97/100 | #Dhaka, #Bangladesh | Filmed November 2019
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Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! So we extended our 1 year trip to now FOUR years :) Now we have a goal of traveling to 100 countries before 2020! We are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

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Dec 12, 2019




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Comments 1 623
lamish 677
lamish 677 15 hours ago
This is where my family is from
ZiggyZag tv
ZiggyZag tv 20 hours ago
id lovd to invite you both to sylhet to my house
MD:TOUHIDUL ISLAM 23 hours ago
full video old dhaka. modern dhaka link clicks no-vid.com/video/video-cQ9LTeTKWqI.html
MD:TOUHIDUL ISLAM 23 hours ago
full video old dhaka. modern dhaka link clicks no-vid.com/video/video-cQ9LTeTKWqI.html
MD:TOUHIDUL ISLAM 23 hours ago
full video old dhaka. modern dhaka link clicks no-vid.com/video/video-cQ9LTeTKWqI.html
MD:TOUHIDUL ISLAM 23 hours ago
full video old dhaka. modern dhaka link clicks no-vid.com/video/video-cQ9LTeTKWqI.html
Yesmin Khaleda
WAIT a minute bangladesh is my country
Nick Lawrence
Nick Lawrence 2 days ago
OMG how you guys eat that food omg
Sohan salman
Sohan salman 2 days ago
How did you find this guide? Haha he doesn't know much about tourism!
Rafi Al Imran
Rafi Al Imran 2 days ago
Request to visit Sylhet, Rangamati, Cox's Bazar, Sundarbans, Teknaf
ras tiger
ras tiger 2 days ago
Cheap restaurant save money 🤣🤣
Priyank Jain
Priyank Jain 2 days ago
Mamun ji i took 6 hours to reached at tatri market from airport but i love my whole journey there.
proo gamer
proo gamer 3 days ago
Kara and Nate go to my country INDONESIA the next you video 🤗
zahid hossain
zahid hossain 3 days ago
Beautiful country....Beautiful simple people....Money can not make a man happy....Be natural...Be happy life..
Mohammed Alim
Mohammed Alim 3 days ago
Who was born in bangladesh I did and who lives there too
Jeem Muhammad
Jeem Muhammad 3 days ago
I was literally shaking when you guys were crossing the roads like this. We Bangladeshis .. especially being from Dhaka..we are accustomed to crowdy places. Thank you Soo much for visiting my country ❤️❤️❤️Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 Please visit again
GaBbu NoOb
GaBbu NoOb 3 days ago
you should visit Chittagong city...the port city of Bangladesh
redextazy 3 days ago
As a Bangladeshi I think the local guide wasnot suggesting the best places of Bangladesh.there are many beautiful places, historical architectures, neat and clean places to visit. In this video what I saw, many places with negative things were being visited by them. So as a result they are not having the positive experience from this country. Bangladesh is full of beautiful, colorful culture, history and peaceful kind population. If anyone is planning to visit Bangladesh he/she must take suggestion from someone who can truely represent the real elegance and culture of this place. Thanks 😊
Ruhul Remon
Ruhul Remon 4 days ago
5:55 Feeling really sad for the little girl 😢
RK 5 days ago
Thanks for coming. Lots of love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩💝💖 💝
PLATINUM SIX 5 days ago
Kara And Nate , there is so many other cool places in Bangladesh , its about knowing the right people. Its a shame I would put you in the right direction .
Robert Drake
Robert Drake 5 days ago
See the airport has been upgraded since 1984. They used to just dump the luggage on the tarmac while you waited for your next flight.
zayan imtehaz
zayan imtehaz 6 days ago
Why you always mention india guys? Stop comparing us with indians We are not indians. I am sick of this shit dude tbh.
Do YoU kONw Da Way?
Who's here from Bangladesh?
Nirob Hosain
Nirob Hosain 6 days ago
you have experienced just 1% beauty of bangladesh your guide couldnt show you the real beauty bangladesh
Ama Aj
Ama Aj 7 days ago
You to my country i Ali give yo a shout out
kawsar shaik
kawsar shaik 7 days ago
make more video
Jenn W
Jenn W 7 days ago
I hope you pray before going out by foot for safety. 😀 it looks dangerous
Jenn W
Jenn W 7 days ago
The taxi driver that said,” It may be a half hr...it may be an hr... it may be a hr and a half...”. Sounds just like LA Traffic lol 😂
Mo Chow
Mo Chow 4 days ago
It's way crazier.. the average speed in Dhaka is like 4 miles per hour.. and those bloody buses keep hitting everything in front of them..
