Doctor Daniel Saves His Life!

Danny Duncan
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Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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Nov 27, 2019




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Comments 5 668
Danny Duncan
Danny Duncan 8 days ago
Black Friday sale starts soon! 25% off at www.dannyduncan69.com
Konnor Stout
Konnor Stout 2 days ago
Danny Duncan i want more papa jim
Booker 5 days ago
Aaron is a idiot savant
Chandler Neill
Chandler Neill 6 days ago
I have a question what’s the deal with Cameron everyone wants him back so is he coming back?
Mike Duran
Mike Duran 6 days ago
I disliked this video cuz i know your lightweight insecure & you might just see this. still you looking cute bro bro, you know it.... I gotta kick it with you big danny wit a big weenie. 😆 lol. #mandos.... Ps. Im mexican . 😁
Max Goldman
Max Goldman 8 hours ago
i just fuckin cant with Papa Jim, hes so fuckin funny
KingCheese 11 hours ago
i’m gonna be the next danny duncan one day
Corey j
Corey j 13 hours ago
Everyone thinks baseball is easy. It's not, it's one of the hardest games out there
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson 15 hours ago
I love how Danny is with Papa Jim you can tell he cares so much about him!
David H
David H 15 hours ago
Good work Danny damn
twinlits cl bros M
twinlits cl bros M 17 hours ago
Nabra nothing can fix his channel. Things too trash
Aaron Galindo
Aaron Galindo 18 hours ago
Danny is such a wholesome person
James Taylor
James Taylor 19 hours ago
We need “frickin a” merch
Lambo Brian
Lambo Brian 20 hours ago
you just bad at wifol ball
NRA Films
NRA Films 22 hours ago
6:26 omfg 😂 the funniest shit ever
LL Mike
LL Mike Day ago
well at least Aaron gave him content
Brett Varnell
best feeling ever is hitting golf balls with a baseball bat. please. the pleasure is amazing
Ethan Scherff
“WE ARE FARMERS” Bum bum bum
Block Bro171
Block Bro171 Day ago
over the green monster 😂
Liquid_ ?
Liquid_ ? Day ago
6:28 when papa Jim did a commercial I was dead
Lance Jones
Lance Jones Day ago
please tell me why a 90 year old man can draw 20 times better than me
Jonah Vloggs
Jonah Vloggs Day ago
What happened to camron
Elite_Trip TTV
I fell bad for the guy in the back trying to get a high five😂
Silas Leauma
Silas Leauma Day ago
How old is Aaron wtf
Dat Way
Dat Way Day ago
Bro that photosynthesis edit had me weak
des boots
des boots Day ago
I feel like Aaron has autism
mike saupp
mike saupp Day ago
Erik Jones is a fucking NASCAR driver lmao
l OG Wipeout l
how is he so stupid. a 5th grader can spell graph😂
Immanuele Simonelli
Keep Mohawk
Jasper Smuck
Jasper Smuck Day ago
Aaron is funny XD
glowing pizza
It's not dimond
youie alt
youie alt Day ago
6:27 LMAO 😂
Justin Bakker
Bring more flags for the community lmao, all the old ass people can be waving virginity rocks flags
Scotty Dstp
Scotty Dstp Day ago
@6:28 😂😂
youtube patrol
loved it
Shang BTW
Shang BTW Day ago
Not his cdg tee 12:49
spoodershrek73 2 days ago
My friend is 9 and can do a kickflip on a 9 stair
Lil QP
Lil QP 2 days ago
12:37 what you came for
Kai Burnett
Kai Burnett 2 days ago
What the fuck Aaron
Yassin Dorgham
Yassin Dorgham 2 days ago
Aaron is like a retard or something
Dubstepxclan 2 days ago
“10 year olds doin backflips n stuff... it’s weird”
Jerry Vickers
Jerry Vickers 2 days ago
Aaron is retarded I could spell most of these words at seven
Emily Wilson Vlogs
like for his career
Grizxly 2 days ago
get homie some black af's and see how much he changes
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