9 Game Endings Almost No One Has Ever Seen

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Have you played a game that's just impossible to finish? You just try and try, wasting life after life... and nothing works. It's good that now you can just turn to the Internet, watch a walkthrough and easily pass any level... Or you can forget about playing and simply watch someone end the game for you! But before, you could not even dream of such a thing. To find out how a video game ended, you had to beat it yourself. Unfortunately, it didn't always work, and some endings remained mystery for many people. But today we will put an end to that! Let's check the endings of some games that we all know.

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Nov 26, 2019




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Comments 7 325
Ancestral Spirit
Ancestral Spirit 6 hours ago
Wasn't Billy Mitchell stripped of all his records cos they found out he was cheating?
shreayaa das
shreayaa das 6 hours ago
what about subway surfers and temple run
Karson Son
Karson Son 6 hours ago
*Gets to end of game 17 million years later.* Videogame Text: Hi there! Welcome to the end of the game! Did you actually plays this game for seventeen million years straight!? How are you even alive!? Well, no matter. Since you're here, assuming you didn't use any in game cheats to get to the ending, congratulations! I hope you're proud of yourself! But since the game IS now over, PLEASE, PLEASE go do something better with your life! If you've come this far, you've got way too much time on your hands, and you need to do other things! Go outside! Make friends! Get married! Have children! Hell, do whatever you want, just stop playing videogames! Please, just enjoy the rest of your life span! Whatever that may be...
xXenonite Xx
xXenonite Xx 6 hours ago
1 second before 17 million years Guy:YES I AM GOING TO FINISH IT Wife: *turns on wifi* Guy:FU-
Silver Blade
Silver Blade 7 hours ago
The no internet game ends when the internet comes back
FreeX7 7 hours ago
The pacman is fake(debunked)
Mk 7 hours ago
Dose tervor sound like rick from rick and morty
Bobbeguile 7 hours ago
Flappy Bird ending is fake, Donkey Kong ending is fake, video is bad
N.T.N.S Dragan
N.T.N.S Dragan 7 hours ago
I was born in 2005 and I still played the duck hunt game
Yeetiboi 8 hours ago
Flappy Bird: IMA MAKE IT! Mario: *im about to end this mans whole career*
ataladin 87
ataladin 87 8 hours ago
8:47 damn she's hot
Andrej Micic
Andrej Micic 8 hours ago
It's a fake ending to flappy bird, don't make up stories
ataladin 87
ataladin 87 8 hours ago
I call Tetris the *POWER LEVEL GAME* the score I get that's my power level My power level (score) is 56,128
Photo Story Channel
Happy Doge
Happy Doge 8 hours ago
You could've killed the dog
Nancy C.
Nancy C. 8 hours ago
What happens at the end of Galaga
reubengaite gaite
reubengaite gaite 9 hours ago
i already win contra about 10 times😎
Rajan Bhateja
Rajan Bhateja 9 hours ago
I've completed Contra multiple times. It's not that difficult
Tharun Alfred
Tharun Alfred 9 hours ago
I have finished contra twice and seen that ending!! Lmao you guys are late
Hdiejrch 4352
Hdiejrch 4352 9 hours ago
I won contra once but it was so damn frustrating to get there cuz i spent so long
I don’t exist
I don’t exist 9 hours ago
Jesus there’s a lotta ads
Caelyn Driver
Caelyn Driver 9 hours ago
that mario thing was not flappy bird even the bird sprite was a mario fish
Parth Bijalwan
Parth Bijalwan 9 hours ago
Is it just me or Trevor sounded like Rick. Who knows he is a Rick of alternate universe. I mean he even got a Morty like dumb character, don't remember the name though.
VELKAN GAME 10 hours ago
Второй канал мастерская настроения.
Jacob Maragcay
Jacob Maragcay 10 hours ago
Fake Pastor bacon man
Яeverse -
Яeverse - 10 hours ago
You are copying masked channel
Wicksty 11 hours ago
Wait Can you just re write the code to see the end?
Anand Charvin
Anand Charvin 11 hours ago
Contra? I'm sure i finished it during the days.
n j
n j 11 hours ago
Came here just for the dinosaur game and they showed the whole video without even telling what happens at the end. Useless thumbnail for sure
Amit Kirshna Sarker
Amit Kirshna Sarker 11 hours ago
1:01 was that Joaquin..the joker?
Cade Nichols
Cade Nichols 11 hours ago
yeah that flappy bird ending is fake. i've got a high score of over 1000 on my old phone that still has the game on it.
Zakk's Farts
Zakk's Farts 11 hours ago
I actually beat the google dinosaur game, it took just a small amount of time.
Lead Sheep
Lead Sheep 11 hours ago
10:23 there ya go
Emil Guntvedt
Emil Guntvedt 11 hours ago
The flappy bird one has been debunked
mclaureano13 12 hours ago
2:42 cheater
Stink Stank
Stink Stank 12 hours ago
The flappy bird one was a fake video made by a vfx channel, do your research before you release a video
Ollie 12 hours ago
**talks about 90s game** Ok boomer.
Rayray 12 hours ago
Is that supposed to be the guy GBF from regular show at 2:42?
daddytetley 12 hours ago
ok but flappy bird actually doesnt end and its complete bs and billy Mitchell isnt even the first and his score isnt even counted.
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