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12 days ago
Awful ASMR #2
20 days ago
Human Simulator
28 days ago
Deeeer Simulator
29 days ago
Stop This...
2 months ago
I'm In An Anime?
2 months ago
When Will I Die?
2 months ago
Gregory branham
Gregory branham 19 hours ago
Chase was a great video
Creeping Triangle
Creeping Triangle 19 hours ago
Balls 🥜 and more nuts🥴
Team R.N.S
Team R.N.S 19 hours ago
Omg... I never knew but seriously! Is there really a picture there? I can't see it I might be color blind 1😨
Steve S
Steve S 19 hours ago
Sean...people can grow out of their allergies.
Mr. Tomoshi
Mr. Tomoshi 19 hours ago
11:49 then we’re is subnotica
M V 19 hours ago
*We are #7 trending in US bitches* _Hjönkning_ is now brothers. Jack is planning to slowly take over NO-vid.
Hailey Russell
Hailey Russell 19 hours ago
Jack is a snack with and without the green hair.
KameRon 19 hours ago
Nobody: Artist when they watch jack see fan art on Meme time: *Its Art time It's art time*
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 19 hours ago
You’re protan?
Ty Doan
Ty Doan 19 hours ago
The rock throw is underrated. It clears a full segment for each hit
TDdotTXT 19 hours ago
only X can like this
Michael Grennek
Michael Grennek 19 hours ago
I'm dying, all you have to do is have a backup power cell
Kamden Erdley
Kamden Erdley 19 hours ago
Sorry for bad grammer
Master Duty
Master Duty 19 hours ago
Elijahplayz king
Elijahplayz king 19 hours ago
Amy Baker
Amy Baker 19 hours ago
Dont worry jack as an American I dont know where my state's are either
A PERSON 19 hours ago
9:37 how do you jack 🤔
TwentyØneMelødy 19 hours ago
Not geese jack. Goose
Tristen Hill
Tristen Hill 19 hours ago
jack: life is really damn good 2020: i ma funna do a pro gamer move
Animelover3241 19 hours ago
People are idiots these days....people need to think before they type!!!
FK Official
FK Official 19 hours ago
Hey unkown human, *HAVE A GOOD DAY!*
Braybray 0817
Braybray 0817 19 hours ago
Under the moon pool ya dummy
John Alan Elson WF6i
13:19 You don't see Pikachu? Try some Enchroma glasses!
Gokuultrainstinct 6o
Just noticed that her boots said I love cock so she a big stripper
swaggysamon96 samon
swaggysamon96 samon 19 hours ago
You need to L A U G H more
Afif Danial
Afif Danial 19 hours ago
nyeh i like the og intro better
RandomWeeb 19 hours ago
We Need BeamNG Drive back!
Wrath Of The Phoenix
2:52 but Jack, you're in the ocean.
katherine the mouse
katherine the mouse 19 hours ago
when you're american and that's a duck.
Hannah Sonnier
Hannah Sonnier 19 hours ago
Petition to get the Bripickled animation as the new MEME intro. That was so f*cking adorable! I loved it!
