A VFX artist reacts to 5 Oscar-nominated movies

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The 2020 VFX Oscar nominations, explained by a VFX artist.
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1917, Avengers: Endgame, The Irishman, The Lion King, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are five very different movies nominated for the same award: the 2020 Oscar for Visual Effects. Each movie is a masterpiece of computer generated art, from the Avengers’ time travel suits to Star Wars’ chase scenes to the incredible de-aging effects in The Irishman.
It’s easy to be awed by these effects - or to not even notice them. So we brought in Niko Pueringer, a visual effects artist from the production studio Corridor Digital, to help us break down the visual magic behind each film.
Check out Niko and Corridor’s NO-vid channel for more visual effects breakdowns: no-vid.com/u-samandnikofeatured
Like this one, where they re-made visual effects in The Mummy Returns: no-vid.com/video/video-KH1V6CHO1Jk.html
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Comments 80
Vox Month ago
After watching the video, who do you think should win the Oscar for best visual effects?
Deven North
Deven North Month ago
Certainly not the editor of this garbage. Was way too distracting.
Xiaobao Liu
Xiaobao Liu Month ago
Frozen II
mrwoodchuck94 Month ago
Some bad movie who doesn't deserve it like always
Spicy Boi
Spicy Boi Month ago
Nathan Sylvestre
Oshomah Agbugui
Oshomah Agbugui 3 days ago
Yay Niko!!!
Nightwing 11 days ago
Spoiler Alert: This entire interview is a Deepfake. 😃
Babadoe 18 days ago
Man I want Niko to win an Oscar
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Abanoub Fidal
Abanoub Fidal 23 days ago
Tselel 25 days ago
Oh hey Niko
Jef nyssen
Jef nyssen 26 days ago
yeah corridor
diabetic drugs
diabetic drugs 28 days ago
What's up with the music in this video? It's like a fever dream.
Nathan Stotts
Nathan Stotts Month ago
Only here for Niko
Deven North
Deven North Month ago
Why is the editing so bad though?
Ricky Carrillo
Ricky Carrillo Month ago
This was cool but I wish I could hear niko over the sound of miles teller hitting things with sticks in the background
Jehudi Phillips
Jehudi Phillips Month ago
2 of my favourite channels
Atomic Echo
Atomic Echo Month ago
Joseph Wagner
Joseph Wagner Month ago
I've been watching niko for probably 4 years and I never realized until now that he has a last name.
Name Pending
Name Pending Month ago
what the heck is this and why is it necessary for us to know? if this is to gain subs we all know most are gonna sub to corridor lol
Scotty Nicholas
Scotty Nicholas Month ago
Love Corridor Digital and NODE
ruby lee
ruby lee Month ago
cORriDOR on vOx???
mrwoodchuck94 Month ago
Nice drum track, no idea what the video was about
poor ridge
poor ridge Month ago
jimmuel peji
jimmuel peji Month ago
This looks so wrong. he wasn't on the couch and he is alone. hmmmmmmmmm
EctoRekt Month ago
I'm kind of bummed that Corridor would do business with Vox.
Les Salazar
Les Salazar Month ago
Man I remember when Corridor Crew was a small channel and still called Sam and Niko. Now they're huge and have started a genre of react videos
Gary_Host Month ago
Woooot my man Niko!
Donovan The Go
Donovan The Go Month ago
Wow i love the lines all over their faces
Rob P.
Rob P. Month ago
Why on earth would you record your Premiere screen instead of just compositing your video right xD. And also why leave the top bar of the preview screen in the video...
Just Watch
Just Watch Month ago
At the end, Niko lays the smack down on the Oscars, and tells us what we already know: Oscars are worthless. It's just bait to get you to do more work for less money for a chance to get patted on the back by a bunch of people you'd rather not have to sit in a room with.
My name is Connor
The only good vox video
Robert Tinsey
Robert Tinsey Month ago
Get away from Vox, Niko. They are cancer. They will give it to you. I care too much about Corridor to see you infected.
Jared Turrel
Jared Turrel Month ago
Corridor baby!!
Banjo Billy
Banjo Billy Month ago
This is basically a short version of "VFX Artists React".
