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On this episode of Actually Me, David Dobrik goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Reddit, NO-vid, Twitter and more. How does one do a David Dobrik smile? Why can't he leave the country without getting deported?
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Check out David's account here:
Reddit: www.reddit.com/user/actuallydaviddobrik
NO-vid: no-vid.com/show-UCsW3wqok3w7KNNTsGg9gOwQ?view_as=subscriber
Twitter: twitter.com/actuallydavidd
Instagram: instagram.com/actualydaviddobrik/
Quora: www.quora.com/profile/David-Dobrik-27
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David Dobrik Goes Undercover on Reddit, NO-vid and Twitter | GQ


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Nov 12, 2019




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Comments 2 813
Ramon Akoyans
Ramon Akoyans 10 hours ago
Why is it called undercover if he says it’s actually me
angelicx 15 hours ago
"Suzie is a Lyft Driver."
Cindy Moralesmtz
Cindy Moralesmtz 21 hour ago
I just realized he married Lorraine on my birthday.... BEST PRESENT EVER!!!
Kelly Carswell
He was married to Jason’s mom so he should have left then.
April 291
April 291 Day ago
Is David’s still married to Jason’s mom? Didn’t get that part
Kloud Slicer
Kloud Slicer Day ago
14 hours of editing for 4 minutes of video
Jytte Alzer
Jytte Alzer Day ago
me a ditch person watching this video *korthom aka a ditch youtuber comes up in the first scene* me: 😮
KingQuacker 27
My cousin went to middle school with you. He lives in veron hills
Oskar Bendix Hyllekvist 8B Hørsholm Skole
David CAN leave the USA, he is married to jasons mom!!
Leanna Day ago
5:11 I mean he was married to Jason Nash's mom, so he could have used this opportunity to become an American citizen 😂
Lama Sahaki
Lama Sahaki Day ago
I love David.
Patricia Kempinska
I’d date you 😘
Pratyaksha Mishra
i love how he still watches his and liza's videos oof what an iconic duo
Anita Mlem
Anita Mlem 2 days ago
David seems so sensitive🥺. & it’s cute how he still watches videos of him and Liza ❤️
Sofisoup 62
Sofisoup 62 2 days ago
4:20 😏😏 how has no one said anything
mia rossman
mia rossman 2 days ago
4:21 seconds**
Mayar 3 days ago
We know why you chose 4:20👀 9:24
hannah powell
hannah powell 3 days ago
6:26 I’m pretty sure he does because one of his friends in the video they did with James Charles, said that he will pay them for being in the video because they didn’t like what they did. They said david pays up to £2000. Thats hard to read but hopefully you know what I mean...
Elena Fisher
Elena Fisher 3 days ago
my friend sits next to Vardan in his english class... he says he is annoying haha
Annabella Bells
Annabella Bells 4 days ago
What’s he famous for? Trying to figure out who he is or why this video was recommended....
Claire Elizabeth Powers
DACA has allowed many great things to happen 💚
i just don't care
Okay so I was looking a his videos and saw 4:21 when I swear it was 4:20 I'm I crazy or what🤔😨
farkle minkus
farkle minkus 6 days ago
David and drake and Josh.
Mary Bloody
Mary Bloody 6 days ago
OK he sais the only way for him to leave the US and come back is if he was married, but he is ! Legally married to Jason's mom. I'm confused...
Richard Zhou
Richard Zhou 6 days ago
Isn’t he married to Jason’s mum? He can leave the country now.
Richard Zhou
Richard Zhou 5 days ago
@DaddiesFuckToy n he said 10 years or married
DaddiesFuckToy n
DaddiesFuckToy n 5 days ago
Lmao are you deaf he explained it
Aimee 7 days ago
I've been watching david's videos on and off. But recently, even more. I think what amazes me is that he still edits his own videos. I guess it should have been a given because I feel like editing the way he does is hard to replicate. At least, in the esence that he wants the videos to come out. I find it v cool.
matty b
matty b 7 days ago
The fact that he wore a bracelet for 8 years just because of a silly challenge/dare in high school is the most David Dobrick thing I've ever heard hahaha.