Mancat223 19 hours ago
Ur cat is so cute and fluffy
Unusualcookie 624
Unusualcookie 624 19 hours ago
He drives a perius
MyChimmyBoi NeedsA3dollachain
About the cat, he might be hypoallergenic
The Real QR7
The Real QR7 19 hours ago
my name is Alexis...? So like this was weird watching hearing my name over and over...🤣🤣🤣🤣
D G 19 hours ago
Who knew deer can become a human
MCToshey 19 hours ago
Every person who saw the Pikachu:" Oh please dare GOSH notice it" Jack/Sean:" I don't see it!" Everyone else:" :( Dare Gosh get some eyes will ya"
swaggysamon96 samon
swaggysamon96 samon 19 hours ago
Damian Saville
Damian Saville 19 hours ago
Sean Stanton
Sean Stanton 19 hours ago
sadly im in the situation of James brodys child and while I like it because of that this video is pretty hard to watch although I do love this character and CHASE
Graciela Gamez
Graciela Gamez 19 hours ago
Thinknoodles could argue with king of subnauca
Astro GMD
Astro GMD 19 hours ago
why did you get rid of the hat and the Green hair
Got Pancakes123
Got Pancakes123 19 hours ago
I can feel jacks heart dropping when THE ROCK wink at home at 10:26
ObiWanBidoofy 19 hours ago
Title for all future jack vids "I dont even know what I'm saying anymore"
Caleb Garcia
Caleb Garcia 19 hours ago
Joseph Wings
Joseph Wings 19 hours ago
That’s was amazing!!! I don’t get what characters tho. I haven’t been a sub that long to know. Really good video!!! Nice camera too😂
Zeni望む 19 hours ago
250 episodes of happy wheels lets revive it
hyper biscuit
hyper biscuit 19 hours ago
I'm wondering how Marguerit got out of the crater she was stuck in from the first game. Whenever the player goes past the edge of the crater, they're assaulted by a bunch of ghost leviathans, so I'm left wondering how Marguerit got past them, or if it's treated as solely a game play thing, and in terms of story, the whole Ghost Leviathan doesn't actually happen.
Diablo 19 hours ago
Sean we need the original subnautica back i miss Maria she was a big beautiful girl
Jordan Humphrey
Jordan Humphrey 19 hours ago
Will tabs come back soon. like more tabs Also what is your birthday i am a big fan but i have bad memory
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 19 hours ago
take antiantihistamemes
Will Hiegel
Will Hiegel 19 hours ago
My mom has told me stories about the face trash can that jack sticks his hand him from when she was a kid!
Max Lane
Max Lane 19 hours ago
Schmoyoho, where is the subnautica song.
Crue Wiggins
Crue Wiggins 19 hours ago
Jack talking about bringing the egos back and his big plans THE FANS: :D
Eve Quinley
Eve Quinley 19 hours ago
Hey jack! I wasn't feeling the best today, and this video just made my day! Thanks! :3
Coolfactor277_Epic 19 hours ago
Kid: Hey Mommy, why is daddy crying? Mom: Me and your father played ball buster and he lost.
Sans 19 hours ago
I think you make me love subnautica because of the type of stuff you say like right after you asked Who do you think is cute in class?
NT Phong
NT Phong 19 hours ago
More deer simulator
Eclipse42 19 hours ago
That cat is so cute!!!! I want it
Ian Stubbers
Ian Stubbers 19 hours ago
I have those same headphones they're amazing
Chase Sawyer
Chase Sawyer 19 hours ago
Jack: I'm about to come all over your passport My Dirty Mind: ,,'>',,
PaigeNomsFaces 19 hours ago
2020 so far has been a steep drop.
Wave999 19 hours ago
#9 on trending 😄
Dakota Rose
Dakota Rose 19 hours ago
Fun fact: long haired cats are hypoallergenic to a point. Their dander can't escape due to long hair. And lost people are allergic to their dander
Chet McGovern
Chet McGovern 19 hours ago
I believe in Steve but I don't know why his legs aren't magnetic.
Pickle Poncho
Pickle Poncho 19 hours ago
I cry sometimes knowing he will never notice me 🙃
I'm a Potato
I'm a Potato 19 hours ago
I am the Holy spud come to retrieve my Irish worshipers
Nicole Wright
Nicole Wright 19 hours ago
18:56 Jack: I don't think I want to see this. Also Jack: *precedes to watch said video* 🙂 Me: jack, no. 🤣
Jaimie Wood
Jaimie Wood 19 hours ago
Intro..... someone has been watching Unus Annus lol
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 19 hours ago
I did
The Boxing Walrus
The Boxing Walrus 19 hours ago
IGP is the king of subnautica :)
Trista Taylor
Trista Taylor 19 hours ago
Just watched all other 8 episodes to catch up.... You have got to be kidding me....
