[1007] There’s a Literal Security Hole in This Brinks Padlock (Model 673)

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Dec 11, 2019




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Jason Overman
Jason Overman 6 hours ago
A 4 digit combination lock, no matter what kind nor how well built, can be considered secure. You can go through all possible combinations in under 10 min. A couple of years ago I was working on a construction site in Texas and we had one on our conex. Almost immediately we found a flaw with it. To change the code you set the dials to the combo you wanted and then you symply closed it. The flaw was that while unlocked the dials had a bad habit of moving which meant once closed it changed the code. At one point we couldn't open it to put it back on the conex so we went to home depot to switch it out with something different. We didn't even get a mile down the road before I got it open by process of elimination.
Hunter 13 hours ago
Why even out that hole there? It’s completely useless, other than making it an easy lockpick
T.Kai 18 hours ago
Breaking! He has a micro camera on the table under his hands and it relays the code to him ;) Jk jk ... Always impressed with how quick he gets these open!!
cjpenning Day ago
How many other youtubers with a million subscribers never show their face? Just curious.
LeviHB Day ago
When people say that Apple should be forced to give the government a backdoor to iPhones, you should ask them if they wouldn't mind allowing this lock to be used on their property.
Jonny Joanknecht
Jonny Joanknecht 2 days ago
Ahh yes but can he pick his nose with a medium hook in 18 thousands? I can
Jake Pickett
Jake Pickett 2 days ago
Even if you somehow had an imaginary 100% secure lock like this, I feel like being only 4 digits would means anyone with consistent periodic access to it would be able to open it eventually, anyways. Five digits or six digits would make a lot more sense in my mind.
Emanuele Aurora
Emanuele Aurora 3 days ago
"As such I do not think this is a lock that can be relied upon for securing anything important" Said LPL on every lock in existence
Night Plague
Night Plague 4 days ago
One of the best parts of LPL videos is the comments section, some comedy gold! Love it!
SuperLlama42 5 days ago
Imagine if he scrambled the combination and it was just 0000 again.
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior 6 days ago
Hahahahahahahaha This guy bankrupts a company faster than the CEO dies of heart attack!
Margy Swanson
Margy Swanson 19 days ago
Brinks is some trash wtf
DrKiransudama 23 days ago
Can you just saw hi how lock is better please
Jeff Moss
Jeff Moss 26 days ago
David _1
David _1 28 days ago
Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes 28 days ago
Brinks: lets make sure we dont have large gaps between dials so that nothing can go through. Brinks: but dont forget to add a large hole in the lock Lpl: thank you!!!
Cocoyea Broom
Cocoyea Broom Month ago
you tryout for fool us
happy Mr.X
happy Mr.X Month ago
Time for some robbery
Rado Milkyhaze
Rado Milkyhaze Month ago
Hey boys i have a really nice thing and its faster and easier than lock picking called blot cutter xD
Rice Cakes
Rice Cakes Month ago
That’s honestly just sad.
Internal Pain
Internal Pain Month ago
Isenmouthe 89
Isenmouthe 89 Month ago
Reminds me of when i brute forced the combination of a wire lock for a post bike (being the postman needing to use the bike that was locked), started at 000, unlocked at 128, costed me about 2 minutes.
Ultimate Realist
8734? Hey, that's my PIN!
CDJRose Month ago
Any guesses as to the intended function of that hole?
Lukas Lund
Lukas Lund Month ago
The larger gap that you talked about here, is that the true gates being larger than they are suppose to? or just how that particular look feels?
fastfreddy3000 Month ago
Here’s i am singing Halaluya Halaluya
Kevlar Vrus 57
Kevlar Vrus 57 Month ago
He needs to make a video with locks he approves of.
Nezalu Month ago
"Hi boss this is design of our new product, padlock with code" "Did you run it past any security experts to check for any stupidly easy ways of opening it without a code?" "No. Wasnt in a development budget" "Ah yes I wanted to save costs true ok go ahead it will sell anyway people are dumb sheep afterall"
No Neck
No Neck Month ago
Brinks: "As a trusted brand in security products, the Brink'sTM name is synonymous with peace of mind, strength, trust, safety, and quality." Internet: "Is Brinks a good lock? Brinks door locks are generally fairly low in price and a “value” lock. They are of general poor quality"
Daniel Contreras
Imagine kidnapping this guy not knowing who he is, and once you're at your safehouse waiting for the ransom hearing "This is the lockpicking lawyer and on this video we will be picking this door lock" on the room you're keeping him in.
Tea The Turtle
Tea The Turtle Month ago
Arachnodose Month ago
Lpl be like: there is a litteraly security hole and its made of zinc Me be like: where my dremmal at?
A Half Assed Username
LPL: *answers phone* "LockPickingLawyer here" Home Depot worker: "Yeah, LockPickingLawyer, we got some new inventory in." LPL: "Be there in 5"
kevin r.
kevin r. Month ago
"How long did it take for that blasted lawyer to pick our latest improved model?" "Yes."
russ v
russ v Month ago
wow that just looks cheap even before you get into it
Fredmfk2005 Month ago
Simple brinks hates you lmao
Gazz Maz
Gazz Maz Month ago
Lockpick skill 99 Lock novice
Ryan Outram
Ryan Outram Month ago
Oh my god, I just got it. In any CASE. Lockpicking LAWYER.
Drecknath Magladery
so basically if you where to plug that hole you'd have a hard lock
J F Month ago
I like secret holes literally.
Dominic John Maca
Yikes. Whomever made that design was probably not thinking right.
Noexit Month ago
Can someone explain to me how by now companies are not just sending lock prototypes to the Lock Picking Lawyer and paying him to try and find ways to bypass its security?
TheStevehn Month ago
All lock manufacturers should hire you as a consultant before they roll out anything.
Bobedi BOB
Bobedi BOB Month ago
What if you seal the hole
Suki Month ago
Dude should develop his own locks
MrDome Month ago
This guy, i want to know the shop where buys locks. They probably suffer
augenbutter Month ago
Before this video, "People trust Brink for security," so our lox should sell like hotcakes!
SurrealJC Games
SurrealJC Games Month ago
Its like some lock made for offices ... pointless.
Leo The Pedo
Leo The Pedo Month ago
These videos are literally letting us know how to break your friend’s advanced locks and steal their stash of fidget spinners
no Hit Sounds
no Hit Sounds Month ago
His local lock store must really wonder why he is buying so many locks
erjar281 Month ago
From brinks veiw, whats the point of that hole?
name another name
Ok your too op nerf pls
Mandela Effect
Mandela Effect Month ago
Coming soon a revised version with a blocking plate and a another free lock sent to you for another shot at defeating it after it's been revised
Ned Smith
Ned Smith Month ago
If I had that lock I would have tig weld the holes to cover up any picking efforts
ICS Edit
ICS Edit Month ago
You know who else checks Home Depot for things for his videos....Shawn Woods
a j
a j Month ago
Matthew Su
Matthew Su Month ago
Brinks to Home Depot: We have a new lock for your shelves Home Depot: We have a new lock on our she... LPL: and there we go
Josh July
Josh July Month ago
You should add affiliate links in the description, that way we can buy these amazing locks.
CatatonicBug Month ago
Reminds me of the cheap chain bike licks people used when I was a kid. I learned to open those in elementary school, just for fun!
Péter Baán
Péter Baán Month ago
I bet the lock appeared so late in your local store to give it some time to sell... :)
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