Barbara Bush
Barbara Bush 7 days ago
WHY DIDNT he go somewhere when he was married to lorraine
Lil Kid Playz
Lil Kid Playz 9 days ago
I don't get the Wikipedia stuff someone explain
rockinrobot 10 days ago
1:44 seatgeek
Aisha Mahjoub
Aisha Mahjoub 10 days ago
Can you do mr. Beast next?
PlatinumSource 10 days ago
One Shot
One Shot 11 days ago
I want longer vids
Jamie Kelley
Jamie Kelley 12 days ago
Of course it has to be 4:20 on every vlog
CoaCoa Channel
CoaCoa Channel 13 days ago
He has the goofiest smile 🤣
SaiwanTV 14 days ago
If he gets married?? But he got married.
baltazar garcia
baltazar garcia 14 days ago
When will David Dobrik come out of the closet
TK Sime
TK Sime 15 days ago
Wait 4:58 watch that’s then go back to 2:47 i don’t understand??? Plz help
RoosterJade 15 days ago
am i the only person that has a crush on david? just me....ok
Lilly unknown
Lilly unknown 15 days ago
6:09 ok but i see another comment that says “ why do i feel like he’s gonna commit suicide “ i’m scared.😭💀
LowLifeGaming 16 days ago
How come he still not allowed to re-enter the country, he married Jason’s mother didnt he? Doesnt that allow him to re-enter even though he «divorce»?
Momo Momo
Momo Momo 16 days ago
Why are u sooo ugly??
Shelby Hall
Shelby Hall 16 days ago
Rosie_Mermaid Unicorn
I wish David’s blogs were like 8 minutes because I gust love watching them who else
christina dominguez
Does anyone else wonder what happened to chiquis??? i miss her 😔😔
Allison Litteral
Allison Litteral 16 days ago
*goes to his instagram to see if he REALLY always has the green bracelet on*🤣
Jackson Finley
Jackson Finley 16 days ago
Honestly if he didnt edit the 5 hours of footage I would still watch the whole thing lol
Monzive 16 days ago
Levi’s are amazing
Eddie Bitew
Eddie Bitew 16 days ago
Tbh I don’t care if your videos are long I could stay up for 2 days watching them that’s entertaining your videos are.
Shaylee Bair
Shaylee Bair 16 days ago
Me and david have the same birthday
DARTHTAKRA 16 days ago
I love when people ask Rich people why they wear cheap clothes. Well duh that's how you stay rich instead of spending all your money
Deivon Henshaw
Deivon Henshaw 16 days ago
So if David stayed married to Ms. Nash, he would be a legal citizen, and therefore allowed to leave the country?
the pet show
the pet show 17 days ago
He said he can’t leave the country until he was married but he got married
the pet show
the pet show 16 days ago
shae true
shae 16 days ago
the pet show he also said that you have to apply for citizenship, which he likely wouldn’t get bc there’s evidence of it not being a real marriage
Kenan Kitt
Kenan Kitt 17 days ago
This is the longest video I’ve seen him in
gummy bear 2017
gummy bear 2017 17 days ago
David should make a vlog once a month or some things where it's 4 hours and 20 minutes. I'd take less editing and we could see more video. I know that most people wouldn't watch something that long but I don't really have a life so me and a lot of other big fans would watch the crap out of them
Duece Teddy
Duece Teddy 17 days ago
Who thought there was going to be Elizabeth (Liz or Liza) Koshy-Dobrik or Dobrik or still koshy but mrs koshy-dobrik Has anybody notice that tana is the only NO-vidr to change the social media branchs’ to their legal last name
Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes 17 days ago
It’s actually 4 21 seconds
Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes 17 days ago
He pays them with cars
Chaotic Peej
Chaotic Peej 17 days ago
hey uh if youre married to jason nash mother then cant u leave the country
shae 16 days ago
Chaotic Peej he literally explained that he needs a citizenship, which he can’t apply for unless he’s in a legit marriage
Summer Bess
Summer Bess 17 days ago
I have the same birthday as david and I live by that
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