EXCLUSIVE - Nicole Scherzinger and boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov in Saint Tropez - Part 1

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American singer Nicole Scherzinger and boyfriend Tennis Player Grigor Dimitrov have fun on their boat, jumping, kissing and swimming in Saint Tropez
Saint Tropez, France on Sunday July 22, 2018
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Jul 22, 2018




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Comments 667
Etta Dee
Etta Dee 5 days ago
her legs are so short compared to her torso .
F Rod
F Rod 5 days ago
4:33 some lucky water going on her body
Tania Rikirangi
Tania Rikirangi 3 days ago
F Rod 😂😂😂
roger5173 6 days ago
she has put on a lot of weight
SpontaneousDX 9 days ago
This is invasion of privacy !!!!
Andromeda T
Andromeda T 10 days ago
Rich people life smh
Shawn 16 days ago
The Wall is undefeated. She's heading to the wall Very quickly if you look at her face compare it to five years ago it's not even close with all this plastic surgery or whatever else she's done. Her body is great cuz she works out a lot but her face is not going to fare as well. She's dating a younger guy... In the celebrity world that never works and this is temporary. He stay with her.
Erika Pennella
Erika Pennella 27 days ago
Omg he can't dive LOL
Damien Step
Damien Step Month ago
This bf is nice man and he knows that this bitch doesn't care about him anymore. It is all.about money and her fame but we all know this and we are looking for real people now .who Can really give and help others and no just use others and pretend !
Zaid Patel
Zaid Patel Month ago
Lucky young man. Looking good Nicole
Tergu Liruk
Tergu Liruk Month ago
Where is his F1 racer ???they broke????
Mr. T Mr. T
Mr. T Mr. T Month ago
Aww he took a picture for her. Tell me that's not cute.🇧🇬❤️
SixthSense Month ago
Really 😔 A swim suit worthy of an unattractive old lady. I expected more (skin) from Nicole considering this was staged 🤔😂
Mikkel Andersen
Mikkel Andersen Month ago
Get a life...
Anne Müller
Anne Müller Month ago
Ridiculous show of the clown face and "her" boyfriend :-D
Banished From The Dwarf Planet
This is so obviously a setup. She just wants more publicity because she's really a nobody.
Mike Will
Mike Will 15 days ago
Banished From The Dwarf Planet check her resume
Mike Will
Mike Will 15 days ago
Mikey Walsh
Mikey Walsh Month ago
That has got to Suck
Yousef Ahmed
Yousef Ahmed 2 months ago
Would’ve loved to have been on that boat with her
Aliaksandr B
Aliaksandr B 2 months ago
Yeee, my fucking baby,
Juuh 2 months ago
Eu gostava dos dois juntos! Pena que separaram!
sweet parrot
sweet parrot 2 months ago
imagine someone focus video cam on you and your family and starts judging ..Got angry huh? so stop Judging people ..even they are humans.
césar Ferreyra
césar Ferreyra 2 months ago
que forra como lo manda al otro hombre que le traiga los lentes que ella dejo en la punta del bote. muy forra!
Eva Srsa
Eva Srsa 2 months ago
nice video
rt268wsote 2 months ago
She is trashy. Yeah I pass
Denny DEVITO 3 months ago
Хороший туз
Maxx Maxx Maxx Eftimovski
ko go ebe abdal bg
True Kingz
True Kingz 3 months ago
To bad the most beautiffull babes got rich fri3nds .... bet the are still not happy and not tere only girls
Uncle P
Uncle P 3 months ago
4:06 😍😍
aniki937 3 months ago
3:49 I can't stop laughing 😂🤣😂
aniki937 Month ago
Roel144 pena so true !! Haha 😅😂✌️
Roel144 pena
Roel144 pena Month ago
He's lucky tennis is played on dry land or he would be in some real trouble😁
Roel144 pena
Roel144 pena Month ago
More like a belly flop rather than a dive and he was flapping his feet before he hit the water. He 😨 of water I guess
pepe58 pepito
pepe58 pepito 4 months ago
Nicole Scherzinger shemale.
Beth 4 months ago
They obviously knew they were being watched. Lol
Diana Dianova
Diana Dianova 4 months ago
Beautiful body 😍
Aurangzeb Ali
Aurangzeb Ali 4 months ago
i dont care who gets offended but nicole has such an indian look to her same with cheryl cole who looks mixed
crishoxx akizuki
crishoxx akizuki 3 months ago
Nicole is half filipino 💁
Shay_ Nee
Shay_ Nee 4 months ago
She is our fellow countryman and we are proud of her accomplishments. #ProudFilipino
Jerome Fulgencio
Jerome Fulgencio 5 months ago
Nicole your so sexy and pretty and amazing you deserve to be happy we love you from the phil
Anthony D
Anthony D 5 months ago
I’ve been there with a high maintenance girlfriend. Anyone else notice how he instinctively took her picture while she posed and she never took one of him? 🤣. I’ll never be that guy again. At least I can say my ex gf that was a lingerie model had real boobs. 🤣🤣
R Caula
R Caula 5 days ago
Watch the full video before commenting. She did take his pics before he took hers
DEAD POOL 6 months ago
It's amazing she slept with a lot of men. Why does she want to do it?
leicestergirl63 5 months ago
I'm sure Grigor has been with many women so why is your comment just about Nicole? Of course she's had a few boyfriends - she's in her 40s - but that doesn't mean she's promiscuous.
Gerel Su
Gerel Su 6 months ago
She is perfect
Daniella 6 months ago
That is a handsome couple
zinka perova
zinka perova 6 months ago
Сучка любит богатых русских????
سكاي سان
سكاي سان 6 months ago
🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😡 No
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