7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React

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Generations React to 8 times TV shows and movies predicted the future.
Watch to see their reactions!
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Back To The Future
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7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React


Published on


Feb 12, 2020




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Comments 3 051
FBE 8 days ago
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Em 3 days ago
No one mentioned Elijah Wood in the Back to the Future clip?
Lalo Velez
Lalo Velez 4 days ago
You said 8 and in the title it's 7
Marky G.
Marky G. 4 days ago
They "predicted" facebook... Myspace already existed in 2003.
Rehan Sanadi
Rehan Sanadi 5 days ago
Please tell them to react to alan walker
siscris 2
siscris 2 5 days ago
How is it that no one metioned that Shakira voiced the character in zootopia?
No top comment yet? Woah
Kayla Pavlik
Kayla Pavlik Day ago
I predicted the Cubs winning the World Series. My friend is an Indians fan and when the Indians were still ahead of the series, I told her that the Cubs were gonna comeback and win the series
Hey It's Ayisha
the simpsons predicted cats the movie
Trash. Can.
Trash. Can. Day ago
From what I heard from the king of conspiracy himself shane Dawson said “ writers have a vision “ they prolly see these things and right them down .😳
Trash. Can.
Trash. Can. Day ago
As In today it’s been a week and still no good comment ....( date: 02/19/20)
Jerwey Guo
Jerwey Guo Day ago
Trash. Can. Bruh you wish
Super_ Neen
Super_ Neen Day ago
What bout Cobey’s death y’all!!
Bear Larsen
Bear Larsen Day ago
You spelt Kobe wrong 🙄🙄
zRed Riotz
zRed Riotz Day ago
Or they just used the ideas from the shows and made it reality 😑
Daisy Ortiz
Daisy Ortiz Day ago
zRed Riotz the corrona vairus :^
Kuzovaj Day ago
Back then when internet doesn't exist we ha e something call playing outside. Kids these days doesn't know what that mean lol.
Munro McLaren
My mom loved The Jetsons.
Munro McLaren
An elk?? Shakira was an antelope. Lol. 1:14
Munro McLaren
I hope you guys post a video on my birthday! February 29th! :)
YangSunWoo Day ago
Or it could have predicted the H1N1 that started in America.
PWNalityTV Day ago
The shakira thing isn't a prediction. It was inspiration lol
Haleem Valentine
Swine flu is from North America...
Darrick Harbor
You're energetic, aren't ya?
- 2 days ago
Holly wood is the wood used in magic wands... almost like Hollywood intentionally cast spells on the public as an extension of the government... but nah. coincidnece man. lol
Lunmae Essan
Lunmae Essan 2 days ago
I'm mad they haven't reacted to Mark Rober's "Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)"
Zachary Dexter
Zachary Dexter 2 days ago
Y’all do know that Shakira voices Gazelle right?
Shin Shin
Shin Shin 2 days ago
Gaming LoVeT
Gaming LoVeT 2 days ago
Zachary Dexter she plays that character
TheZodiacz 2 days ago
Videotelephony was imagined long before The Jetsons. In fact it happened in 1878, only 2 years after the invention of the telephone. The first successful but commercially impractical videophone was made in 1927!
Rolando Bates
Rolando Bates 2 days ago
Of course everyone dismissed the idea of predictive programming. They'd rather believe in coincidences or time travelers. The truth is always scarier than what u want to believe. "If my answers frighten you, then maybe you shouldn't ask scary questions."
SoMedia Production
I know I’m getting old because I thought Skype
Lost_ Soul
Lost_ Soul 2 days ago
Everyone is talking about Shakira's outfit but nobody's point out that the virus is not from Japan🤦 Edit: Eric also pointed that
Rose Covell
Rose Covell 2 days ago
Star Trek predicted the cell phone!
TheZodiacz 2 days ago
the military were experimenting with early prototype mobile phones as far back as the 1940s.
Admire M
Admire M 2 days ago
but the simpsons is on a different level tho..
Admire M
Admire M 2 days ago
nobody’s gonna talk about how pretty Rachel is!!!
Jose Luis Roiz
Jose Luis Roiz 2 days ago
the Simpsons writers are not fucking time travelers all you dimwits, its called Murphy's law, causality, probability and statistics.
drink bleach
drink bleach 2 days ago
drink bleach
drink bleach 2 days ago
KYSkid 2 days ago
Myspace also started in 2003 so not really
kalex888 2 days ago
Um, everyone thought Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan
kalex888 2 days ago
Viruses travel from East to West every year
Haleem Valentine
kalex888 swine flu came from the west ...
kalex888 Day ago
@Haleem Valentine no. That's not the pattern.
Haleem Valentine
kalex888 and the west to east too...
kaheem wilson
kaheem wilson 2 days ago
Shakira was the voice of gazelle in zootopia so that wasn’t a prediction...
Ryuu Fong
Ryuu Fong 2 days ago
But virus doesnt spread through mail..................................... They cant survive in exposed environment............ And it's not even in the same country.
RinoaHatake 2 days ago
Why everyone shocked about Friends and Facebook... Y'all forget about MySpace?!?!?
