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We are thrilled to share our Academy Award and BAFTA winning work on Blade Runner 2049, for which our artists crafted concept artwork used in pre-production, and delivered nearly 300 shots of VFX work in post. Tasked with the creation of large-scale CG environment builds and some challenging animation work, Framestore teamed with VFX Supervisor John Nelson to pay homage to the original picture, whilst creating an atmospheric film of the future.




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Comments 80
Shane 14 days ago
The green house scene is a real place
Alex Thornton
Alex Thornton 20 days ago
Vfx artists: yo we've just finished that month long job of modeling the city. It's all ready for rendering. Any final touches? Vfx supervisor: yeh just cover it in fog so you can't see it
Arthur G.
Arthur G. Month ago
damn, i knew it's been a photoshop
YOU CAN DO Month ago
YOU CAN DO these effects too.Just try
Kytetiger Month ago
i like what lighting is bringing to simple textures
DR MELANIN Month ago
What programs do they use?
Robert Mile
Robert Mile 2 months ago
This whole movie was their vfx reel lol, cause besides the actor pretty much nothing is real
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Month ago
all the cities and the junk yard were bigature sets. this is just showing how the frames are put together in post. most of the stuff is real, but shot separately
Danieru 2 months ago
so damn cool
Some One
Some One 2 months ago
who's the pretty girl in the passenger seat?
Richard Cheesman
Richard Cheesman 2 months ago
Every. Frame. A. Painting. (or a masterpiece)
Andrew Nueva
Andrew Nueva 2 months ago
If this was my city it would be so cool
Andrew Nueva
Andrew Nueva 2 months ago
3:52 sounds like an airplane crashing down
Andrew Nueva
Andrew Nueva 2 months ago
Well damn, pretty cool. I’d actually get art from Bladerunner if I can
HanselMonizMusic 4 months ago
too much detail in creating objects (that do not seem technically correct) and fog and no stark sunlight and nature kills the vfx
Lachlan Phillips
Lachlan Phillips 4 months ago
Watching Blade Runner level technology used to depict Blade Runner level technology
Denis Kimerin
Denis Kimerin 6 months ago
Awesome work and my favorite movie.
Chetan Patil
Chetan Patil 6 months ago
M a s t e r p i e c e
Toxu Video Audio
Toxu Video Audio 7 months ago
i think, i watched this 10 times (with stop, replay, stop etc.)
5D Nick
5D Nick 7 months ago
WOW...... just WWWWWWOOOOOWWWWWWWWW best Sci-Fi of 21st century so far IMHO
Zotac 1060 6GB
Zotac 1060 6GB 7 months ago
They build a city just for one scene
ALuckyStudio 10 months ago
jesus, that scrapyard environment...
Jordan Peters
Jordan Peters 10 months ago
Basically just get Roger Deakins to do your cinematography and everything will look amazing. The vfx artists did stellar work too, but if the lighting is bad the effects will also look bad.
vicente gomez
vicente gomez 11 months ago
Amo esta película
Ethan Redd
Ethan Redd Year ago
i wish i could just walk around this world in vr
IamMrNobodY Year ago
Easily one of my favourite sci fi movie
amitrack Year ago
Mr. Tey
Mr. Tey Year ago
I will never ever forget the 1st time I watched the film in IMAX. I bought a ticket right after it ended for the next show.
Framestore are based on Dean street in central London. I know, as I've walked past their HQ many times.
Chrome Razor
Chrome Razor Year ago
это ахуительно!
Skullk2 Year ago
Ogres are like vfx... they have layers
plusmetal rise
I wonder whether vfx artist gets to work overtime to achieve this level of masterpiece.
Adi B
Adi B Year ago
I'm amazed at the scenes that were actually CG didn't look CG. Very good subtle use of it to enhance the film and not to showcase CG.
Luis Jiménez
Luis Jiménez Year ago
So friking awesome!! I loved this movie so much!
Dankest Media
Dankest Media Year ago
amazing film with flawless effects
Reitia Year ago
1:14 1:36 the mixing is too loud.
Wellington José
A m a z i n g
A truly great movie. Far better than the original. It's a shame it didn't seem to do well at the box office.
Daniel Year ago
Thanks for sharing!!! Excellent work
white live
white live Year ago
There are a lot clear images you had shoot on the real set
Imć Pan
Imć Pan Year ago
They spent months on modelling and then they covered everything with curry.
Quark Doge
Quark Doge Year ago
omg, they created high detailed CGI city just for one scene..
Jaysen B
Jaysen B Year ago
some of the work is over kill cgi, the colours are poor as hell!
Absolutely STUNNING work, wow!!!!!
A H Year ago
This movie was incredible. You guys get an absolutely incredible job.
とlnfini Year ago
and with the files of the movie, they created cyberpunk 2077... hehe
adarsh sirsat
adarsh sirsat Year ago
Beautiful, absolute masterpiece
DREW Year ago
This is amazing! Thank you for everything you put on this channel! It provides great inspiration!
