10 CGI Mistakes Even VFX Artists Missed

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These CGI Mess Ups Are Hidden In Major Hollywood Movies
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CGI has advanced incredibly over the years -- but there are still times where special effect artists miss mistakes -- or in the case of Cats, the whole movie gets released with incomplete CG effects. Either way -- a lot of these mistakes aren’t even caught the first time by viewers and require a good eye to spot them.
Once you do spot each mistake -- it’s pretty hard not to see them every time you rewatch the movie. In the case of Cats, we have to question why you’d even be watching the movie a second time.
Avengers: Endgame was a marvelous CG feat. The effects were so impressive, the movie was even nominated for an Academy Award. Buttt, among the hundreds and hundreds of CG shots and digital effects, there was one tiny blunder people picked on months after the film’s release. With a movie like Cats, we’re not even sure what the Cats are actually supposed to look like. They are like human-feline hybrids with strange sizes, human hands, and bizarre looking faces. The whole movie could be considered a CG disaster. Oddly, Tobe Hooper was making effect changes right up until the movie premiered and theaters got updated versions of the movie a week after it debuted. Yikes. Now join us at Screenrant to see these CG blunders from recent movies like Rampage and Ready Player One.
See how CG characters just disappeared from cars, Thanos messed up his Infinity Gauntlet, and how one of the highest-grossing movies of all-time had a major CG blunder.
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Comments 80
atirek bajpai
atirek bajpai 5 days ago
Good job blatantly copying the corridor crew🤣🤣🤣
Barbershop Reviews
Barbershop Reviews 14 days ago
The only real mistake was the Watchmen, maybe the ring in Cats.
🔥 Honestly, it was good, but just not that good. 0:50 💖🔥 👇🔥
Cale Mcdowell
Cale Mcdowell 20 days ago
White long locks of the pretty princess "the elven king" wtf
Janlen Barbarona
Janlen Barbarona 26 days ago
Viral 26 days ago
6.9m subs
deepan kumar
deepan kumar 26 days ago
Iam 2000% sure that they too some mistakes from the channel corridor crew
shaider1982 27 days ago
Cool video. Proves that SR has more to offer apart from Pitch Meetings (but please, more if that too)👍
maxsKi Moose
maxsKi Moose 28 days ago
Scraping the barrel
Jehmaro Smith
Jehmaro Smith 28 days ago
0:18 the 10 seconds mark says otherwise
Troll 4 Life
Troll 4 Life 29 days ago
Screen Rant: Can I copy your homework? Corridor Crew: Sure just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look super obvious you copied Screen Rant: Ok
Simon W
Simon W 29 days ago
Thumbs down! It's clear you stole half your content. Boo
Trevor Foster
Trevor Foster Month ago
How are you still making videos?!
Astralink Month ago
Everybody talking about the Corridor, never even watched it lmao
Naturally Noah
Naturally Noah Month ago
It’s attack of the clones not clone wars
Raphael Golin
Raphael Golin Month ago
1. Despite Corridor Crew cought this one, it is still possible that a real armor works like that. 2. eww, who watch this crap? 3. Yeah, no. Her hand still twice as big as Jake's. Just look. A human hand is about the size of a human face. Jake's hand is half of her face... 4. Yes, the physics are all wrong, but the dummys representing the actors are still there... 6. "and that was a movie released nearly 20 years early". They just compared a room with some kids with a full battlefield with thousands soldiers? Geez... 7. "CGI Mistakes Even VFX Artists Missed" I don't think that anybody missed that one... 8. "all momentum from the ambulance ends, creating a very unatural look" - "the symbiont escapes the roof of the vehicle the instant that it stops". Well, one prhase explain the other. The extra flip and sudden stop is the symbiont forcing the roll to escape... 9. Geez guys. You all know how camera lenses and angles works... 10. Well, he is sopposely free falling from sky lol
Mad Lib
Mad Lib Month ago
I literally couldn't see anything on thanos gauntlet
Diego Salazar
Diego Salazar Month ago
I really wasn't expecting that Woddy reaction....
