Billie Eilish - all the good girls go to hell (Live From The American Music Awards/2019)

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Nov 25, 2019




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Comments 31 584
GAME PLAY 12 4 minutes ago
A cuantos mexicanos y mexicanas les gusta esto
Hessa Aldereih
Hessa Aldereih 5 minutes ago
Lol Lizzo is me af
TheFutureOfPrinting 9 minutes ago
When they said 🤚🏻👋🏻🤚🏻👋🏻🤚🏻👋🏻 i felt that
Hespiota 10 minutes ago
Aysenur Buzluk
Aysenur Buzluk 11 minutes ago
Hespiota 11 minutes ago
2:01 They are cute
XxjennyKnowsDaWaexX Lol
2:00 wtf is shawn and camila doing here?
Witty Guy
Witty Guy 12 minutes ago
Patrick 😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕😘
13 minutes ago
Jou zo pritty
The4thK 13 minutes ago
1:31 Billie's neck really said "aight Imma head out"
Robin 17 minutes ago
Couldnt she pick another song for the event 😂
Thalia Baptiste-Alexander
Its really sad the mindlessness of humanity to literally embrace "lucifer" the devil through celebrity! Just throw in a lil entertainment and a pretty face and totally forget that we actually WILLINGLY accepting the devil! He doesn 't have to hide anymore- the masses willingly follow for the short term pleasure of the flesh, adrenaline etc that is temporary when eternity is in fact too long to be wrong. Jesus is coming very soon if you-my loves aren't familiar with Scriptures and the times we are in... God is literally calling persons globally to Himself through Jesus right now as we speak to proclaim the gospel for what might seem as the very last time... the antichrist "New Age" One World Order and Religion-stage is being set as we speak and the antichrist will show himself before Jesus comez... Repent and Believe in Jesus for the salvation of sins... the road to heaven is narrow, few there be that find it as many are drawn to the wide one... God isn't about mindless following when He has given us a brain.. the blind will lead the blind into a ditch... Jesus being the true Light will always keep it 100% real with you. He tells and will tell the truth because as He said- He is the truth! Read His Word and see for yourself! Call out and seek Him (not religion) for yourself. God loves you- please care for your soul! Life here on earth is short but eternity is forever! Much love to all and God bless you!
Neveah Nicole
Neveah Nicole 23 minutes ago
2:02-Shawn and Camila everyone-am I a joke to you
JungHoseok 33 minutes ago
Ferrari Allen
Ferrari Allen 33 minutes ago
Why’s no one talking about shawn and camilla 😂❤️
Kladloper2000 YEET
Kladloper2000 YEET 44 minutes ago
All the girls be like: OMG BILLIE I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me be like: tf
Chaima Aribi
Chaima Aribi 45 minutes ago
1:30 is just like 😮
FIDANMC 46 minutes ago
Shelley Covers
Shelley Covers 47 minutes ago
Ok can we talk about how HOT Finneas is? While playing guitar? JESUS
Robert Jacob
Robert Jacob 55 minutes ago
Wonder how she'll feel the fads over.... 🤷‍♂️
Kaithlyn Ayuso
Kaithlyn Ayuso 56 minutes ago
I did not know that Shawn Mendes and camila cabello were there
Muggel 99
Muggel 99 59 minutes ago
Anyone talking about Shawn an Camila and how cute they are? Just me? Ok
TheEricaxl Hour ago
It's a Good thing she's a Guy.
Gamer1 1
Gamer1 1 Hour ago
Seriously people should listen to better songs like Nirvana or Aerosmith, this is just a disgrace to the society and it shows how ineffective this girl can be.
ΚΟΝ.Α Queen Of The Castle
Please come to Athens Greece!!!!
M A R R I Hour ago
Lizzo is mood
maria alfeiran
Billie and Finneas are like the best duo ever!
Noor Qoory Alviani
Shawn with a bitch
June Ravelo
June Ravelo Hour ago
I stan Billie Eillish!! ❤️
evan atherton
evan atherton Hour ago
THESE COMMENTS SAYING SHES GOING TO HELL HAVE ME IN TEARS ITS SO FUNNY LMFAOOO , ITS LITERALLY HER SIG STYLE AND WE ADORE IT XX , literally is she like other artists these days?? she’s fucking 17, she doesn’t support satanism, this song is literally abt global warming or sm shit like that, boomers stop hating on a young talented artist like billie omg it’s so sad and honestly it makes me upset for you, but also tysm for all the old people hating on her bc yall are the cause of global warming, and with this song being inspired by it you blessed us with it tar lauv x
Episode Lover
Episode Lover Hour ago
Finneas 🥰
Isha Limaye
Isha Limaye Hour ago
I'm trying not to cry. I'm so proud.
Shefana Imami
Shefana Imami 2 hours ago
our lil secret
monira melahi
monira melahi 2 hours ago
CUCU KAKEK 2 hours ago
Cepat sembuh Billie Eilish
Yuric01 2 hours ago
Alguém mais vai no snow dela em São Paulo???
Southern Charm
Southern Charm 2 hours ago
People like you definitely go to hell. You are a disgusting evil one yourself!!!! Whatever you may be male or female
evan atherton
evan atherton Hour ago
Southern Charm are you okay? are you genuinely okay??
Luis Higuera
Luis Higuera 2 hours ago
Dxddy_cassie 2 hours ago
Anyone else here the little girl say”I love you billie” I’m the beginning
david corr
david corr 2 hours ago
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