Ricardo Alba
Ricardo Alba Year ago
that's just insane!
Jordan Sullivan
Amazing how much detail went into every single one of the set pieces, even though many are only glimpsed through dense fog.
randy ginden
randy ginden Year ago
Time will be kind to this film...kudos to all involved
spookxz Year ago
the amount of detail and work put into this is unbelievable
planesrift Year ago
It's getting harder and harder to tell what is reality..
StereoChimps Year ago
Just stunning and unreal !! One of the best sci fi movie ever made !!! A masterpiece 👊🏻
Dane Harris
Dane Harris Year ago
Please tell me you guys are doing the work for Denis Villenueve's Dune films. PLEASE DEAR GOD TELL ME YOU ARE.
zmi zaytsev
zmi zaytsev Year ago
Украли ясные дни ))
Dymitro Beloborodov
I have goosebumps every single time I watch anything connected with this movie. Masterpiece. Work of art.
_thecati Year ago
7:20 how do you model something like this? is it all hand made or procedural in part? how do you start doing something of this scale so detailed? god it's so good i'm speechless
Matthew Keller
I have a new found respect for 3D modelers
Carlo Orelli
Carlo Orelli Year ago
what a waste of time, money and talent with such a stupid movie. but I guess you can't always get a crazy genius to write you a decent plot
Dennis Barać
Dennis Barać Year ago
Damn that sound editing and mixing...jizz for my ears and the visual effects just WOW...the best I've ever seen....period
Michel 14
Michel 14 Year ago
my proudest fap
Jon Frey
Jon Frey Year ago
This has gone above and beyond!
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan Year ago
This movie is masterpiece, only Americans can make it, cause them are god nation. GOD bless US!!!
clasifi1 Year ago
and the composers are German (Hans Zimmer) & British (Benjamin Wallfisch)
FolX273 Year ago
Right off the bat the director is french and the cinematographer is english, same with the whole production company Alcon... The prop work was made by a New Zealand company WETA Workshop, the CGI (uploader of this video aswell) a London-based one. The movie was shot in Hungary. Seriously, what the fuck are you on about with "only america can do this"? Educate yourself.
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan Year ago
Русским никогда такой шедевр не создать, потому что у них души нет
Erik Year ago
The modelling for the CGI is just mind blowing. Imagine if they just used the assets from the movie to create a Blade Runner MMO/RPG/Game. You already have a whole fucking city.
Luis Flores
Luis Flores Year ago
Ahora entiendo cómo trabajan en la nasa con los actornautas 😄😄🤨
John Daltrocanto
psilocibinum Year ago
Фильм - визуальный шедевр, и сценарный кусок дерьма)
Владислав Литвинов
сценарий настолько кал каловый, что просто жалко гослинга , а он реал херо.
Some if not the best visual effects of any film to date. Also what an awesome blend of the soundtrack playing in the background. What is the name of the song that begins with the video starting.
Nick Year ago
one of the best movies of the past 10 years, probably the best sequel
Eta on Tesla Flying Car?
Clay Mann
Clay Mann Year ago
Elon hates the idea. I think we could have pretty easy to "drive" flying cars right now today but the noise level would be so bad that we'd all be deaf. Imagine 500 helicopters flying around you in a city. Alas the dream of flying cars still remains as impractical as ever.
Xplorer Year ago
s0nnyburnett Year ago
More of a video game cutscene than a movie. Films became like games and games became more like movies.
Dima 45
Dima 45 Year ago
хорошая работа
paperclip95 Year ago
you can tell that it was Syd Mead's works on LV skyscrapers.
Dagwood Dog
Dagwood Dog Year ago
All that meticulous detail that gets completely lost in the fog . . . like tears in the rain
Paul Allen
Paul Allen 4 days ago
Loren Westbrook-Fritts I agree.
Loren Westbrook-Fritts
Lumibear yes. it’s good to blend...but this looks like they put too much “mastering” destroying a intricate recording.
Lumibear 28 days ago
Loren Westbrook-Fritts ...and the single colour filter the equivalent of putting a Mid++ EQ across the entire track.
Loren Westbrook-Fritts
I honestly think they used too much haze and fogging effects. This is the equivalent of using too much reverb on a high quality music mix.
miyahtallulah Month ago
it's how all creatives work: detail and structure, then poetry. the poetry is the light and the fog.
Ian Simmonds
Ian Simmonds Year ago
2049 is the most beautiful film... ever Thats it. You guys must be so proud
Vinyl Blair
Vinyl Blair Year ago
Ryan Gosling sat at home and let Ryan Gosbot do all the work......!
Jusrin McNeil
Jusrin McNeil Year ago
The explosion was incredible
The Sze Progression
The VFX here is far beyond awesome. I don't know why even said it. You saw it. You know.
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