George Trapp
George Trapp Month ago
I still say the biggest mistake in Ready Player 0ne is, no G.I. Joe.
Linas Valutkevičius
Most of your "missed mistakes" is actually lack of time and u say it is huge ones..... Annoying
Gian Carlos
Gian Carlos Month ago
I don’t trust you said the said creatures in tremor can beat Godzilla and didn’t call them by their proper name graboids
Shadowmarlo Month ago
9:40 The finish line part from Ready Player One is not a mistake. They're using the same rule of the telephoto lens camera focal length from the distance view above and wide lens camera from a closer point of view of the finish line gate which is behind the railroads and other road objects.
hesus saviorofearth
good so cats dont exist............... or there was a lot "animal seks" in the news with raped cats and quistions about animal right............. maby beter for nature and right for al life of earth............. all because some followers that use my name to say how and why there higher that all other life on earth, and all just make for there pleasure"s ........ hunters murder, but see themeselfs as "lovers of nature" (you dont kill what you say to respect
lonorising Month ago
Watched, watched, and rewatched at one quarter speed - I still couldn’t spot the gauntlet one.
Vaporize Jello
Vaporize Jello Month ago
Don't kid yourself. No one noticed the Cats mistake because no one saw it....
BBP Games
BBP Games Month ago
I see Screen Rant watches Corridor Crew as well
Scrap Industries
theres another movie mistake in endgame right before thanos tries the first time to put the gauntlet on and he is stopped by captain marvel he still has his armor's gauntlet on that arm while fighting and literarly 1 scene later theres no gauntlet on it, probably the ones that edited the fight didnt have time to show how he rips his own gauntlet to fit the infinity one so they just got lazy and thought we might not see it
TAHA Khawaja
TAHA Khawaja Month ago
Lol you didn't even mentioned one of DCEU's stupidest cgi mistakes
Cuyo Films
Cuyo Films Month ago
Boooooo, poopie video
TEudmunki86 Month ago
Did you catch that? We didn’t either. We watched other videos to make this one.
what the duck
what the duck Month ago
Everyone looks so pasted in todays movies. Quack.
Jlaaag Month ago
** Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Kaiju Hunter
Kaiju Hunter Month ago
Back then, watching James Cameron's Avatar movie and seeing those Mountain Banshees made me wanted a live-action Monster Hunter movie.
Nobody Bolanos
Nobody Bolanos Month ago
Does anybody else enjoy the fact that the MCU incorporated so many of Hulk's animated movies(such as; iron Man vs Hulk, Thor vs Hulk, and Planet Hulk) into the Marvel movies.
KingJake2511 Month ago
All the prequel memers hearing Episode II called “the clone wars”
Victor Lindvall
Victor Lindvall Month ago
So basically Screenrant steals from Corridor Digital now
505 Booker 2049384
Things to bitch about
sam collins
sam collins Month ago
I think the venom one was intentional, to show the symbiote had paired and that was what stopped it. Still looked janky though.
Dustin Congello
Dustin Congello Month ago
I look at the venom clip like it was the symbiote the caused the ambulance the stop like that after the roll to stop any further damage to be caused to the body it was about to take over
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez Month ago
i still didn't catch the mistake in the endgame clip....
Atom Gasp
Atom Gasp Month ago
In time was awesome if you havn't seen it.
Dead_opsGx Month ago
Why do you have to trash talk on these movies like you want to end them?What's with the cockiness
Steven Serio
Steven Serio Month ago
I feel like you guys just watched VFX artist react then tried to pass all their info like it was yours lol.
Ivan Quiles
Ivan Quiles Month ago
Venom didn't have an error. The symbiote stopped the momentum that's why it rips through the roof immediately
Cliff Foster
Cliff Foster Month ago
3:56 Neytiri's palm ends half way down Jake's forearm, what are you even talking about?
