Disgusting Soda Challenge

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Welcome to the disgusting soda challenge! Which one tastes the worst bacon, ranch or sweet corn soda? Watch as I do horrible things to my body for your amusement
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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 11 482
jacksepticeye Month ago
Y'all get yer fixins?
Itz Gàçhã_Pøtãtø
Nah neva
MrEpicGamerMan Month ago
Your damn right i did
Just John Ig
Just John Ig Month ago
Aye mate ye’know I gotten meh fixens’
Enviroment Forever
Sean you could have talked to wade and get the fresh soda. He seems nice enough to ship you some.
Elijah N
Elijah N 3 hours ago
Ya know Jack there are more lesters fixings soda you haven’t done in this video that you should do for another video.
Alisa Perez
Alisa Perez 8 hours ago
Oh nooo I've had both the buffalo wings soda and the pbj soda, so gross
击layla 9 hours ago
𝙮'𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙜𝙤𝙩 𝘾𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙝𝙭𝙚𝙣𝙨
E4KYA 9 hours ago
is anybody else disappointed they didn’t combine all of them and then drink it?
isaac flexhaug
isaac flexhaug 12 hours ago
i started gaging when he drank the ranch soda
Backwoods Bikers
Backwoods Bikers 13 hours ago
"PuT iT iN yOuR bOdY"😂😂😂
Enchanted Gaming
Enchanted Gaming 13 hours ago
Hey jack has a cat
BossHakan23 TWD
BossHakan23 TWD 13 hours ago
Why didn't he try to voice Dutch 😂😂😂
Alex Jewett
Alex Jewett 13 hours ago
If you think ranch soda is disgusting check out Orbitz if you can it's kinda like water with plastic in it
Jolty Jivs
Jolty Jivs 16 hours ago
who is the person taking the video
Lucy's Gacha life
Lucy's Gacha life 16 hours ago
Jack: here smell this Me: *smells phone* I CANT SMELL IT!!! (Like if u did the same)
Joseph Bergman
Joseph Bergman 16 hours ago
Worlds longest NNN: November 54
TheSlickBeano 18 hours ago
These drinks are givi-LUMBAGO VERY SERIOUS
Saphira Flame
Saphira Flame 18 hours ago
If that cat isn't a Maine coon i' ll be shocked, he/she looks identical to my cat. I mean, damn, same leg stripes and everything.
Yeboipf YT
Yeboipf YT 22 hours ago
Jack was like 😭🤣😅 while his girlfriend was just like😐
amanda r.
amanda r. 22 hours ago
Jack: "It smells like chocolate.....it smells like bacon with chocolate. Smell it" I really tried to smell it. Like, for real....am I dumb?
Kyle Cheng
Kyle Cheng Day ago
you should chug the ranch dressing soda for a challenge video
Up Ss
Up Ss Day ago
November the 19th, what I am trying to say is they are out of date
Bailey Trevarrow
6:49. He looks like he got punched in the nose😂
Joni Contris
Joni Contris Day ago
Awwww cute kitty 🐱🐱🐱🐱
Dark Lassie
Dark Lassie Day ago
Jack: “I couldn’t even buy these on amazon. I had to buy them from eBay... so they might kill me” Me: “well what do you expect, it’s eBay”
Zack Li
Zack Li Day ago
My little brother thinks that chillies are sweet so your not weird
Gavin Blanchard
5:43 you sound like Arthur Morgan from red dead redemption 2
Goth Hyena
Goth Hyena Day ago
Jack: this smells like candy Fez: *busts in* give me the candy you sum of a bitch
Lisa Ross
Lisa Ross Day ago
jack!!!! your smart. good idea for phantasmagoria is from Little Misfortune! your funny AND smart
Axzul Day ago
6:49 im dying XD
Anxiously Doodling
“You drink out of your mouth babe.” I love his girlfriends cometary in the background
Anxiously Doodling
I just realized Jack read the date the European way instead of the American way.
Joseph Bennett
Well he is from Ireland so he is used to doing things differently.
phanter phantom
phanter phantom 2 days ago
sean: *talking about stuff* bigboss: *playing with stuff*
evan hughes
evan hughes 2 days ago
jack: this is bad also jack on the same soda: its not bad
TempestSlime85 5
TempestSlime85 5 2 days ago
His southern accents sound like the cowboy guy R.I.P.D
Ricky Nixion
Ricky Nixion 2 days ago
Talk to Wade, man. He has some stories for you.
KrazyK 2 days ago
After this, he was pissing fire
Nathanieal Hightower
Sarina Klait
Sarina Klait 2 days ago
whole time i was waiting for 'yikes forever'
MissMaddieMack 2 days ago
completely distracted by that absolute unit of a floofer loaf in the back
Kota Bergeron
Kota Bergeron 2 days ago
You should had the ranch first and said “I saved the worst for first”
André Jakobsson
André Jakobsson 2 days ago
10:25 Jacks soul trying to escape again
Ginger beard
Ginger beard 2 days ago
Take a shot everytime when Jack said "Y'all get yer fixins?".
Tiia Kentta
Tiia Kentta 2 days ago
11:01 I know one Lester who some People call sweet baby Phil Lester AmazingPhil
GodsYogurtGun 2 days ago
Now mix them all together and drink it
DJ X_Viper_X
DJ X_Viper_X 3 days ago
I called them last two words 🤣
Applehead King
Applehead King 3 days ago
What are these expiration dates
Applehead King
Applehead King 3 days ago
I like how the Accent is from were I live but I've never heard of any of these sodas.
Clashing Swords Productions-CSP
"I can sense the dressing" -Gab 2019
mysterious YouTuber
Is it weird that I can smell it through the camera
lovely candy night Blood Kiara the angle e d i t z
Fixins??? Edit: every time you made me laughed I farted at the same time it's called laurted
Richard Climer
Richard Climer 3 days ago
Veloci Bork
Veloci Bork 3 days ago
Jack: want me to fire it at the camera? Me: YES PLEASE SHOOT ME
tyler ness
tyler ness 3 days ago
Did anybody else actually here Arthur Morgan in there? or was it just me?
Justin Hebert
Justin Hebert 3 days ago
“You drink through your mouth babe”
Justin Hebert
Justin Hebert 3 days ago
Thank my home state of Louisiana for the pure sugarcane
Kristina Driggers
My adhd: KITTY
Dylan Henderson
Dylan Henderson 3 days ago
Never drinking this again Bacon “rate a 5” buffalo wing I would drink this “rate a 2” 😂😂
Memo Z
Memo Z 3 days ago
jack: id give this disgusting soda that tastes like anal filtration an 8/10 jack with buffalo wing soda: wow this soda tastes great.. ima give a 2/10
TheSaxAppeal 3 days ago
Seán your southern accent is really good
Brian Morgan
Brian Morgan 3 days ago
Red dead
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