RinoaHatake Day ago
@Jaded Kate Fair...
Jaded Kate
Jaded Kate Day ago
Everyone WANTS to forget MySpace 😂
Henry Chen
Henry Chen 2 days ago
Where is Trump ?
Christian Anderson
Hands up anyone else who saw an extremely young Elijah Wood being unimpressed by Marty McFly's gaming skills in the "Back to the Future II" clip? ("Wood made his film debut in 1989 with a small part in Back to the Future Part II", -- wikipedia)
Roselia Thorn
Roselia Thorn 2 days ago
The Facebook 'prediction' one is dumb bc MySpace already existed.
Tod Kupstas
Tod Kupstas 2 days ago
Shakira did that on purpose because her character in Zootopia was Gazelle
REBECCA BERRY 2 days ago
I think Shakira did it on purpose
Tod Kupstas
Tod Kupstas 2 days ago
LeDor Photo
LeDor Photo 2 days ago
Im pretty sure Friends was referencing Classmates.com which has been around since, wow 1995. I remember my parents using it in the early 2000's to get in touch with college/uni alumns.
Gizmo_ Joy
Gizmo_ Joy 2 days ago
I wonder if the Janitor from Scrubs just made up that line. Is that after season one? I learned that "the janitor" was supposed to be a figment of the main character's imagination, but was so loved and enjoyed, that they kept the character, and often let the actor just make up a lot of the lines.
Papa Bumba
Papa Bumba 2 days ago
The Simpsons is like Nostradamus. They have 100s of episodes and when ever something happens people create parallels that weren’t there and say the Simpsons predicted it. They never get anything dead on, it’s by sheer volume and people wanting it to be true. I love it, but it’s not some mystical fortune teller haha
CobraDeath 2 days ago
It funny bc one random day when the Nintendo that was still small and square was out i had the exact same idea to modify the Nintendo and put 2 detachable controllers with a screen in the middle and other little details But Then they did it😂
Cthulhujack451 2 days ago
But we have flying cars...
Nero Assassin
Nero Assassin 2 days ago
You guys realise shakira was in the movie right? And she dressed like that on purpose?
Dog from Jojo
Dog from Jojo 2 days ago
Nero Assassin I was thinking the same shit
My Secret
My Secret 2 days ago
10:31 get her out 😡
Mae Mitchum
Mae Mitchum 2 days ago
5:28 Yes Lesli Knope for president
Mae Mitchum
Mae Mitchum 2 days ago
0:52 I think she was more inspired by that outfit than a prediction for this one
#teamtree 00
#teamtree 00 2 days ago
Mae Mitchum she was the voice of gazelle that’s why
Jesus D. Hernandez
Did everyone just forget about myspace? Lol everyone just automatically assumed facebook
#teamtree 00
#teamtree 00 2 days ago
Jesus D. Hernandez lol
Brynn Cope
Brynn Cope 2 days ago
i thought a cell phone from 2010 looked like what is now a Nintendo,the creators had to have thought the same thing.
Summer Dais
Summer Dais 2 days ago
There was a book describing the Wuhan flu.
shoeski 2 days ago
Back to the future part 2, The kid in the red shirt at 10:54 is Elijah Wood.
asaad hutchinson
asaad hutchinson 2 days ago
It's too difficult for them to understand that people watch shows and movies and think to bring the stuff they see into reality.
Spenser2611 2 days ago
Maybe the future is just doing what is based on the episodes?! Mind blown
SEMENIAS R 2 days ago
There is no pure profecy but a conspiracy actualy Osama bin laden is actualy a CIA agent, that his name is osman
Ginger Johnson
Ginger Johnson 2 days ago
Are you predicting that Hollywood and our government are one in the same?🤭
Elias Gonzales
Elias Gonzales 2 days ago
Here's the thing though you're only focusing on times they have predicted right and not how many predictions have been made by TV shows and been completely wrong
Zoom 2 days ago
Elias Gonzales Billionare*
sawsan kamal
sawsan kamal 3 days ago
Before the ear buds I predicted that one day we'll have the ear phones without the wire. I could have been a millionaire damn it..
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith 3 days ago
My mom when she was little: What are cellphones? (she was 3 when the first handheld phone call was made and didn't get a phone until 1988)
Cyber Photon
Cyber Photon 3 days ago
But simpsons predicted japan and a virus thats not very accurate from like 1k+ episodes one would eventually match
Jeffrey Phipps
Jeffrey Phipps 3 days ago
Neither predictive Programming NOR coincidence. MUCH more logical is the concept that an inventor sees something envisioned in the past and brings it to fruition. As for baseball games, that's statistics - sooner or later an unexpected team wins (KC Chiefs just won SB54 for the first time since 1969). It happens - so maybe coincidence there, but I suspect that more often or not these types of things are thrown out for humor rather than predictions. Technology progresses. Many of the things in the Jetsons were predicted from prototype technology that *existed*. Most of it did not come to fruition (flying cars). Consider though that people movers did, but were not so different from things like escalators. Video phones existed in the 1950s, but were very expensive. Still, this was an amusing episode!
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