Casually Explained: The Carbon Scale

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Feb 10, 2020




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Comments 6 203
Alex Czarnecki
Alex Czarnecki 22 hours ago
He let out a lil giggle
Steph Lewis
Steph Lewis Day ago
This video is sponsored by Belinda Gates
Woah Dude
Woah Dude Day ago
I really really like your channel
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Day ago
Either that map is very old or there's some weird ship going on wherever you got that map because China should be the brightest country on their
Nazerlath Day ago
A single rtx 2080ti costs more than my rent so having 2 of them and a sick ass rgb would he more than my entire house
looking everywhere for a solution when the solution is mass death; the coronavirus did more for the environment than the past decade of "international effort" combined.
James Walker
James Walker Day ago
I wonder how many co2 emissions it took to make this video.
Mitchell Becker
I eliminated my carbon footprint completely by paralyzing myself from the waist down. Send me money, Bill.
Ethan Kerns
Ethan Kerns Day ago
Even though you aren't using fossil fuels directly for the electric car those boys take TONS of electricity to charge and that is a lot of fossil fuels being burned to create that electricity.
Agustín Pérez Burgos
Once you start noticing the breathing, you can't unnotice it. Why i am like this
ihavenoname Day ago
Hmmm well maybe if we have a carbon tax on major companies maybe we would’ve have such a large carbon footprint
Max Schubert
Max Schubert Day ago
Funny how I wasn't notified about this video
Sothis Day ago
Eat less meat or go vegetarian/vegan. Production of animal foods causes massive emissions of CO2.
tony qiu
tony qiu Day ago
To the people who disliked this video, what made you decide to do it? (Just noticing the relatively high dislike ratio)
AbomiYeti Day ago
Anyone who says paper straws are fine are mental
Dalton K713
Dalton K713 Day ago
I love you’re jokes you put into the video I geek out more than I should.
Xshot196 Day ago
You lost me on lasagna
Lemon Zest
Lemon Zest Day ago
why not just make a long pasta noodle with a big hole in it
Chef One
Chef One Day ago
so we not gonna talk about the fact he said "my children arent inheriting anything" and hes sponsored by bill gates?
GonzziDFRD Day ago
i like the video although i really don’t like how you compared the plastic bags with the paper bags only by their production CO2 emissions. the point of plastic was precisely that it was cheap and easy to manufacture, but its problem is that it isn’t environmentally friendly AT ALL when it comes to get rid of. plastic isn’t as reciclable nor as resuable as paper or woven bags.
Stickman23pq Day ago
Eat your cereal
Breathlless Day ago
The biggest thing you can do is actually just not have so many children.
Lars von Trier
I feel like most of the people woke up too late for the environment game
Why would i wan't merch from something that took 2 minutes to draw Plainrock124 - Vidcon 2019
Scott Moseley
If only there were someone on NO-vid to casually explain 'meta' in broad terms
Mehlam Tumsa
Mehlam Tumsa Day ago
Make a video about the illuminati.
50darknight Day ago
Bill Gates wont let him
Joao Leites
Joao Leites 2 days ago
Wasn't there a joke he made about wanting Bill Gates to sponsor him? Like, in some video, years ago?
Michael 2 days ago
How about uber?
Squart Kicks
Squart Kicks 2 days ago
3:16 ayyyy I live in Qatar 😂
Marie Ji
Marie Ji 2 days ago
The more you know 🌈
florian apunkt
florian apunkt 3 days ago
what if i told you, the plastic bag thing is not about CO2 but about waste?
lefu 3 days ago
1:00 China is light pink. What exactly is this metric we're fuckin with here?
Bloodren 3 days ago
Global warming: happening Yeah you still can't tell.
Grob 3 days ago
Where the podcast episode at?
Dumpy Plumpkin
Dumpy Plumpkin 3 days ago
Please stop existing
sniperdragon707 3 days ago
thorium reactors. make it happen.
Joey Roman
Joey Roman 3 days ago
Yeah but in my environment and sustainability class we covered the co2 emission of creating renewable energy... It would take a long time to eventually balance out
ok man
ok man 3 days ago
Most educational video
Eat your Cereal
Eat your Cereal 3 days ago
What if you Eat your cereal
Sebastian Yarrick
Should address this video to india and china.
Whoamiacrazerson 3 days ago
I just want to say, this is what plans are for. But, dont trust plants for all of this, because remember kudzu? It is a parasitic aisan plant that grows super fast on trees.
David McConville
David McConville 3 days ago
My home's energy source is hydro... Time to build that super computer with an oven in it!
Andrey Morozov
Andrey Morozov 3 days ago
Some of these numbers are insanenly misleading, or plainly and stupidly wrong. A 100W lightbulb? These exist but no normal household uses that, its for old school floodlights. A energy saving lightbulb uses about 5 watts, an LED as little as 1 W/h. Normal computers don't use 600W/hour. More like 200. Laptops use less, about 100-150 W/h and when sleeping 1-5 Watts/h.
Kipa Yumiya
Kipa Yumiya Day ago
The joke went right over your head
From the 1970's on we've had overpopulation, new ice age, acid rain, ozone hole, global warming and climate change. None of them real. All of them designed to give power to the left (who are all Sun deniers).
Anthony16000 3 days ago
Wow Bill and Melinda Gates are really starting to be a part of the internet. I have seen 3 videos in the past 10 days with Bill Gates or it being sponsored by the foundation.
50darknight Day ago
Gotta feed you the indoctrination
kale 3 days ago
I just realized you uploaded this on your birthday
Onion Silk
Onion Silk 3 days ago
How did I miss this one?! .O.
WOAH 3 days ago
*doesn't show solar panels or lithium ion batteries co2 emissions *
Delaney Hishon
Delaney Hishon 3 days ago
You didn't mention food at all.
Racus 1
Racus 1 3 days ago
But, there is no CO2 problem, so wat are we talking about? Human corruption is the problem! Dont support the one word order in any way to preserve life in total!
Tom1996 4 days ago
"I dont know how to drive". I unsubscribed.
Emphoria 4 days ago
When bill gates sponsors your memes
Josh Boak
Josh Boak 4 days ago
Where the hell do you live where you don’t need a car? NYC?
hahaha benis XDDD
>yes pleb lower the quality of your existence even further so that the rest of us can fly private planes I'd rather fight the bloodiest civil war imaginable than do that, just FYI
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor 2 days ago
ok benis
Max Schorvitz
Max Schorvitz 4 days ago
Brodie Tyler
Brodie Tyler 4 days ago
1:21 Take that, VSCO girls!
Dipo Chkuaseli
Dipo Chkuaseli 4 days ago
What the fuck is CO2?
Dr.Chris 4 days ago
Nuclear power time!!
CloudRunnerRex 5 days ago
The main problem with the use of plastic straws is more of the generation of plastic waste than it is about carbon emissions, paper is biodegradable and plastic is most certainly not. Metal straws generate practically 0 waster if you use it perpetually, and can even be recycled too.
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