Dylan Hill
Dylan Hill Month ago
*episode 2 attack of the clones
dan raz
dan raz Month ago
Top Mistake! Screen rant!
Walter Zolkin
Walter Zolkin Month ago
I didn't even see the Thanos "mistake " after rewatching this scene three time in slow mo. What clipping?
frank savage
frank savage Month ago
Well, that was worthless.
Disappointed In all of you
I gave it an honest chance. It honestly sucked. Please stop making garbage and get to work on more pitch meetings.
C. Ray
C. Ray Month ago
I watched the Thanos one three times and I still don’t know what she’s talking about 🤷🏽‍♀️
Chinni Diwakar
Chinni Diwakar Month ago
I didn't get the first gauntlet issue
Big Lion
Big Lion Month ago
Wow you watched a Corridor Crew video good job
Snapper314 Month ago
CGI mistakes are hard to avoid. That is why they are called Mistakes.
m Month ago
1:17 people picked on? The vfx artist of endgame himself revealed it in an recent interview in Corridor Cred channel. Nobody found it.
Felix Miranda
Felix Miranda Month ago
Isn't every CGI mistake something the VFX Artists missed, otherwise it wouldn't be there.
Wiggy Month ago
*on every finger. The hand thing is really not an issue. There are human models in the car. These videos are surprisingly lazily produced.
Razorking 995
Razorking 995 Month ago
“The hobbit prequel”!?!! “Star was episode 2: The clone wars” ?!?!??? YOU CLEARLY DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT.
Thomas Kwan
Thomas Kwan Month ago
Is this the same women that voices Watch Mojo?
Adrian Hudson
Adrian Hudson Month ago
Waste of time
megaptera8 Month ago
I love the simpsons
Jere Kolehmainen
It is episode two attack of the clones, not episode two clone wars
EpicSonicSkillz Month ago
I’m over this channel seriously where is the option to remove pitch meetings from this channel entirely
Kal-El fan 49
Kal-El fan 49 Month ago
For Endgame should've put the obvious floating heads.
Jeff Sedam
Jeff Sedam Month ago
Not so little but so few.
Brandon DeLorme
Brandon DeLorme Month ago
Sorry, I'm a bit of a stickler Meeseeks... "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" not "Star Wars Episode II: The Clone Wars".
ih8mcfly Month ago
1:48 I don’t see the mistake. Where is it ? Lol
Dakaras Bishop
Dakaras Bishop Month ago
Who Could Care
EbberDeeMills Month ago
If your movie is good enough, then CGI mistakes simply don’t matter. Case in point: during the last T-Rex scene in ‘Jurassic Park’, the raptor in Rexy’s jaws actually disappears for a frame or two.
AEROX _ Month ago
U guys just saw the corridor crew interviewing weta digital!
Generation Sensitive
Why is endgame still projecting onto my eyes in 2020
Derek Espiritu
Derek Espiritu Month ago
gguybr Month ago
There's no clipping in the gauntlet scene. It's just made this way so that Thanos can slide his fingers in. It has to slide some way. It's not cloth you know :P
Manav Udgirkar
Manav Udgirkar Month ago
I love corridor crew Y'all should watch it
"Star Wars Episode 2: The Clone Wars" Wanna do a screen rant blunders next?
Kagisho Mashiloane
I agree with a lot except when it comes to the deer and the emergency car crash on Vernom. I think the deer scene was done well and the crash wasn't too bad.
micky2be Month ago
So you watch Corridor Crews too?
Vishal Kr. Prasad
What clipping in ring finger of Thanos plz explain I didnt get it
Amazing 61
Amazing 61 Month ago
CGI Downgrade?
Kevin Month ago
Pathetic nit picking. Your narrator has a bad attitude. Do people really get all worked up over all this teeny tiny little crap? Time for an attitude adjustment.
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