Destroying a scam call center

Jim Browning
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Karl Rock and I went to work on a scam call center in Delhi and managed to shut it down. This is how we did it...
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A few links:
Karl Rock's channel: NO-vid.com/KarlRock
Karl's video on Renewed Technology:
ScammerBlaster's site:
Web: www.renewedtechnology.com
Alias: www.renowncomputer.com
Alias: www.renowninfotech.com
Name: Renewed Tech Pvt Ltd
AKA: Web Infotech LLC / Tech Philosophers
GPS: 28.699745, 77.107635
Address: B-5/61,62 Sec 3 Rohini, Delhi, 110085, India
FB: facebook.com/pages/category/Telecommunication-Company/Renewed-Technology-PVT-LTD-326305451208963/
Himanshu Nigam's LinkedIn Page: www.zaubacorp.com/director/HIMANSHU-NIGAM/07632065
WebInfoTechLLC details:
Director: Mihir Shah
Details: www.linkedin.com/in/mihir512/
FB: facebook.com/mihir.shah.7165
Catch me on Twitter: twitter.com/JimBrowning11 @JimBrowing11
My NO-vid channel is here: NO-vid.com/c/JimBrowning
Outro music:
freemusicarchive.org/music/BoxCat_Games/ (Epic Song)
The 3D logo smash was created by 'Please Subscribe Dad'... check out his great channel:

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Nov 17, 2019




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Comments 13 476
Karl Rock
Karl Rock 2 months ago
Thanks Jim. It was fun working with you on this one! I hope we can do it again
dhruv gandhi the great
dhruv gandhi the great 29 minutes ago
Thank you guys. Namaskar from india :D
Ross T
Ross T 12 hours ago
Ive been watching your videos for like a year karl rock.im addicted and want to go to india someday
Marlen Colorado
Help me to destroy one called Atc kourtesy call aaking for donations to older people and we dont have an specific address of the "headquaters"
Prashant Bist
Prashant Bist 3 days ago
Hi Jim /Karl appreciate your efforts against such anti-social elements in my country, I am from Dehradun (Living in Mumbai though) where this video shows Dextor company is based. You can also reach out to District Magistrate of Haridwar Deepak Rawat (he has his own NO-vid channel) he is one of the few honest senior officer in India, I am so sorry it's embarrassing to have such incidents originating from India
Frank Angeles
Frank Angeles 12 minutes ago
This is how 1000 hours of Watch Dogs looks like
Joshuah - 2000 -
Can I do want you do?
arno maas
arno maas Hour ago
since government agencies aren't up to the task , private citizens like you are much needed !
Maxuscha 2 hours ago
you´re beast
Felix Burke
Felix Burke 5 hours ago
You're a good man Jim all power to you in your quest to destroy these leaches. Cheers
e3rr0r 402
e3rr0r 402 7 hours ago
You are an upstander. Not a bystander
Gregory Valiant
Gregory Valiant 8 hours ago
Why you Blurred the Picture??? are you one of them? ASSHOLE!!!
Kelsie Carter
Kelsie Carter 10 hours ago
A standing ovation from myself to u nd well. We normally just respound with a quickly Hi thank you for calling Horse C****CK, emporiums (Horse nay in background) we have clydales mustangs ponys what kind of horse C****CK do you need in your A$$... Lol they always hang up we had one said oh my god lol...
Patrick Seward Jr
Patrick Seward Jr 11 hours ago
You sir are awesome.
Jami Walker
Jami Walker 13 hours ago
What kind of piece of rotten mud would dislike this.
STEVE- Cockney Rebel
Hey Jim i really need to speak to you urgently, please reply, ty so much
James Christman
James Christman 15 hours ago
Yes sure, y'all doing more than the fbi! Keep it up
Valerie Bailey
Valerie Bailey 17 hours ago
My God Sirs, you have such knowledge, you are amazing and thank you for what you are doing. I wish I had your knowledge and ability!!! God bless you both
Still Humble
Still Humble 19 hours ago
Thanks for the info ..#From Malaysia ..
B Wise
B Wise 19 hours ago
They tried it on my mother and she almost fell for it and when she didn't do it they started putting porn all on my mothers computer they took control of her computer
andrew links
andrew links 20 hours ago
As long as people like McConnell and Trump allow people like ajit run our online behavior and let scams run wild this is what they do to Americans every day. I have seen what government can do first hand when they are told to take them out. But alas money makes them protect the scammers, sad but true.
Mike 21 hour ago
The 3rd world can't wire for shit.
David Nielsen
David Nielsen 21 hour ago
Awesome. I hate those people.
Christopher Hovord
Christopher Hovord 21 hour ago
This is beautiful im so glad that someone is doing something about this :D keep it up, made my day watching this video
Hanaji Shimadzu
Hanaji Shimadzu 22 hours ago
It would have been better if you could hack a drone and blast those assholes to ashes.
Rihards Belinskis
Rihards Belinskis 22 hours ago
Now this kind of work is worth supporting! Well done, sir! Hats off to you! Nothing but love and respect.
Gardo Santiago
Gardo Santiago 22 hours ago
You are an online angel, helping helpless victims without them knowing your helping. Thank you sir!!
Patrick Rapan
Patrick Rapan 22 hours ago
Can we just nuke India already
Satti Partap
Satti Partap 22 hours ago
This scam centre has a spiritual healer on Facebook name Rohini Delhi spiritual
Rahmat Manik
Rahmat Manik 22 hours ago
Yeah, you should report it and present some evidences so those kind of scam could be eliminated but if you just showing this for entertainment purposes only then actually you are supporting what they are doing. Because you do realize that they will recover.
michael dowson
michael dowson 22 hours ago
SWAT them!
Artful -Dodger
Artful -Dodger 23 hours ago
you, Sir, are a hero!
Michael Gryciuk
Michael Gryciuk 23 hours ago
This is great
Bruce G.
Bruce G. Day ago
This has happened to me a number of times; all I need to do is pull the plug and kill power to my computer. I turn it back on in a few seconds and then reboot my computer.
Robert Haave
Robert Haave Day ago
Thank you for what you do if you have some spare time may I suggest the car warrenty scammers?
Dhiman Luy
Dhiman Luy Day ago
Im confused how did they get all the data
Nor Cal Mexicanz 4 Trump
Scammers hitting the thumbs down lol poor dudes
rollyunicorn Day ago
That was brilliant Jim. God bless you and keep up the good work.
White Day ago
Steve smith lol
stealthyshadow 56
Everybody gangster until California born citizen Steve starts speaking in confused Hindi
amadeus max
amadeus max Day ago
I am a fan
Srikanth Pilla
The local law enforcement should take action on these scammers if all this information was provided to them. Why wasn't that route taken?
B B Day ago
I am so happy there are people like you in this world. THANK YOU for all you do.
Ally Hellkiller
Hackers doing good for the world needs to be a trend!
AJ P Day ago
Nobody should be falling for this shite anymore. If you’re elderly and susceptible, you shouldn’t even online at all.
SpydersByte Day ago
Amazing work! We need more like you!
Ally Hellkiller
Love it!Keep up the good work.
Tammy Hiland
Tammy Hiland Day ago
What makes me sick is 1.6k dislikes. Wow must be the bad ones not liking the Hero's at work!
Too long, facts just the just facts!
Assuredly you've compiled more data on these scammers then the entire Indian Government
Samantha White
Indian accent? hung up!!! disconnect!!! and send to hell!!!
doo da
doo da Day ago
These scammers are committing federal crimes against our U.S. citizens! If one man and a friend can do this, imagine what the FBI could do if they had the heart to do it!
Krzysztof Kessler
Please make a series out of this 🤣
starquant Day ago
So if by accident you actually "see" that scam page come up on your computer, can you simply close the window and that's the end of it?🤔 . Great video too.
Scott Gauer
Scott Gauer Day ago
This man is truly doing the lords work
Jackalope Day ago
Hello there, Jimothy. Big thanks for your content, you're doing a good job on catching the scammers and making everyone's life more fair. I would like to know what software did you use to create the charts/connect-the-dots inforgraphic at 7:05 . Or was it drawn by hand?
Johnie Keatings
alvinjoint Day ago
I've seen people stalling scammers. That's just for content. I've sometimes seen people delete scammer's files. Thats better but recovery is only a matter of time. Those videos are usually hour long! You Sir were able to do so much pain - time, money, data - presented in such a short time. I love it!
DJI Ireland
DJI Ireland Day ago
Gooood job
Landon Roy
Landon Roy Day ago
You are a GOD amongst men
Landon Roy
Landon Roy Day ago
You are amazing
The Jackass Linguist
LOL so when “Peter” says his name is Peter, he’s the only one telling the truth
Noize Disturbance
90k in 3months! I'm in the wrong job lol
MsSaudm Day ago
contacted scambusters with 6 scam phone numbers and the agent in chat was RUDE said i was wasting their time and disconnected WTF??????????????
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