Im in your home
Im in your home 19 hours ago
what none realized was nugget goes to dig nugget cave, but he falls in the sewer grate again, but this time hes alone
turner burns
turner burns 19 hours ago
2020 rewatch?
Ella Fuller
Ella Fuller 19 hours ago
derp GamerXtreme
derp GamerXtreme 19 hours ago
Jack - "RIP Marlon, Fs in the chat." Also Jack - *spits on his grave*
Ale Dimas
Ale Dimas 19 hours ago
The roto wipe is real :v
Playboy Pusiedyn
Playboy Pusiedyn 19 hours ago
Freya should’ve died
Bryant Fontenot
Bryant Fontenot 19 hours ago
15:13 instant New Meme
Cassidy Seery
Cassidy Seery 19 hours ago
lol omg i was righting a comment then my computer glitched out and now i have to start all over again anyways jack: ok he's cleaning my grill i offered him to come over to kill him subtitles: okay he's cleaning my grave i offered him to come over to kill him
Agent T
Agent T 19 hours ago
My God that's amazing intro in 2020 An animated meme time intro That's an excellent job jack
me 19 hours ago
You need to pass the grocery cart part to be invisible and pass the demon
Colt Baker
Colt Baker 19 hours ago
I got subnautica last night and I think I screamed like half a dozen times in the first 10 minutes because everything was so damn scary!
ZenoBell016 20 hours ago
I say the best part of subnautica is either the lore, the atmosphere, or the unpredictability of it all. You never know what a video will have in it until the very end. Compared to games with a story where we know what comes and wanna see your reaction, in subnautica, we’re experiencing it all with you at the same time. “So yeah I’m gonna pick up this rubYYYYYY THE FUCK IS THAT?!?!”
Nathaniel Rieder
Nathaniel Rieder 20 hours ago
Since you’re 30...are you gonna make mini seans😏
Will Hiegel
Will Hiegel 20 hours ago
Life of Brian in a meme?!?! Thanks gamers you made my day!
DarkDragon1889 20 hours ago
Sean: **is supremely worried about thirst meter** Also Sean: **teleports to the GUN; island is LITTERED in Bulbo trees that restore +10 water per sample** Also Sean again: "That doesn't help me at all." **walks past 50 bulbo trees and swims all the way back to surface base** Laughed for a solid minute. Never change buddy. 😂👌🏾
Kylie Snyder
Kylie Snyder 20 hours ago
hey jackaboy how can u tell the diffrents from a gmae that is out and a game that is being developed ??
Max Lane
Max Lane 20 hours ago
Schmoyoho should make a Subnautica remix.
Gimmi Nugget
Gimmi Nugget 20 hours ago
Make a part 2 plzzzzz it 2020 and this was made 2019
Ryan Murphy
Ryan Murphy 20 hours ago
Lol he gave the dude dog food for his sister 😂
HoldenPlayz 20 hours ago
I just realized that a lot of people who watch jacksepticeye have never seen the boss hat
{Willow Studios}
{Willow Studios} 20 hours ago
Is just me Or do I hard core ship these two
Annabelle Shultz
Annabelle Shultz 20 hours ago
oh know some one take away the mind melt pills
Nate Orr
Nate Orr 20 hours ago
Episode 1 the phantom menace
TeamDead Meme
TeamDead Meme 20 hours ago
New update in Subnautica Below Zero!!
I lIkE FoRtNiTe
I lIkE FoRtNiTe 20 hours ago
The thumbnail is at 12:57
Natalia Bakker
Natalia Bakker 20 hours ago
thanks jackaboy, i really needed your positivity today ❤️ it’s the little things that mean the most
Graycee Rodwell
Graycee Rodwell 20 hours ago
As soon as Jack said fart powed I RIP ASSSSSSS
Cross 20 hours ago
Was there actually something on the thumbnail?
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez 20 hours ago
When jackaboy plays help wanted neighbors be like: aw shit! Here we go again