DanK Squad
DanK Squad Month ago
"check out more VFX artist react videos on corridor crew" 😂😂
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly Month ago
I honestly clicked on this thinking it was a Corridor Crew vid-
Noah Dacanay
Noah Dacanay Month ago
NIKO! Legend
Arthur Parker
Arthur Parker Month ago
Yo it's Niko!
Ryan Nasworthy
Ryan Nasworthy Month ago
Major West
Major West Month ago
Seriously since that throne room breakdown they’ve caught on a lot. Glad to see the Corridor Crew get this credit
Arcen 64
Arcen 64 Month ago
Hi nico
MDX Month ago
This man looks a lot like Niko hmmmmm
Owen Townsend
Owen Townsend Month ago
Interesting short analysis, classic Vox style of finishing and feeling like there could have been more. The downside was the aesthetic for the video with the editing suite overlay really detracted from the usual Vox quality and was distracting most of the time.
Apik Story
Apik Story Month ago
You put Birdman music for this video? Wonderfull
João Antonio Franz
Do a SFX one!
Jackson Deering
Jackson Deering Month ago
I saw Niko and clicked, literally only reason
Ri_Guyyy Month ago
Just go to the corridor channel, they covered avery little point in this episode in more depth
CBRubberman lol
CBRubberman lol Month ago
Can you please review Birdemic: shock and terror
SquishCat Month ago
bro there's like Bon Appetit test kitchen music
Mary Ann
Mary Ann Month ago
Vox was evidently unable to find a vfx artist who works in the industry? Maybe someone who has made feature films with a real studio?
PIX3L PLAYER Month ago
Clicked because of corridor
tpaladin Month ago
drums way distracting
geyck Month ago
Rey Skywalker talking to Niko about VFX. What privilege for Rey.
Thanos ΘΓΚ
Thanos ΘΓΚ Month ago
Niko, he is just the best in explain all these effects.
Ryan Chen
Ryan Chen Month ago
Vox go back to your high quality informative videos don't stoop so low and go here.
djhutchison Month ago
4:03 That shot of De Niro looks like it came straight out of Tin Tin...
Emily Patel
Emily Patel Month ago
Emily Patel
Emily Patel Month ago
xTALPAx Month ago
You tough i was Corridor Crew, but it was me, Vox!
Ken Omollo
Ken Omollo Month ago
Niko's last statement summarized: We don't care.
Jez TheSurvivalGamer
Wow never would have thought I'd watch a vox video 🤣
ReySoMLB Month ago
I guess our Boys at Corridor have "officially made it". these guys are the best, and so wholesome.
Hey, a channel with a yellow and black letter-on-background icon posted a video called "VFX artists react" with Niko on the thumbnail Brain: it corridor unga
Slowflipsfb _
Slowflipsfb _ Month ago
VFX artists react to VFX artists react to VFX artists react to VOX reacting to VFX artists react
Andri Chabursky
Andri Chabursky Month ago
Lemuel Gonzalez
Lemuel Gonzalez Month ago
I love niko but I wish the CREW was there....or I mean it could’ve been done on their channel but here we are 😅
James Black
James Black Month ago
I do notice the neck line.
Gary Voigt
Gary Voigt Month ago
I was only here for Niko 🤘🏼
Alvin the what?
Alvin the what? Month ago
Corridor on the radar yee yee
Kronosz Olen
Kronosz Olen Month ago
Sry Vox, everybody is here to see Niko
chillmilks Month ago
Heinz Ketchup
Heinz Ketchup Month ago
Why did Niko do this with vox, instead of just making this video himself?
Restless Child
Restless Child Month ago
burnout1256 Month ago
Chris Bianco
Chris Bianco Month ago
mbm2355 Month ago
Niggles Month ago
I’m so proud of corridor
T Lac
T Lac Month ago
Great video!
Samuel Fensom
Samuel Fensom Month ago
I saw Niko, I clicked
William Su
William Su Month ago
I love coridor crew
RS Month ago
Avengers suit? Really? Zod's suit back in Man of Steel 2013 was all CG and i was just better looking and It even had a cape.
jupiter is a bean
am I the only one who doesn't know who Niko is. He seems cool tho
Joe Bran
Joe Bran Month ago
I love VFX and the guys at Corridor Crew, really want to work in the industry one day
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