Beautiful Life
Beautiful Life 8 days ago
why did you come dhaka? You should go sajek,Rangamati, sylhet etc. As you are finding beautiful environment
Rashedul Islam
Rashedul Islam 8 days ago
প্রিয় দেশবাসী আপনাদের কাছে অনুরোধ করছি,, যখনি কোন বিদেশীদের দেখবেন তাদের যথা সম্ভব সহযোগিতা করবেন তাদের থেকে মুনাফা কম করে তাদের সর্বোচ্চ সুযোগ সুবিধা দিবেন মনে রাখবেন তারা দেশে ফিরে অন্যদের সঙ্গে আমাদের দেশ দেশের মানুষ সম্পর্কে ইতিবাচক মনোভাব প্রকাশ করবে আপনার একটু ত্যাগের বিনিময়ে আমরা যারা বাহিরের দেশে আছি তাদের প্রতি ওদের ও আন্তরিকতা বেড়ে যাবে বুক ফুলিয়ে সবার সামনে দেশ নিয়ে গর্ব করতে পারবো,,, বিদেশি দেখলে সাভাবিক আচরণ করার চেষ্টা করবেন ধন্যবাদ সবাইকে,,,,
Ajharul Islam
Ajharul Islam 8 days ago
You guys are amazing! Best couple ever!
MizanR R
MizanR R 8 days ago
Poor people poor Bangladeshi
Design Factory
Design Factory 9 days ago
If you come again please try to make a video at Sylhet in Bangladesh. Because, it is most beautiful city in Bangladesh and thanks again to represent our country. Love you.
The Traveler
The Traveler 9 days ago
If anybody come to Bangladesh you should visit sylhet city and cox’s bazar because without visiting sylhet and cox’s bazar your tour will be incomplete
2010zab 9 days ago
I don't know whether u will read my comment or not. I don't know who should know it. At first I will ask, why have u chosen only the dirtiest places in Dhaka?? Secondly, why have u shown only the uneducated and poor class (with due respect) of Bangladesh?? We have clean roads too. We have posh residential areas, luxurious shopping malls, five star hotels and commericial areas with electronic billboards and lots of lighting. We have educated bunch of people who get job offers from the first world. We have millionaires. Bmw, Mercedes ply on our roads. But no, u only showed the scratched buses. So whenever a foreigner will see this video, not everyone has the same kind of mentality. Some will definitely under-estimate us. And that hurts me. Please come again and show the other side of Dhaka too.
Rabayet Johan
Rabayet Johan 9 days ago
Lots of love from Bangladesh
bd tiger munna
bd tiger munna 10 days ago
We'll come to bangladesh
Evan B
Evan B 10 days ago
1:43 - The most appropriate into to Dhaka lol
Md Ashifur Rahman
Md Ashifur Rahman 10 days ago
Did he call CNG as Tuktuk?!😂
Bangladeshi বাংলা
You buy all cheaper products if you go to Cox's Bazar i hope that's for you
Umar Shams
Umar Shams 10 days ago
My family lives in Bangladesh and I was just ther
R H 10 days ago
I hope you had a wonderful time in my home country love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Md Alamin
Md Alamin 10 days ago
Matthee Latham
Matthee Latham 11 days ago
I'd of skipped that country
Katty Parry
Katty Parry 11 days ago
wow, it's my country. I'm so glad you came to our country
Nayemur Rahman
Nayemur Rahman 11 days ago
you should have gone to Sundarban, St. Martin, Sylhet and Bandarban. Those places are so beautiful that u can't imagine.
রিমেল খলিফা
The little begger girl asked her for some Money and she said i Don't have so. It's prove you are a probegger than this little begger girl. Its really so sad.
রিমেল খলিফা
@Md Hadiuzzaman Rana why
Md Hadiuzzaman Rana
Deleted your comment
Tasmia sultana Anonna
If you come in rainy season, you can see the best scene of our Bangladesh. By the way thanks for coming and sorry for those crowd. We hope you will come again. Take love ♥
MD Jakir Hussain29
MD Jakir Hussain29 11 days ago
Ismail Hossain
Ismail Hossain 11 days ago
love how you two show the raw authentic intense flavor of each and every place you visit :)
pro legends
pro legends 12 days ago
Love you guys
Emon Ud
Emon Ud 12 days ago
woman reviewers are useless
Itz Auzie
Itz Auzie 12 days ago
kenya for 100 th
Rakib Rahman
Rakib Rahman 12 days ago
You should have visited Cox's Bazar Sea Beach (the largest sea beach in the world),Saint-martin,Sundarban(the largest mangrove forest in the world).
Rupesh Barua
Rupesh Barua 12 days ago
Come and visit Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Hill tracts of Chittagong in Bangladesh. I think you will get new experiences from here.
Taif The Gamer Boy
Taif The Gamer Boy 12 days ago
Lovely to see you guys in Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩
Al-FaaZ NaYeM‌``
Al-FaaZ NaYeM‌`` 13 days ago
♥ from 🇧🇩
Welcome to Bangladesh😘 🇧🇩❤❤
Love you my country Bangladesh🇧🇩,, and Welcome my country bro❤❤
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